just not on the west coast yet

on a lighter note, reminder not to freak out rn just because there’s a lot of red on the map. there can be a good chunk of red and the vote still go to the democratic candidate - we just need the larger states on the west coast to get their votes in, that’s what’s going to change the game at the moment.

just be patient- it’s not over yet.

Alone Together (Bucky x Reader) Part 4

Request: Several requests for part 4

Words: 1,665 

Warnings: None! 

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

“Well, it certainly has been a while, hasn’t it?” You spoke lightly, your voice flowed so smoothly and calmly. Tony huffed, a smile twitching in the corner of his mouth. He pulled his sunglasses away from his eyes and let them sit on the table next to his crossed hands.

“Boston, huh?” Tony looked out the window, the city was waking up and cars and people were starting to fill the streets. “People were saying you went to the west coast, or even out of the country, but no, you’ve just been hanging in Boston for two years.”

You hummed and shrugged your shoulders effortlessly, your lips twitching slightly. “So close, yet so far.”

“How’ve you been? Do you need anything? Some of your old stuff, a new place to stay, money?” He rose an eyebrow, waiting for you to respond to him. A part of him hoping you would ask for something.

“I’m good, Tony.” You shook your head at his offers. “I have new stuff now, and a nice apartment right in the middle of Boston.” You smiled kindly. “And no, I have enough money, thank you.”

He rolled his eyes. “Worth a shot.”

“How is everybody?” You hesitated before asking. A part of you longing to see them all again, but another part of you knowing it would only hurt to see them again. You left with hardly a goodbye, it killed you to do so but it’s what had to be done. You couldn’t bare to say goodbye to their faces.

“Oh, them.” Tony rolled his eyes painfully slow and you laughed lightly. “They’re fine, I suppose. Clint retired, he lives on that small farm of his in the middle of nowhere. Natasha and Wanda binge watch Netflix in their spare time, per usual. Oh, and Pietro’s back-”

“Wait, what?” You couldn’t help the look of shock pass over your face, you leaned forward slightly, eager to hear more. “How? He’s dead, we went to his funeral, Clint named his son after him.”

“Yeah, Clint’s never heard the end of that.” Tony smirked. “But yes, he’s very much alive. Came back, oh I don’t know, about a year ago.”

“Wow.” That was the only thing you could think to say.

“I know.” Tony shrugged his shoulders before moving on. “Anyway, Steve’s dating Sharon. Sam’s got himself a new girl, her names like…uh…Haley? I think, I don’t know. Oh and lover boy’s engaged.”

“Who’s lover boy?” The words slipped out of your mouth before realization hit you in the face.

“Bucky Barnes, no less.” Your heart sank. “Her name’s Bella.” He waited for a big reaction from you but all he got was a confused look.

Your eyebrows furrowed slightly and your eyes trained on the napkin in front of you. Your heart felt as if it had been ripped out of your chest. You knew this day would come, Bucky would fall in love and go off to live a happily ever after. You wanted that for him, to be honest. You wanted him to be happy and fall in love, you wanted him to create all sorts of memories with the lucky girl. You wanted him to laugh, smile, be silly and have fun with her.

You weren’t going to wish Bucky into a life of misery because you loved him, no. You loved him, and because you loved him, you wanted him to be happy. You left him after all, you left before you two could even become a thing. So you couldn’t really be upset with him.

“Tell me about her.” You asked quietly, your coffee being set down in front of you. You wanted to make sure she was at least good enough for him.

Tony looked at you carefully, but he didn’t resist.

“She’s nice, I mean she’s got a huge heart. She’s funny too, a bit odd but I think he likes that. She forgives easily, she sees the good in everybody.” You smiled, you liked the sounds of her. She sounded good for Bucky, he needed someone like that in his life. “She’s not an Avenger, and she doesn’t have any powers. He met her through Sam, at some party. I thought she was shy, but God, she most certainly isn’t.”

“What does she look like?” You sipped at your latte,  watching Tony’s every move. You missed him.

“She’s a brunette, she used to have long hair but she cut it to her shoulders a couple months ago. Brown eyes, she’s short too, Barnes is like a foot taller than she is.” Tony shrugged, taking a gulp of his coffee and leaning back in his seat.

“Is she pretty?” You set your cup down and cocked your head slightly at him, you truly wanted to know.

“Not as pretty as you.” You rolled your eyes and Tony wiggled his eyebrows.

“In all seriousness,” You paused. “Is she good enough for him?”

Tony nodded his head, smiling softly at you. “She is.”

You sighed happily, and smiled brightly. “Good.”

“And you?” You rose an eyebrow at him, waiting for him to clarify is question. “You’re happy?”

You grinned, “I am, Tony. I’m really happy. Not that I wasn’t happy with you Avengers, it’s just, I don’t think I was cut out to be an Avenger when it came down to it, you know? But, I’ve had a really good couple years, I’ve met so many strangely interesting people who have helped me create another family. They’re all…they’re all like me. Runners.”

Tony watched your face light up as you talked about your new direction of life. Your eyes were trained out the window, the morning sun lighting up your face even more, your eyes sparkled and a grin couldn’t help but spread across your face.

“Runners?” He asked, raising an eyebrow, not that you could see it.

“You know, people who don’t like staying in one place for too long. We run when times get too..complicated, but as a group, as a family, we’re working on facing our problems. We’re people who have wanderlust in our blood.” You paused for a moment. “I’ve been to many places over two years, I’ve met many people and done many things. My stories only getting started, Tony. My chapter with the Avengers may have ended, but the things you people taught me will forever stay with me, and I still have many more chapters to go. I’m happy, though. I’m having fun, and my new family is a bit odd and silly, but that’s okay. I’m not afraid anymore.”

“I’m happy to hear that, Y/n.” You turned your head to look back at him, a grin still covering your face. “So, I assume you’re getting ready to leave, aren’t you?” You nodded. “Well, where are you off to this time?”

You took the final sip of your latte and smirked. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“Thought that was the answer I would get.” Tony chuckled. “Be safe, don’t go doing anything Steve wouldn’t approve of.” You laughed, rolling your eyes. “You know where to find me if you need anything.”

You waited a moment before standing up, your eyes trained on Tony.

“I’ve missed you, Tony. I’ll always love you, along with the rest of the Avengers.” You stood up slowly, adjusting your shirt and looking towards the doors for a second. “Can you tell Bucky something for me?”

Tony nodded.

“Can you tell him…tell him, that he was right. At first it hurt, and some days I felt like I was drowning in pain and regret, and that the waves of emotions never seemed to stop. Tell him that, I blamed myself and I felt as if no hope was left and that I felt so alone, I was stuck in this big, bad world all by myself and I regretted leaving you all behind. But then something really awesome happened, I met some really cool people and they showed me that I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t able to understand that with you guys, the Avengers, but with these people, I was able to understand all that he said to me. These people, they’re just like me, running fast and alone, but we’re running fast and alone together. Tell him, that I said thank you. Because if it wasn’t for him I would’ve never met the people I did and I would’ve never been as happy as I am now. Tell him that I know he wanted to be alone together with me, and tell him that a huge part of me wanted that to, but me and him…we just were never meant to be alone together. But that’s okay, because in the end we’re both happy. Even if we’re not together.”

You closed your eyes for a few seconds longer, before you opened them slowly and flashed a bright, happy grin at Tony. A grin that covered your entire face, a grin that reached your eyes and reflected how truly happy you were from the inside out.

“Tell him, thank you. Thank you for everything he taught me, everything he helped me with. Tell him, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Tell him, that even though we’re not alone together in the end, that we’re alone together with someone else, that that’s okay. Because that’s the way it was supposed to be. And in the end, we’re both happy.”

You reached out for Tony’s hand and squeezed it tightly. You waited there for several moments, neither of you saying anything, enjoying your silent goodbye. You sighed deeply and flashed a final bright smile, before you turned around and walked swiftly out of the cafe. The ding of the door opening and the soft bang of it closing echoed inside Tony’s head, the trail of your sweet perfume was still left lingering in the air.

And just like that.

You were gone.

double life // background

He has two identities. By night he was just a model, another pretty face. By night he was a cold hard criminal

What name does the man go by? Justin Bieber.

He’s known as the vicious assassin on the west coast. He has taken lives, broken into banks;

He’s a hunter.

He’s possessive.

He’s heartless.


He has access to all the fame, fortune, and women he could ever want.

Yet none of that matter to him, no matter how many people he had killed that week.

He always pushed himself to his limits he could take what he wanted easily.

Until one day …

He met …

Her …

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published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

First trip to the West Coast tomorrow, which is nerve-wracking. The flight’s going to suck. The return flight’s going to suck (a red eye that lands me back in ATL at 6AM)

The reason for going is nerve-wracking, as well. Taking on the mantle of one of our content managers when she goes on maternity leave in March, just before one of our two busiest project execution times of the year. It’s a very, very different job than what I normally do, and it requires dealing with key opinion leaders, scheduling, organization, shaving, and other things I don’t make a big habit of doing. 

So this west coast trip will be one big throw into the fire as we see what I can do, and it’s so understaffed yet busy that I’ll likely not just be an observer. 

Overall, it could be very good, as this is the kind of work my company cannot contract out easily, so in busy times it would be extremely useful for them to have a medical writer who can do some project execution. On the other hand, it’s totally new, and messing up will not look good at all. So there’s that kind of trepidation. 

But I’ve seen too many of us in my generation who see something difficult and scary, but a potentially big career opportunity…and say nah, too risky. Too scary. I don’t want to be like that. 

So it goes. I just need to get out of my head about everything. There’s too strong a tendency to overthink things and fuck it all up.

Inside Big Chocolate's Child Labor Problem
 by Brian O'Keefe Photographs by Benjamin Lowy

For a decade and a half, the big chocolate makers have promised to end child labor in their industry—and have spent tens of millions of dollars in the effort. But as of the latest estimate, 2.1 million West African children still do the dangerous and physically taxing work of harvesting cocoa. What will it take to fix the problem?

The boy with the machete is watching us. We’re sitting in an SUV in the middle of a rugged, red-dirt road about 10 miles outside the city of Abengourou, in eastern Ivory Coast. It’s just after 8 a.m. on a Saturday, and the early morning haze hasn’t yet burned off, so a mist hangs over the fields around us. We’ve been slowly bumping along on our way to meet some farmers in a nearby village called Appoisso but stop for a moment to take in the scene. Suddenly the boy is standing right next to us. He looks curious, but wary too.

We scramble out to greet him. In French my translator asks him his name. “Ibrahim Traoré,” he replies. How old is he? “Fifteen.”

Ibrahim is wearing ripped jeans, a worn, royal-blue Chelsea soccer shirt with the name of the team’s sponsor—Samsung—in large white letters across the front, and the same kind of clear plastic sandals that are everywhere in this part of West Africa. He holds his dusty blade casually against his left hip.

There’s a sign behind him that appears to have been erected by the Ivorian government as part of a campaign to educate farmers about children’s rights. non it says in big, red letters. Then, again in French: “The worst forms of child labor.” Below that is a drawing of a young boy carrying a huge sack of cocoa beans with a big X over it. Underneath is another sentence: “The place for children is in school.”

Ibrahim tells us that he was born in Mali. He moved with his father to Ivory Coast when he was little—he’s not sure exactly how old he was—and he’s been working on cocoa farms ever since. What about school? No, he says, he’s never been to school. Is the work he does hard? “Yes,” he says deliberately. “It’s very hard.”

As we talk, a parade of younger boys, many holding machetes as well, walk by on their way to the fields. Ibrahim allows his eyes to follow them. After a few minutes he says it’s time for him to go and marches after the other children, the machete swinging loosely in his hand.

For the $100 billion chocolate candy industry, the story of Ibrahim represents a serious problem—one that it has been vowing to fix for 15 years without great success, and which has gained new urgency in recent months.

Child labor in West African cocoa farming first became a cause célèbre around the turn of the century when a number of pieces of investigative journalism focused the world’s attention on the plight of children who had been trafficked to Ivory Coast to farm cocoa, often from other former French colonies such as Mali and Burkina Faso, and held as slave laborers. In a documentary that aired on the BBC, filmmakers interviewed young boys in Ivory Coast who said they’d been beaten and forced to work long hours without pay. One who said he’d been working on a cocoa farm for five years was asked what he thought about people enjoying chocolate in other parts of the world. “They are enjoying something that I suffered to make,” the boy answered. “They are eating my flesh.”…….

Continued at:- http://fortune.com/big-chocolate-child-labor/

Irish Polytheism and Altars

So, quick question.  Does anyone in these parts who practices Irish polytheism – let’s widen it to pan-Celtic, even – just…not bother with deity altars?  When I first started practicing, the Morrigan were pretty insistent about wanting my attention.  I assumed that meant setting up an altar but got nothing.  Or rather, it was more like, “If you want to, but it doesn’t make a difference to us”.  With all the moving I do because of Gentleman Scholar’s job, an altar just never happened.  I have dedicated candles for various deities and that’s about it, excepting my ancestor space.  I spend time with them in other ways – the Morrigan are very invested in my teaching, for example, and I had my first West Coast encounter with Manannan last week when I went sailing – but still…no requests for altars yet.  Certain experiential things, sure, but not a home space.  I see all these lovely altar photos and am feeling a bit left out.



T-3 days (January 14) - JASON-3 satellite encapsulated, integrated atop Falcon 9

With launch just three days away, the joint NASA/NOAA oceanographic satellite JASON-3 has been encapsulated in it payload fairing for launch.

The 1,124 pound satellite was placed in the Falcon 9′s 5.2 meter wide payload fairing at SpaceX’s payload integration facility at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. JASON-3 is scheduled to launch at 1:42 pm EST (10:42am PST) Saturday, January 17 from SLC-4E.

The booster, minus the payload, performed a full-duration static fire Tuesday, clearing the path to integration.

Falcon 9′s first stage will attempt a barge landing downrange in the Pacific ocean around 10 minutes after launch. While the rocket has successfully landed on land once before, it has yet to successfully remain vertical following a landing on the Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship.

Just Read the Instructions, SpaceX’s west coast landing barge, is currently en route to the landing zone. The company has yet to receive Federal Aviation Administration approval for rocket landings at Vandenberg, prompting the need to use the ASDS.

This whole #mynameisnola west coast adventure has been extremely eye opening for me. Like the fact that @nolatrees and I keep entering these extremely progressive and forward thinking communities which are simultaneously riddled with abject poverty. We’re just a few days from landing in Los Angeles, which I know will be an adventure all its own. I just don’t want to forget what we’ve received in the Bay and Portland- I feel like the takeaways from this trip are very unexpected but also lend to a much wider perspective of problems within our communities. And this isn’t just a West Coast issue, this is a WESTERN HEMISPHERE problem.

I mean, it’s a problem that the biggest pockets of yoga studios/teachers exist in predominantly wealthy and upper class communities. THE SAME COMMUNITIES with shameless homeless problems. Does anyone else see this as sketchy? Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, ASHEVILLE (for crying out loud)- all of these towns are run by liberal thinkers and yet plagued by class divisions. I’m not asking WHY this is happening, but maybe more people (myself included) should be trying to figure out legitimate solutions.

This photo is a little BTS from my shoot w/ @modestories today- we shot some very exciting footage about body negativity v. body positivity and, as usual, I was snapchatting the hell out of it. If you want to see snippets from the shoot, from hair and makeup to #hanumanasana, find me over there- I’m @mynameisjessamy!

ALSO, registrations for my teaching weekends at London’s @hotyogasociety (¾-6) & Dubai’s @voyogauae (3/17-20) are officially open! Click over to each studio’s instagram pages for more details!

P.S- see you this weekend, Riverside/LA at @sourcestudio! Saturday is filling up fast, but if you’re skipping the Sunday super bowl parties you should join us for inversions on 2/7 from 1pm-4pm! All details are at jessamynstanley.com/tour- click the link in my Instagram header for more details!

(And I ain’t even mad at you if you’ve gotta pick football over #inversions on Sunday bc POUND DEM CATS- GO @PANTHERS!)

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Top- @vonscher_active

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