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because of the free overwatch weekend, i’ve been seeing a lot of new players and it’s been great

for the following reasons:

-i get away with a lot of headshots cuz new players don’t seem to…move around as much

-seriously. i think they severely underestimate my health or overestimate their own health…which is something i did when i first started playing too, so no judgement 

-people also don’t seem to have much aim… I’m not dying more than once, and it’s mostly due to six people cornering me or sort of hitting me with their wandering shots

-I’ve been getting a lot of objective time because…i think new players don’t know or care that you’re not just here to kill as many people as possible, lmao

-but then again, some of our experienced players don’t seem to know that either

-people don’t hound me about being DPS or a defense hero or bitch about strats

-which is something i wish experienced players would do too but whatever

-no one switches heroes either but that’s alright

-everyone spams their hellos

-I keep sniping enemy snipers…and instead of learning their lessons, they keep coming back as snipers, determined to beat me at my own game…

-which is…not a good idea but it means more fun for me

-people switch to heroes i know they’d be worse at, like if i kill a lucio who’s new at the controls and is running like a spaz off of maps, he switches to…tracer… 

-also, in general, newer players just don’t know abilities or counters as well, and uh, that’s been fun to use from map to map…where it’s more advantageous to be certain heroes over others…. 

-an example of the previous point is that i spent an entire map of anubis  harassing a bastion as a mei…and i would never be able to do that to a normal player…cuz this bastion didn’t seem to remember that it could heal…or go turret mode

-or that it could hide in the corners of anubis, not sit right in fucking front of objective a

-symmetras don’t need to aim, and yet, they seem to forget that they need to get a certain distance for their guns to work…

-i just saw a mccree roll off a cliff

-a hanzo thought he was some hot shit, shooting arrows at me from a bush. i just stared at him for a few seconds before tossing a sleep dart in there

-in general it’s just been fun cuz new players don’t take themselves seriously and are just trying to have some fun and i dig it. i’ve had a few people talking on mic sounding waaaay to friendly for regular overwatch players, lmao. 

-plus they say thank you every time i heal them.

-like…regular overwatch players don’t appreciate that kind of shit anymore.

-it’s nice to be appreciated, goddamnit. 

WiP: working on a tiny spirk thing after so long ;_;


sousuke is jealous and actually crying inside because makoto spends more time looking at his figurine than him

Ok, I think I just realized something about Snape that is [maybe] completely and totally new.

So you know how Snape’s mother was a Prince? And how Snape considered himself a “Prince” even though he was born with his father’s surname?

Ok, so then I was thinking about his patronus (a doe) and I was thinking about Bambi, and how he was referred to as “the prince of the forest” and my brain was like “CONNECTION!!!!!”

And then I wonder…what if the doe is not Lily (as Dumbledore assumes), but is the symbolic representation of his OWN MOTHER protecting him, similar to how the stag is tied to Harry/his feelings of being protected by his father?

But then again, maybe I’m just thinking a bit too much about it. >_>;


Hey so this is a really, really interesting and neat video that I’m hoping gets around a bit more. It has a lot to say about identity and personas - the person vs the avatar we create for ourselves. As stated in the video, it’s a super relevant topic! And I think it’s something worth watching and might help drive home ideas concerning how to treat people online… Or creators/actors/figure-heads in general. 


please don’t let me name my MC (jks hey winks @ Alan)


When you try to be a protective and good gf™ @herbinglicious plz love mE

Lmao I love you so much tho and you’re the bestest and my favourite and liek oml so perfect I just.. H o w ? ?

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Finding your own style sucks.

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