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How they smell (Batboys headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: can i request headcanons for how the batboys smell?


  • I feel like for some reason if Dick just washed his hair, it smells like Raspberries
  • I’m not sure why
  • Otherwise he smells like some random deodorant 
  • Sometimes smells like cereal
  • or some woman’s perfume because of his playboy ish tendencies  


  • This all depends on what he’s been up to beforehand!!
  • If he’s been out fighting crime he smells like gunpowder and cigarette smoke
  • If he’s been fixing his bike he smells like oil and gasoline (Both smells i personally love)
  • When he’s just chilling around the house I feel like he smells like old spice or something of the sort 


  • Smells like coffee
  • Or printer ink from printing all the pictures and documents he puts all over the wall
  • Might also smell like the stuff you use to clean the computer screen and keyboard
  • Like isopropyl alcohol mixed with lemon 


  • He smells like almonds, or at least his hair does
  • If he’s been out playing with Titus he smells all earthy 
  • Most of the time though he smells minty….or like toothpaste
  • Often also smells like blood (Kinda metaly) 


With love,

“No, I brought, um, pyjamas,” Yuuri stuttered, feeling his face heat up. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but his faded, poodle print pants were more than a stone’s throw from presentable. “I thought I might end up sleeping over, and, I mean, I don’t have to, I just didn’t know how late I’d stay over-“

Viktor was grinning at him, lips curved into a soft heart.

“- and you said you were watching soap operas so I brought my laptop, because I have a bunch of k-dramas downloaded and that’s what I watch when I’m stressed-“

Ten minutes later, Viktor was wearing a striped flannel shirt and had named all the poodles below Yuuri’s left knee.

“This one has to be Druzhok. He looks reliable.” Viktor traced the poodle in question, and Yuuri squirmed, ticklish. “Hey, don’t move, I’ll lose track and miss one.”

“They’re all the same dog, Vitya,” Yuuri protested, trying to keep his leg still.

Viktor pouted.

“Not in spirit. They’re all special.”

“Okay.” Yuuri considered his leg. “This one’s Yasuo.”


A Heart Beats At Night

Chapter One on AO3, fanfiction.net

Chapter Thirty-six on AO3, fanfiction.net


haikyuu!! valentine’s day cards ➨ thank you for 250+ followers

I decided to make some simple Valentine’s Day cards which are practical but still punderful all the same, in case you want something more than the standard Comic Sans cards. Feel free to use, but don’t claim as your own!

This is also thanks for 250+ followers, something I’d never expect on this lame sideblog… ily all ~ ! (つ﹏<。)

I’m not taking requests at the moment, but if you want one of these cards in another color, please send me an ask. Have fun and spread the love ♥

b a c k  (in case you actually want to print these)

b o n u s

*REQUEST* Suho, Xiumin Scenario - ‘Threesome’

Feel free to send in requests (Fridays & Sundays, Central time) guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

You gripped the sheets with as much strength as you could as you felt Xiumin pound into you from behind, nearly pushing up towards the head of the bed where Suho knelt, gently holding your hair back as you worked his cock with your mouth. Suho’s head fell back and he moaned your name in such a languid manner, you’d think he was praying. Xiumin’s hands held your hips firmly, too firmly, probably leaving bruises, but you didn’t mind. You loved every mark these two left on your body.

               “That’s a good girl, baby.” Suho groaned to you, his tugging your hair a little harder. You nearly gagged from his dick hitting the back of your throat but you managed to just swallow around him, driving him even more up the wall. You could tell he was close, and you were getting close yourself, but it seemed like Xiumin’s intense thrusting into would never end. You felt his hand reach under you to play with your clit as he leaned down and pressed his back into you, giving himself impossibly deeper access to your dripping core, making you let out a surprised gasp.

               Suho twitched in your mouth and groaned loudly before you tasted the salty, hot taste of his cum in your mouth and you swallowed as best as you could. You missed some and it dripped out of your mouth a bit as he pulled himself out of your mouth, little gasps still escaping his mouth. But you were too caught up in your own building orgasm to notice.

               “You like that baby? You like it when I fuck you like this?” Xiumin growled into your ear before he ducked to bite into your shoulder. He enunciated each of his words with particularly hard thrusts. You cried out, the thrusts borderline painful, but you savored every bit of it.

“Answer me.” More growling. Another ferocious thrust.

“Yes…” you breathed out, barely audible.

“Louder.” Another bite and you nearly collapsed down onto the bed.


“Mmm.” He growled into the bite as his thrusts came more rapidly and more concentrated. You felt the pressure inside you start to overcome you and you felt your legs shake as you shuddered, your insides squeezing and clenching around him. You couldn’t even muster up any sound by how badly Xiumin knocked the wind out of you with how hard he was fucking into you.

“Ahh!” Xiumin nearly yelled as he bottomed out in you, still thrusting as he drained his cock inside you, his hot load filling you to the brim. Neither of your bodies could take much more and the both of you collapse onto the bed, Xiumin propping himself up on his elbows to keep his full weight off you. You lay there, panting, until you felt a hand brush the hair out of your face sweetly and you opened your eyes to find Suho smiling down at you. His smile alone lit you up and you grinned back tiredly.

“I think that’s enough for tonight, huh?” He asked, looking up at Xiumin who was still on top (and inside) of you, still slightly breathless from fucking you so roughly. He smiled and nodded. He didn’t want to pull out of you just yet, absolutely loving the feeling of being so close to you, so he turned you both onto your sides, facing Suho.

Suho slung a sheet over the three of you before scooting in closer to you so that your bodies you almost pressed against each other’s. You weren’t really sure just exactly how the three of you ended up there that night, you only remembered how much you loved them both.

And with two warm bodies encompassing you, gentle hands leaving loving touches, sweet lips printing honest kisses, you knew they loved you just as much.

lay-ontopofme  asked:

Hiii I feel soo shy asking! Can you do a Yixing smut? I feel there are not many about him! Thanks in advance?

Hi! :) Let me just start off by saying, I’m extremely sorry for the extremely late reply but we hope that you still enjoy the scenario. But you’re right there isn’t many Yixing smuts out there. That being said, here you go :)

Naughty One

Genre: Smut

Characters: Yixing X You

Word Count: 1188

“Babe, come hang out with me…” Lay whined from the living room. “I don’t want to watch the movie by myself.” He continued whining.  

“I’m finishing up some papers for work.” I yelled from the bedroom. “I’ll be there in a second.” I could hear a slight pouting noise coming from the other room. I giggled to myself. He’s such a little dork. Overall, Lay has always been the one to be lazy on his off days, especially when he finishes coming back from China. On days like this, he usually just sleeps or naps all day, but today he’s been absolutely RESTLESS. There’s something on his mind; I could tell.

“So, what are we watching?” I asked coming out of the room and placing myself on couch. He, instinctively, scooted over to me and placed his arm around me. “I don’t know.” He shrugs. “I just threw in the first movie I found.” He claims as he lays his head against mine. Honestly, I don’t even remember buying this movie. It must’ve been one of boys that left it here. I have no idea which movie it was. Then it happened: the sex scene. The woman pulled the man in, and pushed him on the bed. Lay squirmed at the scene, but I didn’t take my eyes off the screen. It was awkward, yet at the same time, I was next to my boyfriend who I haven’t seen in a while.

“Babe?” Lay asked as I kept watching the screen. I wasn’t looking at what was happening. I was imagining me and Lay as the actors.  

Honestly, the last time me and him had sex was great. He didn’t say anything to me. He came in, picked me up, and took me to the bedroom. No “Hello”, no “How’ve you been?”, he just got right to the point.

“Babe?” He asked again as he began to kiss down my neck and to my collarbone. I shivered as his lips and breath grazed my skin. He started to form a hickey in the crook of my neck, as I threw my head back in pleasure. He then stopped and looked into my eyes. “I have a favor to ask you.” His voice had changed. Lay’s sweet tone was masked with lust. He seemed to be breathing deep. “And what would that be?” I asked with a smirk. “I want you to ride me.” It almost as if wasn’t a question and it wasn’t a statement. It felt more of a demand. Like I had no choice. To be completely honest, with the way he was looking at me- I didn’t want to have a choice. I wanted him as bad as I knew he wanted me. “Right here, right now!” He commanded as he pulled my face towards his and kissed me. I slipped both my legs to where I was straddling him. I placed my hands on the couch, on either side of his head. Lay’s hands groped my waist. As he held down to it, he started moving his crotch up. He was already hard. Extremely hard. “Babe, I need to release. And FAST.” He whined as I teased. “I need to be inside you. Feel you. I want you to ride me so hard to the point where you can’t walk straight.” I hear the lust on his voice. Thank goodness I was only wearing underwear today. I wanted him so much that I just couldn’t stand it any longer. He reached down and pulled himself out of his pants. He moved my underwear to the side. There was silence for a second, as Lay breaks it and says, “Y/N, you are so fucking hot!”. He then gasped as I reached down and place him at my entrance. I slowly lowered myself onto him. He gripped my waist even tighter. “Damn it babe!” I didn’t even move yet. Leaning down, I kissed him on his forehead. “Don’t tease me, you’ll regret it.” He growled. I couldn’t help but laugh at his remark. I began to roll my hips. “Fuck!” He groaned as I bit my lip. He tried to lift me up but I clenched myself down around him. “You tease.” He said smirking. I knew I would regret it, but it was fun to see him squirm underneath me.

“What’s wrong?” I mocked. “Did you not want this?” I continued my motion. “You frustrate me so much Y/N-ah.” He said moaning and smiling. I gave in. I began to bounce, almost uncontrollably, on top of him. It was a bit tiring after a while, but Lay didn’t want to stop. He helped me by holding onto my waist and lifting me. He was holding so tight that my hips began to get sore.  

“Oppa!” I cry out in pleasure as Lay has found my spot. He pulled me down to him. Kissing me to swallow my moans. I was getting there and he could tell. “Cum for me baby.” He whispered in my ear. “I want to hear you scream my name… I want to hear you beg me to stop…” And with that I was there. I felt ecstasy run through my whole body as I clenched to the couch. “LAY!” I screamed, shaking in pleasure, as he continued to thrust into me.

“Yes! Say my name, Baby Girl!” He was growling. He was about to climax. I continued to scream and moan his name like never before. He continued growling and gave a few more pump- and I felt him inside me. I felt his fluids run down my thigh and onto his leg. “My goodness, Lay!” I let out as I hoping off of him. “What was that all about?” I situated myself back to normal as he did the same. “Sorry.” He apologized as a slight blush came on his face. “But that movie… and I really wanted to… but I didn’t know what to say, or ask.” He explained while rubbing the back of his head. “I’m not complaining! But DAMN!” I sat back, as I felt a pain in my side. “What’s wrong?” He said leaning up. “I don’t know.” I lifted my shirt up and there they were: his hands printed on my hips. “Did I just…” Lay asked very quietly. “Well who else was just clamped down on my waist?” I lashed back jokingly. “I’m sorry, babe.” There it was: his sweet, caring tone was back. “I didn’t mean to. I promise to be more gentle next time. He continued apologizing as I cut him off. “No… I never said I didn’t like it…” I smirked.

“You’re a naughty one, aren’t ya…” He laughed.

If you have any request, Please, feel free to submit it/them :)

anonymous asked:

Hey dark, haven been here in a while, I just wanted to say thank you for the suggestion of tearing up papers when I'm upset or angry. I printed out a bunch of things I wrote about someone who was very emotionally abusive, manipulative, and toxic as hell to me, and I say here for a good while tearing them all to shreds and I feel a lot better. With love, -K

I’m so proud of you for listening to my advice and I’m so proud of you for letting your anger out in a healthy way.

Keep up the good work, “Kingdom” (as I used to call you) dear.
- Dark


Ruki: alright, sorry I’ve kept you waiting ! I took pictures of me wearing the goods so I’m gonna post them! 
Ruki: the black T-shirt in size L. I’d say, the length and stuff is for people of my height and weight. (image 1)
Ruki: the white T-shirt in size L. since it’s still cold it also looks nice to wear it underneath something. (image 2)
Ruki: the gray sweater. the soft fabric feels really nice so I recommend it. (image 3)
Ruki: the black sweater. it also looks good if you open the side zip on the L size and your underwear* is showing. (image 4)
Ruki: this one is the special privilege pullover for the premium seats. it’s a free size. feels good! (image 5)
Ruki: and the back print! k, I’m done!
I hope, I could give you at least a little idea of like the lengths of the items and how they look and feel when you’re wearing them!!
so yeah! (image 6)
Ruki: by the way, the skinny jeans I’m wearing are the ones that were on sale before so you’re more than welcome to match them.
( ˘ω˘ )
Ruki: I haven’t gotten the Mickey one yet. but the length and the way it looks when you put it on is the same as the other T-shirts! 

*or just the thing you’re wearing underneath



“Man nigga lighten up! We in New York! We got a show tonight and all that otha good shit! ” I chucked looking over at Aug.

“Man nigga you need some pussy!” Chris laughed throwing back his shot.

“I get enough of that.” He finally responded.

“Well act like it!” Chris looked towards him.

After that shit went down with med school Aug wasn’t the same. He secluded himself and went on an alcohol binge.

“Im goo-”

“BAAAAAAAAAABY!” A high irritating voice called walking through Aug’s hotel room.

“The fuck!” Aug mumbled under his breath.

“Hey.” She flatly said rolling her eyes towards me and Chris.

I swear Nikkei was in the business of trapping niggahs. She didn’t want Aug she only wanted what he had.

“Soo can I still go shopping? You know to get something for your show. Ion wanna look busted.” She pouted

“Too late for that.” Chris cracked causing me to bust out laughing.

She cut her eyes at me and shot Chris her middle finger.

“No thanks ma, im good with my Vietnamese coochie! Plus i hear yo shit got alotta miles on-”

“Cut it out!” Aug snapped handing Nikkei about a grand.

“Thank you.” She kissed his lips looking up at me and Chris before walking out.

“As yah brother, imma say it simple … that ho got to go!’ Chris said taking another shot.

"Yeah Aug! Dats a real piece of work. And you just letting her run- ”

“Ain’t NOBODY running me. She asked. I said yeah. Its free pussy.” He chuckled.

“Niggah that tired pussy coming wit a price … about 17 shopping bags full.” I said to him pointing towards the floor full of bags.


“Come on!” I dragged AirRen into the hotel elevator pressing the button to the pent house.

“Im amazed how we’re only spending three says here and we’ve managed to have three suitcases each.”

“Cuz we gon be FLAWLESS! ” I said smacking on my bubble gum turning up to Beyonce’s song in my head.

“Come on!” She laughed heading out of the elevator.

“Well Tret and I are right across from you. The Chris and Karrueche are on your left.” I informed her.

“Who’s next to yall?” She quickly asked as she heard voices laughing.

“The show producer or their manager. I honestly have no idea but he bout to be in for a rude awakening cuz me and Trey sexing like its nun on this-”

“You understand I really didn’t want to know that.” She chuckled.

“Well go unpack and I’ll come over in a second. Oh and ill bring Karrueche with me so you guts can meet! ”

“Im done. Just call me.” She smiled walking into her room.

I quickly threw my bags into my room and made sure the coast was clear before I knocked on the door next to mines.

“Whats up Ny?!” Chris looked down at me reaching for a hug.

“Not now! Where’s Trey?” I pushed passed him shutting the door.

“Daaaayum thirsty … he in the living room! ”

“I’m sorry Chrissy! But im tryna set some plans in motion. ” I chucked giving him a hug.

“Yall sime freaks! ”

“Like you and Ms. Tran aren’t?”

He smacked his teeth leading me into the room. “Hello August.” I Said looking down at his almost lifeless body.

I didn’t have a problem with August. I actually wanted him to forgive AirRen and hopefully move passed it. I didn’t like the hair pulling and choking on her neck. That shit was beyond foul.

“Whats up?” He nonchalantly asked.

“Nun you ready to get some panties thrown at you? ” I joked trying to lighten the mood.

“As long as they not dirty!”

I looked towards Trey pulling him up from the chair. “Lets go practice your performance.” I asked kissing his lips.

“Ill see yall later!” He waved walking behind me watching my hips sway.

“So she’s here?” He asked walking into our room.

“If im here! Duuuh Trey! ” I joked.

“Well you, her ,and Karrueche hook up and come to the show together. They asses gon speak! Ion give a fuck if Nikkei ho ass here! ”

“Wait what? Why would I invite Ren if that bitch was here.”

“I swear I didn’t know. Fuck her! Once Aug see Med school they gon be back at it.”

“I hope!” I whispered before cuddling against him.

Later that night


“Okay so Karrueche do you have a nickname cuz if I get drunk your name is gonna be totally different!” I giggled holding up my third or fourth shot.

“Just call me K!” She laughed.

I had to admit K was a pretty nice person. I was never really interested in her from what I read over blogs but I guess you can’t believe what you read.

“So girls how do I look? Fine, right? Nyla asked looking at the leather mini skirt and her CoCo Chanel gold chains drape around her neck.

"You alright! ” I joked causing K to laugh.

“Haters gon hate!” She said smacking her teeth.

“We all looking pretty damn fly! Especially you with yo lil powerpuff balls.” K chuckled smoothing out my baby hair.

“Hush chile! Hopefully these damn pants won’t cut of my circulation! ”

“I know what you mean!” K chuckled pulling on her highwaisted leopard print pants.

“Lets go yall cuz if we late they-”

“Gon turn into some bitches!” K laughed leading us to the elevator.

New York was a beautiful city. It was so busy and the lights at night were amazing. Im honestly glad I decided to come on this trip with Ny to support Trey and Chris.

“It feels so weird beginning backstage. ” I whispered to Ny as we made our way to the V.I. P entrance of the club.

“Giiiirl im just glad the paps ain’t catch us.”

“I know right! Im soo tired of being compared to Rihanna! Its ridiculous!”

“Well yall seem to be totally different. Paparazzi just like to get shit started!” I said sitting in the booth seats provided for us. I noticed there was one more seat. ‘Nikkei Williams’ I read. I knew if she was here August would be performing and Nyla lied to me.

“Is this some attempt to get us to talk?” I blurted out staring at Ny turn up to the A $ AP song being played.

“What?” She yelled into my ear.

Before I could get anything out Nikkei ho ass came walking up. I tapped Ny and pointed.

“Hello ladies.” She waved rolling her eyes at me.

“Lets switch seats.” Karrueche said before I could get my words out. I moved down sitting next to Nyla while K sat next to Nikkei.

‘Alright Alright!” Our next performer for New York Madness is a new artist that’s been top charts with his hit song I Luv It.”

My heart froze as I heard his soft angelic voice hum the chorus to ‘I luv this shit’

'Ay (ohh) ay (ohh) Ay (ohh) uh-huh (whoa-ohh) Ay (ohh) ay (ohh) Ay (whoa-ohh) uh-huh (whoa-ohhhhh-ohhh) Man I luv this shit [8X]

A nigga back with this motherfuckin’ remix (remix), and we about to kill this shit See I went and got a little help to get the whole club poppin’ like Freaknik Cause I got Rozay, a little Bombay, a little peach Ciroc and we faded Soon as we step in, we got your chick, and yo’ chick, and yo’ chick and I know you hate it Cause we linin’ up the shots, youngin’ got the heat to make ‘em pop Soon as we hit the parking lot, then we see all the panties drop Girl, ain’t no bitch nigga, no rich nigga, no snitch nigga Yo’ bitch choosin’ on a real nigga, let her chill nigga That’s real, cause I’m so fucked up, now I’m talkin’ my shit I’m way to high to be trippin’ like this Niggas hatin’ hard, bitches all on my dick This is what you want, I’mma put it like this; lay it down to the Aug, Trey and Chris remix” he sung into the mic.

I was upset that Ny lied to me but I wasn’t gonna let Aug dictate my fun in New York.

“Alright yall … I got a few friends I wanna bring out for yah tonight.”

“Here we are all alone in this room (oh) And girl I know where to start and what we’re gonna do (yeah) I’ll take my time we’ll be all night girl So get ready babe I got plans for me and you It ain’t my first time but babygirl we can pretend, Hey let’s bump and grind girl tonight we’ll never end” Chris started to sing grinding to the beat.

"Yah boo gotta dripping girl!” Nyla laughed looking towards a memorized K.

“I think she dripping! ” I cracked turning my attention back to the boys.

“Let me take you down I really wanna take you down And show you what I’m about Can I take you now? Your body body oh Your body body up and down So don’t stop girl get it Quit playing wit it Can’t wait no more I wanna take you down I really wanna take you down Take you down, yeah”

"Alright y’all … Ladies of course yall loved that shit … and I took you down but lets see what yall really about!” Chris yelled into the mic dapping up August.

Trey walked out humming. “Imma need a little help with my verse.”

I looked up at Ny. “Gon head! ” I chucked. Sge cut her eyes towards me.

“Yea Trey we ALL need a lil help dancing to yo verse sap ass nigga!” Aug joked making the crowd laugh.

The boys moved down the steps heading toward out booth as a crew step up 3 chairs on the stage. Chris grabbed Karrueche’s hand leading her towards the stage.

“Noo Trey.” Nyla whispered as Trey pulled her up.

August looked at me like he had seen a ghost. I wasn’t expecting him to look my way or even acknowledge me. He grabbed Nikkei kissing her lips watching me. I could feel myself about to tear up.

“Yall ready?” Trey asked grinding on Ny. Chris and Aug nodded.

“Sex Ain’t Better Than Love (Ohhhhh) Sex Ain’t, Sex Ain’t (ohhhh) Better Than Love” Trey sung as they all started to grind and dance on the girls.

I couldn’t help but to run out of the booth before the guy’s finished on stage to cry my eyes out. He moved on back to Nikkei and I was just his lying ass baby mama.


After the show I decided to find AirRen so we could talk.

"Bay whea you going?” Nikkei asked following my every move.


“August you better not fuckin look for her! I swear to God!” She whined dramatically.

“Whats gon happen? Remember you livin’ off me ma!” I shot back. She rolled her eyes walking towards the dressing room.

“Coco?” I called.

I watched her come out of the bathroom with Karrueche holding loads of tissue.

“Lemme talk to you.” I asked waiting for her to respond. She nodded her head walking in front of me to and empty secluded room. ‘Damn her ass looked good in them jeans.’ I thought.

Her teary eyes looked up at me from a distance. I examined the purplish bruises on her neck from where I had choked her.

“Im sorry.” I said kissing the bruises.

“No Aug .. I should have told you from the start.” She whispered.

I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do with AirRen. I loved her but I couldn’t take her back after she lied to me.

“I just wanna co parent.” I blurted out pushing her way to glance at her face.

“Don’t hate your kids for what I did.” She whimper walking towards the door.

“I won’t AirRen. I just can’t love you anymore. You lied to me.”

“August … you’ve fuckin lied about worst shit! About bitches you were fuckin about EVERYTHING! Even when you broke up with me! You lied and said it was for your career … it was for some bit-”

“I broke up with you cuz I needed money and I wanted to do right by you.” I jumped in her face.

I could see her wince in pain ready for me to hurt her again. “I don’t understand August.”

“Nikkei gave me that job at the club but if I didn’t fuck her she was gon fire me. I needed the money but I didn’t want to loose you.” I could feel myself weaken and my eyes water.

“Thats why I didn’t tell you August cuz I thought you hated me.” She said kissing my tears. “Im sorry. If you wanna co parent I understand.”

She let me go about to leave but I pulled her back sitting her on the couch crying. “I love you.”

“I love you too Aug.” She said stroking my hair.

sciencemouse  asked:

K's mentioned having had a variety of odd jobs in the past which leaves me to wonder- have you done anything prior to comicking?

Yes, I have! Never business, though. That’s weird.

It’s a short, but random list:

  • Hair Stylist - I went through salon school (figuring it was an easy way to make a buck while pursuing art), but it turns out 1. I was too misanthropic to deal with people all day, and 2. it was dangerous for my hands — burns, cuts, chemicals — Hell No. I dropped out, despite straight A’s. The note I left behind said, “I’m going to go draw.”
  • Clothing Reseller - You’d be surprised how much debt you can rack up even in salon school, so I got a job at a “hip” clothes resale shop. It all went… okay, but I got fired after a couple of years for not being “perky enough” with customers. After a month they called to offer me a different position. I transferred to their offices and did the accounting and paperwork for the company. (Which, in retrospect, means I was officially fired into a promotion.) Since everything was manually and randomly priced, that means accounting for all of their inventory was literally a stack of papers six inches high, each with columns of numbers that needed to be checked and filed. I quit that purgatory pretty quickly.
  • Jewelry Store Manager - I took a job with one of those comically shitty mall jewelry stores, but right as the mall was in its death throes. It was on the third floor, surrounded by closed stores, so I got promoted to manager pretty instantaneously because it meant I had keys and no one else had to stand around the ghost town with me. It was actually loads of fun, I got to just eat candy, draw on receipt paper (Fun Trivia: the very first Arthur drawing happened there) and play with the random toys the store had by myself for hours. For some reason, the odd customer would come in to have their babies’/toddlers’ ears pierced. No one else had the guts to do it, so they would refer to me. I was The Baby Piercer. I’ve watched trust and joy die from so many tiny little eyes. I didn’t mind, but I was bored and tired of making the Scary Labyrinth Trek to the dumpster in the dark, empty parking garage. Not wanting to wind up in the dumpster one day, I left that job, too.
  • Theater Whatever - My last stint was a job at an upscale movie theater. K and I got hired together and worked the same shifts (still don’t quite know how we negotiated that, but it worked). I say we were “theater whatevers,” because we generally did whatever job needed to be done that didn’t involve technical training. It was actually a lot of fun and we met several of our current friends through that job, plus we were required to look snazzy in white button-up shirts and ties. Between the super-late shifts, free movies, and generally just goofing off all night, I think that job was the closest a non-self-employed job ever got to being enjoyable for me. Still, we quit and moved to Alaska for a few months. By the time we came back to Ohio, the theater was changing ownership and we decided to move on.

After that, it was all art for me. I did mainly commissions and prints for several years until K and I decided to take a shot at the whole comics thing together. I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted and I couldn’t be happier for it. I guess the moral to that short-long story is that you should always keep your eye on what you want to do, even if it feels foolhardy. Take some measured risks.* It just might work in the end!

*I say “measured risks” for the sake of anyone who actually takes my advice. I don’t measure risk, I just jump and hope for the best. It’s pure dumb luck I’m not dead by now.


[3/??] fave looks & outfits // PCY & KJD: Dream Concert Edition

I usually don’t comment under these, but I really do love the avant garde/hip hop feel that these stage outfits give. The print (the men) is an album cover from a band called Television. Aside from being an homage to early rock, it also reminds me of a punk version of American Gothic (the painting). There’s just a lot to appreciate; fashion-wise.

  • Aoi: in my mind I’m just Villager A* but the world won’t leave me alone. we did a shooting and an interview together so do me favor and make sure to check it out.
  • aah, what was the name of the medium again? since I have a really bad memory I forgot but I got a feeling it’s an awesome print medium and a website, if I remember correctly, so for details just watch the old man’s** tweets and look for something or other. k, see ya
  • visualkei_oyaji: is it possible, perhaps, that the name of the medium is「club Zy.MAG」(^_^;)
  • *I think, he’s referring to the manga Maou na Anoko to Murabito A (魔王なあの娘と村人A/That Demon Lord Girl and Villager A). The story seems to be set at a school that prepares people for roles in fantasy stories. Only a few people have character traits of 'warrior' or 'wizard' types so that most people can only become a 'villager'. So, apparently the main character is called Villager A, as in just one of the crowd, a character too insignificant to have a name. 

  • **He wrote OYAJI in reference to Hoshiko Seiichi (visualkei_oyaji on twitter), manager of「club Zy.MAG」.