just not diverse enough

some people: texas isn’t that racist

me: i work a a central texas corporate run movie theater. it’s so pricey the only people who can afford tickets are the town’s old people. i know all the older people in my area just from working there. my town is also 97% republican and 98% of my town voted trump. the rich white families that come into the theaters are the ones to complain about price. nobody else has complained about the price, and if they couldn’t afford a ticket, they just leave quietly and embarrassed. my manager had to hire a man of color because our staff wasn’t ‘diverse’ enough. apparently diverse means ‘just add a black person’ because ¾ of our staff is actually either latino or mexican. what we should be doing is hiring more spanish speaking applicants bc mexico is literally neighboring us, and it would benefit the families that don’t speak english. but yeah, texas is as accepting as it gets.

   he’d be the first to admit that the current look he was sporting wasn’t at all his greatest. minho had managed to fall into a huge slump once more and his whole figure was proof enough of that. his hair ( which was usually fried straightened beyond belief ) was almost unrecognizable as messy curls took over its texture. figure swimming in the soft-colored fabric of his over-sized sweater, he carelessly sat on some stairs as his hand fiddled around with a short piece of chalk. the nineteen-year-old had found it while on his way around the block as he searched for a distraction to alleviate his current dilemma. he found himself listlessly staring at the people passing by through his smudged glasses, his usual daydreams getting the best of him. wandering thoughts of if he should uncharacteristically bother someone right now, if he should shoot a quick message to meet up to create a more solid diversion but if just wasn’t enough. the determination just wasn’t there and he was aware of that. minho would much rather meet his downfall alone than in the presence of someone else. fate, however, seemed to be working against him as he caught sight of someone familiar. instead of speaking up he tried his best to blend into the background. his expression stayed cool and unbothered, seemingly bored eyes never leaving the figure. he was earnestly looking forward to how this was going to play out.

An Introduction

We may be separated by distance, but nothing can separate our power for snide commentary. Similar tastes, with just enough diversity in reading choices, and gap in age, Lexical Wankery provides us an outlet for all those late night book conversations.

There will be snark.

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Why ‘Lexical Wankery’?
This time in 2015 I opened a kindle book purchased on whim for .99 cents. The book itself was written as if the author had used a thesaurus to replace every five words. It was convoluted, cliche, and overwrought in its entirety. Naturally I could not bear the pain alone, and together we dove into the novel, for the sake of sarcastic entertainment.
In attempting to read it, the most glaringly difficult aspect to get past was the ridiculous wording. Thus we coined the term “lexical wankery” as a synonymous parody term for “pretentious wordy douchebaggery”. We also never finished that book; it’s truly too awful.

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Come on, now follow my lead. I may be crazy. Don't mind me. 😉 - Mal 💚💙

He’s just so talented? His music is always diverse enough to keep you interested but he knows he has a signature sound, so he runs with it.

Lyrically he just amazes me. He can tell a story that’s so specific to him, but I identify with it because of the emotion he pulls through.

Not to mention he’s such a genuinely good bean, my ginger son. He’s very down to earth, he’s very simple, and he’s just good. He’s comfort food, he'a a mug of hot cocoa, he’s your favorite movie, he’s your bed after a long day. ♥️

like, that’s just the narrative/thematic issues- that’s not getting into the racist implications that have been building up throughout the entire runtime of the show lmao- i think the writers just assume because theyre putting in gay characters, they dont have to do anything with fat people or characters of color…

notice how with the surge of new gay characters- all the new gay characters are skinny and pale? it’s like they just gave up, or never really cared in the first place beyond just having enough to claim “were diverse so we’re good” without having to put in any real effort to represent the people they want support from. 

Marvel: Here! Have diverse and female lead titles!
Also Marvel: Cancels those books before half of them even hit 20 issues, does not bother to promote most of them either. Thinks that “diversity” is just enough and doesn’t bother with good writing or actual character development. But the fans are forced to buy the books because God knows that if they don’t sell it’s because people DON’T WANT diversity after all, so you just gotta suck it up and accept poorly conceived plots to try and get Marvel to pay more attention but they won’t because they think they’re the bees knees and that what they’re doing is enough and super progressive. So if a book doesn’t sell? Just cancel it. Obviously it’s not that the fans want. But bring back the same white male superhero in 10 different books, always rebooting to try and sell more because he is worth it, so you just have to try a different tactic. That obviously wouldn’t work for females or characters of color. Also that character? They’re not bi. We’re 100% confirming that they are straight. :-) Silly you!

There have been a couple of messages and complaints that Trell is straight, and that HR isn’t diverse enough

I’d like just like to put it out there that Trott has stated in the stream that Cam will shag anyone, Jiutou’s sexuality is ambiguous and possibly asexual and  there has been a lesbian romance between two side characters, as Mark has confirmed. I think that’s pretty diverse. As far as I’m aware, this is the first character that has openly been confirmed as straight and in my comments about Trell’s sexually, even I’ve implied sexual openness. I actually personally feel that High Roller’s has been incredibly diverse, and I think the community AND the performers are attempting to be diverse in race, sexuality and gender, which is part of what I love about us. 


Oh Charlotte no

So I heard Agent Carter might get cancelled because tumblr is boycotting it, despite it being women-centric and very feminist, because it doesn’t have any POC.

Well, I guess it’s back to shows that have neither women nor POC, then.

If you see posts about girls and add a pointless “but boys, too” comment then congratulations, you are just as obnoxious as the “this thing you made is not inclusive/diverse enough, CHANGE IT”-crowd. 

I’m sick of not being able to have a conversation or making a statement about something without people who have absolutely nothing of value to add to it jumping in and being offended because I didn’t talk about *insert group here*, too.

If you feel like a message should reach more people, then you go and write that message the way you seem fit instead of inserting yourself into sometimes completely unrelated discussion.

I love those posts where someone draws like 20 characters from harry potter and it’s like
Black hermione and then everyone else stays white. Like you pay just enough attention to diversity convos to know black hermione is a really popular headcanon but not enough to know that people headcanon book hermione as black because everyone in the hp universe is white. You just threw black hermione in among a bunch of white characters because you knew it would get your art extra attention
It’s essentially tokenization