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You know what I love about Chloé and Marinette’s rivalry with one another? 

It’s not about Adrien.

Sure, Adrien doesn’t help matters at all, but there was already bad blood between Marinette and Chloé waaaay before he got involved, and 90% of their arguments have absolutely nothing to do with him. Instead we have Marinette getting pissed because Chloé’s being a bully, or Chloé being upset because Marinette steals the attention away from her. 

Their romantic rivalry is secondary to the fact that they just don’t see eye to eye, and they’re both stubborn and passionate girls who refuse to back down and let the other one win. That’s such a rare thing to see in cartoons about teenaged girls, and I enjoy watching it play out and seeing the two of them bounce off one another.

He's Not My Warlock

There’s a line in The Mortal Instruments books where Magnus gets referred to as Alec’s Warlock (“your warlock”). Alec gets kind of flustered and immediately insists that Magnus is not his warlock, this being before the Shadowhunters knew that Alec and Magnus were dating and Alec tries to deny any involvement with Magnus at all to the point where he doesn’t say anything about how gross such a statement really is.

I want this line in the show. But in a different way.

I want Maryse or Robert or even Victor to refer to Magnus as Alec’s Warlock. (Something maybe along the lines of ‘call your warlock here, Alec’). And I want Alec to be angry by this, and I want him to call them out.

I want Alec to say that, firstly, Magnus has a name, and it most certainly is not 'warlock’. I want Alec to tell them that being Magnus’ boyfriend does not mean he has any ownership over Magnus whatsoever just because Alec is a Shadowhunter and Magnus is a Downworlder. I want Alec to say that Magnus is his own person and that he will not stand for them reducing his boyfriend, one of the most powerful, intelligent and loving beings in existence, to the term 'warlock’ as if it’s something to be ashamed of and refuse to refer to him by his own name and insinuate that Alec has any ownership over him just because of their own discriminatory beliefs that Downworlders are somehow lesser than them.

Because that’s what should have happened in the books but didn’t. I want something like this to happen in the show.

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707 kinks

707 Kinks

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• Let it be known that out of the 5, Seven is the most easy going in the bed room. So long it involves your pleasure he is up for mostly anything; your most willing lover. With that being said, one of his kinks is over pleasing you, or over stimulation. He gets off on you getting off – knowing that he’s the man making you quake, moan; just being drunk from pleasure.

• Sometimes, though he’ll rarely voices it, you letting him be selfish and indulge in his sadistic side will get his motor running easily. He’ll be in that mode where you don’t get to touch him, meanwhile you’ll explode all over your body as if it’s the first time, and fine tune your body like a fine instrument. He edges you over and over, and only when you’re broken and begging him you send you over will he do it.

• He doesn’t try to hurt you, but he can’t refrain himself from nipping and sucking all over your body – which leads to the last kink: oral fixation. He needs to have his mouth all over your body, especially on the places that’ll make your toes curl. He tends to leave hickies everywhere because of this. His favorite place to leave them is right on your neck so you’ll have trouble hiding it. He aims to leave evidences that his existed every time you’re intimate with Seven.

it’s so heartbreaking that i’ve spent the last few years being so emotionally involved in something that turned out just to be a massive buildup to one of the most poorly written pieces of flaming shit i’ve had the misfortune of seeing 

i was going to do something for my last follower milestone, and then i was going to do something for this most recent one – and i didn’t !! so i’m just going to take a second to say some nice things about some people who mean a lot to me – you guys !! honestly, i was so terrified to make a jack blog. i mainly roleplay with original characters after having a Bad Time with canon involving duplicates or fleeting muses. but jack has been such an – experience! and honestly, i’ve met. so many amazing people? i could tear up ( i am tearing up ) thinking about what amazing friends i’ve made here. i still have anxiety about being here and doubts about my jack and worries about things – but living in the moment right now, i’m so happy to have met you guys. it’s three a.m as i’m writing this ( and i’m going to queue it up !! ) but i just felt a lot of love for my friends who are hopefully tucked away in their beds safe and asleep. ( or at work. ) anyway – here it goes ! ( art cred. ) 

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i have two friends that are open to polyamory and i just so happen to have an attraction to both of them. how can i tell them this without looking like i’m forcing them into a relationship?

I really don’t know where this idea came from that polyamory requires everyone involved to be involved with each other. You can date Garthus and Breaklyn without requiring that Garthus and Breaklyn also date each other. (If you are only interested in being part of a closed or polyfidelitous group, that’s another story).

Let each person individually know that you’re into them, but want to date polyamorously. If both want to date you, great! If one of them doesn’t want to date you, that’s their call! The only issue here is if the two people don’t like each other and wouldn’t want to be in a poly network together.

Letting someone know that you’re into them is a very far cry from forcing them into something. Be open and honest about how you feel, and be prepared to receive their responses with grace. But what’s between you and someone is about what’s between you two; it’s not dependent on anyone else. 

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Okay but I'm honestly just so confused? I literally don't get how there are openly queer people involved very directly in this show and they still did that to us? And previous episodes were so good and the plot was amazing and everything was well thought out but this time it's just totally incoherent? They didn't make me care about Eurus at ALL? Their promo focused on Sherlock being in love which was a total lie and only served to brutalize Molly's character? Honest to God I don't understand it.

it was actually awful why the fuck did they do naything anyways whats the point of this show then 

I liked it? Sure it had plot holes but I generally don’t expect perfection in…well anything.

And for those who didn’t like it, here are some words of wisdom “It is what it is.” Throughout the whole show, John made it pretty clear that he was not gay and it was made clear that johnlock was not going to be canon. Personally I would still have liked the show either way… Hating on the whole show and being disrespectful to those involved in creating it and those who actually like it, is not the mature way to live your lives. You don’t like it anymore? Change the frickin channel. Stop following their blogs. Or just read/ write some fanfic that suits more to whatever your expectations were. There are better solutions that does not involve being such negative human beings.

I would personally like to thank the actors and production for creating a show I actually like. Thank you.

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What does the name Obama have to involve you being polish, Patryk?

Patryk: nothing i guess. he’s just some dude to me. I want the best name for my baby! 

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Why do you hate owlcomics? What is owlcomics anyway?

  1. Because their entire humor is “~*~Relatable Comic~*~: LIFE SUCKS AND IS UNFAIR AND NEVER GETS BETTER, EVEN WHEN YOU THINK IT IS GETTING BETTER like, comment, and subscribe!”, they know exactly zero more punchlines and they have the comedic sense of a walrus who died of dysentery four weeks ago and the corpse is still there, rotting, and no one has bothered to go pick it up.
  2. Owlcomics is an entire line of ~*~Relatable Comics~*~ that 95% of the time just say “LIFE SUCKS AND IS UNFAIR AND–” the grind, easily identifiable by the ways they draw noses (not hating on them for this, it is a style choice) and the way their most circulated comics are always stuff involving negative emotions or outright “life” being represented by this big buff person with whatever they are meant to represent emblazoned across their chest (most infamously, a big buff person with the word “LIFE” across the chest, which is what most of the parodies decide to spoof), often doing cruel thing to the focal character or whatever because coming up with jokes that aren’t the same over and over is Labor and Hard Work in the year two thousand and seventeen of our Lord.
My rundown of TFP

So after I stopped crying and managed to go on tumblr I saw just loads of unsatisfied fans. A lot of people didn’t like the episode so I thought I’d play devil’s advocate. So here it is… I felt the idea behind the episode was actually quite clever. It’s structure involved the idea of intelligence and experimentation. This theme is obviously present within the Sherlock series. But it aimed at intelligence beyond simply the scientific or the theoretical, and delved into the philosophical, I felt. Philosophy being the study of knowledge(wisdom) itself. Philosophical answers can be seen as true or ultimate intelligence. A standard philosophical problem is that of the man and the train. 1) there is a train that cannot be stopped going down a rail road 2) there are two tracks it can go down, one with a man tied to it, and one with two men tied to it 3) you have a lever to choose which route the train takes or he option to not use the lever at all and allow the train to kill who it may. What route do you choose? It’s dilemmas like these that cannot be answered so simply, and often need a real situation to evoke an answer out of a person. Eurus, being incredibly intelligent may have wanted to gain knowledge of what others can’t even understand as knowledge: what option is the right option, what moral action is correct, what is the ultimate truth of a situation not governed by mathmatical or scientific or structured laws. In the episode we see that she does not accept the distinction between good and bad, right and wrong, making her objective to it. So she uses people she understands to be subjective to ‘morals’ as such to experiment on (to collect data of sorts). And why not use the brother she was always so fascinated with, his new best friend, and the brother who locked her away. In my interpretation she uses Sherlock Mycroft and John as an experiment to further her intelligence. In my interpretation she wants to have answers about (what I believe to be) the metaphysical: morality, love, friendship. All these things she does not have, and maybe cannot understand like others can, so seeks to find an answer to. In the end she is vastly intelligent but cannot grasp what a mundane person can. For example, she confesses to not having friends and it is suggested she killed her brother out of jealousy because of it. I think the show’s always made a correlation between the intelligence of the Holmes siblings and their struggle to integrate with normal people, or do as normal people do. It seems that the smarter they get, the harder it is for them to act as ‘normal’ people act. Sherlock who is said to be the stupidest of the three is the one who had the greatest capacity in the end to gain companionship, to mourn and to be loved. This could be reason for the problems Eurus created for him; to sever those humane bonds he’s able to create a) companionship- choosing to kill either John or Mycroft b)mourning- becoming numb to the deaths she caused by his actions c) love- the call to Molly. There were probably more intricacies in the episode but I just thought I’d give my opinion as I study philosophy and I just saw a link. To end, no matter what anyone says I like the episode, was it my favorite- no, am I completely biased and would watch just about anything to do with Sherlock- yes. Would I have done it different- yes. But I’m not the Moffat or Gatiss. I am however someone who has throughly enjoyed the show they have created and will always remember it as one of the best series I have had the pleasure of watching. I’ll miss it a hell of a lot.

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Hi hi! Can I get pros and cons of dating Suga, pls pls? ♡

hell fuckin yea you can B^) Writing this is 2nd person perspective, hope ya’ll don’t mind ((also I know it looks like I have more cons than pros, but I actually have more pros than cons if you were to count them. The cons are just longer.)


  • He’s a total sweetheart. He knows instinctively when you’re having a bad day and just what you need to cheer up. It usually involves a sweet treat or drink of some sort.
  • All of his friends become your friends, especially the other third years on Karasuno.
  • He never forgets important dates, like anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
  • Showers you with compliments daily, because tbh, he sees you as being prettier than all the stars in the sky.
  • Gets along fantastic with your friends and family. Everyone immediately loves him (as they should)
  • Suga gives the best hugs. I will fight you on this. It’s like hugging a warm pillow that hugs you back.
  • Sends you cute texts to wake up to and go to sleep to.
  • Helps remind you to eat and drink water and do your homework if you’re the forgetful type.
  • Has an endless supply of memes and jokes to make you laugh.
  • Will watch whatever movies you wanna watch, but insists you make it a fair trade and watch some of the movies he wants to watch. Luckily, he seems to have the same taste as you.
  • Loves cuddles. Anytime you wanna cuddle, that boy is there.


  • He’s a bit dense when it comes to presents. Suga gets nervous about getting something you already have or something you don’t like, so he tends to just ask you to pick something out or try his best and hope for the best.
  • Suga can be too hard on himself sometimes, and it sometimes shows when you’re around. This is because he trusts you and feels comfortable being real with you, but during those times he doesn’t really listen to you when you try to comfort him.
  • He can be picky about where to eat and what movie to go see and so on and so forth. He wants everything to be perfect, and gets nervous at the idea of spontaneity if it involves a romantic date night with you.
  • The topic of his future with you isn’t one he readily discusses. He’s not sure what he wants to do or what he’ll be able to do, and he doesn’t want to raise your hopes of a happy future with him in case he becomes a flop.
  • He sometimes spends too much time talking to his teammates than you would like occasionally, like at lunch or on the way home after practice. He doesn’t realize he’s doing it, and it’s not in the sense that he’s ignoring you, but he just gets drawn into the conversation and sort of forgets to include you in it.
  • There will occasionally be a time that he says a self depreciating joke or an insult towards himself while you two are together. The reason for this is that he’s insecure and it’s a coping mechanism, and it sometimes brings the mood of the conversation or date down.
  • At the beginning of the relationship and towards the middle of it he won’t give you his honest opinion on your outfit or appearance or hairstyle. He doesn’t want to say anything bad about you, and honestly he can’t really see anything bad about you. Basically he’s no help if you were to take him shopping.
  • On that same note, if you wanted him to try some food from your meal, he would- and even if he hated it, he’d say that it was delicious. It takes him a while to get comfortable enough to give his honest opinion to you.

okay so it was a really good episode in terms of having me on the edge of my seat and being really involved in the case / storyline of that episode. But it could have just been so easy to have them end together. Like it’s clear that they’re back together, but not in the way we were expecting. 

And they made it really freaking clear that Sherlock’s not straight with the massive struggle it was to say I love you to Molly and them smashed up the coffin that represented that. 

In conclusion I enjoyed the episode, but a different ending would have made my entire fucking life

I had a wicked crazy dream last night that I didn’t write down right after waking up because I’m a douche bag so i dont remember some of it but basically Phil can come back to life after he dies. He doesn’t really know when or where it will happen, but he knows within a few days after he dies and he will end up somewhere in his town. He uses this to commit crimes outside of the town he lives in, using disguises to keep from being caught. This works fine for a long time, Phil generally just stealing money or possessions.

Then there is a middle part that I can’t remember for the life of me. All i know is that it somehow involves Dan getting caught up in deep shit with Phil, and them falling in love, despite Phil’s attempts to stop it happening. They don’t tell eachother, but they both kinda know.

In the end Phil has to convince Dan to kill him in the middle of town, with loads of people watching, but Dan has to keep his identity secret so he doesn’t go to jail for it. Phil was made to look like Dan to the T, so Dan would be able to start a new life.

Phil’s plan was never to tell Dan that he could come back to life, and that Dan would have to live with the reality that he killed the person he was in love with to save his own skin. When Phil comes back he is overcome with sadness and loss and worry, and sets out to find Dan.

He doesn’t have to look far, as he literally materialized in the bedroom of Dan’s flat, because my dream didn’t give a shit about believable plots. Dan had come to Phil’s town because he was filled with too much sorrow to go anywhere else.

Then they confess their love and have sex and I woke up the end

Important things about Phineas & Ferb:

  • The Flynn-Fletchers being a blended family 
    • they all love each other so unconditionally I’m going to cry
  • Also re: the Flynn-Fletchers, Linda and Lawrence have such a loving and healthy relationship they’re honestly #goals.
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz being a super engaged dad and always trying to be involved in Vanessa’s life
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz being a super loving dad despite having a horrible childhood and terrible parents
  • The fact that Isabella is Jewish comes up more than just during the obligatory mention in the Christmas special
  • The show was also so entertaining and funny and had some of the greatest comedic timing
  • Weird moments of surrealism like the giant floating baby head or the zebra that calls Candace “Kevin”
  • The songs are all catchy as hell
  • This is the greatest show ever created that is all
Star Wars: Rebels Recap - Warhead

Garazeb Orrelios Chief of Security

  • Yay, a Zeb focused episode. They only do one of these every half-season so we’ve got to enjoy it while we can. 
  • Why does every Zeb-focused episode this season involve all the secondary characters shitting on him? 
  • This episode really highlights Zeb’s strengths and weaknesses as a military leader. He’s a great tactical thinker, but often just rushes into things instead because he’s bored or angry. He’s also not much for strategy or the bigger picture.
  • After what happened on Lasan, I get the sense that Zeb both craves and fears responsibility and recognition. He failed his people and he doesn’t want to fail anyone again so he either avoids being in a position to do so or solves the hell out of whatever problems come up.
  • Speaking of responsibility, just who is in charge of Chopper base? Hera’s in charge of Phoenix Squadron and the Ghost Crew. Commander Sato is in charge of something but mostly seems to travel around on his ship. Is he in charge of the base? Is Hera? How many people work/live there? I do not get the logistics of the Rebellion at all.

All Droids are Assholes

  • AP-5 really is a piece of work. I wonder how much freewill do droids have because I seriously doubt anyone programed their logistical droid to be a condescending dick.
  • I actually understood Chopper when he said "I have a bad feeling about this.” Am I just getting use to his accent or has this franchise said that phrase so many time that I could recognize it no matter who said it?
  • Well, the infiltrator droid was terrifying. Bet you they were created as part of the Tarkin initiative like BT and 0-0-0 from the comics.

Evil HQ

  • Agent Kallus is a better double agent than he was an actual Imperial agent. Not sure what that says about him.
  • Man, he sure was lucky the exploding droid didn’t plug in to his ship.
  • Thrawn likes to play everything off as a Xanatos Gambit, but this was the first time it actually felt like he’d succeeded in pulling it off. 10 to 1 says the season ends with the destruction of Chopper base.

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y'all know i ship bellarke (i think that’s fairly obvious from my blog) and i had no idea that was the original quote, but i’m so glad it was changed. because there’s nothing i can’t stand more than octavia and his relationship being diminished for romance. he would never run off with anyone if his sister wasn’t involved in that running away. the only person he’d leave the group for would be octavia. his sister has always been his number one priority. 

if you read any of my shipping threads, that has never changed. it’ll always be octavia, even if he’s in love with someone else. he’ll love the other person in a different way than O, but O will forever be part of his choices and his mind.

thank you so much.

          it’s completely unrealistic to expect bellamy to want to just run away with clarke especially when,  like you just said,  IT’LL ALWAYS BE OCTAVIA.          bellamy is more than capable of doing reckless and downright selfish things,  but his sister has always been the driving factor in his decisions,  and on the likelihood that line from the script is real     (     which,  judging from the fact i can’t go into any bellamy related tag without hordes of people screaming about it,  it’s real enough to the fandom     )     i’m infinitely glad they changed it.          not because i don’t ship b/ellarke     ——     because at that point in me watching it,  i could kinda see it,  but because it’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever read.

no reblogs please

Getting Kids Involved.

Okay so, I’m not gonna lie, I’m the type of person who’d much rather do things myself than give instructions to someone and have them do it. Especially a toddler who can only follow one step at a time. Plus it’s just less time waiting around for the task to be done. Maybe even more than half the time it takes to actually do the job is going to be spent on instructions and and and.
BUT I realized that I have to get rid of this attitude if I want my toddler to be independent, confident, creative, and a little adventurer. Recently, my hubby and I read this article about how doing things around the house (especially being involved in the kitchen) allows kids to grow up eating healthier (as they’re used to homemade food rather than junk food) and more sociable.
This made me realize just how much my curious toddler standing on her tippy toes to see what’s on counter top–wanted to help.
A lot. Mama can I help you? Let me cut it for you. Let me throw it in the trash. I can put it in the sink. Can I cook it mama. Please! Let me do it mama. I can do it.
Of course when we first moved and all that, the house was too much of a mess to let her be in the kitchen with me. Not to mention hazardous (that’s a whole another story). Putting food together, which is something I usually enjoy doing, became a headache in those conditions. So each time the answer was no. No. No, go play with your sissy. Go play with your toys, etc.
FINALLY last night I let her help me pack her Abi’s lunch for work, and today she helped me make some matlou’ (moroccan pan bread), and also cupcakes.
I really have no need for cupcakes, but she’s been so intrigued by these little cakes with swirly colors on top. Her little number books have pictures of cupcakes and recently she started asking me, mama can we make cupcakes? In sha’ Allaah we can make cupcakes mama, right?
So today, I finally let her experience cupcakes. I figured no matter how unhealthy they are, they’re better homemade. Also, she gets to really see how things are put together…especially when it’s her doing it. It’s just more meaningful and satisfying to make stuff from scratch and look at it and say wow, look what I made! Also, a little bit of sugar here and there won’t hurt in sha’ Allaah.
I think I’ll let her help me out more and more. Of course the older she gets, the better she will be at following instructions and the less time it’ll take her to get stuff done. Right now I just have to remember not to get too frustrated with her because after all, she is trying her very best. She’s doing what she can with her little developing brain and body.
I also want to let her help out in other parts of the house, like sweeping or clicking the buttons on the washing machine or organizing stuff. I’d like for her to put her toys away (this is one thing she hates doing, lol). Her favorite two tasks right now are chucking dishes in the sink and throwing things in the trash can.

See, I get the whole I’d rather do it myself attitude from my mom. I enjoyed watching her make stuff so much; the cooking, the baking, the Moroccan bread (which she makes every single day and it’s so yummy fresh out the oven). I enjoyed watching her sew and put stuff together. But she always preferred to do it herself. It is less of a headache, lol. Well she only let me help around when I got to about 11 or 12. That’s when I started helping her with dishes, sweeping, folding clothes, etc. Then around 13 or so, she started having me make Shlada (Moroccan salad). I enjoyed it all. When I was about 16/17, my aunt (my mom’s sister–who’s the complete opposite as her daughters learned to do EVERYTHING by the time they were 13/14) taught me how to do basic stuff, like how to clean a chicken, make atay (Moroccan tea), and make bread. One time it was me, her two daughters, and my other aunt’s two daughters at her place on a day in Ramadan. She said go in there and make something each of you. She was encouraging…and although my bread came out bad, she was encouraging and so was everyone else. I will truly never forget that experience. It was the first someone told me go in there and make something. Her daughters let me help them make cookies whenever I did visit.
Shortly after, we moved back to the states and my mom let me experience with baking as I got very interested in it from being with my cousins. Then, I started doing all the baking around the house. As for cooking real meals, well, I learned most of it from watching her and my dad cook…and then YouTube later on, haha. When I did get married, she gave a week of lessons on major Moroccan dishes, like couscous, tarid, harira, etc. She told me not to worry, as I’ll learn the rest easily especially with the Internet. Plus, she has the mentality that you’re going to end up cooking what your husband is used to anyways so why waste your time learning our cooking and unlearning it? Well, she was wrong on that one, because he was mostly used to junk food, and he wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle, so I did end up having to learn many different types of food from scratch, by myself (Moroccan, American, Italian, etc)…but hey.
I do appreciate the whole idea that my mom had; not throwing everything on your child (ie making them cook and clean and do it all), and giving them some time to learn and explore other things. My parents always gave importance to my education. It was always said focus on your school. Do what you need to do for school. You’ll learn the rest in time.
But, I do think that it’s not only learning to do things around the house…there’s much more to it. Not only that, but sometimes the kid WANTS to feel involved and help around. Like I said before, learning to be independent, being confident, and learning to communicate when there are issues and so on. I guess it’s all about balance. I do know parents who have their kids do it all and they just sit and do nothing, and I know parents who let their kids do nothing. I guess in anything they want to do (so long as it’s halaal), you must give them a hand and be encouraging. That way they discover the different activities around them and they seek out what interests them the most.
Anyways, excuse all this rambling, lol. I’ll stop now.