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anonymous said: jiyong’s reaction to you wanting to be fwb

anonymous said: Can you do a scenario where you and GD are the kind of friends who like to share alot of PLATONIC skinship ?like hand holding, cuddling and stuff? Thnxx

I thought these two reactions went kind of well together as the platonic skinship made for a nice progression to a friends with benefits kind of relationship. I don’t know what happened with this. It was meant to be a short reaction but it turned into something way longer. I hope y’all enjoy. 

Warning: This contains a lot of smut/ sexual activity. Don’t read it if you’re like 12 and stuff. 

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It was the alcohol that had bought you here. Two seconds ago, your hand had been pounding frantically on the front door of your best friends apartment. Now here he was, standing in front of you, his eyes filled with dusty sleepiness and his hair sprayed out at odd angles.

‘Y/n? Are you okay?’ Jiyong is unable to hide the surprise and concern that fills his voice.

‘I just wanted to see you…’ You wanted more than that, but that would come later.

‘It’s 4 in the morning.,’ He blinks dumbly at your statement, his sluggish mind still struggling to comprehend your sudden appearance.

‘Then let me come in, idiot.’ Your hand reaches up to gently shove at his shoulder, contacting with his bare skin, and you realise for the first time he’s shirtless. Your hand lingers, tracing the outline of a red star on his tattoo. Your eyes focus intently as your fingers caress over the ink. Jiyong doesn’t shift. He’s used to your touch, just like you are used to his. You shared a unique relationship. From the moment you’d met, you’d always been handsy with each other. Cuddling, hand holding, sitting on his lap… it was all part of the friendship you had built. Eventually, his mind awakens enough to step aside, allowing you entry to his apartment. He shuts the door as you pass, and after kicking off your heels you grasp his hand, dragging him to the couch.

‘Y/n, why are you here?’ His voice is a soft whine. Now that realisation was dawning you weren’t in any imminent danger, his annoyance at being woken from his deep and precious sleep was beginning to rise.

‘Let’s watch a movie and cuddle.’ You respond, still tugging him.

‘I’m tired, though. I want to sleep.,’ His voice is low and grumpy. You pause, turning to him to pull him into a tight hug, your hands slipping gently around his waist. He lets out a soft, annoyed sigh. ‘Are you drunk again?’

‘Maybe… I’m surprised it took you this long to figure it out.’ Your head rests on his bare chest, the skin on skin contact causing a warmness to build between you both.

‘You smell like a mix between a brewery and an ashtray.,’ He pushes you away slightly. ‘Go take a shower and we can cuddle while I sleep.’ Platonic. That is what your relationship was. Strictly platonic. But there was nothing wrong with friends hugging. At least that is what you both had told yourself. To you, Jiyong was a friend. You didn’t want a relationship with him, you just enjoyed his physical displays of affection. You shift your head off his chest, your eyes meeting his, lingering on the puffy pout expressed on his lips. Before you can stop yourself, you’re kissing him. Your lips press against his, softly brushing against the pink fluffiness of his own. He pulls away almost instantly.

‘Y/n, what are you doing?’ His bewilderment is evident. Your hands trail to the waistband of the sweatpants he’d put on, tugging them suggestively.

‘I’m kissing you.’ He moves away from you swiftly, strategically placing a small distance between you.

‘I know you are… but I mean… why?’ You understood that perhaps to him it seemed like an impromptu decision. A fleeting thought fuelled into action by alcohol. The truth is, you’d been thinking about it for months. Every time he held your hand, every time he hugged you, you felt a spark. Not emotionally, but carnally. You wanted Jiyong in a sexual way, not an emotional way.

‘I thought it would be fun. I honestly came here because I wanted to have sex with you,’ You shrug indifferently. You see the panic rise in his face, his lips faltering into silence as they attempt to produce a sentence. ‘Just for fun, I mean… like friends with benefits or something. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. You’re hot. I’m hot. We like touching each other, so we could make a let’s-touch-each-other-a-little-more-with-no-strings-attached kinda deal.’ You could see Jiyng processing the thought, his head swimming at the suggestion you’d just made.

‘Y/n… You’re absolutely stunning. I can’t say I haven’t thought about sleeping with you before…’

‘So let’s do it then.’ You interrupt, shifting closer to him. He steps back, raising his hands to slow you down.

‘I’m not comfortable with it happening like this. You’re drunk. I’m not.’ He motions between you. ‘I feel like I might be taking advantage of you a little bit.’ It’s your turn to pout, your mouth forming a confused frown.

‘I’m here and I’m offering. I wouldn’t be if I didn’t want to do this.’

‘I know that. But you’re drunk, and you might not be offering if you hadn’t spent the night with your friends at a bar.,’ He shakes his head lightly, his hands coming up to run through the messy tuft of his blonde strands. ‘I love you as a friend too much to let a stupid mistake spoil our friendship.’ His sentiment brings out a chuckle from your throat.

‘Is the only thing stopping us from having sex right now the fact that I’m drunk?’ You question with another giggle.

‘Yes.’ He says earnestly.

‘Okay… then tonight, you help me shower in a strictly non-sexual way. Tomorrow, when I’m sober, we spend all morning in your bed and we don’t leave it until noon.,’ You raise your eyebrow at him in a tempting deal. A flash of a grin shoots across his face, his gums peeking out at you. Your hands reach for the bottom of the t shirt you’d been wearing, tucked neatly into your skirt. Jiyong’s eyes watch intently as you pull it, raising it above your head to reveal your bare skin and thin black lace bra. ‘C’mon, I smell like a mix between an ashtray and a brewery, right?’ His eyes remain focused on your cleavage, now exposed, before quickly snapping to your face. 

‘Fuck it.’ He growls, grabbing your arm and tugging you to the bedroom.

‘I thought we were showering?’ You question as you enter the room. Jiyong doesn’t stop until you’re at the bed, spinning you around so you fall gently as your legs press against the sides. You’re unable to mask the giggle that slips from your lips at the sudden change in his aggressiveness.

‘Do you really want this? And do you promise me it won’t fuck up our friendship?’ The curse from his lips is assertive. You raise your hips in response, and a grin falls across his face.

‘Ji, just fuck me.,’ You rasp as he presses his groin in between your hips, coming to lay on top of you. ‘I want you.’ You can feel the thickness of his erection through the material of his sweatpants resting against your core.

‘I plan to, y/n.’ His breath hitches slightly as your name glides across his tongue, the excitement getting the better of him. Your skirt is the first thing he removes, your hips lifting as he tugs it over your hips, you lifting them to allow him pull it from your legs. His hands trail lingeringly up your thighs to find your skirt, your excitement raising even more as he considers your black lace thong. His fingers hitch into the thin string on the side, and you lift your hips again to allow him to slide your panties off. A broad grin spreads across his face. ‘You’re shaved?’ A single eyebrow perks in pleasant surprise. He discards the underwear quickly, a hand coming to rest just above your pelvic region, his thumb coming to stroke your smooth, hair free flesh.

‘I wax.,’ You correct him, despite knowing it was a battle of semantics and he didn’t really care. His strokes are gentle, turning into soft, sweeping circles. His thumb dips between your folds and you let out a low moan. ‘Oh, Ji…’ He chuckles, shifting between you, glazing a string of kisses up your thighs.

‘Can I lick you?’ His breath warmly caresses your inner skin. You tilt your head up to meet his eyes, nodding, and he obliges by laying his lips against the junction between your thighs, eliciting another moan from you with his warm mouth. The touch was better than you were expecting, far beyond the hugs you’d shared with him previously. A jolt shoots through you as his tongue peeks out, working itself flat against your folds. It’s long and firm, carefully laying into you.

‘Oh my god…’ Your breathing has become heavy, your knees dropping to the bed and legs widening to allow Jiyong better access. His tongue brushes against the pink pearl of your nerves, and you shiver against the circles he begins making, your hands reaching to clutch at his head, pushing him deeper into you. He continues to circle around your clit, working his tongue in an erratically tempo to stimulate you. Just when you feel your orgasm building, he pulls away.

‘Are you okay?,’ He questions, looking up at you with mild concern.

‘Ji… Don’t stop.’ You whine, clutching his head to move his mouth back on to you. He leans forward, his chuckle vibrating against your core. You feel him insert one long finger, adjusting it inside you to find your g spot, before he inserts another, moving them in a come hither motion in conjunction with his tongue on your clit. You can’t help the chorus of noises spilling from you and filling the room. Your toes curl as the feel of his fingers moves through your entire body. You can tell you’re close to the edge, your hips bucking against Jiyong to create more friction. His own groan vibrates against you, stimulating you to an orgasm, your muscles spasming around the fingers he has inside you. His lips remain against you, his tongue circling at a slower place, his fingers moving gently as you ride out your wave. When your body jitters from the sensitive feeling of his tongue, he pulls back.

‘You’re really something, baby.,’ He stands, dropping his sweatpants. His erection springs into view, and bite your lip in anticipation. ‘Hold up…’ You shift on the bed, repositioning yourself with your head on the pillows. Your legs already feel weak and your breathing is paced from your previous orgasm. Jiyong turns to the dresser, opening the top draw to withdraw something. You hear the familiar tear of foil, and when he turns around he has already put on a condom. The bed sags under his weight as he joins you.

‘You ready?’ 

‘Can I be honest? I haven’t had sex in a while… I might get a little excited.,’ The blush is evident in his cheeks, and you smile at his honesty. ‘Don’t judge, okay?’ 

‘You mean you’re going to  cum quickly?’ Your hand reaches up to ruffle his hair in jest. 

‘I almost came just listening to you before.’ He murmurs with a laugh. Before you can respond, he is kissing you, his lips flushed against your mouth, his tongue probing inside you. You can taste yourself on him, and he smiles against the kiss. You push his shoulders gently, making him fall back into the pillows, before swinging yourself over his hips. Your hand reaches down to grasp his member, guiding it slowly into yourself as you lower your body over his hips. As the tip enters you, Jiyong’s head falls back on the pillow, his eyes scrunching and neck arching in pleasure. You take him fully inside you, steadying yourself by putting your hands flat on his chest, before you begin moving, your legs bobbing you against him. The feeling of him fills you, his thickness grinding into your core. His hands grasp your hips, guiding your movements, his eyes cemented on your bra - the only thing stopping your breasts from bouncing fully. He slips his palms upwards of your hips, applying pressure so you lower your chest onto his. You don’t break your steady rhythym for fear of losing the pleasure building in the lower pit of your abdomen. His fingers work to delicately to undo the clasp, and your breasts are freed of the restraining lace fabric. It slips down your arms, and he grasps it, tossing it away after you lift your hands from his chest to get it free. His mouth latches onto one of your hard nipples, his teeth grazing against it in a sharp bite. You cry in enjoyment at the sensation, and Jiyong’s grin grows wide. 

‘You like that, huh?’ You nod in response to his question, still moving against him. He takes your other nipple, applying equal pressure with his teeth, and another cry escapes your lips. His hands wrap around you, and before you know what has happened he has flipped you on to your back, his hands linking under your knees to raise your legs higher. His paces quickens as you shriek in surprise, laughing at his eagerness. 

‘Calm down, Ji…’ You giggle as his lips press against yours again, trailing a line down your neck to your throat. He thrusts into you at a rapid pace, his balls slapping against your entrance, his grunts of pleasure murmured against your neck as he continues to kiss it. Your muscles flex around him as the pleasure of the experience overwhelms you. You knew he’d be good in bed, but you didn’t know he’d be this good. He continues to thump into you, his groans filling the room, until eventually he begins to slow. 

‘Ji, don’t stop. Please. I’m almost there.’ You whine into his ear, lips curling against his lobe in a breathy sentence. 

‘If I don’t slow down, I’m going to cum.’ His brow furrows, beads of sweat forming. 

‘It’s okay. Please, baby. I’m so close.’ Your begging triggers him into action, his pace quickening again, the edge of his dick grazing inside you perfectly. Your muscles spasm as the wave of your pleasure pulses over you, and Jiyong follows closely behind, surrendering to his own orgasm. He continues thrusting until you stop quivering, his body falling lightly against you before he rolls off, coming to stand. He turns away from you, removing the condom to tie it, and discards it on the top of the bedside table. 

‘That was great. Not many guys manage to make me cum twice in one night.’ You roll on your side, studying Jiyong as he paces his way to the door. 

‘Twice? Y/n, that was just round one. I’ll have you coming at least twice more. Get your ass in the shower, I’ll be there after I grab some towels.’

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Bad Habit

(Pietro x Reader) (M)

You got yourself a (real) bad habit for him.

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6   Part 7   Part 8

 Part 2 

By the time evening came your stomach was grumbling and your head was pounding. You were seriously contemplating staying in your room forever rather than have to face Pietro. Sighing you pull off the covers and pick up your phone, still where you discarded it hours earlier.  

The brightness hurt your eyes, nearly as much as the blank, message-less screen glaring back at you. Tears stung your already sore eyes and you scrubbed at them willing them away. You knew this would happen, it was what you expected, yet it didn’t dampen the hurt any less.  

Caught up in your thoughts you didn’t notice Steve quietly open the door and stand in the doorway.

“Hey kid.”  

“Didn’t they used to knock in the forties?” You joke and attempt to make yourself look more presentable, grabbing a wipe for your eyes and smoothing down your hair.  You could tell he was smirking behind you as he stepped inside.  

“I remember broads used to clean their rooms…” Steve retorted with a smile picking up a stray bra and raising his eyebrows. You snatched it from him blushing and stuffed it in a drawer.

“How are you doing? no one’s seen you all day.” He asks you hesitantly.

You shrugged, “I wasn’t feeling well.”  

Steve sat down on the bed beside you and took hold of your chin, his fingers soft as he moved your face around to look at him. He glanced over your red swollen eyes and sighed to himself.

“Is it Pietro?”  

Your eyes widened, feeling as guilty as you must have looked. No one was supposed to know.

“I - why would it be?” You whispered and turned away from him, fiddling with the drawstring of your hoodie, trying to stop your hands from shaking.

“I know you’re sleeping together, y/n.” He put his hand over your shaking ones and you bit your lip.

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**requested, Can I have an imagine where Madison Beer is flirting with Gilinsky, my boyfriend, & I get jealous and take him to our room and we fuck, knowing she can hear us ***

“Oh my god” you groaned to yourself as you stood from the kitchen, watching your boyfriend Jack Gilinsky and his ‘friend’ Madison Beer flirt in the living room. Okay maybe you were overreacting. Maybe they weren’t actually flirting but in your eyes if she was giggling at wherever he said and she places her hand his shoulder, That’s flirting. “Turkey or Ham Jack” you asked after coming out of hiding. The tone you used was a little more harsh than you had planned. Both their eyes focused on you for a second as he said turkey before he turned back to Madison. Of course he gets you to fix him a sand which and he can’t even say thanks. You huffed before heavily walking back into the kitchen. “I outta spit in on this” you mumbled to yourself. The anger getting the best of you. You sighed before setting the sand which on a plate and taking it to Jack. “Here” you said setting it down on the coffee table that was in front of the couch jack Madison sat on. “Oh thanks babe!” He beamed before taking a bite out of it. “Mm!” He exclaimed with a mouthful of the sand which. Madison watched him intensely as his jaw clenched with each chew. “I swear (y/n) makes the best sandwiches ” jack exclaimed, exaggerating the word best. You grinned slightly until Madison spoke up. “Really? Well you should try my sandwiches. I’d fix you one everyday. ” she said poking her chest out a little more than needed. “No need for that, I already do” you said through your teeth, a fake smile plastered on your face. “That is true” jack said completely oblivious to the tension building between you and Madison. She just rolled her eyes at you when Jack looked away before bringing her focus back to Jack. “Oh my gosh Jack you’ve gotten more built since the last time I saw you!” She said her voices pitch higher than usual. “You should flex” she suggested with an annoying giggle following behind. He raised an eyebrow before lifting his arm up, flexing for her. You glared as you watched her grab ahold of his arm, gawking at the muscles. “Oh my gosh they’re so big!” She said with glowing eyes. That’s it. that hit your breaking point. “Yeah you should see them when they’re flexing on both side of my head while he’s fuck-” “(Y/N)!” Jack interrupted, complete shock written all over your face. You smirked at the glare you were getting from Madison as Jack stared at you with shock. “Excuse me for one minute please” Jack mumbled before grabbing your arm and dragging you to your shared bedroom. The second he shut the door he automatically started questioning you. “(Y/n) what the fuck was that? I thought you didn’t like it when our sex life gets mentioned!? That’s was completely uncalled for and you just embarrassed me in front of her!” He exclaimed, obviously not happy with you. “I’m sorry jack” you ssid , a Tiny bit of guilt filling up in your stomach. “Its just I was jealous. She’s so Much prettier than me and she was all over you.. I don’t know I was just scared you’d like her more than me” you said looking down. “(Y/n), I’m all yours. She’s too full of herself. I don’t like girls like that. You’re the only one I want. ” he said his face closer than you had expected. You grinned before placing your lips against his. “Show me” you whispered in his ear. You quickly kissed his earlobe before kissing his jaw. “Show me that I’m all yours” you said seductively. Jack leaned back some so he could see your face. You smirked at him as his brown eyes got darker than usual. Before you knew it you were lifted from the edge of the bed, thrown to the top in a matter of seconds. “You being jealous is the hottest fucking thing” jack exclaimed before placing sloppy kisses along your neck. “Mhm just fuck me already jack” you moaned, not in the mood for foreplay. Jack happily obliged, lifting your shirt over your head and pulling your sweatpants down. You watched him as he stood at the edge of the bed, lifting his shirt over his head and taking his pants and boxers off. Your eyes widened as his huge member slapped against his stomach before he climbed over to you on the bed. You watched as he kissed the bottom of your stomach, sliding up until his shaft slid into you, filling you up. “Fuck me hard jack, make me scream so she knows who you’re with” you commanded in his ear. “Oh fuck” he groaned. You never really talked dirty but right Now you felt like you were in control. “Your wish Is my command baby girl” he said before pulling out and ramming back into you. “Fuck!” You yelled as he automatically hit your g-spot on the firs thrust. You placed your hands on his back as he thrusted in and out of you at a fast pace, the headboard of the bed hitting the back of the wall. “Dirty talk, total turn on” Jack groaned out as he continued to thrust at the same pace, not missing a beat. You moaned loudly, praying Madison could hear you. “You’re being a little slut baby girl, you want everyone to know jack Gilinsky is fucking you don’t you?” Jack said with a smirk on his face. By then you couldn’t even get words out he was moving so fast. In a matter of seconds, jack pulled your legs up over his shoulders, giving himself a better advantage. “Fuck jack!” You yelled. This time you didn’t do it purposely. Madison being in the other room had completely flew over your head as now all you could think about was how amazing this felt. You reached your hands down, scratching down his back as he pounded into you, the head board still banging against the wall. “Fuck I’m close” he groaned, his thrusts getting sloppier. You just nodded before grabbing his face in your hands and placing a sloppy kiss against his lips. As you continued to kiss him, you felt him twitch inside of you before he grunted loudly, bucking his hips against yours. You bucked your hips up as well before you finally came nearly out of breath. Jack rolled off of you, laying down next to you. “Still think I’m going to pick her over you?” He questioned after finally catching his breath. “Do you think she still believes she has a chance?” You replied back with a smirk. He grinned before shaking his head. You were about to get dressed before you heard a knock on the door. “Hey I’m going to head home okay, thanks for letting me stay over” madison said awkwardly. “Yeah okay, see you later” jack replied back before covering his mouth from giggling. When you both heard the front door shut, you bursted with laughter, covering your face now embarrassed of the way you were acting. “I can’t believe I talked dirty to you.” You said looking st the ceiling. “I can’t believe you said that in front of Madison ” he replied back with a smirk. You shrugged looking down T your hands. “I don’t know, I just hate the thought of losing you so my instincts kicked in. *sorry, exams coming so I’ve been studying! I’ll start posting more often now though****
Just the Way I Didn't Know You Liked It - Rei/Nagisa (NSFW)

Day 13 Prompt: Fluff/Kink

bye friends… /evaporates into the atmosphere

Alternately titled, brumal Went Way Too Friggin’ Overboard Again, so This Is Basically 11.3k of Non-Stop Sex and Blowjobs.

(My commissions are still open! For more information, please see here.)

Title: Just the Way I Didn’t Know You Liked It
Fandom: Free!
Pairing(s): Rei/Nagisa
Rating: E
Length: 11,329 words

Also on AO3.

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Kinks - 5 Seconds of Summer Preference

Warning: Contains Smut


Ashton: Daddy Kink (obvi)

He’d been teasing you for what seemed like eternity. His fingers would ghost over your throbbing center, barely allowing you any friction. His mouth would pepper kisses all over the insides of your thighs, but never where you wanted his lips the most. His tongue would carress the skin where your legs met your hips, but not once did it stroke your heat. You were whimpering against the lack of contact, arching your back and wiggling your hips, begging for his touch. You needed him. You wanted him. “A-Ash.. just fuck me.. please,” You practically moaned, finding it hard to form words under the intense amount of frustration. Your hand moved down your body, over the curve of your breast, traveling fast to your soaking center. You felt like you needed some type of touch, and if Ashton wasn’t going to give it to you, you’d have to relieve yourself. He noticed. Grappling his hand around your wrist, he stopped its descent to your throbbing core. “Ah, ah, ah..” He cooed, “You weren’t really going to touch yourself.. were you?” His tone was thick with lust. “I’ll fuck you if you ask me nicely..” He added, his mouth so close to where you wanted him. You could feel his breath on your skin, never touching. You whimpered, writhing underneath his torture. “Ashton, please..?” You whispered. You couldn’t take much more of this. He didn’t move. He ran his tongue up the skin on the side of your center, teasing you again. “Daddy, please? I need you, daddy..” You tried again, the desperation in your voice growing more and more evident. “Good girl..” You heard him whisper, dragging his tongue between your folds, circling around your clit. Your breath quickened as you finally experienced some relief, the build up and teasing had nearly been enough to push you over the edge. Intense pleasure coursed through your body, causing you to quiver and tremble underneath Ashton’s touch.

Calum: Rough sex

You were underneath Calum, your back arched up off the duvet of the mattress beneath you. The headboard of your bed was relentlessly banging against the wall, filling the room with the sounds of Calum’s hard thrusts. He was moving in and out of you at a fast pace, holding your legs up to pound into you as deep as he could. You were a moaning mess, victim to each and every one of his movements. “Fuck, Calum, right there,” You groaned, throwing your head back as Calum’s hand came to wrap around your throat. He wasn’t trying to hurt you, rather he wanted to hold you in place as his thrusts found your g-spot. You trembled uncontrollably beneath him, grasping onto his biceps and digging your nails into him. He knew how to work you. He knew that you could barely hold yourself from the edge when he was rough with you like this. Calum was groaning his well, breathing quickly, his body glistening with sweat as he pounded into you. You were catapulting towards the edge, the knot growing bigger and bigger at the pit of your stomach. Your walls began to spasm, convulsing around Calum’s length as he continued moving in and out of you. Your whimpers grew louder and closer together. “Let it go, Y/N..” You heard him mumble, struggling to get the words out while maintaining his rapid thrusts. His words were all it took to send you spiraling over the edge, moaning his name while you dig your nails into the skin of his biceps.

Luke: Dominance

Pinned against the wall, unable to move, Luke kissed you passionately. Your hands were traveling up and down his chest, unbuttoning the flannel that covered his skin. He briefly released you from his grasp, pulling his lips away from yours as he removed the shirt, pulling it off of both arms with ease before tossing it into a heap on the floor. You reached out to touch him, wanting to feel his newly exposed skin. Moving yourself closer to him, you were desperate for his lips to be back on yours. Your heat was throbbing at the sight of him. Before you managed to place your fingertips on his skin, Luke’s hands wrapped around your wrists, pushing them back against the wall. He pulled his mouth away from yours, leaving you whimpering in his denial. “Luke..” You mumbled his name, tugging your lower lip in between your teeth as you squirmed against his grasp. “Did I say you could touch me?” He growled into your ear, his lips tantalizingly close to your skin. Goosebumps formed on your arms as a result of his words. You didn’t speak. “Get on the bed. Now.” He whispered, releasing you from his grasp and moving away, waiting for you to follow his instructions. You blinked, almost frozen in shock. You meandered your way to the bed, sitting your rump down on the edge before scooting back and laying on your back, pulling the sheets between your fingers. Luke unbuckled his jeans, slipping them off of his legs and leaving them on the ground before doing the same to his boxers. His cock was harder than you expected, springing up to slap against his lower abdomen. You moaned at the sight, feeling yourself throb. “Like what you see?” He mused, tipping his head to one side as he watched you quiver while you looked him up and down. “Yes..” You breathed, spreading your legs and waiting for him to come have his way with you. Luke approached your body, crawling over you and supporting his weight by placing his forearms on either side of your frame. “You’re mine tonight, alright baby girl? You do what I say. What happens if you don’t?” He breathed into your ear, his breath tickling your neck as you bucked your hips upward. His hand came down to grip your hip, shoving it back down into the mattress. “Hmm?” He purred, awaiting your answer while he played with the bottom of your shorts, teasing the skin underneath them. “I get punished..” You answered, holding back the urge to touch him. “That’s right baby girl..” He replied, moving his hand to cup your throbbing center with his hand, brushing his nose against your ear lobe. Part of you almost wanted to disobey.. just to see what kind of punishment Luke had in store for you…

Michael: Dirty Talk

“You like that, Y/N?” Michael spoke gruffly from above you, pulling his body upright as he continued moving his length inside you. He went slowly, moving against your walls and causing you to moan each time he removed himself from you. “Keep doing that, Michael.. Please..” You replied breathlessly, bucking your hips upwards, urging him to keep moving. He kept his pace slow, frustrating you. “Doing what? This?” He asked, suddenly jerking his hips forwards and filling you completely, slamming against your g-spot. You squealed in pleasure, bringing your hand up to grip onto his arms, needing stabilization against his hard thrust. He only did this once, moving his hips slowly again. “Fuck. You really do like that, huh baby?” “Fuck yes..” You replied, biting onto your lower lip as another moan threatened to spill over at any time. “Faster, Michael.. go harder..” You practically begged him, grasping tightly onto the sheets with your other hand, moving your hips against him, needing him to quicken his pace. His hands came down onto your hips, holding you in place as he slowed his pace even more. You whimpered. “No..” “I’m sorry, I’m not quite clear on what you want, Y/N.. why don’t you tell me more specifically?” He growled, moving his lips to your ear and biting the skin just beneath your earlobe. “I want you to fuck me. Fuck me so fast that I see stars. Fuck me so hard that I won’t be able to walk in the morning.” You begged, breathing hard now. You heard him groan against your skin at his request, and soon his hips were moving quickly against yours. He began slamming into you, hard. You head flew back, moans and swears escaping your mouth as you held onto him. Your orgasm came upon you quickly, intense pleasure rocketed up your spine. You trembled as he continued thrusting sloppily, losing his pace as he too neared his climax. “Like that, Y/N? Is that what you wanted?” He breathed heavily into your ear, “Just like that, Michael..”

A/N: Enjoy! Feel free to send me feedback or request something you’d like to read in the future! xx