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Harry asking you to move in with him!


He knows this is a serious thing, and when he went over the thought with his mother, she informed him of how much this would entail, and that it’s a serious step forward in any relationship, and to always make sure that you, and the other person, is ready.

When he went over the thought with Gemma, the only thing she said was, “Just don’t get her knocked up.”

He kept both things in mind.

After getting a duplicate key made – just in case the world was on his side and you said yes – he slowly began making room in his closet, and quickly coming to terms that, “Yes, maybe I do have more shoes than a person should acquire in a lifetime,” and, “Does a single person need these many flashy sweaters?” But he quickly shook his head because, “Yes. Yes, they do.”

He wonders if he is this nervous to ask you to change address, he bets he’ll be shitting himself when he asks you to change your last name.

When you do go over to his house, in nothing but your pajamas and an overnight bag that you tossed precariously over his bed, he finds you perching yourself onto the counter to grab the popcorn from the microwave.

“Think we should invest in a step stool for you, love.”

“Shouldn’t I be the one investing in a step stool?” You quirk an eyebrow, jumping back down on the ground and opening up the bag. “Maybe have a second one here since I’m climbing all over the place like a monkey because you keep everything up high.”

“Or maybe I should just put everything within arm’s reach for you.”

“You’re here more than me – don’t see how that’s necessary.” Once you turn around, you have to do a doubletake as you’re met with your boyfriend – dressed in his own pajamas – kneeling down on the floor.

“Did you drop something?”

“I have a serious question to ask you.” He pauses to remove the key from his pocket, when you instantly chime back up.

“Are you proposing? Because I really didn’t want buttery fingers when you prop—”

“I love you and you love me, right? And we’ve been together for a while now, and your lease is up in a month, and I think we’re at the place now…where…we could…continue doing exactly that but from one address.”

You stare back at him blankly, your gaze falling down toward the object in his hand, and back up at him.

“You just want me to move—”

“Will you move in with me?” He reached out his fingers toward you, and as you studied the key in his grasp, you slowly set your popcorn aside and reached down to take the key. “Is that a yes?”

“It’s a ye—shit.” They key instantly dropped to the floor, and with a roll of your eye, you fall to your knees to grab it. “Sorry, butter fingers.”

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Please explain your thoughts on hsm2 !



  • how blue they made zac efron’s eyes look should be the only reason you need but here are some more anyway
  • summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER
  • how many times has someone in real life asked the question “what time is it?” and at least two people answer it with “summertime”
  • all the times troy and gabriella almost kiss but don’t
  • troy’s ringtone is him singing “getcha head in the game”
  • sharpay’s pink car with the license plate “FABULUS”
  • just the entire song Fabulous
    • “fabulous parties, even fabulous trash”
  • absolutely! ….NOT
  • ryan and his mom doing yoga omg
  • the pots and pans part of Work This Out
  • troy and gabriella’s version of You Are The Music In Me aka the most beautiful song
    • “like a common thread…” “hmmmm… you’re pulling me” UGH
  • “golden throat, this is jazz square. we may have trouble.”
  • same
  • *singing and dancing to a song called I Don’t Dance*
    • the iconic™ clothes swap at the end
  • troy’s HORRIFIED dancing for the entirety of sharpay’s version of You Are The Music In Me
  • the symbolism of troy missing every shot (just like in hsm1) when things aren’t going how they’re supposed to
  • “give me a beat” *walks out*
  • tbh I Gotta Go My Own Way is the most emotional song i’ve ever heard
    • and i sing both parts of the duet every single time
    • so much frolicking so much skipping so much jumping
  • how did he even do that
  • anytime someone says that they’re “all in this together” i burst out in tears
  • and now it’s time for the best song
  • not just the best song in hsm2, or even any of the hsm’s
  • the best song of all time in the history of music
  • where’s that voice coming from
  • it sounds so familiar
  • bring it down now
  • keep the faithhhhh
  • damn this song is a freaking JAM
  • how did troy learn all this in like 3 minutes
  • and now they all have lanterns
  • and now the finale ALL FOR ONE aka the most summer-y song ever
  • and who could forget the most iconic cameo

and THAT is why high school musical 2 is the best one of the trilogy


Title: Bonca

Warnings: Smut, a bit of angst, self deprecation, gross amounts of fluff/love, body worshiping, some dirty talk, I don’t edit shit so that is a warning too.

Summary: Dan was the only one surprised by Phil calling him up to share his award with him and he was the only one who didn’t think he deserved it.

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post/163492994980 Is it Jungkook or V because the nails look really long and V wore that striped black sweater on that day, Jungkook wore white and with a jacket. Baby Bear probably took the picture of that penguin because it's as cute as Jungkook ^^

It is actually Taehyung. I’m not too sure why it’s tagged as Jungkook. I’ll fix it right now. Baby Bear is actually a Jungkook and Taehyung fansite~

with the mod app forms there was a small thing I noticed; in one of the questions it asks for our bias(es) except the answer bubble thing is the kind where you can only pick one answer, and no more. not sure if it’s any important, but just wanted to let you know !

Actually you can choose as many choices as you want. I double-checked after receiving this ask. Not sure why it isn’t working for you…

does itunes count towards digital sales? and if not , how could i contribute towards it? (i.e what app should i use to buy their albums)

Which country’s digital sales? iTunes sales don’t count to Korea digital sales charts because iTunes Music Store doesn’t exist in Korea, only Apple Music does. iTunes purchases and streaming will count to Billboard and typical iTunes charts/sales. If you want to contribute to Korean digital sales charts, you would need to stream/download through Korean music sites (ex. Melon, Soribada, Genie, etc.)

Im so confused? Why are people freaking out about Suga composing that song for Suran? Like he’s wanted to compose and do stuff like this, so why is it such a big deal that it was for her?

I’m honestly really confused by this question? This is also kind of old, right?… Anyways, I didn’t really see any drama about this because I don’t follow many accounts on Twitter or Tumblr (I hate drama and immature fans, so…). The only reason I could imagine is that entitled, immature fans don’t like male-female interactions between BTS members and others. 

hi! I was wondering in regards to applying for being a translator, in my case it is my second language, however, I’ve been learning it for 10 years and speak it every day at home? idk if that counts as fluent or not though

Fluent is just considered like, if I were to give you a tweet or post or video in that language, would you be able to translate it? If you are comfortable communicating/reading in that language, just apply~ 

i’m really confused on the whole wings thing, if it finishes in december why are they having a come back in september?

Not quite sure how to answer this… They are just having a comeback cause they want to? There’s no real reason. There are no rules for when groups can have comebacks and concerts. Sorry, I don’t know what else to say…

so this final concert… it already includes the songs of their next comeback, right?

Most likely, but don’t take my word for it. No information is known about concert performances until the first day of the concert.

hi for the mod application does sideblogs count as blogs that you are a moderator/admin of or is it just fy blogs

Just fy blogs. We are trying to gauge your experience with blogs like allforbts.

I hope nobody asked this already, but the memories DVD is only a normal DVD right? So no bluray? Thank you~

We posted about this a few times, but to answer your question, it’s just DVD. If you have any questions about merchandise in the future, we always post details from Big Hit, so you can check those in our #merchandise tag. 
- Kylie

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May we please have some headcannons for how vampires would handle dealing with an S/O who is easily overstimulated (autism/asperges type deal)

disclaimer that i dont have either/im not on the spectrum so im being REALLY vague here

Honestly, since most vampires are quiet, mild-mannered creatures, just hanging out with them helps you calm down/not get as overstimulated.

Since many are also VERY adept at “mind tricks”- manipulation, control, etc, they can help you calm down even easier- with consent, of course.

They can also turn into bats, should you need something soft to pet/mess around with. They honestly love it- you give great pats!

If bright lights and noises bother you, just visit your s/o! They hate bright lights and sounds, so most of the time, they’re in a well-insulated, quiet, dark place. Just without the dungeon in the basement.

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My boyfriend and I are on a break right now. He's cheated on me several times and we both agreed we need to take some time to figure our lives out (we're both in our early twenties and are struggling with post-grad life and all that) Part of me knows it's for the best, we've agreed to meet up in 3 months to see if we want to be together again or not. But I'm also terrified that I'll want to get back together and he won't. I'm in shambles about it.. Advice?

“He’s cheated on me several times”

Um…. MOVE ON!!!!

It’s good that you two have split, but honestly I think it should be for good. Not just for 3 months, because you know what? In these 3 months he’s going to sleep around with many other women, because that’s the type of guy he is, and come 3 months from now he’ll probably already be dating someone else. He’s a boy who can’t stick with one person at a time, CLEARLY.. So I hope you can find the strength to meet new people and get over him in these next 3 months. Just to save yourself from more hurt, because you deserve way better!!

Common arguments against Megstiel (And why they don’t hold water).

Hello, Tumblr! It is I, Jo, bringing you once more a meta-analysis of one of the aspects of the Hell that is Supernatural and its fandom and particularly the Circle of Hell that is shipping one of its minor ships. Especially one that has so much canon fodder (see what I did there?) as Megstiel does. I have seen so many extensive (like… you would not believe how many of them, holy shit, they’re everywhere) meta-analysis, essays, theories, hastily put together thoughts, you name it, that people write stating why their ship is/should be/will be canon.

And if someone dares say “Well… I just don’t see it”, they’re likely going to be bombarded by a mountain of evidence of why they’re wrong. Admittedly, some of this evidence is well-thought out and compelling and some is… not… that. But I’m not writing this to argue against that mountain of evidence because I understand those analysis come from a place of love for those characters (and because I would be here all day). I’m doing it because whenever someone brings up Megstiel in these things, it’s usually to belittle it, disregard it or flat out deny its existence. And I, as a Megstiel shipper, have a thing or two to say about that.

Now, let’s make something entirely clear: I’m not here to convince you to stop shipping your ship and start shipping mine. I’m not here to attack you personally. You’re not a horrible person for wanting something different to be canon than I do. I don’t mean to start a shipping war. Full disclaimer, I am a snarky person and sometimes this topic fills me with rage, which is why this essay will be peer-reviewed. Meaning, I will have other Megstiel shippers who are a tad nicer or more jaded than me read it and give me notes before I post it to tone down my salt in the interest of keeping things civil. And because if I’m excessively mean, Senpai won’t hang out with me.

If you have another argument besides the ones I bring up here or if you’re not convinced by my counterarguments, tell me. I will be happy to have a conversation. Unless that conversation starts with you stating I murdered your puppy and destroyed your crops, in which case, I’m not interested in getting to know you and your mom is probably disappointed in you. If you still feel compelled to send me insults because I like a different ship, it will result in you being a) blocked, b) referred to the present essay or c) mocked. Depends on what mood you catch me in.

Okay, so now that we’ve established that, let me tell you why your arguments against Megstiel don’t convince me.

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Would you ever consider doing any it's always sunny in Philadelphia lines for the rogues?

Totally. There’s so many lines from so many shows that work amazingly well. Philadelphia, The Office, Parks and Rec, Corner Gas, the list is amazingly long, and I really should get that Patreon up because I really just want my life to be doing recordings like that and bringing some serious funny.


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HIVE there! I don't wanna SWARM you with too many bee puns, but HONEY you won't BEElieve how many i thought of! They're just BUZZING around in my head. But for now I'm just gonna WING it and see what I can get out. However, it is getting kinda late and where I am a bit NECTERnal I should probably get to bed.


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Hey Ghost mom I just wanted to say I admire u and ur work and like i hope you're feeling better after these recent events and tbh i totally support your decision to take a break and you should definitely do it whenever you're feeling overwhelmed or overworked! also i'm sorry if you feel weird about me calling u ghost mom bc like i don't see many people saying it anymore and idk if i just didn't get the memo that u don't want us to use it or something and krgeiormwfrevg;oiwt

aH THANK U yea yea i mean i def know that logging out of my accounts/closing the inbox helps a lot when i get stressed out by vocaloid community-related stuff i just need to get better at restraining myself from privating videos LOL………. i’m making progress tho because a year ago i’d be restraining myself from full-on deleting videos soooooo

but nah it’s fine i don’t really care what people call me tBH

Random post about leftovers is random

I’m the type of person that hates leftovers. Well, hate is a bit of a strong word. I dislike leftovers. I don’t know what it is, but I always save food for later and more likely than not, never end up eating it. It’s the worst. And I hate wasting food. If it’s more than 24 hours old, sitting in the fridge, I can’t eat it. Maybe it because growing up (and even now) my mom would always keep leftovers in the fridge, not in Tupperware or any sort of container, but just on a plate, barely covered in tin foil. It always kind of grossed me out. And this despite me having bought her so many sets of Tupperware back in the day. Also, being a germaphobe doesn’t help. So when I finally bought one of those food saver vacuum seal things a few months ago, it changed everything. I should have bought it years ago. I love it. I’ve been bagging, sealing, and freezing EVERYTHING now. It’s ridiculous. But at least now nothing gets wasted and I’m actually able to eat leftovers like a normal person. I’d buy one of these things for my mother but she would never use it. If only she saw what’s in my freezer.

I just watched Psycho for the first time (I know, film major who’s never seen psycho, alert the press). Unfortunately the ending had been spoiled for me years ago but WHATEVER I still really enjoyed it–the score, the cinematography, the acting was all superb.

what I was not expecting coming in was to end up feeling an intense heartache for Norman. You can clearly see at his core he is a shy, sweet man who was traumatized as a boy and had an abusive mother and developed a dissociative disorder because of this. You can see how much Norman is suffering. Anthony Perkins’ performance is so truthful and nuanced, he really makes you feel for Norman and how trapped he is by Mother.

I know the writer’s intention was probably “mental illness! ooh spooky!” and “oedipal complex lmao” but I guess what I’m trying to say is Norman’s story is truly heartbreaking and I really felt for him.

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Behaving badly = trashing their potential SOs (do you really not think this alone constitutes bad behavior?), accusing companies and innocent people of collusion with 'tptb', letters to Barbour and other companies to let them know their ambassadors are shady etc, saying nasty things to them because they didn't behave the way shippers wanted. If not shippers, then why do these things? Also, if so many think they have manipulated the perception of fans for PR, why still believe they're together?

Anything said online or in letter form, like complaining about shady behavior to their brands, or accusing people of colluding with TPTB are not kind, but they’re also not illegal. If you don’t have anything to back it up, you’re just making noise.

As for trashing their potential SOs or griping about their behavior? You know what they say about assholes and opinions: everybody’s got one. I don’t think it’s kind to @ someone “your boyfriend is a twat” or “you should have held her hand you piece of shite” but I also don’t think it really effects a person that gets thousands of responses and comments per day on their SM posts. There isn’t a single celebrity that makes their fans happy 100% of the time. The only time I think it crosses a line is when it’s done uninvited, in person

Why does everyone assume the only perpetrators of “bad behavior” are Shippers? Don’t believe the hype. There are plenty of fans with other views doing the illegal and invasive stuff.

As for believing they’re together: some people have faith in their gut instincts and refuse to be swayed in any other direction, or believe the worst in people. We’re all looking at the same thing, but coming away with different perspectives. That’s how everything works. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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Man, YES Fujoshi is a deterogatory term but unlike Otaku its a self-deprecating term meant in a joking manner and many female japanese fans actually use the term to describe themselves (its also kind of a pun since if you'd be using different kanji it could translate to respectable lady) - unlike otaku which is just an insult. Also being a Fujoshi shouldn't be something to be proud of anyways, so even if one wants to use it as an insult nothing should keep them from using it that way.

hmm I see

thanks for the info, anon!

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(im actually writing a coran centric fic atm about his whole life and the build up to him being frozen,, i want to contribute to his content bc i have so much love for him i just want to write about my beautiful man)

starslikethis replied to your post: 

That is surprising. I would’ve guessed more. Like a lot more. Interesting. Cough secretly pleased cough.

They have 430 fics and by first glance, many of them are either side pairing to something else or pre-Jonsa. Hmm. And Jonsa has….2533 fics. And first glance to their page, they are the main couple in a majority of the fics. This fascinates me. I would think something so popular here on tumblr would have just as many fics on AO3. Of course the number could blow up after the finale. Jonsa’s did after season 6 but like I said before, something that has been so popular for so long should have more fics written. 


Hawkeye #9

Publisher: Marvel Comics
(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Leonardo Romero (CA) Julian Totino Tedesco

• Hawkeye tries to solve a case with too many uncomfortable similarities to her own life, almost as if fixing things for her young client will fix things for herself (spoiler alert: That’s not how it works, Kate)!
•  At least she’s getting to punch through her frustrations courtesy of the. Worst. Fight. Club. Ever. Right?
•  And just when she thinks she’s coming to terms with her new reality (thank you, therapeutic violence!), Kate gets thrown a curve ball she never saw coming…but maybe should have!

In Shops: Aug 02, 2017

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just watching the rebroadcast at the moment so idk what Percy gets, but I dunno man, it was just cool to see my fave character find a cool god, and kinda sad to see him turned away. It makes sense that Scanlan was chosen! but doesn’t mean I can’t have a moment of disappointment.

i’m not even talking about the element of disappointment, i saw at least half the tweeting audience be like “aw, shucks” when it wasn’t percy and that’s fine coz most of us, including me, left last episode thinking “OMG PERCY YOU’RE ABOUT TO GET RELIGIONICIZED :OOOO” what i’m not here for is shitting on everybody else just coz it should’ve been percy, or even woobifying percy coz he ain’t that and he ain’t about that. and also coz ppl just never seem to be just satisfied or content with the actual narrative that’s going on anymore, too many people nowadays are like “BUT THIS IS WHAT I KNOW OF THE GAME AND ITS RULES” or “BUT THIS IS HOW I INTERPRET THE CHARACTERS AND THIS IS HOW THEY’RE GONNA REACT” and then they’re wrong and they just get pissy or obnoxious about it and i’m like “well shit i’m just trying to watch a good story here.” it’s that part that warrants the many capslocked sentences and numerous exclamation points, at least from me :D

Update on me

Tanks: my tanks are doing good overall. Not many changes aside from: Sev (betta) having the tank of cyanobacteria hell… It’s blacked out with daily changes and still… I’ve been tossing around the idea moving him to my 20 long slow asian river tank…

My guppy tank is like the worst thing ever… Too many fish… Like more than any one tank should have… And it just looks ugly. Parameters are good though.

I haven’t yet replaced the fish I lost in my 50 which were just my Congos. If I do Congos again it’ll be around 100 dollars for them. Sadly I can’t afford that at this moment. It’s recapped very simply and stable again though.

Other animals: Felix is still doing well as always. Molly is splendid, just upgraded her playstand and next week she’s going for her nails and 6 month health check. Buttons my dog had gotten out a couple of days ago, she crossed 3 busy roads before someone caught her and took her to be chipped. For a 16yo blind and deaf dog that was terrifying for us.

Mental health: I was moved up the waiting list to see a psychiatrist. My therapist highly suspects high functioning autism, ADHD or both and wants me tested and on different meds. I did one test and scored the lowest out of any patient she’s had… So yeah. Aside from that just getting by.

Work: Nothing new for in field postings, but I’ve decided come September if there’s still nothing I’ll take a temporary substitute EA position. Until then I’m doing a few data filing jobs, mostly just checking addresses and phone numbers for company relivance, but still pays some. I have a house sitting gig coming up too.

This blog: I want to get more into things again. I think I got burned out with a lot of the medical questions. But I’ll be looking for general care stuff and starting there. I also plan to expand a bit into other animals as my knowledge and experience allows me. Birds, fish, herps and small animals will still be my strong suit though. My ask box and PM are always open too for anything at all! They’re the fastest way to have me answer. Tagging is probably the next. Love you all, thank you for sticking around!!!