just not a fan of it

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Do you have any type of visual guide to the bmc characters? I always see pictures of the cast and drawings of the characters but i have no idea who's who?

bonus: the gal’s halloween outfits (except jenna i couldn’t find any pictures EDIT: jenna’s the clown in the back lmao) 

also! i have tags for each one of them so if need you can go through my tags (also rich is usually drawn with a red streak in his hair, and most people draw the squip as a handsome computer) 

the actors, too, just in case:

  • jeremy - will connolly 
  • michael - george salazar
  • christine - stephanie hsu
  • rich - gerard canonico
  • jake - jake boyd
  • brooke - lauren marcus
  • chloe - katlyn carlson
  • jenna - katie ladner
  • squip - eric william morris
  • jeremy’s dad/scary stockboy/mr reyes - paul whitty

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I'm so tired of people saying that Harry hates Louis or vice versa. They obviously can't show their love publicly but if Harry is that 'big bad wolf' forcing Louis to do things like going on hiatus then why do Louis friends still like Harry? Steve adores him. Calvin is lowkey his stan. Fizzy is his #1 fan and likes tweets about him frequently. Styles-Tomlinson siblings still hang out with each other. If he's supposedly 'evil' then why??? Explain that, Harry haters :)

They can’t :)

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I need to admit this to someone, and you're the only South Park blog I trust... I absolutely hate Pip. Wow that is good to get off my chest. I'm sorry if you like him

“It’s not like anyone actually likes me anyway…”

*Hits you with rolled up newspaper* NO!!! BAD ANON! DO NOT BE MEAN TO MY PRECIOUS BRITISH BABY!!

“He turns then, so he´s in profile, and suddenly, I think I know him from the beach: the rider on the red stallion. Something about his expression and his wind-torn hair makes my heart go thump thump stop.“

today while i was waiting for the bus i saw a girl with a jojo backpack and i immediately screamed “oh my god you like jojo!” and walked towards her like an excited puppy even though we were total strangers and she was really nice about it but now that i think about it i must have looked really creepy or dumb or smth goD

NCT at the Apple Store
  • MC: so who wants to show us a part of the choreography??!!!!
  • Fans: J O H N N Y
  • Johnny:
  • Fans: J O O O O H N N N N Y
  • Johnny:
  • Taeyong: I'll guess I'll just go up then :-)

i cant believe ive been referring to keith of voltron as quiche when the OG quiche was like my first anime crush

I worked on this during my streams the other day– thank you again to all of you who joined!!!

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I don't hate L*ndsey but she is kind of... A jealous ugly cunt. She wrecks a lot of things for Gerard. I'll be honest, I'm only on your blog to send you this. I'm going to block you directly after. I'm sorry, I'm spreading God's word. Eve made Adam eat the fruit, as L*ndesy did to Gerard.

One day I hope you’re able to love yourself and stop being hateful towards talented and successful women.

Hikari has been my favorite since I’ve watched Digimon Adventure for the first time as a child and I’m getting really anxious that she’ll be shortchanged in her own damn Tri movie… 

I started out liking Meiko and Meicoomon just fine, but the more focus they got, the less I liked them and now I’m actively concerned about the next part of Tri. I hope they’re just keeping the Hikari part secret, cause it’s too awesome to reveal. :/

Commission for @heavenlyascended of Floren! i was so torn on this one cos it was either do the pose that immediately came to mind for them or do a different less interesting pose in order to show off the accordion joints in their legs because i love them so much. ultimately decided to go with my gut and i’m super happy with how it turned out.

thank you for the commission and i hope you like it as much as i do! ;w;/


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Cars 3 actually made me cry i cant believe the fabulous hudson hornet is no more

wait what it was legitamately sad

he was gone in the second one tho wasnt he??

i mean not like i plan on seeing cars 3 anytime soon but :/