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To paraphrase @finngualart​ “my name is Maja and I specialize in pirates making out”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dedicated to all wonderful fanfiction authors who write James as The World’s Best Kisser.

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ShukaBlog 2017.11.19: Gamsahamnida.

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I have safely returned to Japan.
I’m home~!

*(The title means “Thank you” in Korean. Shuka writes the words phonetically in katakana so that her Japanese readers can read it. I decided to do something similar and romanize it, rather than translate it.)

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sometimes I actually forget that a lot people don‘t even know about the whole am**b*er/johnny thing or that they basically don‘t believe am**b*er at all. Like I talked about Johnny with my uncle yesterday and he was like ‚It‘s so cute that he visits these children in hospitals. It‘s so great that he does that. He seems like such a good person‘ and omg it made me so happy ?? Because like many people actually think like this about him irl but when you‘re spending so much time online you just always see those AH stans spreading lies and hating on him and then you forget how supportive non-Johnny fans are of him.

Close up of my knife in action for Lan Fan. Its a slightly modified Assassin’s Creed hidden blade that I found on Instructables and only really modified in the sense that after I got it together, it didn’t work! I had to take parts out to get it to fit in my arm piece and also function. It luckily worked for my pre judging in the morning, then proceeded to fly out of my arm the next time I tried it, broke, didn’t work all day, and then I managed to fit it back in my arm and have it wotk for the contest, though I had to manually loosen it to do so. I wasn’t super happy with it, but I’m glad it worked enough in the end and I’m damn proud of it. So much thanks to my friends that gave me a hand with it. Please ignore the young lord preparing himself behind me!


Congratulations Entertainment Weekly, you’ve managed to write an entire article celebrating the life and work of comic book creator Jack Kirby without mentioning his Jewish heritage even once. 

Well done.

*BTS at AMAs*

*DNA starts playing*