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I’ll also admit that one of the reasons I’ve not been on tumblr as much lately is that all of the drama is getting to me. I love you all dearly but my anxiety has been worse lately and I can’t handle it. I applaud all the good and important discussions being had but I likely won’t contribute to a lot of it until I’m in a better frame of mind

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I am not annoyed by fat people loving themselves and celebrating themselves - I am annoyed by the fashion industry and how they treat it. Like they create a dichotomy between fat "plus size" parts in stores, fashion shows etcand skinny people in like ""normal"" section oft the sotre and every other fashion show thats not specifially for fat people. Isn't that ike missing the goal? Isn't the goal to finally see fat people as just as normal as skinny people? This is against the fashion industry...

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I do see your point - ideally, skinny wouldn’t be “normal,” there would be no “normal” and we wouldn’t have to separate out people and clothing based on size. 

Because this is not the case in today’s world, celebrating plus sized people and plus sized fashion shows is super important! Younger people can see these things and learn to love themselves; fashion companies can get with the program and make actually fashionable clothing for plus sized people (because let’s be real, there’s not nearly as many cute clothes in the plus sized section as there are in the “normal” section). 

From the original ask: 

I am annoyed by it bc one designer makes inclusive clothes and gets praiae even so it should be normal, shouldn’t it?

As much as it bothers me that companies participate in performative inclusiveness - they’re only doing it to improve their image and make money - isn’t that better than not having any inclusive clothing at all? Because with the way things are right now, those are your options. We’re unfortunately nowhere near having inclusive clothing be the norm (life goals, right?). 

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so when are men gonna realize that women aren’t complicated and we’re actually just normal people and it’s men that lack emotional depth and interesting personalities?

Gentle reminder that you don’t have to have Hell Brain™ ringing on your doorbell every five seconds to be mentally ill. Sometimes we have good patches. Sometimes we become numb and void and stop feeling so bad. Your neurodivergence is not something that disappears just because you’ve grown used to it or it fades into the background. It’s still there, you’re still valid.

I finally figured out why people say that shaladin is pedophilia. Shiro’s birthday is on February 29, he’s technically only six years old.

Wow, I can’t believe you people would ship a child with a bunch of teenagers, how disgraceful  


Haikyuu!! 30 Day Challenge Day 14 - Favorite non-player character

Bonus: Nishinoya’s reaction when Saeko enters the room


My top 10 favorite Skater Family images in no particular order

because the official illustrations spoil us so much :’)


I’m sorry, it’s not exactly what you asked, Anon, but… that’s a moment I had in my mind for a long time and your suggestion gave me an occasion to draw this. ♡

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“I do not regret being who I am, being as open as I’ve been. And I am proud of myself for not apologizing for it. I don’t fit into any of the boxes that so many petty-minded little motherfuckers love to put me in, and I don’t really care.”

Friendly reminder that Klaus’ letter was preceded by “that is the beginning of another story”, which is meant to highlight key components in the letter, such as Klaus wanting to thank Caroline in person. This suggests that they do eventually meet up, and that their meeting is not a mere fleeting chapter in their lives.

This isn’t a nod to their friendship. They’ve never been just friends. This is a promise of a romantic future. 

There is no doubt in my mind that if Caroline and Klaus were to ever reunite (and according to the finale they do) that Klaus would want something romantic from her. And if you believe otherwise, you’re kidding yourself. 

However long it takes is a throwback to a romantic scene. A romantic scene that suggests a promise of a romantic future between the characters. This isn’t mere banter between friends. Because Caroline has never been just a friend to Klaus. It’s a promise of a romantic future. 

“that is the beginning of another story”
“however long it takes” 

Eventually this story will be realized. And it isn’t a story about friendship. 

Maybe werewolf eyes are extra sensitive to light. Maybe that’s why no one in the show remembers how to flip on a freaking light switch.

oh btw one of the many things i love about wonder woman movie is that they will literally tell you that steve and diana are super pretty. like…they won’t feed you the CW crap that this is just how normal people looks like. etta says that diana is the most beautiful woman ever and no glasses can hide that but that’s because she is demigoddess. diana asks steve if he is the human standard and he tells her that he is not, that as spy he needs to be above average - and that’s true, because otherwise his “charms” would not work at doctor poison.

so yes, i’d love to see more “real” looking people at big screen, like etta candy, for example, and steve’s merry band of misfits but i appreciate they didn’t set diana and steve as standard.

It’s a curse and they need to be stopped

Ok so we know Goro wears this thing:

And, after the revelation that Akihiko is the #AkihikoOGPancakeboy, it dawned on me both have a pension for sweater vests (and law enforcement as a career choice):

But back to Goro, I saw that sweater and realized it looked familiar…no not the Cody meme…. It….It kinda looked like….


Oh thank god it’s just a weird looking long sleeved-