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Happy Holidays, @oomph833!  I was your Secret Santa for this year!

You said all your favorite ships involve either Koujaku, Noiz, or Aoba, so I thought I would try to give you all three!

And before anybody asks…This IS based on a true story.  Call Center Adventures am I right?!

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted Noiz to be wearing a silly t-shirt or a business suit…So I combined them into a massive meme of a man…

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful holiday.  And if you don’t celebrate, I hope you just have a wonderful day!

  • DMMd Anime fandom: I don't get why they call it Dramatical Murder.. I mean, nobody gets murdered
  • DMMd Game fandom: Bitch please

I think Ren and Noiz both trying new things together would be cute.  Since they both have so much to learn after living isolated/as an ALLmate I think the little things would get Ren excited (like the inside of a dreamsicle being white instead of orange like the outside).  Noiz tries not to get drawn into it but…well…

Also this ask…has been in my box for over a year…I am so sorry.

I really love the fact that Virus and Trip are canonly only 3cm apart (182cm for Virus and 185cm for Trip), but the official art is just like 

(Hello NoiCle)

I mean look at how tall Trip is compared to Virus and Aoba. And he’s bending forward.

On most of the other art they’re sitting so it’s harder to tell, but most of the time there’s more than 3cm between them and I like it.

So yeah, basically, I now feel compelled to exagerate their height difference and no one can to stop me