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Jean Grey Vol. 1 #3-8

I just want to take a moment to give a mini artist appreciation post for David Yardin. He has been producing some fantastic covers for the recent Jean Grey series, and I have been really enjoying seeing young Jean cross paths with a range of Marvel heroes. Beautiful artwork. :]

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“My father… did not deserve the life he was given.” He didn’t deserve the son either,  his childhood had been so often filled with nights of sleeplessness, training to be the son his father didn’t have to worry about, training to be strong enough to take position as lieutenant of the sixth so his father can live the life the world seemed insistent on taking. 

It would be the start of a long line of recurring failures in his life.

“He was a kind man, a loyal man, I know many of my cousins seemed to think him an unfit heir but I shall always be sincere in my belief that he would have lead our clan down its best path.” Kuchiki Sojun may have had a body that was often too weak, but there never was a heart larger, never more compassion would fill a man he had often mused that it was his very kindness and its excess that was crushing the body into its weak constitution. His view on his father was of bitter adoration, an almost idealisation blind to his own eyes, and how ironic would that be, for a man so full of humility to be placed on such a pedestal.

“He is gone and… I do not rue it so much anymore, for I feel that I am finally learning what it was that he would have wanted from me, and from the Kuchiki.” Yet there would always be a resentfulness in him, that his father suffered the same way as he – for the man would surely still be alive if such familial pressures as taking the role of lieutenant hadn’t been forced upon him. “All he ever wanted of me was my happiness and… that was what I wanted of him also, my only consolation is that, in whatever life he has been reborn into now, he is happier and freer than ever.”

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Azusa-kun straightforwardly

Requested something of me:

That the feelings are never betrayed.

I’m already his.

All belongs to Azusa-kun.

Up to last drop of my blood.

-Scene: Mukami Living Room-

Ruki: ――Yui! Oi, are you listening?

Yui: Ah… …

Huh… …Ruki-kun, Azusa-kun is… …?

Ruki: … … … …

Yui: Where did Azusa-kun go?

Why am I not with him… …?

Ruki: … … … …

Yui: Azusa-kun, where… …

Ruki: … … … …

Yui: Ruki-kun. Hey, Azusa-kun is… …?

Ruki: Oi… … Listen up. Azusa is no longer anywhere.

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Sometimes I still honestly can’t believe that it’s been three years. Alucard is a muse that has been with me for that amount time, solid, and has never faltered in strength and inspiration for me. This dumbo vampire has helped me discover a lot about myself, make friends that have been with me for years, and through him I’ve written stories I would’ve never otherwise. And it’s all thanks to you. 

To everyone who follows me, and has stuck by my side, thank you–from the top and bottom of my heart, you mean the world to be. Now, without further ado:

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argonapricot said:

How about the character in Homestuck that you feel the sorriest for? Medieval AU actually sounds super hype, so let’s go with that.

I threw around a couple of ideas trying to figure out who I felt sorriest for, but honestly the Psiioniic’s situation in canon is just so…terrible. 8I  And he’s super fun to draw!

In other news, I would like to apologize to anybody who has ever put effort into learning things about the medieval era because I am not one of them and it probably shows. ;D

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21 Days (Mark Tuan)

A/N:  I wrote this in the form of a diary entry or a letter you’re writing to yourself, if you ever get confused when reading, just remember it’s like a diary or journal entry to yourself. 

Length: 1776 words

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit…

Day 1
I woke up today and remembered that I wouldn’t be seeing you today, or ever.
I woke up today and it was so sunny outside, perfect for bike rides, long walks and ice cream. But what was the point of leaving my bed if you weren’t going to be there to do those things with me?
I woke up today and my mom asked me if I wanted breakfast, she prepared my favorite: blueberry pancakes. But I couldn’t eat without the taste of you burning my throat.
I woke up today even though I cried until I thought my tears ran dry, until I could hardly breathe anymore.
I woke up today… and that was it, I only woke up.

Day 2
I didn’t go to school today. How could I go and face everyone? More importantly, how do I face you? Today I managed to get out of bed, I sat in the living room all day. My mom was so scared that I wouldn’t get up that she stayed home and tended to me all day; I didn’t even talk with her, I just sat there staring at the white walls of the house. I’m still wearing your sweater, and it still smells like you. It reminds me of when we’d cuddle on the couch and watch scary movies all night long. You felt like home, and now it’s like I’m homeless.
I cried again and I didn’t come back downstairs.

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Whipped together a line-up of everybody for my own reference. I’m still trying to get theses guys down in my style, since i don’t feel I’m quite there yet xD; 

Threw in some doodles of how I’m drawing Arthurs robo-arm right now and a human Lewis too

Bonus Kitsune Mystery:

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