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honestly su’s habit of showing “things don’t always work out, even if you’re the good guy/have good intentions” is just so fond to me. 

cheeseburger backpack is one of my favourite examples of it.

steven gets a wonderful new backpack that he’s so excited about, and takes it on a mission! he’s so excited to go along with the gems! he can be of use, he can help the gems!

but it turns out he didn’t pack the idol that they needed and was the entire basis of the mission.

in any other cartoon i can think of steven would have despaired (which he did), gone on about how he’s so sorry (which he did), and would have been forgiven by the people who were counting on it, assuring him that it’s okay, people make mistakes (which he was).

then he would have dug around through his bag and discovered the idol was in there all along, saving the day! hooray for steven! he pulled through and didn’t have to deal with the guilt of making mistakes! which he didn’t.

the ancient gem structure fell apart. the gems had to swim home. steven’s mistake cost them the mission.

but it was still all okay.

he was forgiven. he did learn that it’s okay to make mistakes, and while he might feel terrible about them, the gems would be there. he didn’t get that “redemption” of having the answer in the end. he didn’t prove “hey, i’m smart, i actually didn’t make the mistake! i’m still a good person because i was right and saved the day in the end!”

he wasn’t right in the end. he didn’t save the day. but he was still a good person. and it was still all okay, even if things didn’t go well. he was still okay. not perfect, not ideal, but still good.

basically i just really love this show and its messages.

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Separate domestication headcanons for Todoroki and Aizawa? Like how they are at home and in public with their s/o whom they're married to.

Aizawa Shouta

  • Aizawa doesn’t like PDA at all, and prefers to keep any affection in private. A kiss on the cheek or a quick hug, something along those lines, doesn’t bother him as long as there aren’t many people around. 
  • A lot of people, unless they knew one or both of you intimately, wouldn’t even suspect the two of you were together. The two of you act friendly but casual in public and that’s just how Aizawa likes it, because if they didn’t know that means they didn’t need to know about your relationship. 

Todoroki Shouto

  • Todoroki just acts how he always does in public, though he turns to you often if someone asks for a decision to be made or an opinion on something; he likes to hear what you have to say about these things too because he respects you greatly. 
  • Todoroki plays with his ring when he’s thinking and it can draw attention to his marital status, not to mention due to his high profile family, it’d be impossible to keep his marriage hidden. He also doesn’t mind telling the story of how the two of you meant, which he tells with a dreamy sort of look in his eyes. 

i really hope that no one takes any of these posts as me “attacking” their ships or whatever!

let me also re-clarify, this has NOTHING to do with me shipping mcpriceley. not one bit.

i just really need to put it out there that 2 males can be friends without you guys having to turn it into a gay relationship. it’s also really important that we have this kind of representation of friendship so that it kills the whole “dudes bein nice and supportive of each other is gay” thing.

I understand wanting more representation of the LGBT+ community in media. But let’s also not wash away this CANON, safe, pure, NON-ABUSIVE, NOT SEXUALIZED (unless you wanna count baptize me as sexual, but we know it’s all a joke) relationship between a Ugandan woman and a fat, nerdy, white boy.

Can we just appreciate that? For once? The only canon couple in this musical ended up being between a black woman and the nerdy sidekick. They could have easily made it the skinny, smart lead (Kevin Price) but instead made it Arnold. Who was never confident in himself and who was always used to being in the shadows.

That’s just. Important. Stop. Leaving. Nabalungi. Out. Of. This.

Let Kevin support his friend. Let Arnaba live on.

That’s all.

Closing my asks (briefly!!)

Hey guys! 

While Heaven Sent is on break the next two weeks, I am going to try and get a lot of writing done! 💪 I’ve found myself getting a bit easily distracted lately, so I’m going to be turning off asks for a bit to help me focus.

I have a bunch of unanswered ones, so I will be aiming to get to those, but then things will probably get a bit quiet around here. Just wanted to give people a heads up :’)

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hey! can you link me to any new ocd fics? (and tag this with #kingofnewyork?) thanks so much!!

Alone and Lonely; A Study In Human Emotion -  The one where they decide to get married on a whim after just meeting each other.

The Torture of OCD -  Dan never seemed the type. He was never unusually frustrated, never showed questionable behaviours. Hell, Phil never suspected a thing. One day came when he actually turned to look, and from then on their world started crumbling.

Toxic (ao3) -  A talented, rich, orphaned artist. A technologically adept, broken kid. Two criminals. Two Killers. Two lovers. Something toxic.

The One Who Calms the Storm (ao3) - Dan is suffering from anxiety and OCD, and he needs Phil’s help to cope with his intrusive thoughts.

Here are the most recent ones i could find. hope this has helped!

//small plot idea: Vicky getting a friend to go with her on what seems to be a usual “business meeting” with some raiders. Turns out it’s actually a revenge quest and things get real dark and violent very quickly.

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hi again, thank you for all the fics that you found, but i was wondering do you know the fic of where Scott's wolf is always trying to attack Stiles because he doesn't want to submissive but he more submissive towards Derek's wolf so Derek teaches him to be submissive. its a Sterek

ladybirdcarina thinks it might be this!  -Emmy

Originally posted by thatimaginewriter

A Place in the Pack by TuckerPuppy (HarleyD) 

(9,528 I Mature I WIP)  *sterek

Derek has his little pack and Stiles has been hanging around the fringes, but Derek realizes that he needs to bring him fully in to the pack to protect him.  Scott doesn’t like the way things are going, but everyone else seems on board.  Isaac is thrilled.   Derek doesn’t want to turn Stiles into a wolf, not that he needs to, Stiles already smells like pack. Stiles already smells like *his*.  He just needs to do something about it.

This takes place season 2ish… it will not follow canon.  And why dont we just say for this story they are seniors and 18, and in this world Derek has just been successfully running his pack for a few years.

Pack feels, especially with Isaac and Stiles bonding.  Not at all canon compliant.  Also, use of the term ‘omega’ different than in the show, here we will use it for low pack member and not rogue wolf.  Also, gonna get slashy up in here  :D   And read the tags people, it makes it pretty clear what kind of story it is.  Dont like, dont read. :D

What a daily/ask blog needs

I’ve been in the ask blog communtiy for a sUUPER long time. like idk 4/5 years? So I feel like I can pass some knowledge onto you guys.  Gosh this got so long, there’s only 4 chapters but it’s picture/text heavy;;


1. A readable blog.
2.A basic theme.
3.Turn on your ask button.
4. General advise

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atomwave or coldwave

i just had a lightbulb moment for coldwave so, au: mick gets powers after the accelerator explodes. len doesn’t.

The world turns white, and for a shrieking, horrifying second, the only thing Len thinks is, “Where is my sister?”

He hadn’t thought of Mick in that isn’t, hadn’t felt the need to- They’d always said they’d die together, and his husband takes his hand as if he can sense Len’s thoughts, and the sky turns white and then gold and then-

It’s over. A flash in the pan, a bright wash of light and nothing else. 

And he finds himself grinning at it, at the acceptance (not fear, never fear,) that had washed over him, for what? So old Doctor Wells made a dud. Hilarious. He lets out a laugh, tugging Mick’s arm, his warm hand still gripping Len’s tightly.

“That,” he says. “Was a whole lot of nothing.”

Mick tries to nod, but seems to have trouble with it, his eyes fluttering. “Funny.”

“Mick,” Len says, suddenly creasing his brow. “Are you alright?”

“M’fine,” he says, though he’s starting to sweat and that can’t be right, they never keep the heat on very high if at all, but he reaches to wipe the sweat from Mick’s brow and finds he’s burning.

“You need to lay down,” Len says, and something in his stomach says that it hadn’t been harmless, it hadn’t been a dud, it’s something far worse and something far more insidious. And his gut is never wrong.

Something is happening to his husband. Something has made him sick. 

“Mick,” Len says, almost pleading. “Why don’t I run you a cold bath? Make you soup? You just need to rest, it’ll be okay, it’s fine-”

Mick shoves him. Hard, forcibly enough to put some distance between the two of them, and Len is about to protest but Mick drops to his knees.

“Don’t come near me,” Mick says. “Feel like I’m going to-” He curls his hands into fists. “Something’s wrong,” he offers, and his hands come alight, his arms.

“Mick,” Len says softly, expecting him to feel some kind of pain, something, but he seems to just be letting it happen, the flames don’t burn his skin but come out from it, move with it, and he watches as Mick tries not to touch anything and unsteadily rises to his feet.

He lifts his hand in front of his face, still glassy eyed, still sick. “Lenny,” he says, quietly. “I think there’s something wrong with me.”

*sweats nervously*


ayye internet peeps- I’m Jordan most of my friends call me Jo or just jordan , I’m 17(turning 18 in July). I’m in my final year of High school and I hate everyone there- so I’ve turned to the internet which is full of my people. I like a lot of things like anime, music , movies and writing. 
Seeing as I have like min (few) irl frens I really need a few people to keep me sane. I struggle with depression ut that doesnt stop me from being there for my friends. 
Anyways.. idk. Oh yeah I’d really love to skype if y'all want to I’m all about meeting people. I’m from Cape Town, South Africa , but if youre in another time zone I wont mind because I barely sleep- so feel free to hit me up. I love art and being creative ,but some of my ideas fall through because I cant finish anything -
I’m also teaching myself Japanese and its going okay so if youre teaching yourself too hit me up and we could be study buddies and because I love learning things I’m also learning the violin, piano and the ukulele. I really love music of all kinds especially classical, lo-fi hip hop and all kinds of rock. The movies I enjoy are typically on the horror and psychological side of the fence (My fave is American Psycho, by brett easton ellis) , and i love suspense, thriller books. Here some more stuff i like: 

death note
Tokyo Ghoul 
one punch man 
kill la kill
psycho pass
Noragami (Aragato)
- and a lot more 

bands// artists:
the 1975
fall out boy
j.s bach
james bay
-and like a bible more. 

-It doesnt matter who you are or where youre from, you can be my friend- and I’ll totally respect your opinions on religion and sex and whatever but seriously if its hateful plz dont expect me to answer and support hate speech. I’m not really sure about snail mail, but maybe sometime, ideal ages to hmu is (16-20)
You can find me : 

email: panicmore4@gmail.com ( put findteenpenpals in the subject so i dont think its spam//note I dont really check my email so I’m sorry if it takes a while to answer.) 

snapchat: ferriraisbae
tumblr : dankstar3000
instagram: someone.sassy
skype : (email) 

-I cant wait to hear from you! 

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I feel like transitioning isn't going to be worth it and I just need to buckle down and accept who I was born as

I can say from a very reliable source that transitioning is very much worth it and it improves things quite a lot. Sure, the first couple years will be very hard, but in the end it really turns out awesomely.

So, combination of helping people move and being sick have delayed some things.  Anyways here’s current progress.  Improved animations a little, got turning animations working, and worked out a new jump animation, but it hangs on landing for some reason so I need to look into that.  Also got weapons sorta working…  Just need to figure out how to attach them to the player…

Also need to figure out how exactly I want to do the inventory for the game.  Thinking something simple like how it’s done in Breath of the Wild, but I’m not sure I plan for enough non-weapon items to be in the game to warrant such an inventory.

Oh yeah, also started working on a shader/post processing thing to give it a better look, but it hasn’t worked out too well yet, so I’ll get back to it later once I figure out more basic mechanics.

I’ll post more later, need to recover more now.


You can’t turn your queue off, else I would, but I need a break.

Queue will still post a few times a day and I have a few things scheduled so some more things might hit. I really don’t feel like going through my queue right now, but there are approximately 180 items left in the queue. The tags will stay as they are, I’m not going through that mess.

I had three things I’ve been working on I was going to post tomorrow for my birthday, including Kogorō’s chapter for 7% (FINALLY) and I was trying to hold out to post those, but I can’t do it.

I just can’t do it. I know I’m leaving things unfinished, but I can’t do it.


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  

Yuuri following Viktor around while taping and narrating like a nature show
  • Yuuri: *getting off plane in Russia, taping himself and Viktor* You guys, I realized most of you have never seen a Viktor Nikiforov in it's natural habitat, so I'm gonna start a series as I experience it.
  • Viktor: *laughing* Are you kidding me?
  • Yuuri: *dead serious* Nikiforov's apparently find things less believable when they're in Russia. *tapes Viktor laughing* and has a laugh just as beautiful.
  • Viktor: *turns bright red as he laughs and walks away from phone *
  • .
  • Yuuri: *Taping Viktor who is fussing over Yuuri's bruised feet* It seems a Viktor Nikiforov in it's homeland is far more fussy than in Japan.
  • Viktor: *looks up with a serious look* A Viktor Nikiforov doesn't care where we are, you need to take care of your beautiful feet.
  • Yuuri: *wiggling his toes* Ooooo, a Viktor Nikiforov in Russia has a /foot fetish/
  • Viktor: *shoves camera away laughing*
  • .
  • Yuuri: *taping Viktor trying to whip the smoke away from a triggered fire alarm* I'm here with a Viktor Nikiforov, this particular one has forgotten how to live in it's own territory.
  • Viktor: *looks at him, before whipping the phone* I have not! *goes back to it*
  • Yuuri: it's really quite sad to see one so far out of it's depth.
  • Viktor: *in a whine* Yuuri, come help!
  • Yuuri: *walks over to table, drags a chair underneath the alarm*
  • *gets on chair, turns off the alarm with a simple press of the button* *pans to an embarassed but smiling Viktor*
  • Viktor: You can't be serious.
  • Yuuri: *amused* Deadly
  • .
  • Yuuri: *obviously hiding behind the couch while Viktor and Yuri set up the Xbox one* This is an incredible scene, a Viktor Nikiforov and a Yuri Plisetsky struggle with their own gaming system.
  • Yuri and Viktor: *different variations of* Shut up, we've got it!
  • Yuuri: *dive rolls behind chair* it seems both have become aggressive in their confusion upon spotting me.
  • Viktor: *laughing*
  • Yuri: what the fuck is happening?
  • Yuuri: The Plisetsky is asking questions that I don't have answers for.
  • Viktor: Yes you do, don't lie!
  • Yuuri: *aggressively points camera at Viktor*/No I don't!/
  • Yuri: Why are you talking about us like you're in the wild?
  • Yuuri: I mean, isn't being around Russians akin to being in the wild?
  • Viktor: *lies on his back on the floor while he laughs*
  • Yuri: is this a thing? Like for fans?
  • Yuuri: No, they're for me, I like rewatching them.
  • Yuri:
  • Yuuri: *straight facing it like a champ*
  • Viktor: *crying*
  • Yuri: Are you okay?
  • Yuuri: *giggles in a moment of weakness* It seems the Plisetsky and Nikiforov have abandoned their task.
  • Viktor: *screams in his fit of laughter*
  • *video ends*
IF BIG Korean entertainement companies were HONEST?!

YG: Just like the Olympics, our idols comeback every 4 years.

SM: Yeah we are suing your bias because we abused him.

JYP: You can’t JUST love your idol, you need to love the CEO too *whispers JYP*.

FNC: We had tooo many scandals we lost count and your bias probably wanna leave us :) 

Cube ent: We looooove making Hyuna do things. 

Pledis: We debut idols, then turn them into rookies again *cough* Nu’est *cough*. You will be Verdone with our bullshi*

Starship entertainement: We just lost Sistar, we are still crying. Don’t touch us. 

Big Hit: What is a hiatus? Is that food? And NO we are not exposing their forheads and YES we are gonna mess up your brain ^^.


a CP ficlet, as promised

(idea courtesy of @echoing-artemis, who said CAPTIVE PRINCE BACHELOR AU which then turned into UNREAL AU in my head because let’s face it, in any situation like this, laurent will still be full of machinations.)


When Damen laces his hands together, the left thumb is on top. Laurent fixes this detail with a look that is, as it were, a warm-up for the look he’s about to direct at Damen’s face. Damen is perched on the edge of the plush, over-quilted, impeccably white satin bedspread, elbows resting on his spread knees. He is crushing some of the red rose petals. Laurent makes a mental note to send a production assistant in here with fresh ones before they film the individual segments after the cocktail party.

Someone knocks at the closed door and says, “Um, I think–”

No,” snarls Laurent, wasting the first and most icily searing few seconds of his expression on the door. Silence follows.

“All right, what is it?” Laurent demands of Damen. “Is it drugs? Do I need to send someone out for some cocaine? Do you have a fucking headache? Has a soft-hearted AD whom I will summarily fire snuck you your phone, and you’ve found out that your cat’s died?”

“No,” Damen says, apparently to all of the above. After a moment he adds, in a tone that Laurent can’t parse, “I don’t have a cat.”

“Then what the fuck is wrong with you? I’ve seen potato salad with more vivacity than you’re showing out there.”

“It’s all so–staged,” Damen says, with distaste.

Laurent manages not to roll his eyes, but the violence with which he wishes he were rolling his eyes causes dull pain to gather behind them like a stormcloud.

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