just needed to say that because mo—

My boyfriend just had a talk with me to let me know someone stole his identity through SA.

I had to pay his rent again and I’m still covering our bills (incl. his phone bill) and our groceries and I’m down to my last twenty bucks. He says he won’t be able to pay me back for at least another week or two and I don’t really want to starve (we have a bit of food but really need eggs and milk because he keeps making food and not touching it so we go through food ridiculously fast).

Our rent is 950/mo, our internet & phone are 125/mo, his phone is 55/mo, his bus pass is also 55/mo, and our groceries average 300/mo. I only get 985/mo on disability, and only had 400 in savings (from literally eating one meal a day).

If I could get some donations for food $ I would really appreciate it. I’m trusting he’s telling the truth for now and will pay me back eventually. Either way I have no money right now and two mouths to feed.

(He also wants me to pay his phone bill again and buy him a bus pass under my name for the reduced disability rate :-//)

Both he and I are queer trans and disabled, and I’m an indigenous poc.

TL;DR: BF is dealing with a stolen identity and in the meantime I have to financially support us both.

My donation email is ezekiel.i.peterson@gmail.com or via the donate link on my blog.

okay, it took me a while to write everything down, but here are my thoughts and reactions to the last 19 days chapter!! (an alternative title for this could be ‘how to make people regret asking about your thoughts’)

anyway, it’s been pretty hard for me to put some order to my thoughts, because im just!!!!!!! so in love with this chapter!!!!!!!! it’s been a whole day and im still such a mess, there are noises coming out of my mouth but they’re not human, and i can’t find the right words to express how i feel because this update wAS TOO MUCH FOR MY POOR HEART

i think this might be my favorite tianshan chapter, tho it’s a very close tie with chapter 185, and im afraid i’ve been kinda all over the place, but hopefully it makes sense!! (putting this under a cut because it’s really long and there are some pictures)

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I work at a specialty bakery so we often get audits ((people from corp. Come in and make sure we’re doing everything correct)) which is cool! Whatever!
But the Auditor, after she was was done told me everything was great and there’s wasn’t anything major. Awesome!

So, I wear a hear rate bracelet 24/7 because of a chronic condition I have ((POTS)) And I HAVE TO keep it on. I’ve mentioned this to the owners and to my manager and they’re all absolutely fine with it.

So the audit papers come back and we failed because, “Employee was wearing bracelet while working.”
I always have it on so I never even notice it or think about it so I didn’t think to mention it? And she never said anything or asked about it?????? And even though our owners talked to corporate about it they’re still not taking the points off????? Because, “Well, she WAS wearing a ”“bracelet”“ though.”
Like it’s not a bracelet! It’s a heart! Rate! Mo!nit!or! I need it! It’s not a fashion accessory!??! If it’s an issue, why didn’t you ask?? Or say, “Hey you’re not supposed to be wearing a bracelet.” Then I can kindly respond with an explanation. Wow!
Nothing exactly happens when you fail am audit we just have to be audited again to check if we fixed things. Which is fine! But! I’m not going to not wear my monitor! Jeesh. The owners and my manager are so kind about everything though so there’s that. But fuck corporate am I right?


The way he says *bboh bboh* “mo bboh” 😍

EDIT: A Lesson in Contemporary Korean

줄임말 (joorim mal): The tendency (and nowadays common practice) of shortening/abbreviating phrases down to “acronyms” using the first syllable of each individual word, sometimes unnecessarily and beyond recognition of the original phrase. Refer to the example, as seen in the excerpt above.

뽀 –> 모뽀
morning bboh bboh –> mo bboh = morning kiss

In this case, the shortening is both very necessary and beyond cute. As if I needed another reason to love Noh Ji Wook x Eun Bong Hee. Danger, my adorable meter on jibong couple has just exploded. I guess that’s my cue to go back and rewatch the whole damn drama because that is how obsessed I’ve become 😂 

This lesson was brought to you courtesy of @afakerfakesafakeface, thanks! You’re awesome :D

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It's kinda useless predicting but I want to hear your predictions anyway for the next time scenario we see TianShan I'm so bored and need something to fire me up 🔥🔥🔥

I can’t predict but I would like to see He Tian and Mo Guan Shan interacting in the morning after the dick pic night. I can totally see He Tian just chilling by the entrance of the school smoking a cigarette waiting for his favorite redhead to tease. Once he spots him, he smiles and Guan Shan at this point is hyper aware of He Tian and notices him right away but he’s a bit awkward because he doesn’t know what to say or act or what any of the stuff they did means so he just gives him an “I see you” look but kinda ignores him and goes about his business. But of course He Tian is not gonna let him go so he approaches him, still smiling, cigarette thrown away, he’s walking next to Guan Shan and he greets him good morning, maybe not a traditional good morning more of a tease like “you’ve been dreaming of me?” “I betcha you can’t get me off your mind!” which will then annoy Guan Shan, tells him to fuck off but secretly likes the banter and likes He Tian’s closeness, and likes the faint smell of He Tian’s cologne and cigarette smoke. Guan Shan doesn’t rush himself to get out of He Tian’s sight instead they keep walking together towards the building. People look, especially girls, because they wonder what a guy like he tian is doing with someone like guan shan, some girls approach him and guan shan rolls his eyes but he tian just ignores the girls at the moment because, as we know, he tian can’t control himself when he’s around guan shan. All he sees his guan shan, all he knows is guan shan, his body and his mind are just focused on guan shan and …and…he’s so in deep thought that he runs into a wall and Guan Shan just laughs at him a bit and , holy shit Guan Shan just laughed!!!! and it’s amazing and he’s beautiful and everything is right in the world. Guan Shan keeps walking a way and laughs to himself now and He Tian is left behind to plot his next move to tease Guan Shan. Maybe next time he sees him he’ll corner him and whisper in his ear……yeah….idk where this is going…lol. 

Realistically….they’ll probably get involved in the mafia plot -_- to save jian yi. hopefully not. Hopefully that gets resolved soon. 

I'm here.

Last chapter of “19 days” had impressed everybody of us, I know. And I need to say something about it, need to experess my thoughts, because I cannot hide it inside of my head and heart 💔

Full of many different and painfull emotions we see Mo’s eyes filled with tears and how he wants to leave restaurant and in this moment He Tian’s “I’m here” is the best and only one thing what can comfort Mo, what he needs. Needs just right now (someone, help, Oldxian makes me hurt and happy at one moment).
Do you see? Do you see how considering He Tian can be? He is the one who you’ll never imagine be it! Mo has changed him to be a better person. Damn, do you see it? What do you see in He’s last words in this chapter? Oldxian means it like “He Tian will ALWAYS be there for Guan Shan”. He Tian will stay there as long as Mo needs to.

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Hey Birdie! First ask ever, so I thought I'd just mention that you are one of my day's highlights! Please keep up the amazing writing! :) A couple of numbers for the drabble challenge; 9 or 43 for He Tian and Little Mo, 32 or 39 for Zhan Zheng Xi and Jian Yi (because I can totally imagine Xixi saying that about the other guys ...) Btw, you obviously don't need to use the specific ship for the numbers! Have a lovely weekend when you get that far ~

43: frost the damn cupcakes


“Open your mouth and close your eyes.” He Tian told Mo Guan Shan, standing behind him.


“Come on, it’ll be great. Don’t you trust me?”

“I don’t know, He Tian. Do you remember the last time you said that to me?”

He Tian was silent, thinking back on that night and trying not to smile.

“I admit that might not have been the right thing to do in that moment. This won’t be like that, I swear.”

“No, it’ll just be icing on your dick this time, right?” 

“Do you…do you want it to be my dick?”

“Frost the damn cupcakes, He Tian.”

32: why did we have kids?


“Who’s blowing up your phone?” Zhan Zhengxi asked.

Jian Yi sighed, turning the phone around and scowling at Zhan Zhengxi when he laughed.

“This is NOT funny, Zhan Zhengxi!”

“It’s actually incredibly funny.”

The phone chimes again.

“Why did we have kids?” Jian Yi asked.

“We didn’t, we just need new friends.”

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jw why don’t you agree with the post you just reblogged

This is gonna be a long post, I’m sorry but I want to be as clear as possible so brace yourself:

reminder that beverly literally had no positive platonic interactions in the movie.

Friendly reminder that none of the losers have scenes where one is just talking/engaging with one another, the only exceptions are bill and Richie in Neibolt and at the arcade. Draw your conclusion.

reminder that richie, stan, and eddie hated her because of those bullshit sleeping around rumours gretta spread

Can’t reply cause this is just a big fat lie. And whoever’s seen the movie knows I’m right.

(@ screenwriters people were still bullied in the 80s for being poor, you assholes),

Yeah, so? Girls still get bullied over rumors about their sexual life too, I really don’t see the point of this part

henry & her father & mr keene sexualised her, mike didn’t really feel anything towards her (r.i.p screentime) and she was only there really to play the love interest for bill and ben.

This is OP’s opinion and while I consider it wrong, I can’t say I don’t see the point they’re trying to make. Too bad that I still see Beverly as a very important character from the book and that I understand that in a movie of two hours and fifteen minutes, a story to tell (and a pretty intricate one) and 8 characters to portray there’s just so much you can show on screen, so I can’t forget about how she was the only one brave enough to offer to go inside Neibolt, how she tried to keep the group together because she understood that they were stronger together, how she was kidnapped by Pennywise because she was not afraid of him! How can you purposely leave this out just to prove your distorted point of view? This makes me extremely mad.

reminder that in the book she was not The Girl of the group, she was the best friend of all the losers. stan saying “none of your business” when she asks about the items in the pharmacy isn’t funny or cute, it’s extremely ooc when compared with even the miniseries interactions.

Okay this point here is the saddest one.

First of all, Stan is not the only character who’s OOC; compared to the characters in the book each one of them has different traits. So no, probably Book Stan wouldn’t have said to Book Bev to mind her own business, just as much as Book Bill would’ve never punched Richie or Book Ben would’ve never kissed Bev (you can fight me on this, Ben just loved and adored her too much). You see where I’m going with this? Stan saying “mind your own business” to a girl he probably only saw in the corridors at school is not that important nor bad.

reminder that they showed her opening her dress in a michael-bay style slow-mo shot that was highkey not needed because SHE IS 14,

Okay, this is kinda scary to me, cause this scene was…totally not a sexual one??????? Do you guys remember that scene? Do you remember the light? The music? The childish underwear Bev is wearing? How can you look at something so blatantly innocent and twist it into something wrong? The comment this person made is really what’s disgusting, Jesus Christ, you’re supposed to see it with the eyes of a thirteen year old! It’s not a show for creepy grown ups behind the screen! That’s probably the first time those kids have seen a girl in a two piece but it’s not creepy, it’s sweet! THEY ARE KIDS WHO ARE JUST BEING KIDS HOW CAN YOU TURN SOMETHING LIKE THAT INTO A CREEPSHOW!!! the writers are grown ups, uhm yes, okay, so? writers write about kids, teens, grown ups, THAT’S WHAT A WRITER DO, JUST CAUSE YOU WRITE ABOUT A KID KISSING ANOTHER KID IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU, THE WRITER, ARE WRITING IT CAUSE YOU’RE PICTURING YOURSELF IN THE SCENE. Yuck.

showed her in the bath during the ‘dear god’ montage (also not needed since she’d already been shown playing the keyboard

All you can see of her in this scene is her head and an arm. That’s it. And the reason for her being in the bathtub is probably because she can spot the blood drop on the floor.

reminder that one of only scenes in the movie where she’s not being abused or assaulted or stared at or having some boy’s desires projected onto her is the scene where she finds the poem and reads it. that’s it in the whole movie.

Can any of you list a scene of any of the rest of the kids where they are alone and are not being bullied or assisted or are not dealing with their biggest fear? Exactly.

reminder that “the movie was condeming the treatment of beverly!” is not a solid excuse for this crap. it condems her father assaulting her, but it does not condemn her own friends ogling and slut-shaming her, or condemn her putting herself in the position to let an old man lech on her so some boys she barely knows can steal things.

Uhm, okay, let’s condemn one (1) thirteen year old (Richie) for making a stupid joke about Beverly sleeping with Henry Bowers. Let’s condemn 6 thirteen year olds for staring at her in awe when she was sun bathing, who cares if they are just thirteen looking at a girl without malice!

And the pharmacy scene? That was just a badass thing to do, I can’t believe someone would actually complain about a 13 year old outsmarting a creepy old guy, all it matters is that she was helping three boys!!!! How misogynist!!!! Can’t believe she would do that for ANOTHER BOY who had been assaulted and was bleeding in an alley.

tagging this because I lost 4 followers for just that post, can’t wait to get rid of more hypocrites after this answer.

                 rcsilientlhearts’  2018  FOLLOW  FOREVER

Time sure does fly and it just feels like yesterday I was still on the fence on whether I return to roleplaying or quitting for good.  And the decision to return to Tumblr roleplaying was made January of 2017  ,  and it’s now 2018.  And last year have been the best year for me for roleplaying.  While it wasn’t a smooth ride  ,  I LEARNED  & EXPERIENCED things that I never thought I would  ( both good and bad of course ! ).  And I wouldn’t have experienced this so much FUN if it wasn’t for everyone who had stuck with me since my KRP debut last June.  I’ve been here for 7 months already !!  Wow. 

I would like to THANK the following persons for making my roleplay experience in this fandom ABSOLUTELY the BEST !!

@ondubyu  :  My OG soulmate , my BESTFRIEND in the whole wide world.  Thank you for being my friend ( 9 years now !! ) and being one of my strongest pillar.  Thank you for bringing me into the KRP fandom.  If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here in this place and Mingun wouldn’t have existed !!  Here’s to another year of friendship and love !!  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!  Do I need to say anything more ?? Alam mo na to eh ! 

@scvaqes  :  My ROLEPLAY soulmate !!  I will never forget the day that I stumbled upon your IM when I was just starting out.  It was fate,  because the rest if history.  We have been through a lot last year and our bond had never been stronger.  Thank you for the love you have given me.  Thank you Charlie !!  I love you so much !! I’ll always be here for you !! 

@likecottxncandy / @intcrweaved  :  Nina !!  One of the most delightful person I have met in this fandom.  Thank you for being such a great friend for me.  You have been there when in my ups and downs. Thank you very much !!  

@rxmade :  Ame !!  Her energy is contagious and I love every moment we get to talk.  Thank you for giving me and my muses love !!  Thank you for being a great friend and everything !!  I love you & Thank you so much !!

@multitudinouss :  Another delightful person that I was blessed to meeting.  Thank you for being such a great friend !!  You have spoiled me so much last year with your genuine love and I couldn’t thank you for it enough.  I love Cina !!  And I will always will !! Thank you !

@manticxre  :  My one stop ANGST trash can !!  the second half of my 2017 was a rollercoaster ride because of this wonderful person.  Thank you for sticking with my angsty self and just being a great friend to me ! Here’s to another year of friendship,  feels  and rollercoaster ride with our muses !!

I would also like to thank these wonderful people for being part of my tumblr life.  I wouldn’t have had this much fun and had felt this welcomed in this fandom if not for them !!

@nightfcll / @pcrnicious / @amelioraticn / @yuseongu / @creamistries / @powerpuffs / @cchilyoja / @oculvus / @shcllshcck / @myosi / @mlkney / @mocnlove / @fantasticbxby / @keepvalor / @kiceun / @stardustkiisses / @desappaintment / @lawbidden / @thosewhowearmasks / @nvpch / @immortalseduction / @pvlchritudine / @crazyinlvv / @jcndeuks / @moonlvrs !!


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When she was at David's right side,he looked the entire time during MO at her... you can see it on a video someone put on yt...

I was there I don’t need a video to know what you say is not accurate… he didn’t look at her the whole time. Also you do know the lyrics to Mo or that Mo stands for More or less in this song?!

I don’t get the need for spreading BS, it’s the same with the lie about David holding hands with MP and leading her away from the stage… @greeneyes0526 was next to that and so have been others and no one saw that.

Can’t we just stop the BS. Because I could also tell you he starred up the balcony (his VIP guests) in one song and up there was a blonde women with black glasses sitting…. happy now?! 🤗

He Tian On Record Mode

Oopsie, toopsie, our favorite duo gets to get really close! There’s a lot of body language in this chapter, and I think He Tian once again proves where his interest lies. He doesn’t move and he doesn’t do anything because he doesn’t need to, this time around.

He may keep a straight face, but his lower body is definitely leaning forward, so he barely waits for Mo Guan Shan to be practically plastered against him. And about his calm demeanor? The guy is in record mode. He wants to gauge Momo’s every reaction.

Because now it’s an important moment for him. If Momo has a ‘natural response’ – like Xixi in the previous chapter – he’ll know. (What, you may ask?) He’ll know for sure if Momo is attracted to him, just like He Tian is attracted to our lovely redhead.

Over their rocky interactions – because we cannot say it’s a relationship just yet – there was plenty of body language, but this particular situation must be the funniest.

Next time, maybe we’ll know if Momo got a boner. Or not. Either way, He Tian won’t stop. Which will make everything that’s going to happen even more delicious.

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"Tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it." "What I want is to never see you again, in my life."

He Tian sat on the edge of the couch, his arms crossed over his chest to keep his heart inside while it’s doing it’s damnedest to beat it’s way out and get the fuck out of this apartment. 

“Tell me what do do and I’ll do it.”

Mo Guan Shan stared resolutely ahead, fists clenched, bouncing his leg up and down, anxious.

He Tian had never seen him this angry. He wasn’t yelling, or trying to hit him, or even kick him out. It’s like he was frozen, like maybe if he moved he’d fall to pieces.

“What I want is to never see you again, in my life.”

Mo Guan Shan had said many things in anger over the years. Hurtful, cruel, things. They all had, but there are things you say in the heat of the moment, and things you say because you’ve spent a month considering them and found them to be true. 

Guess which one this was?

“Is there a second option?”

“I’m not kidding, He Tian. This isn’t a fucking joke.”

He Tian nodded slowly, trying to control his breathing, trying not to cry. 

“I know, I’m just not entirely sure how to process that.

“You don’t need to process it. You need to leave.”

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i'm re listening to murder on the Rockport limited and I'm at the part when they're getting briefed in director's office. All the boys are in pj's, and when the director tells them they need to suit up, Travis says Magnus starts changing. The director isn't fazed at all (partly because Griffin didn't hear Travis), but the idea that the director is just cool with Magnus stripping down is really funny to me, especially now that we know about the 100 years of traveling.

i mean we can only assume this is On BrandTM

bc she did comment on like merle’s butt hanging out of his pajama’s but magnus’s entire naked body is out and she literally does not bat an eye it’s just tuesday i guess

Behind The Scenes

For my precious doll @heythereitsmo, HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY, BABE!! I’m so glad we became friends, and Suffering with you is something I look forward to now, which says a lot about how much I love you ;~; I hope you have the best day and year ever!

Originally posted by nochuie

Mo paces up and down in her trailer, script clenched tightly in her hands. Her eyes have read the same three lines at least a hundred times, and now her vision is blurring.

“C’mon,” she mutters and runs a hand through her hair. “Get it together or get help. Don’t just hide out here like an idiot.” She glances helplessly around her trailer. It’s fairly large, which is unsurprising given that she’s the female lead of the film, and usually she keeps it scrupulously neat – but right now, it’s a mess. Character outfits are strewn across all available surfaces, an empty pizza box is sitting forgotten on the table – the result of her stress-eating, and her character notes are everywhere, as if a piñata full of sticky notes had exploded here.

It can’t hurt to ask him, she tries to convince herself weakly. What’s the worst that could happen? Immediately, a dozen possible scenarios play out in her mind, all horrifically cringe-worthy, and Mo groans.

“Fuck it,” she says abruptly, tired of going around in circles, and she strides out of her trailer.

Mark’s trailer is only a few meters away but by the time she gets to his door, all her bravado is gone and her stomach is in knots.

It’s just Mark. C’mon, Mo, he’s your best friend.

Before she can chicken out, Mo raps on the door and then resists the urge to hide behind her script.  

“Come in,” a voice calls, and exhaling slowly, she enters.

Mark’s trailer isn’t messy so much as it is lived-in. Everything is in its place but without order. His shoes clutter around the entrance, stacks of books and manga occupy random corners and chairs, his laptop is open on his desk with some game paused on the screen, and he stands in the middle of it all with a couple of darts in his hand, half-poised to throw one at the board stuck on the wall.

“Hey,” he smiles when she closes the door behind her. “What’s up, Mo?”

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10 things u love most about stelena?

OK, this will be long. You have been warned. None of these gifs are mine.

1. Dobsley chemistry:

I really love this kiss because you see how much they relish each other, it starts of sensual and slow and then they break apart but when they bring their lips back together, there’s a sudden urgency, an itch to have more of each other now and it leads to this:

Nina’s expression in this gif, the way her eyes shine, her expression, Elena in this moment is completely in love and completely aroused and completely dazed and intent on Stefan. So when people tell me that Dobsley chemistry is platonic or nonexistent I’m like … … … …. I mean, you’re wrong, but OK I’m not going to try and convert you.

2. Their safety:

Emotional safety is the sexiest thing ever and it’s actually quite a shame that a lot of fans don’t understand that and Stefan and Elena felt safest with each other, you see it in their hugs, the relief on their faces, they don’t need to say “I felt so safe”, it’s in the way they entwine around each other, meld together, in how he closes her eyes, in the way she creases her brow.

3. Their influence on each other:

I always come back to this but Stefan and Elena are the ones who truly push one another, they make the other one understand the importance of life, of being alive and everything that comes with it, friends, family, school and they want to share their experiences with each other, they want to be alive for themselves but want each other there throughout their journey and that’s sweeter, more romantic, more profound than co-dependent declarations of “you ARE my life” or “I can’t live without him” etc. etc.

4. Their inability to let each other go:





External image

Delena and Stelena fans don’t like to talk about this but Stelena was actually a pretty tumultuous relationship and there were moments when one of them would try to walk away from the other but they couldn’t because their bond was inescapable, it was too strong to ignore, their love was undeniable, something that couldn’t just be pushed aside, which is why it’s great to listen to their song choices. “Gravity” — something always brings me back to you, it never takes too long. “Give Me Love” — it’s been a while but I still feel the same. “Stay” — […] makes me feel like I can’t live without you and it takes me all the way, I want you to stay. They’re magnetic, always being drawn back to each other.

5. Their playfulness:

I never, never, ever understood how anyone said that Elena was never laughing or happy in the Stelena relationship when the whole point was that Stefan brought her to life again and continued to do so. Yes, Stefan is broody (when he was still Stefan), yes he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders but the whole point was that being with Elena lightened that load for him and in return he lightened hers, reciprocity, symbiosis, they were always laughing and joking around and just being total dorks with each other.

6. Their simple magic:

Stefan and Elena are able to have magical moments in the craziest or most mundane circumstances and it’s grounded but it’s powerful, it’s the beauty of life, like a ferris wheel kiss or a waterfall or a dance move or a champagne celebration, there is no billowing wind or slow-mo camera shots because they aren’t proving a point, they’re being humble in their magic that they create together and for each other.

7. Their commitment:

No matter what, the need for the other to be safe, the sense of urgency that the other is OK that doesn’t go away, they constantly go hard for each other and rely on one another and will do just about anything for each other.

8. Their dances/connection:

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, there is a reason why I say dancing is a Stelena thing, their connection always come through when they’re dancing, whenever they dance it’s always at a make-or-break point of their relationship and they reconnect, they re-magnetize, yes, even if this last gif, 4x19 because I just have to point out that in this gif ^^ Elena doesn’t have humanity, she’s telling Stefan she doesn’t feel anything, so then why is her thumb stroking his? The SE connection is strong in dances.

9. Their angst:

Because oh my GOD, my feels.

10. Just how happy they make each other:

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I failed three out of five subjects this semester, and while I don't necessarily attribute this to our relationship, I felt like she demanded so much of me that I began losing sight of my priorities. I'm okay with a relationship, but maybe not with her, as she doesn't plan on adjusting to my priorities. Gago, nasa honor roll pa nga yata siya eh gawa ng grades niya. (1/2)

… I’m not rly a guy who wants go get high grades, it’s just that thesis ko na next sem, and I can’t afford repeating it. 2/2

I don’t know what to say, really. But I think you have to make her understand that you need to pass your thesis or whatever it is, or maybe just make a deal to, you know, adjustments of everything if she doesn’t want a breakup. Yun kung yun lang talaga dahilan mo. Because id not, and after few months, meron kang bago, aba, gago. Hahaha. Pero, ayun nga, kausapin mo siya because in the end, kayo dalawang magkakaintindihan. And about sa suicide attempts niya, it will be hard, it was never easy, pero maybe you can do it gently. Remain as friends, or still check on her.


in my head canon - There’s no way that musician from Mosspaca isn’t He Tian. It explains why he’s always shown wearing headphones, he loves music so much, he ends up being a musician. In a band with the other three, that’s also obvious from the artwork.

I imagine the thrill he felt when Jian Yi says this to him at school. It awoke him, led him to pursue Mo. I don’t know what happened between them, but they’ve stayed friends after their relationship, because they’re still in a band together.

This is why when he meets the new redhead at work, he’s immediately interested, he gets nervous, he knocks over that drink. Later he tries the same tactic that Jian Yi used on him at school, just to try and get his attention

I’m sure all this has been said already, but I’m new here and need somewhere to spit out my feelings about these manhuas that have taken over my life for the last couple of weeks

To all those who follow WJSN:

Before I say anything, I want everyone to know that I don’t believe every single fan is like this. I only want to call out those who are. 

I’ve been seeing a lot of hate for ‘Would You Like?’ and ‘Mo Mo Mo’ ever since ‘Secret’ came out. I used to say “Oh, don’t sleep on WYL? it’s great!” But now, I honestly want to tell people to just sleep on it because it’s better than a bunch of people hating on it. Have you even considered how hard these girls worked to even have the chance to create that album? Seola, Exy, Soobin, and Bona have been waiting for seven years at the minimum to finally debut and people are shitting all over it. 

Who cares if the concept was cute and not mysterious like ‘Secret’? Why are you even comparing two completely different genres? You don’t need to hate ‘Mo Mo Mo’ just to show the comparison between it and ‘Secret.’ Unless you felt personally offended by ‘Mo Mo Mo’ for any reason, you shouldn’t be dragging their debut song through the dirt. Do you know how much that song must mean to them? It’s the song that showed their dreams were finally coming true. That every moment of sadness, every moment of anger, every moment of doubt, and every moment of weakness was worth it. To think people would actually say ‘Mo Mo Mo’ was a failure is truly disgusting. It breaks my heart to know people would say something like that about a song that represents all the hard work and patience of thirteen young girls. And what if the girls all actually really like ‘Mo Mo Mo’? Would you tell each girl to their face that their debut was shit? That something they love is a failure?

If you really have to hate ‘Would You Like?’ so much, please keep it to yourself. You have complete control over what you chose to say, just like I had the choice to ignore you or call you out. Everyone should be old enough to know that putting people down in any way is wrong. 

Lastly, if you feel upset about what I just said, don’t hate WJSN for it. I am my own person and have my own voice, so send all the hate to me. These are my words, not theirs. Please, allow these girls to follow their dream in peace. And I know I sound like an overly attached fan, but I’ve seen this happen too many times before and it honestly needs to stop. WJSN has enough hate to deal with from boy group stans who like to try to justify double standards with nonexistent logic and blind sexism. 

Please just think about what you’re saying before you say it. “If the girls read my comment, how would they feel?” Consider the feelings of others, please. 

inspiration credits to @psychic–fire​, my partner in crime and fellow ‘Mo Mo Mo’ defender

2005: Laura 18, Stiles 9

Laura Hale had never felt inferior in her whole life up to this particular point. In fact, that was probably why she was completely thrown and coping so badly. She had been held after her College Algebra class by her professor because she, Laura Hale, was in danger of failing. It didn’t make sense. She understood everything in class but apparently she bombed the midterm and with just the final as the only other grade in the course- she was going to fail.

She looked up at the walnut tree, bare above her. She listened to the deputies inside the Sheriff Station behind her; her dream job! She stared across the street at her mother’s office and vaguely worried over how she ended up here from Sacramento State. Thinking on it, she could remember thanking her professor, promising to do better, walking out of class and then…. Fleeing. She fled. She’d fled literally almost all the way back home. Shame was a new sensation, it made her eyes sting with tears. Burying her face in her hands she half curled over herself, caught in a ridiculous feeling of helplessness over a stupid grade.

She’d credit her incredible job training him with the fact she didn’t hear Stiles exit the Sheriff Station and come to join her. Noticing him only when he pressed against her side warmly and hooked his arm through hers.

“I’m sorry.” Stiles whispered in a soft, hoarse voice.

“How did you know?” Laura wondered if FAILURE was floating above her head in neon letters.

“You always come when I’ve… You know…. I’m sorry Dad made you come home.”

Realizing she and Stiles were not having the same conversation at all, she chose to join his, wrapping her arm about him and securing him in tight against her side. “I came because I wanted to come. But your Dad didn’t call me.” Focusing on him she could see all the signs of him having had an epic panic attack.

“No?” Stiles whispered. “Are you homesick? Is it because I sent you that card saying I miss you? I’m…”

“You’re the best.” Laura reminds him. “After me.”

“Thanks. I’m trying my best like you told me. School is easy but…. People are hard.”

Laura smiled and rubbed his arm. “I’m having the exact opposite problem.”

Stiles looked up at her, “You are?”

Laura leaned in and whispered in his ear, “I’m failing Algebra.”

Stiles furrowed his brow and bit his lip thoughtfully, “Is it hard to get?”

“Apparently….” Laura sighed hugely. “I mean I get it in class or on the exercises but when we took the test I just bombed it or something…. Only the midterm and final count toward my grade.”

Stiles’ eyes bugged out a little at that. “You only get two tests!?”

Laura laughed mirthlessly, “Yeah… I thought it was going to be awesome until today.”

Stiles leaned into her and started kicking his foot a little. Laura felt pleased to see his mannerisms waking back up. It consoled her because at least she was still able to be a great best friend.

“You might just test bad… If there’s nothing else to help your grade then you just need to test better!”

“Thanks Sherlock, I’ll do better.” She lay her head on top of his to wallow some more but Stiles slipped off the bench to stand in front of her.

“No. There’s ways to test better. Mo—” Stiles’ voice choked off before he could finish saying mom, his heart starting to race again until Laura took both his ice cold hands in hers and squeezed. Stiles struggled and came back from it with just that, looking earnestly determined. “I can teach you. I was taught…. I’ll teach you- please?”

Laura smirked, “Please? That’s my line.”

Stiles gripped her hands back, “You’re my best friend. Even if you didn’t mean it or you think it’s dumb…. It… You… You’re my best friend. Please let me help you…. I’m just a kid but I’m smart…. I am…. Please….”

Laura snatched him up, biting his head lightly. “You’re my best friend too, Stiles. No matter what ok? Help me? Obi-Stiles Stilinski? You’re my only hope!” She laughed at the huge, pleased flush that took over Stiles’ whole person. Unsure if it was their declarations of friendship or being referred to as a Jedi, she congratulated herself for both and let him lead her into the Sheriffs Station where he taught her everything Claudia had taught him about taking tests.

She passed with a B-.