just needed to say that because mo—

I just want to say to the girls that saw when their classmate was trouble and didn’t report it afters words. I freaking dislike people that just pass over when people need your help there I said it. I know you people don’t see Mo GuanShan as a person but please have some basic human sympathy.

Now, I get why Mo Guan Shan don’t want them seeing him because they see horrible things happen and they just stand their and do nothing.

seriously all this jerks :’(

So many LGBTQIA positive people all like “mixed orientation marriages don’t work”

Like please chill some of us in MO-marriages are trying our best and don’t need your doom and gloom predictions on top of what is already a finely balanced relationship

Support for those who choose it instead of discouragement would be A+ and maybe then more people who choose MO relationships would be able to make it work? Also then ace/aro folks would be less afraid and more empowered if they want to make long term commitments?

@ all people in MO relationships this bi girl married to an ace femme-enby says it is hard work but entirely possible to make your relationship work, just because it doesn’t look like a single-orientation relationship doesn’t mean it’s not valid. ❤❤❤