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in my head canon - There’s no way that musician from Mosspaca isn’t He Tian. It explains why he’s always shown wearing headphones, he loves music so much, he ends up being a musician. In a band with the other three, that’s also obvious from the artwork.

I imagine the thrill he felt when Jian Yi says this to him at school. It awoke him, led him to pursue Mo. I don’t know what happened between them, but they’ve stayed friends after their relationship, because they’re still in a band together.

This is why when he meets the new redhead at work, he’s immediately interested, he gets nervous, he knocks over that drink. Later he tries the same tactic that Jian Yi used on him at school, just to try and get his attention

I’m sure all this has been said already, but I’m new here and need somewhere to spit out my feelings about these manhuas that have taken over my life for the last couple of weeks

please read if youve got a mo’

Hey guys! I just want to start off by saying Happy Holidays! or if you don’t celebrate the holidays, then happy december! yay for no school. 

so ill get right into to, recently i have decided to get a puppy, and well i got him. he’s a yorkiepoo, 8 weeks. [his name is pepe after pepe le pew because he looks like a skunk!]

anyway so ive gotten him his vaccinations, his food, his bed but the only thing im missing is his kennel/crate. and i really really really need it or my parents wont let me keep him. ive already spent a good $400 on him and i dont regret it one bit but i just really dont want to give him up. 

i honestly hate asking for this, and im sure it won’t even work which is okay. but ive got .93 cents in the bank and i just really need this crate. 

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anything will help, i love my boy so much already and god im already heartbroken if i have to give him up. please dont feel obligated to help me in any shape way or form, but if you do thank you SOOOOO MUCH. like honestly i cant even imagine just getting $10. 

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thanks again so much, and im sorry for being a bother. 

Deo's Top 10 DM Tools


A Fellow DM

Having another DM friend that is not in your game is amazing. I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve just shot Mo a message and blurted out an idea that I needed help with, or hook idea I just had. It’s great when you can do that, and it is where the idea for EpicRoll came from. 

Another DM will give you a different view on your ideas, while still keeping the mind frame of a DM. They will be able to help you tweak things to avoid ending up in rulebook limbo, or giving your Hook/Story a single point of failure. The reason I say to make sure it is not one of your players is because telling a player a new idea you have can make things boring for them by constantly throwing spoilers their way. 

So…. go make a friend. 


kehindes replied to your post I really like the main pair BUT THIS

But he literally beat him up before?

He Tian and Mo beating each other? I KNOW that’s why I said this probably says something not great about me Orz. I mean, their relationship is really messy, what with He Tian being all aggressive and forcing Mo to do things like cook for him, run errands, and hang out with him (not to mention when he kissed him and touched his chest) and Mo not being strong enough to refuse. Then there’s the whole payment thing for doing these menial tasks, Mo needing said money, power and just so much intimidation @_@

But then I think, if Mo really hated it (hanging out with He Tian) I think he would have done something?? because as weak as he seems sometimes he’s not really weak (although he IS the school delinquent and everyone seems to like He Tian so I don’t really know what he could possibly do if he took the issue to the school for like harassment or something HMMM) 

And then He Tian thinks of him as his friend and is protecting him and is sticking his nose into things with Mo stamped onto it so it’s not like he doesn’t care (I don’t really know about his family but considering he was saving a puppy in the flashback and his bro being in some kind of kidnapping mafia type business it feels like that’s his way of showing affection? which again is not right and sucks but it’s what he’s grown up with)

plus, i don’t think someone would just go beat up the school bully and take a blade to his person just because they didn’t care? and he even thought about Mo’s future, saying it probably was best if he dropped out and started developing his workplace skills (and Mo is the only one who gets to see this side of He Tian)

I mean, I really like the whole childhood buds being cute and just being them and working out their problems but I also really like the HeTian x Mo dynamics 

I think this is turning into something interesting ;-; 

p.s. sorry this is long and i don’t even know what the original question meant or if you even wanted a response or if i even answere it and just OTL 

John J. Russell letter to family, Rolla, Missouri, December 6, 1861 | Newberry Library | CARLI Digital Collections

Dear Brother & Sister:
…We have just recd. the Presidents message. When I first read it I was a little surprised because I expected it would have more to say about the rebels & the war. But upon refection I am inclined to think it just about what we needed. It certainly contains nothing which can in the least offend Kentucky or Ten or Mo…
We have had one snow storm & some quite cold days; but the snow is now all gone and the weather warm & pleasant. In fact it seens like October… The health of the boys is very good. Excuse brevity. I wish you would occassionally send me a paper.
Yours truly,
JJ Russell

(Transcription courtesy of participants in the Newberry’s Civil War in Letters crowdsourcing project)

Modern Manuscript Digital Collection (Newberry Library)