just needed to say that because mo—

Isn’t the Sherlock fandom a nice intellectual place to be?
Full of people who are definitely very smart!
Everyone has so much perspective and they never fight over things that don’t concern themselves!
Yay! We should definitely vote Sherlock for the best fandom title!

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I think Jaden having some really good, well-thought-out things to say sometimes, and then sometimes talking in faux-deep word salads shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Last year he said that school wasn't real because it ended, and that driver's ed was pointless because there were still car accidents. So he's clearly thinking about stuff but sometimes presents simplistic half-thoughts as conclusions. He just needs to learn to filter and refine his ideas before tweeting them then he'll be great

Having well-thought-out things to say mixed with faux-deep word salads is pretty much the MO of a lot of people here, so ;)

drawverylittle replied to your post “drawverylittle replied to your post “drawverylittle replied to your…”

When you said choke, my mind immediately went into the gutter (are you proud of me). And THAT HMMMMM. YOU KNOW WHAT HMMM DOES TO ME AND YOU PUT SO MANY ’M’S I’M GONNA START CHOKING ON SOMETHING.

[ yes, good. my plan worked. I’m already in the gutter because of Mo and now I need to say a little prayer in the name of our holy savior Aomine Daiki. I’m gonna throw all the fucking HMMMMMMMMmMmmmmMMm’s at you. just watch. I’m gonna go work on the thing . .. . kbai ]

I have dr.’s appointment today but i forgot to tell my cousin about it and I don’t want to ask her last notice to drop me off so I’m going to pretend I forgot about it. That’s bad. They’re going to call me like “where u b doe???” and I’m gonna say “I’m at school and I completely forgot about it even though you called to remind me on Friday.” I just need to vent it out because I feel all sorts of guilty. I always reschedule. I’m always burdening my cousin and family.   

Thank you, lord.Help me surrender to you. Im so embarassed and shy. The reason why i feel alone sometimes is because i don’t think i deserve them. because theyre too good or less. I’m in between. Lord, help me trust you that when you promised, you will fulfill. When you say a word, yu’re true to it. Lord, i know you have a plan. I’m not in rush, im just too excited. I sometimes can’t wait because of the situation i’m in. I need someone to hold me. But for now, i’ll hold myself. I’ll stand even tho my knees hurt. I will keep my self standing. Kahit po minsan feeling ko di ko na kaya. Lord, ayaw ko po siya hilingin sayo ngayon, kasi alam kong malungkot lang ako. i know na, i have a lot to improve pa. I know na di mo pa s=masiyadong inallow kasi yung paligid ko, di pa ayos. Malapit na. Nasesense ko, lord. Malapit na.