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Keep an eye on Jonathan for me, will you? He needs to take care of himself. Just make sure he’s got some groceries in…. because he’s HIV positive, Siân. He’s not supposed to smoke, and he needs to eat.. properly! Please? For me?

I should be editing OTN but instead my brain got stuck on fake-dating tropes and… this happened?


Montparnasse was bored.

They’d been waiting for Claquesous to come and meet them to go for lunch, but he’d texted just minutes ago to say he couldn’t make it. Now Montparnasse was hungry, irritated and had no plans for their afternoon. 

They leaned against the wall beside the bistro, shooting off a text Éponine to see if she was looking for company at work.

Busy. Éponine texted back and Montparnasse sighed.

“Hey, there you are!”

Montparnasse turned reflexively as someone appeared at their side and- what the fuck- slipped an arm through theirs. They looked down, ready to tear into whoever the hell thought had they had the right to touch them without permission and paused. A pair of gorgeous dark eyes blinked up at him from a pretty freckled face.

“I hope you haven’t been waiting long?”

The stranger’s long red hair was wind-tangled and their expression was pleading as they pressed something into Montparnasse’s free hand. Montparnasse looked down to see a phone, open on an unsent text message.

PLS the text said HELP ME GET rID OF HIM!!!!?

Over the redhead’s shoulder a guy was hurrying towards them, frowning at Montparnasse.

Montparnasse smiled, thinking quickly. “You’re late,” they leaned down to kiss the redhead hello, cheeks pinking up against their own.

“Sorry,” they said, slightly breathless. “I got held up.”

“Jehan?” the guy hovered a foot or so away, “who is this?”

Jehan’s eyes widened a fraction but Montparnasse didn’t skip a beat.

“Montparnasse,” they introduced themself, giving the guy a dismissive once over. “Jehan’s partner. Who are you?”

“I-” the guy stuttered, “I’m Robert. You’re Jehan’s boyfriend? I’ve never heard of you.”

“I’m their partner,” Montparnasse repeated.

“You’re married?” Robert spluttered, wide-eyed with misplaced betrayal.

Montparnasse rolled their eyes. “I’m not a boy. Listen, Roger, we really have to be going.”


“Bye, Robert!” Jehan said quickly, giving him a wave and tugging Montparnasse along with them as they walked away, arm in arm.

“Thank you so much,” they said quietly once the two of them were safely out of hearing range, “I am really sorry. He just wouldn’t take the hint and I didn’t know what to do.”

“So you thought you’d avail yourself of a stand-in partner?” Montparnasse smirked down at them.

“I hate that patriarchal bullshit, don’t get me wrong, but I needed a quick fix.” Jehan hadn’t let go of Montparnasse’s arm, leaning in close to their side.

“And you picked me because, what, I looked intimidating?”

“I thought you looked nice.”

“Nice,” Montparnasse repeated, slightly incredulous.

“Well, I was right,” Jehan smiled up at him and it was like the sun breaking through clouds on a spring day. “You are nice. You helped me, didn’t you?”

“I suppose I did.”

“Would you like to go get a coffee or something?”

Montparnasse risked a glance over their shoulder. “I don’t think he’s following us anymore.”

“No,” Jehan was blushing again, fingers tightening reflexively on Montparnasse’s arm through their coat. “I meant, as a thank you?” they tucked their hair behind their ears and bit down on their lower lip nervously. They were wearing tiny earrings shaped like sunflowers. 

Montparnasse was utterly smitten.

“Sure,” they smiled, “coffee sounds great.”


So I wanted to do some practice with sprite editing because 1) it’s fun and 2) I want to improve so I can do bigger sprite stuff (like, say, make custom ones for OCs, AU-ish stuff, memey Photoshop shenanigans etc.), so for a little over a week, between fluctuations of motivation and needs to sleep, I made these.

I used one of Taka’s sprites and modified it into a Future Foundation guard. I was inspired by @ask-danganronpa-students (again. ^_^’ I just really like that blog…).

 I’m pretty pleased with the results, since I got to play with textures, brush transparency, and shading with the hat (the hat was the hardest part to put together, BTW, especially trying to make it blend in with the sprite as best I could). Plus, this is probably the biggest edit I’ve done since the “Ko’s shirt” one I did of Hajime. I think I’ll try and do more Guard Taka sprite edits as practice and try to get even better at sprite stuff (might even come back and improve these one day) later, but for now, here’s what I’ve done.

(And yes, Mod Lili, you can use these if you want to, I don’t mind! ^_^)

I NEED kpop blogs to follow! so like/reblog this post if you can to get this around please? 

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Random shiz

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Please all I ask is you have a tag system. Also no fandom wars pplleeaasseee, I’m not a part of that shiz man. I need to make friends in the kpop community cuase I literally have none and being a fangirl is fucking hard.
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the worst part about tv shows ending is that to other people “it’s just a tv show?? and okay you love it so much but what’s this whole thing about? tv shows end all the time??? oooh you’re one of these people…” but to you it’s not just a tv show! it’s a character that you related to and a couple that made you see love from a different perspective and the hours you spend alone while watching it and the nights you’ve stayed up late to make some edits and write fanfics and the plans you’ve deleted to stay home and watch instead and the many times it distracted you from things you needed to be distracted from and the people you got to know here that now will just slowly disappear and this huge amount of love and energy and thoughts that you put into this story and these characters and these couples. it’s not just a tv show it’s a part of you that no one else knows. and this ‘tv show’ helped you to know it.


I’ve got a brilliant family, so when my familiy is happy life is good. Video games make me happy, and food goes without saying. I don’t need much to make me happy; sometimes I am most content in my pyjamas, with some food, watching a movie. I’d love to make a wildlife documentary, to go into the Amazon and spend two weeks filming monkeys. Actually anywhere, just give me some nature and I’ll film the shite out of it, because that’s my thing. I love nature and I love taking pictures. That’s my mojo.

If Subin leaves Happyface, she should defs sign with HIGHGRND. Now that I’ve been reminded that they exist and that Hyukoh is their artist, she would be a perfect first female artist for them to sign I think. She makes her own music which they seem to value, she’s definitely indie, she’s got the chill, quirky vibe Hyukoh has, and frankly, they need some women in there. I don’t “want” Dalshabet to disband, but I want the best for the members and I don’t think Happyface can help Subin reach her full potential.

EDIT: Nothing is wrong with Dalshabet. They are fine. I’m just doing my habitual alternate reality strategizing.

So I’m getting back into editing (got an MEP I need to make a part for), and I thought I’d make a short MV to get back into practise. This is what I’ve finished so far, so I thought I’d upload a preview here while I work on the rest. Enjoy!

(also note there’s some fast cuts/flashing in the first 15-20 seconds so just a heads up)

Okay! Time to break the great hiatus and show y'all the awesome stuff I’ve made in the last… Almost a year now, gotta love post-concussive syndrome!

The photos have been taken and edited, I just need to clean up the text parts a bit and then they’ll be posting tonight between 7-9pm EST!

GET PUUUUUMPED especially if you’re into Marvel, I’ve got some stuff inspired by the avengers in the mix.

I just want to take a second to thank everyone who’s stuck with me through this huge dry spell and supported me behind the scenes, you make me want to keep making more stuff, and that’s the best feeling!!!

anonymous asked:

Hi! How do you edit your photos? I've followed a couple of the photo editing guides out there but my screenshots always look a bit lumpy and weird, not nearly as nice as yours and other popular bloggers. I'd appreciate some tips if you're willing to give them!

TL;DR I put my screenshots through Waifu2x, then toss it into photoshop! (More under the ‘read more’- sorry mobile!)

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Lily Calloway and Loren Hale Aesthetic

since I still see edits here that add Lily and Lo’s vices as part of their aesthetic and not in a this-is-my-character-development kind of way but in a this-is-what-represents-me-until-now, I decided to list some ideas for your edits without having the need to use their addictions. also, please check this post that discussed this certain subject.

Loren Hale

  • comic books (just make it Marvel)
  • vans shoes (he’s got a rack of them)
  • tacos and burritos
  • tea (he likes tea, Krista and Becca said it’s a “true fact since January 2015″)
  • an Audi car (he drives a black Audi and just imagine Loren Hale driving such a hot car wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing to add in your aesthetic)
  • arrows (specifically an arrowhead necklace like Lily’s gift for him)
  • sci-fi stuff (he’s fond of those and look, his office walls have sci-fi posters on them)
  • ice (he’s ice in a metaphorical sense - “Lo’s ice in the winter snow. He won’t melt.” - but we all know he melts when it comes to his family)
  • black shirts and jeans (the Loren Hale signature outfit: ALL BLACK.)
  • Slytherin House (you gotta pay tribute to his house)
  • inspiring quotes and a sprinkle of sarcasm on the side


  • comic books (DC or Marvel)
  • baggy shirts/sweaters paired with leggings (a Lily Calloway look)
  • Wampa Cap (an addition to complete the look)
  • stars stars stars (shining shimmering splendid for this cutie)
  • fairy lights (for her iconic “You just need to believe in me. You know, like a fairy.” line)
  • fangirl-related stuff
  • magic (be it pixie dust or glittery things or wands)
  • photography/camera (tbt to ATY when Rose gave her a camera and she thought taking pics could be her new hobby)
  • dancing (she’s good at it and she loves it)
  • the ghost emoji + BOO (it’s a Lily Thing)
  • baths (she said she broke up with the bathtub but picture this: a tub filled with water with flowers in them)
  • pillows/bed (she likes rolling between the sheets and comforter and becoming a human taco)
  • Hufflepuff House (and she’s a proud - “Little Puff”, “Lil Puff”, “Puff”)
  • inspiring quotes as well, with a sprinkle of magical-related lines

and I think there’s more to add in the list that doesn’t require a bottle or glass of alcohol or anything about sex even though Lily isn’t afraid to admit she loves sex but she also said that she’s MORE THAN SEX, so there’s that. I hope this is helpful to those who want to make graphics and let this be a guide when picking things to put in their aesthetic.


Okay, got the overall stuff… now I just need to get more materials and refine some details (such as spraypainting the jacket black to get rid of the goshdangit stripes before painting on the fancy red badges, etc with acrylics and transferring the fur to the hood of the jacket-it’s only a detachable hood…).

I still need to figure out how to make the mask… at least a tutorial exists: http://chiherahcosplay.tumblr.com/post/141611205697/alright-alright-so-i-got-like-a-bazillion 

Honestly, I think I had too much fun with the hand hole edits… eue

I’ll be like the shortest G!Sans cosplayer out there… which’ll be awkward because Echofell G!Sans is a tall tree. A tall irritated tree. (Edit) Uh, blue… I should have asked you this but do I have permission to continue with this?

Echofell G!Sans @bluedeer90-siyan

Gastersans created by @borurou

The Pocket of Holding...?

(Bit of context: I’m DMing a group through a 3.5 campaign.  The details aren’t overly important, but we’ve got a total of five players plus myself.  One of the players is somewhat new, having played Pathfinder and 2nd Edition D&D, but not 3.5, and as this is about her, we’ll call her “Abby.“  Her boyfriend, who will also need to be addressed, we will call "Mike.”)

Me: Okay, so we’ve got a bit of down-time after that last adventure, and my character is going to be smithing herself some new weapons and armor.  She’ll make stuff for you guys, too, if you want, just pay for the materials.  I suggest everyone use the treasure we’ve got and get some new gear, maybe a few Bags of Holding or something.

Abby: I don’t need more bags, but since we used up some of my holly and mistletoe to make fires, I’ll pick up more.  I want to have fifty on me at all times, since it’s free.

Mike: *looks at her character sheet* Honey, how are you carrying all that stuff?

Abby: Well, it weighs nothing, so it’s all in her belt pouch.

Me: *amused* It still takes up space.  What else is in there?

Abby: *looking at her sheet* A speaking horn, four pouches of fairy dust, my flint and steel, my whetstone, some of the gems we picked up, a few stones, and a handkerchief.

The whole group is stunned by this and are staring at her, too shocked to laugh.  She seems confused.

Abby: What?  Is that not enough?

It took us over an hour to explain just how big a belt pouch was, and how large each of the items were that she’d somehow fit in it.  She ended up getting a Heward’s Handy Haversack to carry everything, but she still has that pouch.  I blame Mike for this myself, as he helped her make the character and, as a DM himself, I trusted him to make sure it was all good and didn’t look to hard at it.

Chapter Twenty Six ~Make Cameron Jealous

Image for the chapter:

*Addi’s PoV*

Nash had just left and I was about to start getting ready. I was meeting up some of the other boys today. We all decided that we needed to talk about what was going on, and how things were changing, if they were changing at all. Nash was going to come back over after he got ready.

I walked up the stairs and into my large bathroom and turned on my shower before taking off the clothes that I had slept in on the couch. I stepped into the shower and smiled as the hot water rolled over my shoulders and down my back and the rest of my body. I let out a sigh that I didn’t know I was holding in. I let my mind start to wander to the events of the previous few days. The lack of communication I had been having with Cameron, and the fact that hanging out with Nash was the best part of my day. I wanted things t be back to normal, whatever that meant anymore.

I did all my normal shower things before I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body and my hair. I opened the bathroom door and headed into my large bedroom. As the cool air hit my body, I felt goosebumps go across my exposed skin. I walked downstairs to grab my phone, as I knew I left it plugged in near the couch. I walked downstairs and grabbed it before heading back upstairs.

I saw I had a text message from Cameron.

Hey, so my mom wants to do dinner Friday night at her house with both of us. Does that work for you?
Reading the text made me smile. I moved my fingers across my screen quickly sending out a reply to him.
Yeah, that sounds great. I’ll for sure be there.
I started to play music from my phone while I waited for a answer back. My phone went off about five minutes after I sent the text. I wondered if we were going to talk about things before then, or if he just wanted to act like it never happened. Which I guess I could, no matter how much it killed me. I wanted things to be back to how they were before.
Cool, we need to talk before then. How about tomorrow or Wednesday?
I was glad that also wanted to talk about what happened.  I answered the text and then took off my towel and put on a pair of cotton shorts and a random tshirt that I was pretty sure was one of the boys. I either took it from someone when we were on Magcon tour and I was visiting or they left it here at some time.
Either works for me. You’re the one with the crazy ass schedule.

I’ll text you when I find out what day works for me better. Then I’ll pick you up and we can get coffee and then go sit around at some park and talk about things…Sound good? :)

As much as I wanted things to go my way, and have him say the things I wanted him to say, I would honestly just be happy to be spending time with him again. Just the two of us. And maybe if we were both okay after talking we could the movie night that we had wanted to do, and talked about while in NYC.
Yeah, that sounds great :) See you then babe
I called him babe like I always did. I thought that it might help on the way to making things normal again. Not weird between us. But honestly I think this was harder on him then it was on me. He was the one who had to think about it and was acting a bit off since it happened.
Can’t wait xx
There’s the old Cameron I used to know back. He would always end conversations about random things with xx.

I put my phone down on the counter as I started to brush through my long and wet hair. I decided that I would let my hair air dry as much as possible.

I grabbed my makeup from the drawer that it was always in and I started to do my normal makeup routine for any given day. Quickly finishing up that, I decided that while I was waiting on my hair to try I would try and figure out what to wear today. I grabbed my phone and checked the temperature and saw that it was only in the 70s today. So if I really wanted to wear pants I could and not to be hot if I went outside today.

I grabbed a pair of basic skinny jeans with a few rips here and there. I put it on my bed and then went back into my closet to try and find a shirt that I wanted to wear. I ended up grabbing my simple gray tshirt that had a cocacola emblem on the front in white print. It would look cute for the day. I wasn’t planning on doing anything to important today to be honest. Just meeting with the boys. Nothing I had to be that cute for. I quickly pulled out a pair of black shorty socks and threw them on the bed with my jeans and tshirt. I could feel my hair was entirely dry now.

I headed back into the bathroom and I got out my straightener, and quickly pulled it through my long, thick, brown hair. I looked in the mirror and smiled at what my hair and makeup looked like. It was a good face and hair day. Maybe I would go out and do something today afterall.

I put on the necklace that Cameron gave me before putting on my outfit for the day.

I looked in the mirror once I was ready for the day and a smile spread across my face. I looked pretty cute today. Maybe I would go shopping or something later if the boys didn’t want to stay late. I quickly sprayed a bit of perfume and then headed out of my room and down the stairs and into the kitchen. I grabbed a apple to eat, since I hadn’t eaten yet today. I wondered what time the guys would be over at my house. It had over a hour already. I grabbed my phone and went to snapchat and took a few selfies to post to my story. The first was of just me and then the next one was of me and the apple and ‘stay healthy kids’ as the caption. I walked over to my full length mirror and took a picture and posted it with the caption 'feeling cute today’.

The boys showed up about 10 minutes after posting the selfies.

“Want anything to drink?” I ask Gilinsky and Johnson as they get into the house. “Water?” they both ask. I get two water bottles and hand them to them.

“So this is it?” I ask. Gilinsky, Johnson, Nash, Sam, Matt and I were all sitting in the living room in my basement. “Yeah.” Nash says.

“Has anyone heard anything about it from Cameron?” I ask. Gilinsky and Johnson say what happened last night when they were hanging out with him, and the ways he was acting. After they told me that they were with him, I realize that there isn’t much to talk about. Nash and I would continue to try and make him jealous, and see how that worked. But we eventually had to stop, we couldn’t do it forever.

“How long are we gonna keep up this?” I ask. “What do you mean?” Nash asks.

“The whole thing. Making him jealous. Or trying?” I ask. “I’m not sure. We need to end it at some time. But I don’t know when. Obviously if one of us find someone else then we have to stop.” he says. “Yeah, if you find someone else we will stop don’t worry.” I say, smiling at them.

“I’m meeting with him either tomorrow or the next day. And then I have dinner with him on Friday.” I say. They all smile and nod their heads.

“I think we need to play up the flirt again guys.” I say. “How?” Matt asks. “I’m not sure.” I answer, truthfully.

“I might have something…” Sam says, adding to the conversation. My eyes go to him. “And?” I ask.

“How about you have Nash leave something at your place, insinuating that he was here recently. And then you can text him while with Cameron. Obviously not enough to be rude about it. But still text him. And Nash next time you’re all together play it up. Hug her alot. Act like you want to be touching her all the time.” he says. I nod my head taking it all in. “That just might work. He doesn’t know that I was with her last night and he doesn’t know that I’m with her today either.” Nash says.

“Wait you were together last night?” Matt asks. “Yeah, we were hanging out with Madi and Mike and then we hung more and we both fell asleep on the couch.” Nash says. “Awesome. Then you don’t even have to lie about leaving something here while you were here last over night. Just forget something. Maybe before they get together to talk.” Sam says.

“I have a sweatshirt in the Jeep that I can bring inside and leave somewhere.” Nash says. We continue to talk about other random things, that had nothing to do with Cameron at all.

“You have anything planned today?” Gilinsky asks me. I shake my head no. “You care if we all chill here? We all missed hanging out together.” he asks. “I don’t care. But shouldn’t we invite Cam?” I ask, still wanting to be around him. “He was leaving the same time I was. He has plans.” Nash says. “Oh okay.” I say. We all continue to sit around.

“Anyone want to go get some food with me?” I ask. “I’ll go.” Matt says, getting up from the couch. “We’ll be right back with some food. How does Mexican sound for everyone?” I ask. “Good.” they say.

“Taco bell?” I ask. “Of course.” Gilinsky says, exagerating the end of the word. “Text me what you all want and I’ll get it.” I say. “GOT IT!” Nash says, pulling his phone out. “Ready Matt?” I ask. We head upstairs and we get into my car.

We start to head towards Taco Bell. “Anything new with you?” I ask Matt. “No not really. Went home for a few days, that was nice. Got to see all my old friends.” he says. “That has to be nice.” I say. “Yeah, it really is.” he says.

We had just gotten back to the house and were all starting to eat the tacos that I got for everyone. Luna was rubbing herself against Sams legs while he sat on the couch and ate his tacos. “Addi, why doesn’t she leave me alone?” he asks. “She thinks that you have something for her.” I answer, taking a sip of the pop that I got. He shook his head as he looked down at her. I heard a soft meow come from her and we all laughed.

“She likes you.” I say. “At least one girl likes you.” Matt says, laughing, causing the rest of us to laugh.

“Wait guys…” I say, looking at my phone. Slightly upset at what I was seeing in front of me. “What?” Sam asks, looking at me. I hand him my phone. “Is everything okay?” Gilinsky asks leaning towards Sam to see my phone screen easier. “What’s wrong?” Nash asks, looking at my phone when Sam handed it back to me. I look at him, not sure what to say, or do, or feel.

So what did you think of this chapter? What do you think Addi sees on her phone?






So… I came across these incredible edits, and I must say, my Harry feels are neugh. I need him right now for cuddles. I’ve got a stupid cold, and I need some warmth and Harry looks so warm and I want to snuggle with him, and he can help me study and I can just stare at his face and his lips while he talks… Ugh. I love him.


These edits make me feel like I need to write for them. Especially the first one. I need to write a One Shot for that, where he takes their little baby with him to LA. Ugh. My 10:30pm brain is all over the place. Haha!


I Need a Gangsta (I Need a Drink - Part 2)

Characters: Gabby Barnes (you), Batman, Joker.

Warnings: Swearing, some violence, alcohol consumption, suggestion of anxiety.

By the time I got home, Gotham local news had gone utterly insane. Even Summer Gleeson looked a little green around the edges, my new favourite colour. My story was bumped to the front page just in time for the evening edition and I had Mike eating his own shorts. I was absolutely smitten, and yes, as smitten as a God damn kitten.

I poured myself a glass of Chianti and saluted Commissioner Gordon who was sounding off about solidarity and the good of the Gotham PD. He was probably forced to answer for yet another robbery by order of the mayor.

“Poor man.” I said, taking a long swig.

“Celebrating, are we?” a gravelly voice boomed.

I swore and dropped my glass of wine, searching through my jacket for my taser.

“I believe you’re looking for this.” a black gloved hand came into view holding a pink taser, my taser.

I let out a sigh of exasperation, “Jesus Christ, I guess you don’t knock do you?”

“Not really my thing.” Batman stepped out from shadows in my apartment I didn’t know existed.

Sighing again, I stared at my fallen glass and threw my hands up, “First I’m out of a job, then I’m held at gunpoint, and now I have red wine on my new carpet.”

“But you’re not without a job anymore are you?” as he glided forward I noted how tall he was, no wonder most lowlifes squirmed at the very mention of his name, “Word is you’ve scored an interview with the Joker.”

I picked up my glass and threw down a bar cloth, “Word always has some truth to it. What’s it to you? I never took you for a bodyguard type.”

“I want you to be my mole.”

Scoffing, I stomped on the cloth to soak up more liquid, “Yeah, like he wouldn’t have planned for that already, besides, my place could be bugged by now for all we know.”

“It’s secure, I checked.”

Flashing him a withered look, I picked up the cloth, “I’m not going to even go over how not ok with that I am.”

“I need your help, Barnes, and you need my protection. The last time he took a liking to someone they ended up losing a few screws upstairs.”

“What makes you think I haven’t lost some already?” when he had no reaction I exhaled, “Something tells me you’d spy on me anyway so it may as well happen with my consent, I’m in. That being said, I have some conditions.”

He stayed silent. Frigid fucker, ain’t he?

I continued, “I get in contact with you when I have something. None of this sneaking into my apartment after hours. Plus I can’t have you ruining my chances here. Joker is skittish, and needless to say, dangerous, and I’d rather keep all my body parts.”

“I can’t promise that I won’t step in if I deem it necessary.”

“Fine. I’ll leave my window open as a signal. Now then,” I snagged a bottle of spiced rum and poured myself a glass, “think I could swing an interview with you -?”

He was gone.

Downing my glass, I slumped on the couch, I’m making friends in all the wrong places.

Three weeks passed since I was promised a so-called interview and not a single peep had come from the Joker. Not a car chase, body found or diamond robbed and I was going stir crazy. The final kicker was that I had completely emptied my minibar while attempting to calm my nerves. Every once in awhile I would wake up in a cold sweat with the remnants of a low whisper, kitten, from the barrel of a gun. After watching my clock strike 12am I dragged myself out of bed. I need a goddamn drink.

Once showered, I donned some jeans and a V-neck before braving the streets to flag a cab. Just as I had coaxed one over and was about to climb in, I looked up to see a purple Jaguar hurtle by. There he was, sporting his leather purple jacket, a white dress shirt, and a cane in hand, the Joker.

Immediately, I hopped in the cab and shouted, “Follow that car!”

It’s time I put my lips together.

Eventually the jag came to a halt outside a bumping nightclub and I cursed. No way was I even near dressed for the occasion. Either way, I paid the driver and got out. Think, Gabby, think! I skirted around to the alley of the building where I saw a faint light. A man in an apron was tossing some trash into a dumpster. When he walked back inside, I was barely able to snag the door with my toe.

I took a deep breath, the shit I do for a story. Luckily, there was no one in the back dish pit of the kitchen and I was able to creep my way over to some swinging doors. Looking through, I was almost blinded by the flashing and spinning neon lights. I saw the dance floor first which was bordering on the bar. Female dancers in boxes threw themselves against the glass amongst clusters of bodies, their motions fluid and mesmerizing. There were booths on the far right lined with gold carving and gold beads hung from the ceiling to provide privacy. A hint of green in a sea of red leather seats caught my eye.

As I began to push through the doors I was grabbed from behind, “We don’t like snoops in this joint, Sugar.”

“Fine by me.” I grunted and elbowed the goon in the stomach, causing him to double over, tossing me forward through the doors. A couple people screamed while I hit the ground hard and groaned.

I rolled over as the goon was collecting himself, “Com’ere you little-”

“That’s quite enough, Dorko.” that familiar sinister voice sent a chill down my spine.

The clown prince of crime bent over me, tucking some loose hair behind my ear and slid a finger down my cheek to my chin, “You really like to make an entrance don’t you, kitten.”


I need to start an ongoing list called “You Can’t Make This Shit Up: Christiana Edition”

Today, my team did another long run at my favorite trail. Again, my teammate lent me his bike. I’m so grateful and thankful for him.

This is the story…

I biked 20 miles!!! Longest ride I’ve ever done :) and I just find it humorous that I can bike for hours with no problems but I still cannot do the one thing I love the most and need to do. GOD IS AT WORK.

After, some of my teammates and I stopped at a farmers market :) I got some beautiful peaches.

AND NOW FOR THE ACTION: 10 miles out, the back tire went flat. I was literally stranded, no way to get back except to walk, etc. Long story short, two couples stopped to help me and I swear that God sent these people. The one couple helped me and rode all the way back with me, and the second couple was the one who fixed my actual tire. The guy who fixed my tire is an ULTRA MARATHONER AND HE WAS BIKING BECAUSE HE IS INJURED TOO (stress fracture). We started talking, exchanged what our situations are, and he has run 75+ marathons and ultras. Like…what…

He told me some books and websites to go too. He told me to work on my form. He told me to hang in there and that running will be here forever.

I made it back, I just…I’m continuously blessed by some crazy and wonderful things.