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Honestly I don't think Jensen and Misha are social friends, just good work buddies, but they never socialize outside of work. I think Jensen like Misha, qirks and all, but he doesn't love Misha like a bestie, more like love him because he's familiar and part of the same show for almost a decade.

Well, of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but– one thing you should know is they do hang out outside of work:

They’ve gone to the race track together:

Took family vacations together

Gone out for ice cream with one another:

They’ve gone on fun little spa trips:

And after conventions, they go and hang out– looking altogether, friendly.

Not to mention, Misha was at Jensen’s wedding which sure– could just be a work-friend thing, but I know I would still want to be fairly close with someone if I was going to invite them to such a personal event.

Now, I am not arguing the fact that Jensen and Jared hang out more– of course they do. They live right beside one another, their kids go to the same school, they’ve known each other for longer than either of them have known Misha, but that still doesn’t mean that Misha cant be super close with Jensen (and Jared) as well. Those two have talked about going out to dinner, just the two of them. They’ve talked about enjoying wine together (which is not something one normally does at work).

They have spoken of times where they have long, deep, emotional talks, and how much they enjoy those moments. That’s not something I normally do with my “work buddies”.

The fact is, they are great friends (if not more), whether or not they live near each other. My best friend of over twenty years has lived in Colorado for most of that time– but that doesn’t mean I love her any less than I did the friend who lived up the road from me. I cared for them equally, we all just had different types of friendships– but that didn’t make them any less than the other.

You don’t need to think that they’re in a poly relationship– that’s a matter of opinion; but to ignore just how much they do care about one another, how much they enjoy each other’s company– to write off their very deep friendship because of some physical distance between their homes, and not as much publicized evidence as others might have, is to completely disregard and disrespect things that they’ve specifically said about each other.

Jensen being best friends with Misha doesn’t make him any less Jared’s best friend.

It just doesn’t.

I don’t know why it always has to be a competition.

There can be a sweetness that is described with Taurus and Virgo, but not always with Capricorn, and I think this is because the Capricorn way of communicating can be a lot more blunt. I mean, the Earth signs can be blunt, especially when Taurus are calling bullshit on something, but I wouldn’t call the Taurus and Virgo communications style blunt overall. With Capricorn, they are often very reserved and nuanced when it comes to showing affection, but just in day to day conversation, they tend not to waste words and communicate often sarcastically, with a dry humour that if you do not know them well, you can even at times take the wrong way. They may not be a sign of sweetness, apart from their often charming displays of affection, but they can be an energy of support, a voice of clarity when you need it the most. For this, I admire them greatly.

Can I Crash With You?

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: 2x02 AU
Genre: Fluff/comfort & smut (specially for @twentyfirstdistrict)

A/N: I am quite proud of how this came out, so I hope you like it. It’s a bit more lengthy than the rest of my one-shots (sorry!).

Please let me know what you think, because I tried really hard to make this perfect!

Dedicated to @allenting cause she brainstormed this with me so many times. Thanks babe!

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27 (is it 27? The blushing one, please) For logicality -anongram

You guys have me a serious need for logicality with that /excellent/ cosplay. By the way, you’re and amazing actress! -anongram

Good to know that four years of drama classes actually did something haha

27- “You’re blushing!”

It wasn’t that Morality was doing something particularly spectacular. He was just cooking. He had told him and Anxiety before he went into the kitchen. Or rather, he had told Logan, “Your favourite cookies are snickerdoodles, right? I’m going to make them for you.”

“Logan, hey, are you with me?” A poke to his side from Anxiety, but that did surprisingly little. “Earth to Logic.”

Morality looked so focused. So determined. But so at ease. Logan supposed that was because cooking was Morality’s thing, like how puzzles were his own.

“Okay, I get that you think he’s pretty and all, which, by your own logic doesn’t make sense, but staring is rude, Lo.” Another harder, more insistent poke, and Logan finally tore his eyes from Morality. 

“Sorry. Where were we?” He blinked, and looked at the table where he and Anxiety had spread their notes out. 

“The part where you go and tear off Morality’s clothes because he’s baking you cookies.” Anxiety smirked. “Annnnnnd now you’re blushing!”

Feeling childish enough as it was, he decided to poke his tongue out at Anxiety. “It’s your fault for making me think such things.”

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Is it just me or do u get a kinda white saviour vibe from the way Clary interacts w/ downworlders?

believe me it isn’t just you. i’ve been talking about this for a while and noticing every little thing clary does that indicates she is a White Saviour. like remember how maia was treated like shit for wanting to protect her people and acting out of fear but clary was treated like she could do no wrong and needed to be protected for wanting to do the exact same thing maia tried to do………….also clary not caring about madzie until she was affected personally…… clary leaving dot and gretel behind and not giving a shit…… “tonight we are all downworlders” was only used when she needed something from them……… acting like raphael was a villain for wanting to protect his people……. tazing luke just to get what she wanted in that moment and not respecting him…………she was gonna keep to herself how the downworlders could die at any moment up until the moment she was reminded she “needed” to tell them………..always asking for magnus’ help and not giving him anything in exchange, basically taking advantage of how he cares about her and not even asking him if he doesn’t want to help………… she is the ultimate white saviour and i’m bitter

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I'm looking at all the people hating dae's vocals and I'm just squinting like bish where???? Need I remind them of the legendary Mirotic perf with Eunkwang, Leo, and Choi Youngjae????? The one where dae had literally been DRAGGED OUT OF THE HOSPITAL & performed with the iv STILL IN HIS HAND yet still fucking SLAYED and held his own with two incredible power vocals (EK & Leo)????????? Haters fucking move on and do something with your life.

I didn’t know about that one!?!?!?! I thought that was for the 1004 Angel performance D: I’m going to link both anyways 

(as a daestan I’m dying, look at MY BABE HITTING THEM NOTES SO PROUD!!?!?!?!?!?!??!)

also “daehyun can’t control his vocals” is such shit, like ALL of B.A.P is exhausted and tired and sad and hate everything but still ALL of them performed live at such a shitty fucking time, like man, fuck Daehyun antis and fuck B.A.P antis cause these boys slay so hard fight me. 

okay like

i’m all about that Cute OTP Shit™

but like

gimme the Awkward OTP Shit™ too like

  • Person A trying to kiss Person B but it’s both their first kiss and they don’t know how the fuck to do it
  • Person A accidentally let’s out a toot (or some other funny noise) during a romantic and Person B can’t stop fucking laughing
  • Person A trying to cuddle w/ Person B but accidentally losing feeling in one body part and they don’t know what to do
  • Person A waking up in bed with Person B, but Person A waking up hours before Person B does and just doing nothing in the bed and just overall feeling uncomfortable because what the fuck
  • Person A interrupts sex because there’s a cute animal out the window and they need to go see and Person B not wanting to shit on their excitement but like we’re kinda in the middle of something here
  • Accidentally spilling food/drink on them on their first date
  • Person A: Is Person B mad at me? Do I ask? Do I just sit still?? What the fuck do I do????


  • You’re paying more attention to Person C, Person A.
  • No I’m not.
  • Yes you are.
  • Who kisses who first??
  • Group kiss????
  • UHHHH where does MY genital go in this position???
  • Did you just come before the rest of us?
  • Shit who do I sit between so as not to make this awkward and separate Person B and Person C

just gimme that Awkward Love Shit™ b/c love ain’t always so romantic and beautiful

ya gotta mix the silly and weird in somewhere

There are a lot of things I want in life. But I learned that things won’t come right away. You have to work for the things you want. I’m so much happier with the things I got because I worked for it then the things I just got and did nothing for it.

If you want something you have to work for it. The stuff won’t happen right away. You will be happy when you get it after hard working. One thing you have to remember during the work you do is that you can do everything you want in life. There will be people who will tell you to stop what you love and search for something easier. But don’t listen to those people. You know what is right for you and what you can do. Search for your limits and when you find them stick with them. Don’t quit something because people tell you to. Just keep going and keep loving what you do.

If you need someone to listen to just send me an e-mail: Happilyproject@gmail.com or send me a DM on Instagram at @happilyproject.

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Dads, lately I've been struggling a lot with getting the confidence to confront people about important things. Do you have any advice on how to build up my courage?

Just think of everything they’ve done to make you want to confront them. That will definitely help you remember that they deserve this and that it’s something that you know you have to do. Make up all the insults you think you’ll need, be sarcastic and don’t drop eye contact.


Reblog for warmup doodles of your OCs

Something i’ve wanted to do for a long time is make a post for me to have a list of ‘warm up doodles’

Cause I always need to doodle something before I start working on commissions and comics and things; So!

Reblog this with reference pictures/things of your OC and I’ll draw them for my warmups! There’s no time frame or limit to it! <3 I always love having something to draw. Though it may take awhile if the list gets long! I’ll happily do them <3 —  It’ll probably be a doodle in one of these styles [cause they’re easiest and quickest for me]

[Alternatively You can also just look at my work here commissions / arttag / Comic ]

I also LOVE seeing other people’s OCs! Tell me about them!! I will happily listen!!!!! <3<3 

Edit: added the link to a list that I’ll be making of whom I will draw on my page

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Hey, do you think there is any significance to the mention of Gadreel in the episode, other than the obvious grace-extraction? Gadreel possessed Sam to heal himself of his angel-fall injuries but also fixed Sam from inside(just like the Nephilim and Kelly), in 9x02,when Sam is in trouble from three demons and is knocked out, Gadreel took over and killed them(just like the Nephilim and Cas against Dagon), Sam wasn't mind-controlled, Gadreel only took over when he needed to, so it's similar right?

Yeah, I think it might be ~something~ along those lines… But I also honestly don’t think Cas could’ve left Sam and Dean lying there like that if he were really all there, you know?

At the Heaven portal, after spending the entire episode (and the last however many weeks in Heaven and working with the angels) in direct betrayal of Sam and Dean in order to keep them OUT of this fight, immediately after Joshua was killed at the portal, immediately after Dagon was killed there.

Cas left them there, unconscious and vulnerable. I don’t think if Cas was actually CAS he would’ve done that, you know?

But as for mentioning Gadreel, I think that had multiple purposes. First to show that Sam and Dean really HAVE moved past it. There was no bitterness from either of them about it, which proves that they really have discussed it and forgiven each other for that whole mess.

Second, I think we saw the first moment the nephilim took over, when Kelly took his hand in the playground. I’m not sure he’s //possessed// by it the same way Sam was possessed by Gadreel, but he’s definitely under its thrall somehow. For all intents and purposes, he’s ///not Cas/// right now.

I think it could be seen as similar, but not exactly the same.

Which describes an awful lot of s12… it’s pulling so heavily from the entirety of canon, but not giving us any of it in quite the same way as they have in the past.

Things are reversed, playing out between different characters, in different ways, for different reasons– but none of it is playing out the same way it did before…

thb headcanons

-merle has a fanny pack full of snacks and colorful bandaids for the other boys

-magnus likes to carry the boys around a lot. most of the time its because merle needs to see something up high and sometimes taakos just Not Feelin It™ and if magnus notices either he just. picks them up

-merle deffo has a bunch of wallet photos of his kids and the boys but he never shows them to anyone

-magnus is super super emotional and hugs people a lot, either for their comfort or his

-taako has really shaky hands and scratches his wrists when hes deep in thought

-they all know each other pretty well by now probably and can tell if the others aren’t doing so well, like merle gets super angry/grumpy, magnus kinda shuts off and talks quieter, taako stutters a lot and breathes a lil faster than normal

-magnus always knows when someone needs emotional support or validation, even if they’re in another room

-magnus loves showing off his many pictures of Julia to the other boys and telling stories of the stuff they did together (and probably gets sad about it)

-taako has bad bad nightmares and a lot of the time will sleepwalk/sleeptalk and it freaks everyone out

Bluepulse OT3 midnight headcanon

Alright, because I’m up super-late and I was just looking through the Bluepulse tag (and I feel like creating something fun so people can look at something other than discourse) I’m projecting on Jaime, Khaji Da, and Bart.


If Jaime’s up too late it’s usually because of some project he’s working on– whether homework (oh the joys of being a college student) or work. Sometimes, because of how much energy doing the whole heroing thing takes, he has to drink coffee or an energy drink to stay awake long enough to get his work done.

Sometimes it backfires. Sometimes he writes sentences that make no sense. (One rather notable example included ‘The third praxizizis of the toph tooth in the mandixazble sk’taana nkeriis ch’ and was left incomplete for him to find the next morning. Yes at least two words were in Reach. They translated to ‘scales hinge’ and Jaime has no idea why that description for teeth made sense to him at the time.) Sometimes he’s so tired he gets stuck writing and re-writing and re-writing the same word because it just doesn’t look right. Sometimes he falls asleep at his desk with his face on his book or on the keyboard. Sometimes he falls asleep and doesn’t realize he’s fallen asleep, so when Bart or Khaji Da wake him up to help him head to bed he’ll think he’s further along in what he was working on than he is or he’ll say something incoherent. (He’d probably be worse off if Khaji Da and Bart didn’t make sure he sleeps in a bed rather than at his desk.)

If Bart’s up too late it’s either due to hyperactivity, insomnia, having an odd sleeping schedule, or just random accident. He tries to get enough sleep, because if he doesn’t or if he’s too exhausted then he tends to lose what little filter he has; plus he can get a little weird.

He has whined about wanting Khaji Da to carry him to bed while he’s glommed onto them while also insisting that Khaji Da and Jaime should find a way to temporarily detach from each other so that Jaime won’t be bothered if he’s busy with something. No he doesn’t care that that’s not physically possible– he has actually whined out, “Khaji Da, learn magic so you can temp- tompo- temper- FUCK- temporarily have your own body so you can carry meeeeee.” (Khaji Da said no, and Jaime agreed with him. Jaime offered to carry Bart only to get a wordless sound that was something like a mix between a groan and a whine akin to the sound of a complaining whale.) He has rambled on and on about things that don’t always make sense, up to and including taking over the world by storming the castle at Disneyland. When Jaime told him ‘You don’t even know where Disneyland is,’ Bart responded with, “Don’t tell me how my reality works! I will step through the wardrobe and find it! Right after I sleep for a week. Come to bed with meeeeee…” (He does a lot of whining when he’s tired.)

Khaji Da-
If Khaji Da is up too late it’s a feat. He doesn’t need as much sleep as Jaime or Bart, so him not getting enough sleep is rare. It’s almost always due to him getting caught up in research and ignoring his need for sleep, and if he gets too sleep-deprived he gets WEIRD.

He has melted their toaster once. There was at least one instance where their kitchen looked like it was as wired up and haphazard as an over-zealous alien conspiracy theorist’s– no he couldn’t remember what it was for (Jaime and Bart talked him into going to sleep before he could ‘test’ it). He claimed at one point to be in the process of trying to determine if it was possible to engineer their oven to act as a compact zeta tube access; fortunately he was tired enough by that point that he kept mangling his calculations yet awake enough to recognize that he was mangling them. He has also had moments like Bart– usually amounting to instances of the three of them being curled up together and insisting, “I do not want to move for a thousand years. I am comfortable right here, and we are staying in bed because I do not want to move. At all. We are staying here and comfortable and undisturbed. And if we are disturbed I will launch the person into the sun.” (He vehemently denies that he says or does anything that bizarre when he’s had enough sleep.)

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Was wondering if you knew any fics where one of them wears a vibrator out in public/while hanging out with his friends or something along those lines??

Sure I do, just gotta find them hidden somewhere in my bookmarks..

it’s only the two of us everything I need’s between those thighs by colonized (colonized_main) [TaeKook, rated E, 6.8k]

turn down by astringxnt [TaeKook, rated E, 2k]

if it feels good, tastes good (it must be mine) by Sinstress [SugaKookie, rated E, 2k]

Speak to Me (Make Me Shake) [bingo mark: public places] by Incadence [YoonMin, rated E, 1.5k]

I know there’s more of this but I can’t find it ahhh sorry!! I should’ve started tagging bookmarks like a looong time ago.

-Admin Nana

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hey i love ur magical girls and i def wanna see u do something awesome w them so for ur question thing! do u mind answering what kinda powers they all have? and telling a little bit more abt the person citron is? theyre def my fave already

Right now I just figured out that when they transform, their abilities are doubled. They run faster, jump higher, hit harder, etc. It also comes with the capacity to wield their chosen weapon (although they all need a bit of training).

Citron is a ray of sunshine! They want to live a stress-free life and have fun. They’re great to have around most of the time but! It’s actually impossible to just be happy all the time. Citron tries. And because of that they avoid their problems a lot. No need to tell you that it doesn’t end quite well.

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Top 5 things you're most excited about, either short or long term! :)

1) Eh I mean tbh I try to keep most of my personal stuff off of here, but I’m looking forward to starting T.  I’ve had the mental health professional’s letter that I needed if I wanted to go through insurance (which I do, because, you know) for a couple months now but I decided to wait and get some other stuff taken care of first.  Hopefully next fall.

2) I’m getting new earbuds and shoes for my birthday and I want both of them already lmao.  My old earbuds died (they lasted a long time but then I accidentally stepped on them and just smashed them…) and I bought a really cheap shitty pair because I was at the airport and just needed something that would work on the flight and they already have no sound in one ear.  Sucks.

3) This morning I was complaining about the amount of work I have to get done in the next two weeks and believe me I am looking forward to getting that all done.  I should suck it up and go for a walk in the shitty weather to access a printer so I can have the forms I need for part of it.

4) I am excited about all the delicious food I am going to eat this summer!  Always a bonus!

5) lmao not to completely take the piss out of myself but I am looking forward to finally just fucking posting Thanksgiving

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Its let's keep bothering Jess night! So i have a question: how do you plan threads and such with other people? I'm curious to see if how you do it differs to how i do it lmao

ooc: that’s a really interesting question because one of the biggest things I face personally as a part of this community is that I’m actually not very good at asking people to roleplay with me. As a rule of thumb for my own sanity I tend to stick with close friends, but even then I get extremely anxious asking people if they’re interested in doing something with me. Usually thread ideas between me and another come from us just talking in general like with Jess, or them inspiring me with a great cosplay like Ara’s Harley & Pansy that sparked a mighty need to do a Poison Ivy / Ginny etc.

in terms of planning a thread a lot of the time I like to discuss both characters with the other person, and this in turn requires a lot less effort when you know the person because you get to know their version of the character too, and the overall plot or idea for a thread. I really enjoy writing so I either type up a draft, chuck it at them and get their feedback or put it in a google docs for us to type together in a skype sesh etc. For the really long series I do with Ashley its usually a combination of all of the above.

In short, I need to roleplay with more people even if that branching out starts with just asking more of my friends to do stuff…

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Hey cloud mom! I'd like to share a sad story how ends good. Maybe help someone I had a lot of problems in my life and they just kept growing. I thought of suicide and I went near it, wrote messages for friends, I told one of them that I'd miss him even if we didn't talkd for decades. Before e could do something to myself this friend answered me, saying he was happy that I talked to him, bc I'm verry important in his life, then I realized that death isn't the solution,and we need ask 4 help

That’s really touching! I’m glad you found that motivation and that you’re still here! There will always be someone whose day is better with you whether you realize it or not

The 9 Elements of a VILLAIN

If we’re being honest, one character is always the most fun to develop when you’re writing a new story. It must be the main character, right? The person you’re going to follow throughout the story, the one that means the most to you?

Nope. It’s the villain.

Villains are just FUN. You get to creep into the darkest corners of your writer brain and conjure up the most unashamedly detestable human being you possibly can. 

This is how we look when we begin creating a villain. 

But sometimes, it can be difficult to to make sure they’re fully believable humans. So here are the nine elements that have helped me out when developing these terrible people … 

1) Hero’s Shadow:

The relationship between the main character and the villain is the most important one in the story, because it is the source of all conflict. Without the villain causing trouble, the main character wouldn’t have the chance to be a hero. Without that trouble, the main character’s weaknesses wouldn’t be pressured, which means they couldn’t change. The villain is a condensed and magnified embodiment of the inner weakness that the hero is battling. They’re the SHADOW of hero, the example of what will happen if the main character goes down the wrong path. Both are facing the same problem in different ways. For example Darth Vader and Luke.  

2) Conflict Strategy:  

In the pursuit of stopping the hero from achieving their goal, the villain is going to attack them on 1) a personal relationship level 2) a societal level and 3) an inner level. They’re going to attack the people around them, they’re going to cause consequences for the community surrounding them, they’re going to get into their head and plague them. Because the hallmark of a villain is that they’re the person who’s perfectly suited to attack the hero’s greatest weakness. Villains should have a distinct set of tactics to destroy the main character, on at least two levels. 

3) Flaws: 

This one’s expected. Of course a villain has flaws, it’s in the job description. But flaws do not equate to ‘He kicks turtles every morning before breakfast’ or 'His favorite hobby is butterfly stomping’ or, more within the realm of possibility, “He wants to kill the hero”. These are evil actions, NOT flaws. A lot of villains, particularly in movies, will be given horrible things to do without any explanation for WHY they do them. And it’s pretty easy to give them reasons: just give them human weaknesses! That’s it. Whether the actions they take are as small as theft or as big as blowing up a planet, these actions stem from recognizable HUMAN FLAWS. So like a main character, a villain needs mental and moral flaws.  

Yup, even Maleficent has human flaws. And she’s a dragon part of the time. 

4) Counter Goal: 

All characters exist because they want something. And what do villains want? To get whatever the main character wants (for very different reasons), to stop them from reaching their goal, or another goal that directly conflicts with the hero’s goal. As long as that big tangible thing they want locks hero and villain in battle, you’re good. Think 101 Dalmatians: Cruella and the good guys are fighting over the puppies.  

5) Surface Motivations:  

Why is it that villains always have a team of followers? Because villains never outright state their true motivations. They always have a cover story, and that cover will paint them as righteous. Villains want to look like the good guy. So their real Hidden Motivations are defended by twisting perceptions of Good & Evil, by portraying evil acts in a positive light, by indulging their followers selfish emotions and desire to feel like “one of the good guys. " 

Take Gothel for example: she’s a loving mother who wants to protect her daughter from all the world’s darkness. (Sure you do, Flynn stabber.)  

Surface Motivations never stand up to logical scrutiny and a functioning moral compass, but giving your bad guy a compelling argument against your good side always makes things more interesting, which brings us to …

6) Counter Statement:

The main character needs to learn some kind of truth that will enable them to fix their lives, overcome their weaknesses, banish their ghosts. It’s whatever statement about "how to live a better life” you want to prove with your story. Your villain has other ideas. They don’t agree with that statement, have other beliefs about living life well, and represent an argument against it. For example, Voldemort: “there is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it." 

Although your argument isn’t very convincing, Voldy. I mean, you’re living in the back of some guy’s head.

7) Characterization: 

This is everything on the surface of the villain. The way they speak, the way they look, the way they act, their role in life, their status and power. This is the facade they project for the world to see, a calculated effort to control how they are perceived. This is closely connected to that surface want, because that surface is what they wish people to believe about them. Over time, the reader and the other characters are going to be able to see through this mask and see what it conceals. My favorite Disney example of this is Mother Gothel: on the surface she’s this bubbly mom who loves Rapunzel and wants to protect her from the harshness of the world. 

You can think of this as the text … 

8) Hidden Motivation: 

And this is the subtext. That surface motivation they want the world to believe is a mask concealing their true motivation, which is always rooted in their flaws,  selfishness, and skewed beliefs. 

9) Ghosts, Justification, Self-Obsession: 

These three are closely related, so they get counted together.
Like main characters, villains have GHOSTS: events from their backstories that knocked their worldviews out of alignment, that marked the beginning of their weaknesses, that haunt them still. Because these happened, the originally benign person allowed themselves to turn into someone who could occupy the job of "villain” in a story. Usually, these events are genuine misfortunes and are worthy of sympathy, just like the ghosts of a main character. Think of Voldemort growing up in an orphanage talking to snakes.

BUT! When it comes to ghosts, the major difference between a hero and a villain is HOW THEY DEAL with these unpleasant past events. Both have suffered, but react to suffering in very different ways. A villain will be consumed by these events, obsessed with the real (or imagined) persecution or disadvantage they’ve endured, convinced that all personal responsibility is nullified by their status of injured party. Past tragedies become a talisman that grants immunity from decency. 

This scene from A Series of Unfortunate Events sums it up.  An adult makes an excuse for a terrible person by saying he had a terrible childhood. And Klaus replies: 

Yes, maybe they’ve both lived through tragedy. But THE KIDS aren’t hurting others because of it. 

Because villains, who are constantly victimizing heroes, are completely convinced that THEY are the true victims here. No matter what they do, no matter what they are, they blame everything on that ghost, whether it was another person, society, or circumstances. And later they blame the hero, who they see as the REAL villain. For example, Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame:  

“It’s not my fault, I’m not to blame”

So! WHY are villains like this?

SELF-OBSESSION! Yup, villains spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about themselves and their plights and their plots. Think of any villain and it’s not hard to see the inherent narcissism behind everything they do. Like willingness to take action is the nonnegotiable trait of a main character, self-obsession is the trait that all villains seem to share. 

So! Developing villains in this way has worked out for me so far. If it looks like it might be helpful for you, give it a try.

And in the spirit of creating someone to torment our main characters and ruin their lives, here’s one more maniacal laugh for the road: