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I handed my phone to Yoongi and he scrolled through the message before sighing “this is a Cliche as it gets” I snorted despite the sinking feeling in my stomach. He will believe her over me won’t he?  Yoongi nodded. Blinded by what he thinks is love, how did they meet anyway?  

He told me he left practice late one night and headed to the bar. He said he had an urge for a drink so he decided why not. And that’s when he met her. They got to talking and next thing you know he was in her bed. And they decided to see how it worked out and here we are.

Yoongi shook his head A Stupid mistake of his. Y/n do you think you could ever be with him if they  break up? I contemplated Yoongi’s question, a question I had been pondering for the past 3 months. That’s something I still don’t know Yoongi.  I saw him nod out of the corner of my eye.

Hey give me your hand, the one with the cast. I handed it to him, even though I just needed stitches  I convinced them to give me a cast because I was bound to do something to disrupt the healing process. I watched Yoongi grab a pen off my coffee table and begin to write and draw. I found myself staring at Yoongi and giggling at his focused face.

Done you watched him smile and lean back. There was a butterfly on your cast with a few lyrics from the song. It’s beautiful Yoongi I giggled. Thank you! He chuckled in return. I went shopping the other day So we can make food or we can order takeout. He pretended to think before chuckling Well since I can’t cook to well and you have an injured hand maybe takeout is best.

We spent the rest of the night eating takeout and watching movies. We laughed and joked and to be honest i forgot about Jimin. You know Yoongi, thank you. Really. Spending this time with you made me feel a lot better. He smiled before becoming serious. Y/n… don’t get too hung up over Jimin. Yes he is your best friend and my close friend as well, but you are gorgeous. There is someone out there who really loves you. You just have to wait.

I blushed at Yoongi’s words before surprising myself and kissing his cheek. I watched Yoongi go scarlet and watched him Turn to look at me. I felt my eyes widen as he began to lean in.

If Only

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Best of All

Prompt: Batmom being a part of the justice League

AN: This is filled with fluff. After writing “The Ring” I kind of felt like this was needed to cheer people up. I actually really struggled about how to do this, and when this idea came to mind I just had to do it!

Words: 461

“You guys are driving them insane.” You smile at Bruce; whose smile is peeking out from underneath his cowl. “Honestly, what is with all the fighting? You two go at it constantly when you’re up there. You’re acting like children.” You can’t hold it in anymore you let out a laugh. Bruce’s laugh echoes yours.

          Dick just lets out a frustrated cry before saying, “It’s like it’s foreplay or something!” Then before you can say anything he’s gone.

          You turn to your husband. “Where in the world did he learn that term?”

          Bruce just smiles, his cowl, and the upper part of his suit is now gone, and he pulls you in for a hug. He kisses the side of your head before saying, “He’s a thirteen-year-old boy who’s in high school, where do you think he learned it.”

          You smile before kissing him, and stepping back. You peel off the mask covering your eyes before saying, “He may be thirteen, but all I see when I look at him, is that eight-year-old little boy. The one that wouldn’t let you or me out of his sight for days, and who got all hyped up on cotton candy during that first outing we took as a family.”

          Bruce just leans against the wall, his eyes following your hands as you remove your boots. “We can’t stop him from growing up.”

          You nod. “I know.”

          There’s a moment of silence before he says, “What we can do however is decide what our next ‘disagreement’ is going to be in front of the League.”

          You laugh at that. “I swear Clark is ready to take us both out at this point. I honestly thought he was going to rat us out this time.”

          Bruce just rolls his eyes. “We own the Daily Planet. I’ll make sure he doesn’t write anything but wedding announcements if he does.”

          You pull the clips out of your hair, before wrapping your arms around him. “That is pure evil, Mr. Wayne.” He raises his eyebrows a bit, and you can’t help but smile as you lean in. “I think I like this side of you.” You breathe before kissing him.

          His arms wrap tighter around you, and when you break apart he says, “Let’s schedule the next disagreement over who joins the League next.”

          You nod, “Fair enough, I call suggesting another Green Lantern. Hal and John will flip.”

          He just smiles. “You always take the good ones.”

          You just smile and nod. “I’ll give you that one. I got you after all.”

          You give him one more kiss before going to fully change. You’re out of earshot when he whispers, “That’s where you’re wrong, darling, because I got you, and you’re the best of all.”

I went to bed early and woke up late. Since I didn’t have time I draw, I channeled my inner Bill Ivey and just wrote what came to mind. Now I’m realizing the beauty of what came from that…

I often recieve messages from parents who say “I wish I could draw” or “ I wish I had time,” and I try to encourage them to do what comes naturally. None of us are perfect, and this is no contest. The importance of your actions is not in the amount of skill required, but that the action was from a loving parent. Your child doesn’t need perfection … They need YOU, and we all have something unique to offer!

Otonokizaka Private Academy

Final Chapter

Note: I’m really sorry I never got around to finish it, so I’m finally posting the rest of what I’ve written. It would have been the first part of the next chapter, which coincidentally would have also been the last chapter plot-wise. I might have thrown in some other twist if I wanted to go longer, but I think it’s also nice to conclude on a calmer note. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the last bit of this AU. It’s been an honor to write for you guys because you gave me so much back, not just kind asks but also fanart and funny headcanons. 

Summary: Nozomi thinks she can finally get used to her new school.

Words: ~4300

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honestly no matter who you bias you need to know that the girls want to make it out of this situation together and that they are doing their best to settle from something that both benefits and is fair to them individually and the group. they love snsd more than us. they’re fighting for it we just have to trust them and be patient.

I got upset over someone lashing out at me and not communicating with me in a calm and productive manner this morning, and my friend had this to say

and actually, it’s super good advice? I just expect everyone to be able to take a big step away from what they say and do and consider it from other people’s perspectives. I also expect people to be reflective about why they feel something and why they are doing/saying something, and to communicate how they feel, and what they need me to do. 

Not everyone is capable of doing that, and sometimes a conversation isn’t salvageable because the other person is being defensive, not being accountable for their actions, and taking their emotions out on you and blaming you for them. 

A few points

• I think Jon ran and reached for her hand so quickly because the first thing on his mind at that moment was to hug her or kiss her for really coming and saving them.
Right before she comes Jon is losing hope, looking around him how they are losing the battle, and probably thinking this is it (again). But then she swoops in and it’s actually one of the best moments inthe entire show in my opinion: she brings hope and leads them out of darkness. The music is the most heroic version of her theme so far. She is really being Azor Ahai in that scene.

• If boatsex is to happen at the end of the episode, there needs to be a catalyst - something to make Jon believe he’s allowed to come and initate it. He definitely isn’t the one to just come to a woman and take her bcs he simply wants her. She’d have to do or say something to prove to him she feels the same and wants him just as much.
(Like we all know she does but to me he’s not sure about that and saw her fear and uncertainty about accepting her own feelings.)

• Why I think there is no dialogue in that scene: simply because Emilia and Kit are both such a good actors that they can convey everything just with their looks, moves and touches. We already saw that in this last episode that their gazes and simple gestures told us volumes more than their dialogue. Kimilia don’t need a dialogue to portray a conversation.

• Music… I really hope the music will be the main factor of that scene because their theme has just only began unfolding slowly through the episodes this season. And I hope that we will hear the full epic version when they finally really create the song of ice and fire together.

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BOIIIII THIS JUST POPPED UP IN MY HEAD AND IT'S PROBABLY BEEN SAID BEFORE, but imagine Bing being a master hacker. Like, one day the Egos need to hack into something (for some reason) and they're shook when Bing just cracks his knuckles and works his magic. (Also, I can imagine him finishing Welcome to the Game in a good ten minutes or less.)

They don’t have the Googs with them and their kinda panicking and how is Bing? With his incomplete coding how on earth is he supposed to do anything useful? But of course for all his dudebro speak, he’s just as furiously smart as the Googs and he’s ready to prove it.

if my url, icon, and general demeanor don’t make it obvious, i think i can safely say that i’ve turned into a star wars blog: i have an actual muscle memory now which makes me tag posts as “star wars”

i have definitely been tagging all my non sw posts that way and having to go back and fix it akjdflhgd

I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while so here it goes
Being left-handed is a lot like being autistic.

Sometimes I can use items meant for right-handed people. Right-handed people don’t question is, they don’t even comment on it.

But when I can’t, even when I try to use the thing with my right hand (which is the wrong way for ME, but the right (haha) way, the way the item is meant to be used) and it just.won’t.work, and I’ll be like
“this doesn’t work, it’s probably too blunt (in case of scissors for example)!” and a righthanded person will just be like
“well it’s because you’re a leftie” and they just.successfully use it.??!

And I totally just wanted to rant about this because I had to get a different pair of scissors to cut something open while my dad just …fricking cut it no problem

Anyway I think this can be good analogy for being autistic and not being able to do certain things, or not being able to do them like other people, or needing certain accommodations to accomplish them

Discussion question for polyamorous people against veto power: Is an ultimatum just a veto in disguise?

I’ve seen this discussion on a Facebook group, and I want to see what people think here.

I see a strong difference between the two. I haven’t ever felt the need to issue such an ultimatum, but if I had a partner who wanted to date someone who I knew would disrupt my life enough that I couldn’t stay in a relationship with my partner, I’d say something to the effect of: “you are of course free to do what you want, but I want to give you a heads-up that if you date them, I won’t be able to date you anymore.” And I’d explain my reasons.

Some folks call that a veto in disguise. Some folks say any ultimatum is manipulative. What do you think? I think framing is everything. I think there’s a difference between saying,

“You can’t date them” and
“I can’t date you if you date them”

If I’m confident enough that the latter is true, why wouldn’t I say it? It isn’t truly about control, it’s about *my boundary*, and that’s the difference between the two statements, as I see it.

At least one person in the previous discussion thread said that the better route is to simply leave the relationship if they date, enforcing your boundary as it becomes necessary, without putting your partner in the awful position of having to decide between you. Others say that they decide in advance in favor of one party: “The one who makes me choose will lose.” I totally get where that idea comes from, but I don’t follow that as my personal philosophy. I *like* to know others’ opinions on the people in my life. I’ll make my own decisions about what to do with the information they give me, but I’d rather know as much as I can about the consequences of my decision before I make it. Maybe the one who made me choose *will* lose. Or maybe I’ll learn something from a red flag they saw, and realize their feelings about that person have a basis in reality, and that I’m not willing to lose that partner in pursuit of someone who has a strong chance of being terrible. I tend to choose partners partially based on their own good judgment, it turns out.

And, I would hate it if a partner of mine knew they’d leave if I dated someone, but waited by the sidelines to see what I did and then dumped me without warning because they thought an ultimatum would be manipulative. But I realize that’s not a universal view. What’s your take?

First thing I gotta say is, if people are trying to pressure the girls into just signing just for the sake of not disbanding bec they dont want the group to disband regardless of the conditions they may have to sign for, then thats messed up and don’t do that. 

BUT, I don’t think demanding SM at least address what’s going on is something that would pressure the girls themselves. SM need to answer for themselves, people need to stop letting them just fuck over their artists like this without backlash.

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headcanons for Nautica, Tailgate, and Rodimus watching their human friend take out their contacts for the first time?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: This is such a cute prompt aaaaaah. I would love to write these headcanons for you, anon! )


✦ Her reactions is just: Whoa!!! Are those literal stars in her optics? Those might be literal stars in her optics as she sees her friend take something out of their eye without any discomfort at all. Before they know it, Nautica’s face is inches from theirs, a big smile stretching across her lips.

✦ She’ll ask her friend if they can do that again to their confusion. Please? Pretty please? She wants to record this and see how this goes down. Will ask endless questions about what contact lenses are and why they need them as the human indulges her and try to answer her questions to the best of their abilities. I hope they weren’t planning to do anything after this because they’ll be here for a while.

✦ On the bright side she hangs on to every word they have to say on the matter. Finds it fascinating that some eyes are okay, some eyes aren’t, and some eyes aren’t but can be fixed with SCIENCE but some humans prefer not to do that. The human biology never fails to amaze her. Will ask if she can help improve the lenses somehow and will understand if they say no. The offer still stands though!! She already has a few ideas on how she can make them help the human see in the dark and identify friend from foe. Nautica no-


✦ Tailgate actually got a heads up from the human when they were taking out their contact lenses. He has no idea what they meant by that and turned to see what they were doing and he see them poking themselves in the eye and… wiggling it around?? Trying to tap it even??? He panics because nO FRIEND WHY WHY WHY YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO POKE YOUR EYE. YOU TOLD HIM ONCE THEY WERE SOFT AND DELICATE AND FRAGILE WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT.

✦ Will calm down when the liaison explains what that was all about. They try to do a demonstration at first but stop when they see him tense up in worry. Only after they explain, in great detail, what lenses are and why they use it will Tailgate feel comfortable enough to see them pluck the contacts back in. The human has to promise several times this doesn’t hurt them.

✦ After the explanation and thinking about it, Tailgate decides this is weird but not gross. The human trying to improve their vision with enhancements doesn’t hit his top twenty of weird and gross things he’s come across since joining the Lost Light. In fact he tries to be supportive of them! Will automatically help his friend if they accidentally drop their contact on the ground by running around, picking up all the ‘bots that are around so no one steps on the contact lens.


✦ Okay to be fair to the human- They were doing this in their rooms since they were resting themselves from wearing the contacts all day. It’s not their fault Rodimus does not believe in the concepts such as ’knocking’, ‘asking permission to enter’, or ‘making sure the person the other side of the door is cool with you barging in’ and stuff like that. He just barrels in and the human is lucky they didn’t poke their eye out when he yells out their name in excitement.

✦ What on earth is he here for? The human doesn’t know and never will. Because whatever brought Rodimus in their habsuite is gone from his mind when he sees a weird cover come off their eye. What the slag? They can put optics over this optics? The human, unsure of what to say, shrugs and goes yes and no. It’s hard to explain. Cue Rodimus narrowing his optics, sitting on the floor, and stubbornly saying, ‘Explain.’ Why does he want to know? He probably won’t even listen to half of what they’re saying.

✦ And they’re right. He spaces out, talks over them, and asks ridiculous questions but his enthusiasm when it’s there makes up for it. Becomes excited by the idea of changing his optics to different colours when informed by his friend that contacts can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Really? That’s so cool! Ratchet is not amused when Rodimus bursts into the medbay a day later, yelling about how he wants orange and red optics.

If you send me messages telling me to block someone, here’s why I probably haven’t:

  • I don’t have time to chase down and block every asshole on Tumblr
  • I don’t even know how you would know if I have them blocked if they haven’t reblogged me for ages/ever
  • Blocking is a super useful tool for individuals to use to protect themselves but not something that you should guilt trip someone into doing?
  • I’ve had a persistent harasser for 18 months and an anxiety disorder for longer and they play into each other to give me a huge paranoia about blocking people since:
  • Blocking people on Tumblr still allows them to send messages - you just can’t see them. If someone sends me some kind of actionable threat, I might need to know. (I reconise that this is probably unfounded, but it is also not specifically untrue.)
  • I fear blocking people may cause them to become more volatile

I worry, constantly, about doing more to prevent harassment, solve toxicity, and help other victims. Leaving someone unblocked doesn’t mean I support them in any way and repeatedly messaging me trying to make me feel shitty for not having someone blocked…just makes another harassment victim feel shitty.

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Do you know if depression can manifest itself where you just feel emotionally numb? Are there any other things that can cause a person to feel numb? Any information will help a lot.

Depression can absolutely make you numb. That is a very common experience with it, actually. But there are a huge amount of other things that can also make you feel numb. Even if I sat here typing all day I wouldn’t be able to list them all.

If you worry that something is wrong with you and you need help, please consider contacting a doctor.

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i agree with the whole "love fixes everything" bullshit, but idk to me jin's monologue sounded like maybe these girls would lead them back to each other? bc we do know they're separated in jin's letter but maybe the girls play a part in their reunion? bc run and i need u were them all as friends going crazy it seems stupid to flip everything to a love story yknow? idk just my thought

!!!!!!! this!!! after today’s video i have a feeling it’s going to be something like this!

SH shippers are the most disgusting people on the planet.
And, honestly, unless you: - Don’t read fanfiction about them - Don’t think them liking each other’s pictures is bread crumbs - Don’t think them being online at the same time means anything - Don’t support you know who - Don’t harass them in any way - Don’t think Lili is perfect - THINK IT’S POSSIBLE YOU MIGHT BE WRONG - Understand that PR stunts ARE A REAL THING AND REALLY HURT PEOPLE - Don’t hate KJ because like every human being, he made a mistake THIS APPLIES TO YOU (let me know if I missed anything and I’ll add it)

Well someone needs her meds stat….

       SH shippers are the most disgusting people on the planet.                                              

Was it something specific or just us generally holding a differing opinion/AKA a day that ends in “y”? (also, do note, she feels it’s cool to attack us for that).   

Oh and love you too, boo…                

And, honestly, unless you:

- Don’t read fanfiction about them

I actually don’t

- Don’t think them liking each other’s pictures is bread crumbs

That’s the least of it dude, but nice try at minimizing things….

- Don’t think them being online at the same time means anything

Except it does because it’s consistent and reflects a distinct pattern

- Don’t support you know who

I’m guessing MOI??? (BTW, that IS bullying)

- Don’t harass them in any way

I have never, EVER harassed them in any way. Nor has anyone in the SH family on tumblr. You do though. And GheyJ.

- Don’t think Lili is perfect

I don’t think she’s perfect, but I do like her. Also, NOW we’re at the real issue, your mouth foaming, raging jealousy, YaoiHag


Well, anything’s possible, but I don’t think it’s possible Cornholio is a thing….Also, again, wouldn’t that apply to you?


Understand that it’s all completely something she fabricated based on a TV show and only “hurts” her….also “stunts”???

- Don’t hate KJ because like every human being, he made a mistake

He makes many mistakes and acts like an ass consistently, while failing to ever take responsibility. Also I don’t “hate” him, I don’t know him. I just think he’s a dimwitted jerk and a bad actor. Which I’m perfectly entitled to do.


Ohhhhh…..I is a-scared!!! OMG!!!

Notice how we’ve been informed expressly how we are to act AND think, per her edicts—or we’ll?? Continue to have her disapproval??? Oh the HUMANITY!! Oh the PR!!!

(if anyone knows what specifically triggered this, please tell me!)

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Rivetra headcanons?

  • While they didn’t meet until she was assigned to his squad, Levi had been keeping an eye out on her after she graduated 3rd in her class but chose to enter the Survey Corps
  • Petra was initially a little star-struck after getting chosen but when she found out how few social skills he has, it quickly died down
  • At first it was a strictly professional relationship with only admiration on both sides, but after spending some time together, a growing comradary and attraction started to form, and then after a particularly bad mission, they fell in bed together and had “I can’t believe we’re alive/holy shit so many died/I need to do something, anything to get rid of all this adrenaline” sex, and then they just kinda continued doing it 
  • Despite the age gap, Petra is the first person Levi’s really fallen for any besides basic attraction while Petra has dated in the past, so it takes them a while to get on the same page and many “what are we?” conversations
  • Levi was the one who wanted a domestic life and would have run away with her if given the chance, but Petra was dedicated to the cause over all else, so while her dad thought she wanted to get married to Levi, what she really wanted to do was spend the rest of her life fighting alongside him

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Can you please write one where the reader is doing drugs and Eric fights to get them away from her but it ends in sweet smut? I need this rn I'm struggling tbh

Eric paused as he pulled into your driveway, music blasting from your homes open windows.

“That’s different…” he muttered, getting out of his car and walking to your front door. You’d called him earlier and invited him round seeing as your parents were away till the following day. Something in the way you sounded over the phone set him on edge. You sounded like you just, just different in a way he couldn’t put his finger on.
After knocking for several minutes he gave up and walked inside, he watched as the glass in pictures on your walls vibrated. He found you head banging and dancing around like a lunatic in your living room.

“Y/N!” He tried to yell but was drowned out by rammstien. He reached over and turned the music down making your shriek in surprise.

“Eric!!! You scared the shit out of me! Come dance!!”

Eric stared hard at you. Your hair was plastered to your forehead with sweat, your eyes dilated and a stupid unnatural grin spread across your face.

“Are you fucking on something again y/n?” He asked carefully. Eric knew you liked to escape reality but never had known you to take anything other than mushies or smoke a joint. You scoffed at him rolling your eyes.

“Just a lil bit of E Eric no big deal”
“I look awesome don’t I”
“The exact fucking opposite actually, how much have you had?!”
“Yea enough for maybe 3 people y/n!”

He grabbed your arms, shocked at how hot your skin felt, you smiled stupidly at him bouncing on the spot.

“I saved you some though”
“I don’t fucking want any y/n”
“All the more got me then!!”
“Oh no! No fucking way y/n! Where is it?”
“Your lines are waiting on the table Eric”

You happily pointed over to your family dinner table, there were 3 neat lines waiting. Eric stomped over and scattered the powder with his hands and glared at you.

“So fucking what y/n, we gotta cool you the fuck down, your like a furnace!”
“Hot like my bodaaay”
“Jesus fucking Christ move it y/n I’m not playing!”
“Party pooper!”

You stuck your tongue out at Eric and darted out of his grip, singing stupidly “catch me if you can!”. Eric growled in frustration as he chased you about your house, finally cornering you and gripping your arm tightly. His eyes stared daggers at you as you laughed.

“Oooo ya caught me! Now what are you gonna go with me big boy?”
“Put you in a fucking cold shower that’s what, MOVE IT NOW!”
“You gonna join me?!”
“Don’t fucking test my patience right now y/n.”

He threw you into your shower and quickly dowsed you in luke warm water. You giggled yelling that it was raining. Eric groaned loudly as he struggled to keep you in the waters stream. After about 20 minutes he forcefully pulled you out and shook your shoulders.

“Why y/n?! How could you be so fucking stupid?! It’s bad enough with the shrooms and weed but this?! What’s the fucking matter with you!”

Eric yelled at you, his body shaking with anger. You shrugged and smiled at him again.

“Coz it’s fun, coz it makes me feel so fucking good when nothing else does”

Eric paused, a glimpse of your real self surfaced in your face. All the pain and sorrow you hid deep down inside of you.
His voice caught in his throat as you continued, your whole demeanour changed.

“It all y/n do this y/n do that but not how you want! Be a good little girl, do as your told. Don’t make issues. Your grades are not good enough, that music is poisoning you, you need to look more ladylike, your friends are bad influences, drugs and drink are the path of the weak. So I guess I’m the weakest mother fucker in existence since I can’t feel shit without then. Oh look there goes y/n stupid druggie freak whore! Hey give her a joint and she’ll suck your cock!! Yea I fucking hear everything that people say about me and you know what Eric?! Their fucking right! Not the blowing dudes for drugs but the rest of it! All I want is to feel happy! Feel loved! Feel fucking whole again!! What’s wrong with that huh? You fucking tell me Eric?!”

Eric stared in awe at you, before he could answer you shrugged his hold off you and pushed past him.

“Y/n wait! your fucking soaking wet! You’ll slip”
“Good! Maybe I’ll fucking break my neck and be at peace!”
“Will you fucking stop and fucking come back here!”

You smiled and shook your head, quickly locking yourself in your room. Eric kicked and shook your door, screaming at you to open it. You giggled and found a joint you’d been saving for later but fuck it. As you lit it and took s deep puff Eric finally kicked your door open.

“Jesus Eric way to break my house!”
“Are you fucking serious right now! Put that out!”

Eric ripped the joint from your hand and tossed it out of your window.

“Hey that was good shut asshole!!”
“You don’t need that shit”
“How the fuck would you know what I need?!”
“You need this y/n!”

He grabbed your face s kissed you softly. You froze as the feeling of his lips on yours. He pulled back from you and watched your face. You swallowed hard.

“Why’d you do that?”
“Coz you need to see how much you mean to people, how much you fucking mean to me!”
“Your lying…”
“I’m not! Coz if I was I couldn’t do this”

He kissed you again. So gently. The sensation of it shooting through your brain as pure happiness. You moaned quietly as his tongue brushed against your lips, asking for access. Parting your own he gently massaged your tongue with his. Your brain trying to process that you were making out with one of your best friends and that you both shouldn’t be doing this, but your animal side screamed through. Begging for you to get lost in the feelings.

Eric pulled you closer to him as your kiss intensified, low moans escaping his throat.

“Let me love you y/n, let me prove that your everything good in this world. That I can make you feel more complete and whole than any fucking drug.”

You nodded, not trusting yourself to speak. Eric slowly began to remove you wet clothes, kissing your skin wherever goosebumps popped up. He brushed your hair out of your eyes and smiled at you. A genuine smile that radiated love.

He kissed you again, manoeuvring you over to your bed pushing you down into it and falling with you.

“Eric wait”
“We shouldn’t, I don’t want to ruin our friendship”
“Me loving you won’t do shit y/n, I have for so long and now I’m just finally showing you”

He trailed kisses down your stomach, pausing at your panty line. He looked up at you, life and love burning in his eyes. His fingers slowly peeled them from your skin.

“Oh my god y/n, your so fucking beautiful, everything about you is perfect”

He ran his tongue over your folds, making you gasp and writhe around. He gently grabbed your hips holding them still as he licked and probed at you sex with his tongue. Sending bursts of light in your eyes from the sensations. Your fingers curled, gripping at your sheets. The feeling was so much more intense than usual thanks to the E. you whimpered and squirmed as he brought you closer and closer to climax.

“Oh shit, fuck!” You gasped as he drove his tongue deep into you, tipping you over the edge into orgasmic bliss. He chuckled as you lay there panting in your aftermath. He quickly shed his own clothes. His cock standing to attention. He stroked himself a few times before he pushed quickly inside of you.

You gasped as he buried himself fully inside of you. Still not moving his kissed you deeply.

“This is me y/n, this is us being one, your everything and more to me.”

He thrusted gently as he told you this, kissing and nipping at your neck. This wasn’t the Eric you’d heard about regarding sex. Eric was know to fuck girls as roughly as he could. Leaving bites and marks all over them. But here he was, not fucking you as you’d expected but making love to you.
You hooked your arms around his neck as his thrust harder but still slowly into you. He groaned and moaned against your skin. You knew he was holding back on what was so primal for him.

“Eric!…fuck!” You gasped
“Yea baby, that dick good? Bet it feels better than any fucking drug huh?”
“Yes! Oh god yes Eric!”
“You want that big dick to fuck you y/n”
“Ugh! Harder! Harder!”
“You want it hard baby?”

He chuckled as he raised off you and began slamming his hip to yours. Your hands released his neck as you writhed under him.

“Who’s making you feel so fucking good y/n?”
“You! You are Eric!”
“Say it again!”
“You make me feel so good Eric!”
“Ugh! Fuck y/n!”
“Fuck me! Fuck me eric!”
“Mmmm gladly baby”

He kept slamming his hips to yours muttering at how good you felt around his dick. How tight and wet you were and all for him. He kissed you biting at your lips as he did. You felt yourself building again, slowly threatening to explode.

“Oh fuck Eric! Your gonna make me cum again”
“Mm that’s right y/n, I’m Gonna make you cum over and over again. I want to be your drugs now, I want you addicted to my dick!”
“Eric give it to me! Fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!”

You screamed as he grasped your hips and drove himself into you over and over. He mumbled over his groans for you to cum for him, let him make you feel alive. Your orgasm floored you as Eric cried out loudly as you clenched on him. His quickened his pace moaning that you felt so fucking good, how he always wanted to make you feel this good. How he was your and your were his. As his pace faltered you felt him cum deep inside of you. His cock pulsing as he groaned out your name. He looked down at you and blushed, still inside.

He lent down and kissed you softly.
“See? You mean the universe to me y/n”
“And your definitely better than any drug eric”
“I hoped you’d say that baby”

theunacceptablepylades  asked:

the album "a constant state of ohio" by lincoln only has 5 songs and every single one of them is a ronan lynch song

oh man i just listened to all of this and. So Good?? i love the sound and the religious imagery and!!!
sample Very Ronan lyrics from ‘banks’ 

But even in my dreams, I still don’t know the difference between what it is I want and what it is I need…
I wanna see you be brave, I wanna see you surviving
I wanna see both of us prospering and thriving separately
I want the catharsis of knowing something bad’s about to happen, but also knowing that i can’t do anything about it

listen here but also check out the whole album!