just need to structure and all of that jazz

anonymous asked:

Who are your top 5 transformers to draw in your beautiful calendar style?

hmmm this question is kind of similar to the last one, but the answer will be different XD

The first one is Drift (2015), his new design in MTMTE is beautiful, I really love that.
Cyclonus (2015). it’s great to use metal structures to simulate the human muscles.
Jazz (2016), well, I love him in all universe, don’t you think the design of his hind legs in WFC mode is brilliant!!!
Astrotrain (2015), IDK…he’s big and strong and just so sexy… omg I need Astro-kinky-stufffffffffffff
Rung (2016). Hush.off the record, it’s feel like I’m drawing JRo every time I drawing Rung…