just need to structure and all of that jazz

Second take on original composition. For those wondering, the topic we needed to write about was related to self-reliance. 

Basically a conversation between two of my OCs; I actually quite like how it turned out! 

It is a simple fact of the universe, that no matter which galaxy, dimension, or quadrant you visit, that all bars are similar. Not the structure of the places necessarily – infinite space, different cultures, all that jazz – but they all carried a similar smell. It was a bitter scent; and it didn’t necessarily have to come from the undercoating of alcohol, cigarette smoke, and semen that occupied the seedier dives. Even the classier joints, the ones with smooth music and smoother liquor – or the clubs with fevered energies, flashing lights, thumping tunes that were considered rhythmical by whatever planet the place was on – all carried that same scent. Gryffin figured maybe it was despair. But then, some places were quite the party-centrals, and others still were active brawl rings for drunks and junkies.

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