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You loved Jasper.

You loved everything about him. His smile, his hair, his accent, his love of history, even his old fashioned mannerisms.

What you didn’t love was that he drinks blood to survive.

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sincerelybeaduke  asked:


“Okay people,” Beatrice said, sticking her pencil behind her ear and examining her clipboard thoroughly. “The city-wide Summer Fun Times Public Picnic is in two days, and I need everyone to be incredibly on top of everything. Status report, Pedro and Balthazar?”

“Okay, uh, things are going great!” Pedro said, excitedly. “We did all the things you said to do, no problem.”

“Also we put fire ants in one of your cars, but I don’t remember which one,” Balthazar added, strumming his guitar lazily.

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anonymous asked:

What is your opinion of the main theme(s) of Steven Universe and why?

I think that the series operates around a couple of key themes, that play with each other: Individuality, communication, and relationships between people.

My overarching theory of Homeworld is of a well-meaning civilization, led by people who had nothing but good intentions, about this grand empire they would build and how they would give everything to those underneath them. And what happened instead was a massive, systematic breakdown of communication and interconnection, which led to discontent, oppressive structures, and, ultimately, the splintering of Homeworld all the way to the highest echelons with the war over Earth.

Steven is a very communication-oriented individual. His skills are listening to and understanding to people emotionally, and he’s often a catalyst to helping others express their feelings (Frybo, On The Run, Horror Club, Reformed, Too Far). Music is heavily associated with Steven, though it saturates the whole series; music and singing is a form of communication, and the musical segments of the show are used to explore character motivation, feelings, and points of view. My theories of YD is that she parallels Steven, and, like him, is very focused on communication; however, as the main antagonist of the piece, she has fallen into destructive patterns, and needs help finding a  healthy balance.

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