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[TRANS] Starcast - “This, is sincerity”… ‘INFINITE’, An infinite victory of 4 hours

Unfortunately, if you failed the ticketing?

Or, if 2 days were too short?

Don’t be sad.

‘Starcast’ has prepared an infinite review.

On the 4th, ‘Infinite Gathering 3′ was held at the Indoor Stadium at Jamsil Sports Complex. ‘Infinite Gathering’ was started back in 2013 by INFINITE and is a special fan meeting.

This time is already the third. It’s a time for ‘INFINITE’ and ‘Inspirit’ to meet so closely. ‘Infinite Gathering’ returned after 2 years, and it was well worth the wait.

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Ignoring his kisses because he annoyed you (INFINITE)

Sunngyu: “Babe if you kiss me. I promise I’ll shut up”

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Dongwoo: -growls- “one last chance babygirl before I take things into my own hands”

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Woohyun: -begging- “one kiss please I feel like you don’t love me anymore”

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Hoya: -at the table with the others- “tell me why you’re not kissing me now. I know personally what affect I have on you”

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Sungyeol: -annoyed as well- “come on just kiss me already!”

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L: -acting mad and happy- “yeah fine I really don’t need you to kiss me anyways”

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Sungjong: -teasing- “I wonder what I have to do to get you to kiss me? I don’t have to do much to have you melt in my arms normally”

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INFINITE REACTION: When he sees her checking his phone

Sungkyu: “Don’t you trust me? that’s why you’re looking at my phone?”

“oppa… my phone battery is over and I needed to make a phone call…”

Dongwoo: He’d be watching from afar thinking 1001 things you could be doing with his phone.

Woohyun: “I’m whatching you… pass me your phone right now!”

Hoya: “you! what are you doing with my phone?”

Sungyeol:”baby…There’s nothing to see on my phone…maybe something…”

L: “excuse me pretty lady… what are you looking for in my phone?”

Sungjong: He’d be a little angry, believing that you were looking his conversations when in fact you’re just playing.

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INFINITE Reaction : When you ask them to help you study

Sunggyu: “Yeah sure , I’ll help ! Since it’s an important exam , bring your books and we’ll study together alright?! I can’t promise much by the way”

Dongwoo: “aaah waee?? Do you really have to study ?! We can just lay down and cuddle?!”

Woohyun: “OFCOURSEE :D bring the books and I’ll ..”

You: “No Woohyun , I need you to help me by leaving the room , you’re distracting me”

“Eeeh , you find it hard to resist me right ? *smirk* You can’t think of anything else but me when I’m around right ? ayyy~”

Hoya:Are you sure you need me to help? Am not that useful when it comes to studies ..”


Myungsoo:  “You should take some rest first , I saw you studying the whole night , you’re not looking good right now !! You need to eat something and sleep a bit , then I promise , we’ll study together alright ? c’mon!!”

Sungjong: Naah , I’m not really good at school stuff , I’ll just sit here watching you :D”

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Our maknae has finally finished his message as well: “When you have too many thoughts, forget about the lemon candy and just think of me. I will cheer for you where ever you are, whatever you are doing and whenever you need me to. From now on, you are my Princess, and I will be the Prince who will root for you!”

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