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Screwed || Bucky Barnes || Pt. 3

Part One | Part Two

Relationship: AU!Bucky Barnes x reader (Modern AU)

Summary: Bucky Barnes had never taken a liking in you, no matter how hard you tried he always seemed to loathe you. That is until you get a little drunk and carefree leading to becoming much closer to Bucky than you ever imagined. The question is, how screwed are you?

Warnings: the teeniest tinest big of angst, teeth rotting fluff!!!

Word Count: 1198 words

A/N: hooooooly shit this chapter is so fluffy i am in l o v e

You had never seen Bucky as anything else other than your enemy, basically. So seeing this new vulnerable, soft side of him was tearing you apart on the inside, not knowing how to react. 

You felt responsible since it was you who initiated everything with Bucky that night. He may have wanted to be the one to start things but clearly you had beaten him to it, either way you felt accountable. 

So when Bucky trudged out the door with no goodbye you knew something really snapped in him, everyone saw it. “I’ll go check on him,” Steve said, getting up from his seat, “no,” you interjected, stunning everyone, “let me, I think I know what’s bothering him,” you told him giving him a look that said you needed to be the one to talk to him. 

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Let’s Be Lonely Together - 1

They were photographs no one was ever supposed to see. Betty Cooper on her bed, lace-clad, dark wig… But now everyone in school had seen them, thanks to an anonymous sender, and the culprit needed to be found.

Whoops, I slipped and started another fic. I don’t think this will be too long, and I do have the vague events planned out so it’s just down to my writing time and whether I get blocked as to how quickly this will be complete. I’m just really bad at sitting on chapters if I have them complete *blushes*. I hope you like it! Thank you to @penny4thoughts for helping me figure out the plot <3

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“Did you see them?”

“…can’t believe she would…”

“Who do you think…”

“…always knew she was a freak…”

“…fucking hot, though.”

The conversations drifting in subdued tones through the hallways of Riverdale High all held a similar topic that morning. Hushed whispers and pointing fingers all aimed in the same direction as the crowds parted like the Red Sea to let her through. She didn’t look at any of them, she didn’t hiss at them to stop, she didn’t even raise her downturned eyes from the ground. She merely watched as she placed one foot in front of the other and kept walking.

Betty’s flaxen curls hung down around her face, tendrils shielding her features like a curtain from the invasive stares of her peers. That alone was a sight rarely seen outside of the walls of her perfectly pink bedroom. But that wasn’t the only view into the private life of Elizabeth Cooper that the students had been greeted within the early hours of the school day. So subtly that it was barely noticeable to the untrained eye, each plink of a text or email caused the resident golden girl to flinch as if a hand was being raised to her. And in a way it was, every single notification targeted towards her like a well-placed smack.

Because somebody had taken photographs of Betty Cooper, the floral pattern of her bedspread muted in hues of blue and purple with the early evening light that had flooded in through her window, highlighting the pink and black of her lace bra, the Seduce Scarlet of her lips, and the silken strands of a black wig, as she lay out, scantily clad on top of her mattress.

Someone had taken those photos, kept them, and distributed them throughout the entire student body, highlighting the whole directory and hitting ‘send to all’, and no one knew who. But that didn’t really matter to them. All that piqued their interests at present was how a good girl could be so bad.

“Miss Burble, may I have a word?” Principal Weatherbee’s low voice pulled the young teacher from her reverie, warm eyes following the girl’s mechanical movements down the hallway. She’d seen, everyone (even the teachers) had seen by now, and understood the circumstances of the top piece of gossip within school walls right now. She nodded quickly, following the greying man into his office.

“What can I help you with?” she asked, already having an inkling as to his request. As the school’s guidance counsellor, it was expected that something like this should fall into her lap to be dealt with.

“I assume you’ve seen the images of Miss Cooper that are making the rounds?” he asked, removing his spectacles to pinch the bridge of his nose. She pressed her lips together tightly and nodded. He replaced his glasses and shook his head dejectedly. “The way they treat each other these days…” he sighed.

“I think things like this always happen in high schools, in all ages. If it weren’t for the rise of the smartphone the pictures would just be printed out and stuck on lockers,” Miss Burble said with a sad shrug of her shoulders. Principle Weatherbee’s eyes narrowed.

Regardless,” he retorted, somewhat sharply, “I’d like to keep this incident contained to Riverdale High before it gets any worse. As counsellor I’m tasking you with finding out who did this so the right course of action can be carried out. And talk to Miss Cooper. We have to make sure that she remains… stable in light of such events,” he added cautiously, as if the litany of pamphlet reading he’d been forced to do about ‘at risk’ students was suddenly running before his eyes like a news reel. Miss Burble shuddered imperceptibly, her own experiences of reading about such cases dragging their way to the forefront of her mind.

“How do you suggest I find out who did it?” she asked apprehensively, wringing her hands in front of her. Riverdale High had been a relatively quiet and uncomplicated first job, making her foray into the working world as a young teacher all the more smooth. But this had just landed at her feet like a ticking time bomb, and from the look in his face Weatherbee was placing her on a strict schedule to get this wrapped up.

“That is your job to figure out, Miss Burble, and I expect a speedy delivery,” he replied with unmistakable sternness, his tone implying her dismissal. She nodded once more and let herself out of the office, back into the throngs of students still buzzing about their latest target.

The sea of students merged into a technicolour blur as they washed through the hallways. Miss Burble pushed her thick curls back with a sharp exhale, taking in the masses as they moved in waves. It was not going to be easy to find the culprit.


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Drunk and Missing You//G.D

Requested: Yes 

By: Anonymous 

Request:  Hey, i love your imagines! Can you do an imagine for Grayson where y/n is in Australia for a week and drunk Gray is calling her cuz he misses her a lot. Thanks <3

a/n: i love this, im so ready to write this. and of course its so late im sorry babe

Warnings: none maybe a little aching in your heart 

Boy: Grayson Dolan 

Word Count: 505 words 

Having to go to a wedding in Australia was a dream come true. You’ve always wanted to go, it was on your bucket list. You could finally cross it off.

Grayson was the only thing missing. He wasn’t able to come since you hardly knew the person getting married. It was someone your mother knew. 

You missed him dearly. You had trouble sleeping without him beside you. You were so used to his body heat, his snores, and the protecting grasp his arms held. 

The hotel bed was cold, lonely, missing him. The bed felt bigger without your boyfriend sleeping beside you. 

Grayson was a mess. He never felt this way about a girl before. You are his everything. When you had told him about this he understood completely, but inside he was screaming, don’t go, please don’t leave me. 

You’ve only been gone 3 days out of the seven, and you guys could hardly talk because of the time zones. You were fast asleep when he was just waking up. 

He felt the same. He had trouble sleeping without you. He was used to hearing the short quiet breaths that would escape between your lips every so often, he missed your smaller frame up against his chest, legs tangled together. The soft skin of your tummy against his arms. He missed you. Your voice, your kisses, your hugs. 

And soon he started to drink to block out the pain of missing you. One drink turned into two….three…four…five…six…seven, if he was feeling it. He throw up, go to bed, and repeat the next day. 

He just wanted to let go. To forget you were gone. He knew you’d be home in a few days, but he didn’t want the aching of his heart to go on. He needed to escape. 

Today was the worst. He drank more than he should of. It was about 11pm and he watched with blurry eyes as his thumb hovered over your contact name. Call her. 

And he did. He waited as the ringing seemed to go on forever. It stopped shortly as a small “hello” came through the phone. 

He sighed loudly, tears falling instantly, sobs taking over. He was a mess.

“Gray, babe, calm down, what’s wrong.” Your soft calming voice fills his ears. 

“I miss you..” He slurs sadly. 

“Are you drunk?’ You ask concerned. 

“Yeah.” His voice cracks making your heart shatter. 

“Grayson why?” 

“I needed to escape, you’re not here and my heart hurts, I just needed to block out the pain. I need you. 

Grayson baby, I’m coming home. I’m booking a flight right now.” You state. 

“No! I’m fine. Enjoy the rest of the days there.” He says his words laced with sadness. His head screaming I need you, I need you, I need you. 

“I’ll be home in 14 hours babe, hold tight, sober up. I love you so fucking much Grayson.” 

“I love you so much more baby girl.” 

His snores fill your ears as you whisper a quiet “I love you most”. 

I listened to Run to You by Lea Michele (its off her new album that coming out soon) this whole time. Probably why it’s a little tear jerking. Also probably my fav imagine written so far. Thanks babes. I hope you enjoyed this one

(Donald Pierce x Reader)

A/N: SO I went to see Logan yesterday and it was sick so I thought I’d write a little Donald Pierce x Reader thang. I can see some serious potential for a part 2 so let me know what y’all think. This contains some major spoilers for Logan and mentions of violence. Enjoy!

Your feet clicked against the stone floor as you entered your kitchen. You’d done this every day for the last four years but today something was different. The plates inside of the cupboard began to rattle as soon as you entered and you gripped the kitchen surface to steady yourself. 

They escaped. They’re free. 

You breathed rapidly trying to still the surge of emotion building inside you. You’d never felt so conflicted - you couldn’t deny that you were glad the children were finally free but by doing so you had betrayed the person that you loved. 

But how could you ever love him? He was a monster. 

The tempestuous feelings inside you built to such a level that the lights around the room began to flicker. The sounds of kettle rapidly switching on and off filled your ears as the currents surged from your body into the kitchen around you. 

You felt as thought you were about to explode when you suddenly heard the front door slam. You stopped instantly - only at the result of decades of schooling yourself to react automatically to company - and the cutlery draw crashed loudly onto the floor.  

‘Baby?’ You heard a thick southern accent drawl from nearby as you released the kitchen counter from your grip and stood stock still. 

Donald appeared before you a moment later. His sunglasses hung loosely in his hand as he squinted at you in the dim light of the kitchen. The fuse must have blown again. 

'Darlin’ are you okay?’

Donald pressed his flesh hand to your cheek, face automatically tightening in concern when he felt how cold and clammy the skin felt underneath. Your little episode had weakened you significantly and constantly suppressing your abilities only allowed you to use them in short bursts anyway. 

'What happened in here?’ Donald gestured towards the floor and for the first time you noticed  cutlery was scattered everywhere from where the draw had fallen. 

'I-I stumbled and pulled it out.’ You murmured avoiding his gaze as he studied your face. Seemingly satisfied with your explanation, Donald led you to front room where he help you sit down on the sofa. You instantly flopped down onto your back as he briefly left the room before reappearing with a damp flannel which you were secretly grateful for as a headache began to blossom over your brow. 

'I-I think I’m sick.’ You mumbled again as you scrunched your eyes shut trying to block out the pain. 

'Shh just lie back. I got you.’ Donald spoke softly as he dabbed your brow with the cloth. His metal hand rested on your wrist and you tried to resist springing away from him. You were too uncontrolled right now and you didn’t trust yourself. One wrong move and you could kill him. 

'I’ll take you to get checked out. No offence baby but you look like hell.’ You knew that Donald’s faux-teasing voice was laced with worry underneath. 

'No! No - really. I’ll be fine. I just need rest.’ You steadied your voice as you lay back, keeping your gaze fixed on the ceiling above you. 

'That’s my girl. Always stubborn.’ Donald chided gently, his hand still resting on your wrist - probably as a subtle way to measure your pulse. Slowly you could feel yourself starting to regain your strength as you focused on emptying your mind of all the feelings that had crowded you earlier. 

'I hate to leave you doll, really - but something’s happened.' 

You knew damn well what had happened but Donald didn’t know that. So you schooled your voice into one of concern as you as you attempted to pry the truth from him. 

'What is it?' 

'Nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about. I’ll have some of the boys set up outside to listen out in case you need me.' 

Great. You thought, knowing full well that it would be highly suspect of you to refuse his protection. 

'Okay love.’ You heard yourself saying, offering him a smile that you silently prayed would appear convincing. Donald seemed satisfied (or distracted) as he leaned forward and kissed you. 

After he left you finally allowed your muscles to relax. You could still feel tiny shocks and static in your fingertips but the worst of it was over. You had never been proud of your so-called powers. In fact they were little more than a curse.
You’d been born with the ability to control different energies around you. On the surface it appeared like an incredible gift but it had in fact brought you nothing but anguish. 

You remembered the first time your power had resulted in a death. You glanced down and stared at your hands, the same hands that had tightly gripped at the limp kitten in your arms when you were five years old. You could recall the static sensation of its singed hair on your skin. You didn’t mean to kill it you just didn’t know how to control yourself yet. 

Your parents were not like you -they said you were evil. You father had shook you so violently when he saw that you’d killed the kitten that you panicked and shocked him. As his limp body fell to the floor your mother began to scream, so loudly that it hurt your ears so you silenced her with a single jolt from your fingertips. 

After that you were alone. You were smart enough to know that your home wasn’t home anymore. You spent years traversing the country - trying to stay out of trouble and avoiding the authorities who were desperately searching for a missing child, presumed dead. 

You fled to Mexico when you were 17, a place where there were far less questions about where you’d come from. But you were still lost, drifting from one job to the next one that didn’t require a form of ID as you tried to keep the food in your belly. 

Your ability to control the energy around you was very much a two-way relationship. You naturally found yourself drawn to the cities buzzing with lights and people. You spent three years making your way around Mexico before finally settling in the capital. 

Transigen had captured your attention immediately. The amount of energy spilling from the walls of that place piqued your curiosity and you attempted to investigate what was happening inside, but to no avail. Security was far too tight. The only possible in for you was through employment. And for that you needed a verifiable background. 

So you bided your time. You worked night and day until you’d saved enough money to pay a man to create you a birth certificate and passport. You were now Y/N Y/L/N. You spent hours schooling yourself into the perfect Transigen employee - hardworking, intelligent but also obedient and loyal. You practiced suppressing your powers, reacting to every possible surprise or eventuality. You vowed never to kill anyone again. 

You paid the man extra just to throw in a few relevant medical qualifications, confident that you’d be able to learn as you worked, and before you knew it you’d landed the job. 

You kept a low profile for the first few months of your employment. You were mostly constrained to admin work and knew for the fact that not a single person in there trusted you yet. Slowly you gained the trust of your superiors and were gradually allowed into the lab. 

For a long time you couldn’t understand why the children were being kept like this. A cancer study seemed unlikely and your suspicions continued to grow. It wasn’t until one day when they attempted to restrain one boy who then decapitated the nurse stood next to you did you realise that these were not normal children.  

That day did not stick in your memory for that reason alone - it was also the day you met Donald Pierce. 

The moment he entered the room you had to suppress your abilities harder than you’d ever tried in your life. It didn’t help that he walked right up to, feet splashing in the blood that covered the hospital floor and brought his face right up to yours. 

'Ya hurt?' 

His blue eyes bored into yours as he spoke, his thick southern accent clouding any emotion that might have once been present in his voice like smoke. 

'No.’ Was all you managed in a tight voice, unable to tear your gaze away from his. Donald had stared at you a few seconds longer and for a moment you were sure he knew your secret. But after what felt like a millennium he stepped back. 

'Good. Don’t tell anyone about this.’ He murmured roughly before leaving the room. 

You didn’t know it at the time but that was the beginning of the two of you. Everyone at Transigen thought Donald was the devil incarnate but you could almost see a warped logic to his thinking. You didn’t want more to die because of people like you. But you never, ever, condoned the abuse and neglect that the children received. 

Every day that you worked there was another day where Donald cemented himself in your brain. You loathed yourself for being so hypnotised by his eyes and the way that the sound of his voice made your head swim. These feelings were completely alien to you and yet that didn’t stop you welcoming Donald’s invasion into your personal space, lips twisting into a half smile and revealing that ridiculous gold tooth when he studied you. 

'You’re a smart girl - in fact, I think you’re dangerous.’ Donald drawled one night as you were cleaning up the lab at the end of the day. The words made your blood run cold as your mind began to conjure the idea that he knew. But he simply laughed in the end and brushed your shoulder lightly as he left.  

It was difficult to piece together exactly how you’d arrived at your current destination. You and Donald had now been living together for four years. Four years. The fact was unbelievable even to your own ears but despite everything he showed you love that no one else had. You’d never been welcomed into a home to call your own before, never been held or never even been considered by anyone else until you met him. The last four years had been a conflict for you - how do you convince the man you love to give up his lifelong mission?  

The sound of the front door clicking shut startled you out of your reverie. Several hours had passed since Donald had last left and you found yourself buried under the sheets of your bed now, not realising you’d been lost in thought for so long. All was good, for now, and the energy both in you and around you felt relatively lax. 

You feigned sleep as you listened to Donald climb the stairs and enter the bedroom. He groaned in exhaustion as he undressed, his coat and jeans landing on the floor heavily as he stripped carelessly. 

He climbed into bed next to you and you tensed at the sensation of his cold arms as they wrapped around you. The sensation of his facial hair rough against your neck relaxed you a little - despite everything, you felt at home here when it was quiet. Donald relaxed next to you but you knew he was wide awake. 

'Everything okay?’ You whispered into the darkness as you intertwined your fingers with his. 

'The kids are gone. I don’t know how but they fuckin’ are.' 

His metal hand tightened around yours to the point of pain and you stroked his arm in response, hoping to calm him. 

'You’ll get them back.' 

'How do you know?’ Donald hissed and you tensed your jaw in response as you resisted the urge to snap back. Maybe you shouldn’t have been fucking holding them there in the first place. He didn’t scare you in the slightest but he could be difficult. 

Instead you tried a different tactic. You rolled over and pulled his nude body close to yours, your lips moving over his neck as he hummed in response.
'Because you’re better than they are.' 

Donald’s breath caught in his throat as his metal hand moved up to grip your hair as he kissed you. 

'Damn right.' 

You moved away briefly to take in the sight of him before surging forward and kissing him hungrily. Like your life depended on it. Donald made a noise of surprise but responded in kind. For all you knew this could be the last time. You could no longer sit idly by knowing what was happening.

It was time to act.

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I Dare You - Chapter 6 - JohnTen - Mafia Leader x Detective - Soulmate!AU

Chapter 1 - Intro ; Chapter 2 ; Chapter 3 ; Chapter 4 ; Chapter 5 ; Chapter 6 ; Chapter 7

Word Count: 1485

Trigger Warning: Offensive Language, Graphic Descriptions

Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU, Soulmate!AU

Dedicated to: @johntenismyotp​ - Happy Birthday, darling! <3

There were a million and one things going through Ten’s mind, and the one that was unmistakably ringing through his head was him getting the hell out of there as soon as possible.

His stiff body started turning numb, and he faintly registered his hand trying to tug out of Johnny’s, who was latching onto his wrist and refusing to let go, eyes wide and pleading.

“Please don’t go, just wait and hear me out,” he whispered, giving Ten a longing look.

Ten was about to snap back or even start screaming until he looked Johnny in the eyes and saw the exact same emotions that had so often played inside of him during the past few years of his life.

He was asking him to listen and wait for an explanation, and Ten realized that he was in the very same position not more than a mere few hours ago.

He gulped, the bile in his throat subsiding momentarily, and he slowly let some air into his lungs.

“Okay. I’m here,” he said softly, looking down at their intertwined hands, then back into Johnny’s eyes as he registered the man from earlier moving closer to their table.

But Johnny still looked worried, and Ten squeezed his hand, smiling a little at the beautifully melancholic expression he sported.

Some sense started to dawn into Ten, like the fact that no one in this cafe knew who he was, or that if Johnny had wanted to take him down, he would have called him to a different part of town, closer to the police station and all the other patrolling officers.

And it was then that he realized that they were almost as far away from the station as possible, and that Johnny had done that on purpose.

Ten’s cheeks got warmer and the tenseness in his shoulders slowly dissipated as he realized that he was safer than he had initially thought he would have been.

Plus, if he were to be in the midst of a detective, no one would ever suspect him of being who he really was.

The hard grip Johnny had his hand locked in slackened, and Ten could move his wrist again.

He turned his palm and wove his fingers with Johnny’s, sending him another squeeze, and the angel in front of him smiled through the fringe that had fallen onto his face, making Ten’s heart do all sorts of things he never thought were humanly possible.

The man who had called out to Johnny now stood next to their table, a little taken aback at the situation he had just interrupted.

“Oh, I’m sorry for intruding,” started the man. “I didn’t know you were spending time with your, uh,” he hesitated, looking at their joint hands on the table.

“My soulmate?” offered Johnny, his tone a little harsh at the man’s expression, and Ten was just as agitated.

The man gave a tight smile, his voice dry to the extreme. “Ah, of course. Does the department know about this, detective?”

Ten’s blood was starting to boil.


Johnny inhaled sharply, trying to maintain his composure. “Not yet, but I’m sure they’ll throw me a party for finally finding my soulmate,” he replied, emphasizing the words yet and party.

“Not all of them,” said the man, his face slightly twisting into a disapproving frown.

Ten cleared his throat, his face automatically falling into the scowl he probably gave when he was in his mafia boss mode.

Johnny noticed the expression, and his heart stopped for a moment.

Never had he felt so awed by a person who looked like a god while pulling such a face, the expression menacing and making him smile, reminding him that this fragile man was his, and that he was still very much able to kick someone’s ass.

And worse.

Johnny’s attention was drawn back to the unpleasant man, and a frown tugged at his lips.

“I’m sorry, but did you come over here to antagonize me for being in a relationship with the love of my life, or did you actually need something?”

Johnny had tried to say this as politely as possible, but the venom in his voice and words were crystal clear.

The man stuttered for a second. “I didn’t know you were soulmates, I can’t see the mark anywhere,” he gestured vaguely.

“It’s on a more private spot of our bodies. Care to look?” Ten’s voice dripped with sarcasm, and Johnny failed to bite back a snicker.

“No, thank you,” said the man quickly, his voice going three octaves higher, making Ten smirk at his discomfort.

“I actually came over to ask about the case you’ve been working on for the past few months,” said the man, clearing his throat and addressing Johnny, and Ten visibly tensed again.

“Something wrong?” added the man quickly, noticing Ten’s frozen stature.

“He doesn’t like it when we talk about my job because it worries him and he can’t fall asleep before I’m home,” lied Johnny smoothly, gently squeezing Ten’s hand in his.

“He gave me quite the scare last night,” added Ten, smiling softly. “He came back at three past midnight.”

“Oh,” said the man, his eyebrows furrowing. “Do you think you’ll be able to catch the leader anytime soon? A lot of the people have been working to get the bastard’s head on a pike,” he grunted, folding his arms and huffing indignantly.

“I’m working on it, even though it feels like I’m chasing a ghost. I wouldn’t worry too much about it if I were you, though. The leader and his crew only target other mafia members and threats, so civilians are safe,” explained Johnny, looking the man dead in the eye.

“And you know this, how?” asked the man.

“It’s my job,” was the plain response.

“Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean that you can just -”

“I think you’ve ruined our date enough,” interrupted Johnny, standing up and pulling Ten with him. “We’ll leave now, but it was nice speaking to you, sir. Watch the news, you’ll know everything you need to know from there.”

Fingers still laced together, Johnny led Ten out of the cafe and away from the stunned man, crossing the street and walking towards a calm park only a block over.

“Thank you,” Ten said in a beautiful voice, making goosebumps erupt all over Johnny’s body.

“For what?” asked Johnny nonchalantly, smiling at Ten, who gave him the most amazing eye smile he’d ever seen in his entire life.

“I don’t know. Everything. For asking me out here, for not ratting me out or taking me in, for listening to me, for defending me against that guy, and -”

“You don’t have to thank me,” said Johnny, his face warm and his smile still wide.

“But why would you do it?” came the exasperated reply.

“Because I felt what you feel, and I don’t think you’re the person everyone seems to think you are. Because you go through hell for what you do and I don’t understand why you would do it when it brings you so much pain. It doesn’t make any sense to me. And I wanted to ask you and find out.”

“You could lose your job for this,” Ten answered quietly. “Worse, you’d go to prison for obstruction of justice and withholding evidence.”

“I’m well aware of that, yes,” Johnny retaliated, laughing easily.

He knew exactly what the risks were, and he was willing to go through with it. But he’d need some answers first.

“You’d actually go through that?” Ten asked, his voice giving way as he evidently tried not to cry.

“I’m here, aren’t I? Although I do have a few conditions.”

“Like what?”

“Well, for starters, you’re going to have to answer a hell of a lot of questions.”

Ten’s face sobered up, expecting the worst, and Johnny laughed.

“Okay, hit me,” said Ten. 

Johnny smiled, deciding that the teasing was enough and that he should take it easy.

“What’s your favorite color?” he asked with the most serious tone he could muster.

They both stared at each other until they cracked up, Ten shaking his head.

“If this is what being a detective entails, you must have one hell of a job.”

Johnny grinned. “It helped me find you,” he remarked, and his soulmate’s face turned crimson.

Before he could think it through, Johnny stepped closer and leaned in, leaving a soft peck on Ten’s cheek, his own pulse skyrocketing.

“I’m glad it did,” Ten hardly managed to get out, shyly fumbling with his glasses and running his hands through his fluffy hair, avoiding Johnny’s eyes.

I must be the luckiest man alive, Johnny thought to himself.

So did Ten, until his phone buzzed.

It was sent from an anonymous source, but the message definitely got the point across.

Do your henchmen know about your secret boyfriend? How cute.

Not a Bad Thing ~ Part 0

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Fairy-tale & AU Series Index 

|| Next Part

Word Count: 2.5K

This is a Sehun Wolf AU. It dabbles in CEOSehun also, but the CEO part is not the main focus. Please enjoy this and let me know what you think! My sort of theme song for this series is ‘Not a Bad Thing’ By Justin Timberlake.

Please ignores & excuse any errors


“A business banquet?” I said as I stared at Jang Mi. She looked back the down at the file in her hands before nodding. I stared at her from my desk, which wasn’t too far from hers. We sat in the office of MOMENTS PHOTOGRAPHY. Moments Photography is the name on my Photography company.

I started this company about 2 years ago, and the success is something I didn’t expect. I found interest in photography during my 2nd year of middle school. By the time I was in high school, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I went to school to improve my photography skills, and here I am.

When I started this company, I got jobs like Senior pictures and portraits. Now I take shots for major events and major companies. I also do celebrity weddings  and fashion shows. When I started gaining bigger jobs, it became hard for me to manage all by myself. I didn’t want to my company too large, so I hired an assistant. That’s how I hired Jang Mi. I’ve lived in Korea for sometime now due to the fact that my family moved here due to my mother’s work. We moved here when I was in 6th grade, so you can imagine how hard that was.

I went to school in the US and returned to Korea.

I watched as Jangmi read over the file again before looking up at me.

“Yes, it’s a weird sort of convention banquet among different companies and their CEOs.” She explained, “It’s held by Oh Enterprises and the pay is pretty good. I think we should take it.”

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Out of My Head

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,398

Summary: Dean is a little insensitive toward your feelings and you try to make yourself forget. 

Warnings: Angst, language, self-medicating with alcohol, light smut.

A/N: @lipstickandwhiskey and I both went through writer’s block this week and traded prompts to help get through it. Mine was “The night was cold and you lacked a coat, but the fire and fury you had in equal measure.” Enjoy! (No, I am not taking requests at this time.)

Tags: At the bottom. Reminder that I only have an everything, Dean, or Sam tags lists and only tag followers (refer to this post for why.) 

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The night was cold and you lacked a coat, but the fire and fury you had in equal measure. The coat you’d left back at the bar, too pissed to remember that it was the end of November and cold out after dark. The fire and fury you carried with you, fueling you to keep moving instead of giving up and going back to the warmth and safety of the bar.

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cpnandor  asked:

can you write about draco fucking up and hermione is threatening to leave him i need a little angst

“Granger, please.” It was the first time Draco Malfoy had begged anyone for anything in what felt like centuries, but…for Granger, he’d grovel; for her, he’d do whatever it took to make her stay. Even if it meant swallowing his pride a thousand times over. She was worth more to him than his family’s name and status; she was worth more than the years of ingrained prejudice that had been beaten into his skull as a young man. She was worth everything to him, and…perhaps that was the entire problem; perhaps he hadn’t conveyed how much she meant to him enough. If he had, surely she wouldn’t be standing before him with tear-stained cheeks and one hand trembling as she wrapped her fingers around a freshly-packed suitcase.

Maybe if Draco had bothered to tell her each and every day–in some subtle manner–just how devoted he was to her, then she wouldn’t be threatening to leave him. And for good this time, by the looks of it.

“The time for talking’s over, Draco,” Hermione managed finally, her voice cracking as she stared defiantly at her lover. “I’m so…so tired, Draco; I’m tired of everything. I need to go spend some time at Harry and Ginny’s…clear my head…”

“You can do that here,” He blurted out, desperation lacing his voice. He stepped in front of her, blocking the front door from her with his slender, quivering arms. Stay. Stay. Stay. The word was beating a steady rhythm in his mind and echoing in his heart: it was the only word that mattered. Stay.

“I told you,” She spat through gritted teeth, her eyes filling with tears. “I told you that she still had feelings for you, Draco, and you didn’t…you didn’t listen to me.”

“Parkinson means nothing to me…she’s not you, Granger…please–I didn’t do anything with her,” Draco begged, his brows furrowing together in a fit of distress. He’d berate himself for appearing so weak in front of her come morning, but he’d shove those worries to the back of his mind for now. At present, all that mattered was getting Granger to stay. Somehow. He…he needed her. More than she could have possibly known.

“I asked you to trust me and you didn’t! And then she went and mucked everything up!” Hermione cried out, releasing her hold on her suitcase in favor of wiping fervently at her eyes. She rubbed them with the heels of her hands, her shoulders shaking as dry sobs tore through her dainty frame. The overwhelming need to wrap his arms around her and provide his lover with some sense of security was almost deliriously tempting, but…Draco kept his hands to himself. He knew his embrace was anything but welcome.

“You are the only one I give a damn about, Granger,” Draco called out, his voice wavering with anger and desperation. He just needed her to understand. “And if you walk out of that door right now, then you’re bloody proving to me that you don’t know anything about me anymore.”

“Maybe I never did,” was her reply; hoarse and quiet after five long beats of silence. And then, before he could plead for her to stay the night, Hermione was gathering up her belongings and Disapparating, leaving Draco behind to deal with the mess he’d created.

Avengers is my Valentine

Valentine’s Day special!

I wanted to write a special imagines and not a request… Hope you like it! BTW it’s a bit long.

Summary: reader’s first Valentine’s with the team but has a date with another SHIELD member. The team try stopping her from going in all the ways they can think of, because they’re all jealous that she’s not with them

Pairing: Avengers X reader

And done. An everlasting sigh of relief left my now cherry red lips. Twirling around in front of my bedroom mirror, there were no imperfections to be spotted.

My red, chiffon, lace dress ended just above my knees, which were accentuated with black pumps which had golden glitter heels. Gold and black bracelets wrapped my right hand while my fingers were painted a beautifully vintage red. cherry red lips with a red and black ombre eye makeup completed the look, while my hair was left in loose curls. Grabbing my black clutch, I headed for the main living room.

“Kay guys, i’m heading out. if anyone needs me, they can call me.” a trail of blue circled me, only to signal that Pietro has blocked my way to go back into the elevator.

“and where do you think you’re going on Valentine’s day, (Y/L/N)?” The oldest maximoff inquires while inspecting my outfit.

I rocked back and forth on my feet, “well, I have a date to go on today. So see you later!” As soon as my feet moved to take a step, cool metal fingers wrapped around my left arm.

“with who? I might need to go winter soldier on his ass…” The last bit was supposed to be a whisper, but still could be heard.

“Chris Markman from field training. We have reservations so… I GOTTA GO!” With that, I was making my way out.

“Tony, check him.”

“on it, capsicle.”

“eh… ewww… No. Freaking. HOLY MOLY SCIENCE.“ That’s all Tony would say while doing some thorough research on (Y/N)’s date. He ran past everyone, almost tumbling over all of them. He honestly couldn’t care less, he just needed to inform the team of this.

“guys guys guys guys… Guys. Guess what I found out!” When the room fell silent, he took it upon himself to continue. “(Y/N)’s date has more secrets than SHIELD does. And they has a butt whoop of embarrassment. Born Christopher Iszowski Markman, his dad was a British soldier while his mom was an all-American army nurse. Here’s where it gets interesting: Alexander Pierre is related to him through his mother’s side - which probably explains why he is an arrogant little bastard who got suspended from school because the school lunch lady put Gouda instead is Swiss cheese in his sandwich, he then threw a nasty little tantrum… And he is a douchebag, breaking a girl’s heart everyday. The rest was too boring, so let’s go humiliate the arrogant idiot.”

they all discovered which restaurant (Y/N) has gone to, so they all devised a plan - Tony would be flying around watching where they went, while Clint did the same… Except not flying. Natasha and Steve acted like a couple behind them. Pietro dressed as a chef while wanda was at the till. Bruce was next to Clint, watching through the restaurant cameras and as for Bucky, Sam and Thor, they waited until they has permission to humiliate him.

“guys, go.” That was when Sam, Thor and Bucky went in. Scanning the place, Wanda came to the rescue, directing them to where (Y/N) was. The three of them squashed into the same booth as Chris and (Y/N). Bucky on the right of the guy, leaving him flush against his metal arm, while Thor was on the left side of (Y/N). Sam being an idiot, crawled in between the both of them.

“Hey guys, funny meeting you here, I got Thor and Bucky here because I heard the food was amazing and we didn’t have any plans.” Bucky kept flexing his left arm until Chris excused himself out. As soon as he was out of sight, the whole team raided the restaurant. They say in (Y/N)’s booth trying to explain that Chris was a jerk. Which worked. As soon as she got up to leave, he was back.

“oh come on! You’re really going to leave because of a team of weirdos? You’re better off staying with me. It’s Valentine’s Day, so you’d rather be on a date.”

“excuse me? If you haven’t forgot, I’m on the team, so that makes me a weirdo too. These guys are my family. And you? You’re a prick who throws a tantrum of goddamn cheese!” (Y/N) smacked him, creating a hand print bruise to form. The sound echoed throughout the restaurant and when the avengers and (Y/N) left, it only created more embarrassment for Chris.

The team all piled into the main living room. Moving the furniture, we threw pillows and blankets onto the floor creating a home cinema as we all watched cheesy romantic comedies while downing tubs of ice cream.

if this is how I’m going to spend Valentine’s, so be it.

Caught (Luke Hemmings Imagine)


“I don’t feel like doing this anymore,” Luke stated and slammed his math book shut.

“You have to! Final’s are next week,” you told him, twirling a pencil in between your fingers. Although to be honest, you would rather be doing anything else besides this.

The two of you were sprawled out on our boyfriend’s bed with multiple textbooks covering it. Finals were just a week away and you had hardly even studied and you were determined to do good on them this year. Luke scooted over next to you and snaked his arm around your waist, trying to distract you.

“I know what we can do instead,” he whispered and began planting kisses along your neck.

You tried to stay focused on your notes but Luke clearly had other things on his mind.
You tried to push him away but he was stronger than you so it was impossible. He placed a hand on top of your breast and began cupping it through your shirt and you could feel a wetness forming between your legs.

“Luke! Stop! You’re mom’s downstairs,” you hissed, pushing his hand away.

“Relax babe. We’ll just have to be quiet,” he whispered.

You threw your pencil down in frustration and closed your notes, allowing Luke to continue. He loudly pushed the textbooks off the bed to make space for the two of you and scooted up towards the head of the bed, sitting against the headboard. Climbing on top of him, you placed your legs on either side so that you were straddling him and he placed his hands on your thighs.

He brought his lips on yours, kissing you eagerly. You gently tugged on his lip ring, knowing that it drove him crazy, and he slightly parted his lips allowing your tongue to explore his mouth.

You placed your hand on the crotch of his jeans, feeling his growing hard on. You ran your hand along his length and he let out a moan. His fingertips brushed against the hem of your shirt and he placed his hands on your hips, creating small circles with his thumbs.

His hands worked their way under your shirt and up towards your breasts and under your bra. He cupped your breasts and sucked on your nipple while playing with other one. You let out a moan and he switched. Reaching down you unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and pulled the waist of his boxers down just enough to expose him. His length slapped against his toned stomach and you ran a finger along the vein.

Luke pushed aside the bottom of your shorts and ran two fingers along your throbbing core only being separated by your underwear.

“So wet,” he commented and pushed aside your underwear.

He slid two fingers into you and moved them, almost instantly finding your sweet spot. You began kissing Luke harder, desperate for more. He leaned over towards the night stand, careful not to break the kiss, and pulled opened the drawer, grabbing a condom, while knocking several to the floor in the process. He handed it to you and you opened it and rolled it down his length. You placed your hand on his arm and he pulled his fingers out. He grabbed a hold of his length and positioned himself at your opening. You slide onto him, gasping.

You allowed yourself to adjust to his size before you started rolling your hips. You buried your head in his shoulder, gasping from the pleasure you were feeling.

“Mmmm babe, you feel so good,” Luke commented and placed his hands on your waist, helping you roll your hips.

You continued slowly rolling your hips, feeling his length hit your g spot and you closed your eyes allowing the pleasure to take over your body.

“Luke, I-I’m close!” you gasped, feeling the familiar knotting sensation in your stomach.

Luke wrapped an arm around you and expertly flipped you on your back so that he was on top. Lifting your legs up, you wrapped them around his waist, instantly allowing him to go deeper. He started thrusting quickly and you heard the bed start to squeak. The two of you had made it this far and you wanted to be able to finish without getting caught.

“S-Slower,” you breathed.

His thrusting became slower and he placed two fingers against your clit. He quickly began rubbing it and you felt your walls clench around him. You let out a gasp as your vision became blurry from Luke sending you over the edge. With two more thrusts, Luke let out a moan as he released into the condom.

“Luke, is Y/N stay–” his mom said, opening the door and walking into the room. “Oh my god!” She quickly put her hand in front of her face, blocking the two of you from her vision and backed up towards the door as quickly as possible.

“MOM!” Luke shouted as she quickly shut the door behind her.

Luke pulled out of you and rolled the condom off, tossing it into the trashcan next to the bed. His face was bright red and you knew your’s was just as red. He laid next to you and you placed your hand in his and laced your fingers together.

“We need to lock the door next time,” he whispered and smiled looking over at you.

“Defiantly,” you replied, smiling.