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draw gay


I was listening to this while drawing dis 

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Hi omgcp fandom, I’m looking for some new blogs to follow.

  • Must be ace/aro positive!!!
  • Even if you don’t post/reblog ace/aro content, I just need to know that you’re ace/aro positive (and also if you reblog stuff related to The Discourse™ I’d appreciate it if it’s tagged so I can choose to avoid it on bad days)
  • I don’t mind what pairings or characters you like :)
  • Not required but definitely a bonus if you also post Yuri on Ice stuff
  • Also not required but a slight bonus if you happen to be online outside of the standard US time zones or have a queue or something since I’m Australian and my dash is very quiet of an evening

So reblog or like this post and I’ll check out your blog!

(And btw follows would be from my main, warriorqueent)


It has come to my attention that I follow very few people/blogs (and this might be the reason why my dash & queue are always dead…)(ok, not always but my dash is dead at 2am most of the time, which is a problem bc it’s some of the only time I have to be here)(that’s not true either, I will stop lying now lmao) the point of the long-ass post is that I need more blogs to follow so please reblog this if you post: 

  • star wars
  • sherlock
  • asoue
  • parks and rec
  • b99
  • himym
  • criminal minds
  • gravity falls
  • friends
  • disney
  • marvel
Classical Musician AUs that i want to see more of
  • ‘oh no my new stand partner is really hot’ au
  • Chair Test Day au 
  • Romeo & Juliet a la Band & Orchestra au
  • ‘when my friend recommended this repair shop to me they didn’t mention how attractive the owner was’ au
  • stuck in the pit au
  • grabbed the wrong folder and have a series of unlikely adventures trying to get it all sorted out au
  • ‘i was complaining about a composer to my friend and you overheard and immediately jumped to their defense’ au
  • met leaving the practice rooms at 2 am au
  • ‘i just came to this senior recital for the food i don’t really know the player that well but goddamn their best friend is house manager tonight and is really hot when they’re stressed’ au
  • making faces at each other from across the room during rehearsals for weeks before finally speaking to each other au
  • last minute substitute for a chamber group au

feel free to add your own



This is another gifset I owed past!Me, although to be honest in the intervening 2 years I probably have found a gifset of it and defaced it with comments because I know me.

Here’s my notes from the last meta rewatch:

The reverend asks everyone to pray and Sam bows his head right away and Dean sits there facing forward and needs a nudge from Sam to bow his head as well. At this point in canon it just looks like him being unaware or just kind of… casually not inclined to pray, but… Argh, this is a wonderful 1 second introduction to Sam and Dean vs faith. They get asked to pray and Sam just does it unquestioningly without even really knowing anything about the guy they’re praying for. And we know this is foreshadowing for Dean’s ongoing issues with the whole thing.
(Also my shipper heart is sobbing because of just how ingrained not-praying was in Dean’s mentality before Cas. UGH)
100 points for blink and you miss it characterisation that holds true for the entire extended emotional arcs of these characters. Bravo.

We’re still only really halfway to Faith, which sets out this whole thing plain on the page, but I love the staging of this. That Sam is the one who at the very least with no context you could assume gets the social nuance of what you’re supposed to do here (and the previous episode was Skin, where we found out for the first time in plain words that Dean feels like a “freak” specifically to regular society and whether Sam fits this bracket too or not he can at least pretend and pass for ~normal~)…

I like as well that you could assume if you were going into this blind that Dean as the apparently more loyal connected-to-the-family-business son (in the words the show likes to use about them ignoring deeper fandom analysis) in a job where they have already been shown utilising religious exorcisms and holy water to fight a demon, Dean might also be the more religious (which might also be more surprising reversal of expectations because he plays bad but Sam seems the goody two shoes and there is that association)… But nope. 4x05 confirms Sam is Van Helsing :P (I have no idea why my brain jumped there. Favourite episode skewing my thought process >.>) Guess he was the one who did the exorcism in 1x04 as well, but Dean was annoyed Sam didn’t think he knew “Christo”, like, duh of course he studied this sort of thing. Anyway, turns out Dean is just a hunter who utilises all the tools, but doesn’t hold any stock in the power behind them.

And Sam telling Dean what to do here, and early example of him policing Dean to behave more politely. Maybe not to blow their cover, but maybe just because Sam thinks you should be respectful even when it’s a grabby jock who they know saw Lori as a conquest and wasn’t exactly sweetly in love with her - I think they could guess how things were going/would have gone between a frat boy and preacher’s daughter exactly as they did in the cold open :P Depending what types of make out spot murder lore they already know about, the idea of punishment might already be on their minds at least low key…

But yeah, my favourite thing about this layered moment is just the Destiel thing, okay? I’m predictable :P Dean’s issues with faith getting their first nod on the screen here showing so so early on that Dean doesn’t particularly like praying. Then Faith cracks it all open and sets up emotional threads which echo all the way through the show. That and Houses of the Holy work together to basically create the entire Destiel framework in a way (and it’s because of 2x13 I’ve been using “angels are watching over you” for my Mary & TFW interactions tag all year).

There’s a sort of semi-conspiracy thought (I’ve never seen a source for it but ~everyone knows~ that Dean’s original love interest was meant to be an angel or whatever (I don’t believe this)) but definitely from the very very start and certainly long before their faiths were actually tested by real angels showing up, Dean had a relationship with the divine directly setting him up with the irony of it being real, while for Sam it would be the irony that it would be cruel to him. And the building blocks are all in place by season 4, easily, for Sam to have his thing with Ruby and Dean to basically have Cas as his equivalent character, their respective mentors for Heaven and Hell, through the season. I think they were pretty much always meant to come down on these sides if the show ever made it to Heaven vs Hell escalation, even if it was something a bit easier to grapple with in a version of the show that never brought in angels. Dean’s reluctance and lack of faith are integral to the irony that makes Cas such an immensely fascinating character to introduce *for* Dean and then to be strongly associated with him through the rest of the show, whether you ship them or not.

(And since I do ship them, welp, for me this is literally, 7 episodes in, where I start counting what will retroactively be excellent Destiel subtext and the beginning of any portrayal of their onscreen relationship. Because they are SO much more than 2 dudes staring at each other.)

To those telling me to set up an amazon wishlist, I already have one and have had it for a small while. It’s right on the side of my blog, next to my tip jar and other links :)

And here is the link: http://a.co/7pnXR21

It’s got some random shiny crap in there, (listed primarily so ETD can take a look every now and then and plan ahead for Christmas) some books and also some vital foodish stuff I can’t get at my local stores, along with some other kitchen things. Some folk have been buying off it for a while, hence the oatmeal :D

Others have just been straight up sending things to my PO Box as and when they find them. I’ve got a post in my queue going up soon documenting the things I’ve been sent since February, including two gourmet chocolate and caramel books from @oldwillypete, some more glitter and cards from various others, a glow in the dark skull and a whole bunch of other stuff that makes me laugh, aww, and straight up wtf in the best ways possible. I’m going to need a whole new bookshelf at this point to host everything, and frankly I’m okay with this.

So to those asking for an amazon list, ^^^ there you go. Thank you for even thinking of me and wanting to help <3 I’ll likely update it soon with more food stuff as I figure out what I can and can’t eat.

Oh yea and some awful erotica. Probably. It’s time to delve back into the reams of being in love with a haunted house. 


as promised, more nygmobblepot stuff!! inspired by this song by glass animals, one of my favorite bands. + some extra color palette stuff b/c i was messing around with color overlays! you could call this an au, but its really just an artsy doodle of little oswald taking a nap next to ed because i need that fluffy shit in my life. 💚💜

do not repost, the reblog button is there for a reason!! <3

i used some stock photos for couch + pose reference.

even while being lost myself, i found you - Chapter 4 - BobaAddict, jyushimatsu-falls-in-love (NatureTheZafara) - おそ松さん | Osomatsu-san (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 4 of @bobaaddict and I’s collab is up! In this chapter, we meet a new face and a friendship is officially recognized!!

We hope you guys enjoy this chapter! :D With special thanks to @beanxb for betaing for us!

Please tell us what you think! ♥


So, in my own attempts to cope with the general state of things these days, I’ve had some issues in both wanting to unplug, but then being removed from one of my main go-to’s for chilling the fuck out (ie finding and looking at nice things on the internet). 

In that spirit, I’ve started a side blog that is just for happy, fun, and chill things. There will definitely be some crossover between my main blog and there, though I’m gonna run it mainly from a queue so the timing will be different. 

Basically if you find yourself needing a few minutes of time where you’re guaranteed to see nothing but cute animals and peaceful things, head on over. We’re all about that low-key self care at laughterkey’s chill out tent.

ETA I just threw a ton of stuff up there last night to get a few pages set, it’ll even out source-wise over the next few days.

ETA2: If you like this kind of stuff you should absolutely be signed up for the bouncy castle newsletter. It’s a joy.


anonymous asked:

Okay, guys, I went and got a whole bunch of colorful bandages and stuff if I every accidentally hurt you, I'm gonna keep them with me all the time now! Please tell me if I accidentally hurt you with my high fives and hugs and stuff! I'll even carry you to the infirmary if you need me to, I just want to be your friend, not cause you physical pain!


I’m going to try taking a break from tumblr for a week or so. go out a bit because I haven’t left the house except to visit my family in what feels like weeks. try to write and do other things.

on top of getting increasingly annoyed at a few tumblr things, I’m too dependant on fandoms and the validation I crave from them, and I need to let go a bit (not of fandoms themselves, but like, I just need a break from the importance I give them on a daily basis.)

also, everything reminds me that many mutuals/people moved on from barduil and it’s kinda hard for me because for over two years I’ve relied on the validation I got from this fandom (and mostly fanfiction comments tbh) to cope with how useless and talentless I felt. now the fandom is lucky if it gets a proper new post once every two weeks. let’s not talk about kudos now and kudos then. things are not like they were. barduil is the first fandom I got deeply invested in on tumblr so it’s the first time I experience all this, and I’m having a hard time getting used to the fact that though the fandom is not dead, it still feels like it is, and most importantly: it’s not going to get better. and it’s not like I didn’t try keeping it floating, with all the events I’ve organized.

I just… need some time to get my priorities straight and accept things as they are and try to figure out stuff about my life in general (spoiler: it’s not going well these past months, my head is a big mess.) I’m also just curious to see what I’ll do of my time without tumblr distracting me.

I’m going to queue this post a few times, log out on my laptop, delete the app on my phone. maybe I’ll show up for five minutes to post something on my luke evans blog if luke posts anything on his social media accounts that I want on my blog, but that’s all.

see ya. :/