just need some opinions on how to wear it

C: Why are we so preoccupied with what other black women choose to do with their hair? “Black women need to learn to love themselves and ditch the weaves. I don’t like weave because blah blah blah”. Ok then don’t get a weave? What do your opinions have to do with somebody else? How someone chooses to do their hair isn’t necessarily a reflection of their life story and personal values. Just because a woman wears a weave or has a relaxer doesn’t mean she’s a self hater. And I’ve met some natural haired women who are still anti-black as fuck! If you’re not styling their natural hair, installing their weave, or applying their relaxer, how someone chooses to style their hair is none of your concern. 

Ok seriously

To all the people that have upset Alex so far over his joke yesterday that he felt the need to apologize for like a third time/the people who still claim to be hustlers but do nothing but put Alex down and proclaim that he is “problematic” need to listen to me right now. You all need to calm yourselves and learn that Alex has a dark sense of humor; you all need to STOP being such douchebags; if you disagree with him and his opinions/jokes, thats understandable but if you 15-20 year old annoying children are just gonna get butthurt about EVERYTHING he says then you may as well just leave the fan base because I certainly don’t want you here, and Alex/Atl don’t NEED you here. Seriously, this fan base has been everything BUT supportive. For crying out loud, the poor man can’t even wear a scarf or a hat or some stupid sunglasses without someone making a comment about how he looks (KNOWING full well that he’s pretty insecure.). And now people like you have made him feel so bad about himself and being so disgusting and rude towards him that he deleted his tweet AND re-re-re-apologized which wasn’t even necessary. I bet Alex doesn’t even feel like a big majority of the Hustlers are even people that love/support him anymore since he gets twitter - crucified for any/every little thing he does or says. I am extremely sick of this and so many of you “hustlers” who do these things make me physically sick. We all know Alex has a dark sense of humor like did everyone forget that when 2015 hit or?? IF YOU CANT TAKE THE HUMOR GET OUT OF THE FANDOM AND STOP BEING JERKS TO ALEX. If you were offended by his jokes or opinions, here’s an idea: UNFOLLOW HIM! He’s said things I’ve disagreed with before a few times but did I get mad and say terrible things to him and basically bully him online? No. I just let it go. Alex is only human and so are you and me. If you made a joke that didn’t go over well with people and everyone got mad and said all kinda of things to you, ALL of you would feel bad too so just because Alex is in a band, doesn’t mean this kind of stuff doesn’t hurt him ok? Ok.

Just. Unfollow. if. It. Bothers. You. So. Much.


I finished up some detailing on the top coat and decided now was the best time to see how it looks so far. I’m screaming with how happy I am. I can’t wait to wear this at Fanime, where I will probably die of heatstroke but will do so happily.

I still need to attach closures (which is why the jackets are just pinned shut for now), and finish feathering the top piece, but after that it’s just some basic accessories and I’m done! I think I’m gonna stick with these boots for now- they’re not the most accurate but they look nicer than some Demonia ones would, in my opinion.