just need some friend time

All I want is for Draco Malfoy to one day look back on his life and think… 

‘All was well’.

EXO Reaction when they are being rejected by their crush

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*Definitely questioning his existence* “What did I do wrong? It was going okay…we were having fun together…”


*Too proud to admit he is hurting inside*


*Trying to get this off his mind by spending time with the boys* “I’m going to eat until my heart is content!”


*Not sure how to handle his emotions* “Did I just get… friendzoned?”


*Can’t stop crying* “Hyung.. tell me it’ll be fine… tell me there’s someone out there for me”


“Yes… we can still be friend… I just… need some time you know…” *Really hurt*


“Don’t go…. give me one chance… please” *Really really depressed*


*Sleeps all day for days so he doesn’t feel the sadness in his heart*


*Suffering* “I should have waited.. why did I tell her… I can’t live without her… no I don’t think I can”


*Needs some time alone* “Maybe.. I should leave for a few days… clear my mind… yes… everything reminds me of her here…”


*Thinks of her 7/24* “Maybe she likes someone else? Maybe… she’s not ready? But she even held my hand before… I’m so confused”


“I gotta be strong I gotta be strong… no I can’t… I need a hug*

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Well well King Oikawa humans aren’t as durable as you thought after all, huh? Now your favourite toy is broken.

Robbie Rotten is Literally a Troll

With the huge increase in popularity in the Icelandic Children’s TV show Lazytown, I quickly noticed that the original drafts had some root into icelandic folklore, for instance, Sportacus was originally an elf. In the kid’s tv show, it seemed to have discarded those cultural roots in place of something more Americanized- making a trickster elf into a superhero. It seems that all trace of Iceland has been erased (except for Magnus Scheving’s accent), but there may be more down the rabbit hole. 

I’m studying Anthropology, and have been a Storyteller for many years, with an emphasis in folklore from different parts of the world. When I noticed that the original Sportacus was an elf, I was quite intrigued. How much matched up with traditional Icelandic folklore? So, I looked it up. 

The most common nordic/ Icelandic folk tale is about beings called huldufolk (hidden folk) which can be recognized as being fairies, elves, and trolls. 

Sportacus matches up closely with the stories of the elves. In fact, he was one in the drafts that didn’t quite make it too far out of Iceland. However, Sportacus still has a lot of traits that match up with the elves from Icelandic folklore. One prominent story that comes to mind is a story about a town that loved to dance, and when the sheriff of the town banned dancing, the elves sided with the townsfolk who loved dancing to run the sheriff out of town. Does that sound familiar? An elf siding with someone who loves to dance to keep dancing and other activities alive in the town while stopping the person who gets in the way is essentially the plot of every single episode of Lazytown. While the original Sportacus was a lot more cruel in his tricks, the current Sportacus certainly bears resemblance to the original when it comes to motivation. 

Now on to Robbie Rotten. Who is he? In the show he is a lazy, rude, disguise wearing, and antisocial man who looks very different from the majority of the citizens in Lazytown. He is also the tallest character, and has purposefully distorted features. Given these traits, we can compare them. 

Trolls are creatures that are dim witted and easily outsmarted. They dislike most people and prefer to live in caves underground to avoid interaction. They are humanoid in nature, though often are shown as being larger than the average human. Their features are also distorted from humans, like having exceptionally long noses or chins. They are also considered to be clumsy, lazy, and poor mannered. 

The hobbies of trolls are also quite telling- they enjoy kidnapping people (even if they do not know what to do with them afterwards) and disguising themselves to trick humans

Robbie Rotten spends all of his time making poor schemes to trick the humans of Lazytown. Many of his plans involves kidnapping one of the citizens of Lazytown, though after they’re captured he often doesn’t know what to do next. He ultimately wants to be left alone in peace and quiet in his underground cavern. Most notably, he uses disguises to try and accomplish his goals, just like many trolls do in traditional Nordic tales. 

The only Troll characteristic that Robbie does not possess is the aversion to sunlight, but hey, no theory is perfect.


Went to Sakura Con and got a lot of stuff!
The amount of prints was amazing!! My friend and I didn’t do much at the con besides looking at the exhibition and artist alley lol

We went there mostly for the stuff and artists :D

whats cute is that saru and i still use the tags we made up for posts abt each other, back when we were just friends and dumping our feelings for each other into passionately drawing one other as princes… thats how we flirted lmao… prince “saruno the great” and “prince charming ore” pfffff 

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Hi! I Love your blog; can I request some NSFW & SFW (not sad lmao. I was that anon) for Genma please? He's my fave💕

Lmaooo okay no sad this time. I do have some Genma NSFW here already though, and I can’t really think of anymore I’m sorry ):



•Genma loves giving and receiving massages. A good back massage from his s/o every once in a while is highly relaxing, loves ittttt

•Genma is really into reading in his spare time. When he has a free day and a chance to get away, he’ll take a book and just chill on one of the Konoha rooftops, or out in the forest somewhere

•He likes it when his partner wears his clothes. He may or may not leave clothes lying around the house just waiting for his partner to take them. He’ll jokingly complain about it later, like “I’m going to have to buy a new wardrobe because of you” but nah he doesn’t mean it, he really likes it. Please keep stealing his clothes. (He’ll make sure to wash all his clothes meticulously beforehand so they smell extra good for his s/o. He really goes the extra mile)

•Okay so Genma isn’t huge on cuddling tbh. But if he has a s/o who really likes it, he’ll warm up to it. It’s just that Genma would prefer sitting next to his partner and chillin on the couch as opposed to being pressed up against each other the entire time, if that makes sense. Genma needs his space sometimes. But, he does learn that putting a casual arm around his s/o on the back of the couch, or just laying an arm across their thighs, is kinda relaxing. It’s not stifling contact, but at least it’s some form of intimacy

•He’s the type who would really enjoy a “guy’s night out” with some friends. I just totally imagine a married Genma needing some time away from a s/o (exaggeratedly complaining about how being married to them is “draining his youth” hence why he needs some time “with the boys”) but a guy’s night out for Genma isn’t really anything special. Just going out for a few cups of sake (which turns out to be more than a few and he’s gotta stagger through the front door late at night, drunk as hell, ready to be berated by his s/o)

•Genma likes traditions. He would probably have a traditional dango night every weekend with his s/o, or something like that

•Space enthusiast. Obviously, astronomical knowledge is probably limited or just in the workings in the Naruto verse, but Genma is still really into it. He loves looking up at the constellations and picking out all the different stars. He gets caught up in the whole premise of space. Would be the type to insist that there’s alien life out there (in naruto verse that’s true obviously BUT yeah he’s that guy who will argue to the death about aliens being a thing)


.without you, there is no me. || a Kang Heegun and Ji Sukjin playlist

i believe in you .skye || I can tell you’re feeling lost, wandering round without a clue. the road you will cross, take my hand and I’ll lead you.

vitamin .snsd || sincerity will never betray you. spread out your damaged wings. this little gift is from me to you. i love you, i am always by your side, please remember. i will be your vitamin, i will cheer you on.

pursuit of happiness .leessang || don’t give up so easily on this game called life. so when you close your eyes in this world, you can open your last door of happiness without any regrets.

golden sky .jessica jung  || in my darkest night, you are my shining light. today, i will be thanking you for being by my side. every second, minute, forever. you’ll be a part of me until the end of time. you are my golden sky.

fall back down .llights || it takes disaster to learn a lesson, we’re gonna make it through the darkest nights. and if i fall back down again, you’re gonna help me back up again. if i fall back down, you’re gonna be my friend.

shine .take that || stop being so hard on yourself, it’s not good for your health. don’t let your demons pull you down, ‘cause you can have it all.

you don’t have to worry .windy wagner || everything’s gonna be all right. everything’s gonna be all right. everything’s gonna be all right.


Going to a con for the next 2 days! It’s the only one I go to every year, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again (and keeping an eye out for MP100 or Voltron or maybe even MHA merch…)

so my new manager is leaving for a week and basically trusts me to help people out while hes gone so thats p cool that hes trusting me some manager-ish responsibilties and also he learned that im only making like 11 an hour and hes like wtf we need to fix that so maybe they gonna hire me soon? ???

drank some coffee accomplished some things have some friends who have been very kind and helpful to me 💖 gonna get some food maybe watch s/t i lov u guys thanks for being here

the reveal he least expected

After three years, Marinette finally had the courage to tell Adrien that she was in love with him. Only to be let down, gently of course. Adrien couldn’t hurt a fly even if he tried and he certainly couldn’t hurt one of his best friends. 

He was flattered, but he was honest. He was in love with someone else and Marinette knew from personal experience that you cannot simply fall out of love with the one your heart yearns for just to make someone else happy. 

The shift in the dynamic of their friendship hurt them both, but when Adrien confronted her, Marinette assured him it was just temporary. 

“It’ll be okay, I just need some time.” 

Some days were better than others, but it never snapped back to the way it used to be. Guilt began to eat Adrien alive. 

If only…

One day he couldn’t take it anymore. He approached Marinette, giving her the most pleading look. He requested to talk and walk her home from school as he had done numerous times before. She agreed, sliding into her usual rhythm beside him as they made their way out the school’s doors. 

“I can’t let our friendship die over an unrequited love, Mari.”

She didn’t say anything, just pressed her lips together in a thin line. Adrien caught his mistake instantly after the words left his mouth.

“Oh God, Mari, no. I meant-” He took a deep breath. “I meant that the girl I’m… in love with doesn’t even know how I feel. It’s not like I’m going to start dating her tomorrow or anything…please Mari, I don’t want to lose you over this.”

“You should tell her how you feel. Maybe you would start dating tomorrow.” Her voice was quiet, her tone was dry.

“This - this isn’t about her, it’s about you. It’s about us.”

“We’re friends.” she stated with a shrug.

“Are we?”

“Yes.” She stopped walking and looked him in the eyes for what felt like the first time in forever. “Being your friend has always been what I’ve wanted. I couldn’t help developing…feelings for you, too. We’ll always be friends. I told you, I just need some time.” She cupped his face in her hands, giving him a gentle promising smile. “Who else is going to call you out for being such a dork all the time?”

He laughed, she laughed, things were starting to look up for them both. They continued walking and making general small talk as they neared the bakery.

“But you should really tell this girl how you feel, I mean it.” 

“Oh yeah,” he laughed, “like I can just waltz up to Ladybug and say ‘I’m in love with you’ and have that end well.”

Marinette paled.

“What?” she was ghostly, she looked broken.

He bit his tongue. Cat’s out of the bag now. 
I’m in love with Ladybug.”

The silence was dreadful, though it only lasted a few seconds.

“No. You’re not.” Marinette straightened as she reached for the handle to the bakery’s door.

“W-what? How can you say that -”

“You’re not in love with her, Adrien.” She turned, a mixture of pain and anger brushed over her face as she brushed her hair back to expose her earrings more. “Because I am Ladybug.” 

When someone asks what I’m doing and i tell them im laying in bed watching Netflix for some reason they hear “I’m available” when really I mean “I finally have time to actually watch something and lay around for once. Leave. Me. Alone.”

Early morning in Paris.

“If I were proud of anything in my life, it would be our love. I feel we have to tell each other as many things as we can, so that we are not only lovers, but the closest of friends at the same time.”   - Simone de Beauvoir

the “you can’t be friends with your ex” is bullshit tbh


Dean had told you not to teach any bad habits to Cas while he and Sam where on a hunting trip. Drinking games weren’t bad habits, just some nice time with friends. And Cas needed some nice time. Explaining why you compete with drinking was quite an experience but after a while he actually got it, When Winchester brothers finally came home, they found you drunk and innocent looking Cas who could hold his liquours quite well. After having a hangover of the century you called it as a succesful night.

Being an INFP can be hard.

I am an INFP. While being an INFP can have its perks, it also has a lot of disadvantages.

1. I have so many emotions and sometimes they are just overwhelming. There are times when, even if my day is going perfectly fine, I’ll feel like completely breaking down and crying and screaming for no reason at all and It’s FRUSTRATING to have no idea why you feel so bad because there’s no way to make yourself feel better when you have no Idea what’s wrong. There are times when I go through extreme confusion because I suddenly get this strange feeling that has no name. I hate not knowing and understanding what feel and sometimes I feel out of place or detached. Like I don’t BELONG here. Like this is not the life I should be living yet somehow I am.

2. I’m really uncomfortable with expressing my feelings and It’s driving me crazy. I don’t have the courage to let people know how I feel. Sometimes, I can’t even say I love you to my own mother because I feel like she will think I’m silly and I feel so bad because I want to let her know just how much I actually care but I can’t and it pains me deeply to know that she might think I don’t appreciate her. I’m a very good listener but I will never speak of my feelings unless I extremely trust someone. Sadly, I haven’t found that person yet. It has gotten to a point where I pretend to talk to someone end up having full conversations with myself in my head (sometimes out loud, when there’s no one around) because I’m the only one who cares enough about my feelings to listen to them. And No, I’m not crazy. I know that there is no one listening to me and I am very well aware that I am speaking to myself but sometimes, I just really need to talk about the things that I have kept bottled up for years because If I don’t, I’m afraid I will really go insane.

3. I spend too much time in my head and it can get exhausting. I practically live in my head. I spend at least 70%of my time daydreaming about things that will never happen because It’s my only escape from this crappy reality that I live in. I am deeply unsatisfied with the reality I live in so I create my own inside my head. One in which everything is perfect and goes my way. This can be mentally exhausting because there’s always a million thoughts going through my head. My mind never gets any rest and sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode.

4. I feel an extreme need for being understood. The fact that no one knows the way I truly am and feel pains me deeply. I just wish ONE person would know and understand me. People say that it’s because I never reveal the way I feel but the reason I don’t is because nobody ever cares enough to look a little closer. If someone would actually care about me enough to try to see past the facade then and only then would I open up to them completely however, no one ever cares enough to take the time to look close enough. I’m not actually as complicated as people think. It’s just I do not feel comfortable with putting myself out there for people who don’t care. I long for the feeling of being understood. I just want to know that there are other people who feel the way I do.

5. The slightest amount of Stress, Chaos, and/or anger can easily make me cry. I absolutely hate this about myself because I don’t want people to see me as weak. I just can’t handle being angry or stressed out.

6. I get tired of being around people easily. It’s not because I’m anti-social. I don’t hate people. In fact, I love spending time with my friends. It’s just that sometimes I need some time for myself. If I’m not left alone with complete peace and quiet for a while, I feel mentally exhausted and it has gotten to points where I have cried before because there was just too many people surrounding me and it was too much for me to handle. If I don’t get my alone time, I will more likely than not be very cranky and sometimes, rude.

7. Sometimes, I get tired of living. No I am not suicidal. When I say I get tired of living I do not in any way mean that I wish to take my life. There are just times when life in general is so stressful that I wish I could just pause Life and float around in space with absolutely no worries whatsoever. I wish That my mind could be completely blank. That I could simply be a floating corpse for a while before returning to reality.

I’m not really sure If this is an INFP thing or If I’m just strange anymore. But if there is someone who can relate, it’d be great to know I’m not the only one.

From now until forever

This ones for xocaii, thanks for the awesome request!

Characters: Bellamy Blake, various delinquents
Pairings: Bellamy Blake x reader
Warning(s): Swearing
Spoiler(s): None
Prompt: “I almost lost you.” And “Hey, I’m with you okay? Always.”

“Bellamy,” you laughed, “Bellamy put me down!”

“Never!” the boy laughed.

He had you thrown over his shoulder like a sack of flour and, try as you might, the boy refused to put you down.

“Come on Bell, it’s no fun for me just staring at your ass.” You pleaded.

Bellamy snorted, “Well that’s an obvious lie. My ass is amazing.” The boy joked, “Although, it’s not as good as yours.”

You smacked the back of Bellamy’s head playfully, secretly enjoying the prolonged feeling of Bellamy’s arm around your waist. The two of you had decided to take a break from the pressures of camp life and spend the day together in the forest. It probably wasn’t the safest or most well thought out plan, but you were best friends, and sometimes best friends just need some time alone.

“My ass is amazing.” You agreed, “Come on, please Bell? Please put me down?”

“Fine.” Bellamy huffed jokingly, placing you gently on your feet, “Satisfied, princess?”

“I thought Clarke was princess?” You questioned, “Your princess at least.” You winked.

Bellamy smirked, pouring a bottle of water over his head, “Nah, Clarke is a great girl, but she’s not really my type.”

You snorted, “Sure.”

“Oh come on, you’re one to talk,” Bellamy continued, “there isn’t a guy in camp who doesn’t want to sleep with you.”

You snorted, “Well they can want as much as they like, I’m not going near them with a ten foot pole.”

“Really? There’s no one you’re interested in?”

You shrugged, cursing the boy’s obliviousness, “Murphy’s not bad. I might tap that at some point.”

Bellamy nodded but didn’t say anything. Behind you, a branch snapped.

“What was that?” Bellamy asked instantly, his head shooting up.

“What was what?” You asked, inspecting the seam of your shirt.

“Y/N, look out!” Bellamy shouted.

And the world went dark.

Bellamy paced back and forth outside the drop ship, cursing to himself at his own stupidity. Idiot, he thought, you’re going to die and it’ll be all his fault. Why had he taken you out of camp alone? Why hadn’t he brought guns? Why had he let his guard slip so far that he hadn’t noticed the approaching grounder.

Clarke looked exhausted as she stepped out of the dropship and Bellamy couldn’t stop himself from rushing towards the girl.

Clarke raised her hands, keeping him at bay, “She’s going to be fine. She’s still unconscious, but I’ve stopped the bleeding, and the wound doesn’t seem to be poisoned. She should wake up pretty soon.”

Bellamy nodded frantically, mostly to himself, relief washing over him like rain.

“Thank you,” Bellamy told Clarke, sincerely, “for everything. Thank you for saving her.”

Bellamy remembered Clarke’s face when he’d arrived, clutching the bloody and unconscious girl in his arms. It was determination that he knew wouldn’t let you die, Clarke was going to save you, and Bellamy would never be able to pay her back for that.

A week ago, Bellamy would’ve chased Clarke. He would have given her his most seductive smile, brushed her hair away from her face and won her over, but now, that seemed so futile and petty.

“Can I see her?” Bellamy asked tentatively.

Clarke hesitated, but eventually nodded, “As long as you’re okay with waiting.”

She patted Bellamy’s arm comfortingly and walked away, heading to her tent for some much needed sleep.

“I’m okay with waiting,” he said to no one in particular, “I’ll wait as long as I need to.”

Your face was ashen, your hair, tangled and spread like a fan behind your head, and the palms of your hands coated in your own blood.

“Oh my God, Y/N,” Bellamy whispered, collapsing onto the box he used as a seat, next to your bed, “I’m so sorry.” He whispered, taking hold of your limp hand.

His eyes teared up, obscuring his vision with water. How had he done this to you? After years and years of loyalty and trust, he’d repaid you with pain.

Bellamy could still remember the day you’d saved him, the day you’d stormed into his room to yell about something he’d said at school and instead found Octavia. Your eyes had widened and you’d turned to face the mortified Bellamy.

“You’ll need some more clothes for her soon enough.” You’d said simply, “I was going to take some of my old stuff to the redistribution centre. I’ll bring them here instead.”

You’d turned on your heel and walked away.

“W-wait!” Bellamy had called, “You aren’t going to tell?”

He remembered your eyes, in that moment fierce in their determination.

“Of course not.” You’d replied, “I’ll be right back.”

And you had been, with an armful of girls’ clothes and a bag of extra rations for Octavia. Bellamy had been breathless, dizzy with the relief of having someone know, the relief of being honest. Tears had slid down his cheeks that day as well, and you’d wiped his face gently.

“We’re in this together now.” you’d told him, “Hey I’m with you, okay? Always. From now until forever.” Your eyes had bored into his and for some reason he’d believed you.

Even at nine years old, you’d been a force to be reckoned with and now, at eighteen, you were practically a hurricane.

Had you always been so beautiful? Bellamy thought as he gazed down at your face, you must have. How had he not noticed until now? For years he’d taken you for granted, he’d assumed that you would always be there and, on the ark, that might’ve been true, but here on earth he’d been given a second chance to make things right. Something had to change, he couldn’t lose you again.

“Bell?” The only voice in the world he wanted to hear asked groggily.

“Y/N!” he gushed, gripping your small hand tighter between his two big ones.

“What happened?” You asked, wincing at the pain in your stomach, “Bell, are you crying?”

Bellamy hadn’t even noticed the tears sliding down his cheeks, but he brushed them away, smiling with relief.

“Don’t you worry about it,” he said, brushing your hair with his fingertips, “I’m just so happy to see you awake. I almost lost you.”

You frowned, reaching to brush Bellamy’s face gently with your blood-soaked hands.

“I’m right here Bell, I’m with you from now until forever, remember?”

Bellamy leaned towards you, “I know. I’m so sorry Y/N, I never meant for you to get hurt.”

You smiled, sitting up gingerly to make space for the tormented boy, “It wasn’t your fault Bell, you know that.”

Bellamy nodded slowly, pulling you to his side and gently burying his head in your hair.

“Bellamy Blake,” You started, hooking your fingers under his chin, “don’t you dare go blaming yourself for this, understood? You’re my best friend; you did not do this to me okay?”

Bellamy nodded, as in awe of you now as he had been on that first day, and thanked his lucky stars that he had more time with you.

“You know I’d do anything for you, right?” Bellamy asked.

You smiled sadly, cupping the boy’s face, “I know.”

Bellamy leaned into you, pressing his lips firmly against yours and winding his hands into your tangled hair. The kiss felt like a weight being taken off his already laden shoulders, or a homecoming fireworks display. You felt a type of perfect clarity. Of course this was supposed to happen; this had been what the last nine years had been leading up to.

“Bellamy I-“ you started.

“Y/N wait,” the boy cut in, “I love you, and I don’t think it’s possible for me to love anyone else. You’ve always been the only person in the world that I needed, and I almost lost you, twice. I can’t go through this without you and, if you’ll have me, I promise I’ll never let you down like that again.”

“I’ve always been yours Bell, always, from that very first day.”

Bellamy smiled, resting his forehead against yours, “You rescued me that day.”

“No I didn’t.” You smiled, “I just did what any person would do.”

Bellamy shook his head, “No, you really did. I was a ticking time bomb, if you hadn’t come along, I would have exploded.”

“I love you Bellamy Blake.”

Bellamy smiled, butterflies soaring through his veins, “And I love you.”