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Imagine you're a sorcerer in a haunted forest

A/N: For the eclipse today :) The gender/sex of the person in this story is not stated. You can interpret the sorcerer however you want.

You check your calendar. Your heart pounds as your eyes land on the foreboding red X you had drawn all those decades ago. It’s finally the day… the day of the eclipse. The day when magical energies are at their highest. Though you both anticipate and dread what you must do in equal parts, you begin making preparations at once, not giving yourself time to think about it too long. You’ll only get nervous.

You gather the proper reagents from your cupboards and begin crushing them together with your mortar and pestle. Unfortunately, you can’t help but dwell on the coming event as you work mindlessly. It started with that day, many years ago… so many that you must admit, in your youth, you half believed today would never come. You were so foolish then. But in your defense, who can honestly say they would fear something that was scheduled over a hundred years in the future? Most people can’t even hope to live that long, let alone make plans. But you… you’re a special case. It isn’t just the magic in your blood. It’s the magic around you.

On that day, when you were a twenty-something sorcerer-in-training, you entered this forest to collect rare reagents, despite the warnings of all your mentors. It wasn’t long before you discovered that the warnings weren’t for naught: the forest really was haunted. It was thanks to a tear in the veil of reality that so many magical ingredients grew here, but that very tear was also the reason that so many wandering spirits flocked to this area as their resting place. There were dozens, possibly hundreds of them, gathered over many centuries. Many of the spirits hoped to parse the veil into the next world, for no departed soul wants to be stuck in this dimension. There is nothing for them here.

But when you thoughtlessly strolled into their home back then, they saw an opportunity. A dozen spirits approached you, swirled around you like a deathly mist, and demanded you stay. Never leave, they said, never tell any of what you found in this place. At first you refused, despite the shaking of your wand-wielding hand. These spirits were likely centuries old and unthinkably powerful. An amateur sorcerer like you could never hope to best them all. But you held firm, clinging to your youthful determination. At least until they attacked. You never stood a chance, your magical attacks shrugged off and your wand swept effortlessly out of your hand. Before they killed you, you cracked. You begged for your life on your hands and knees and promised never to leave. And they stopped. You lived, but were forever trapped in this place. You told yourself over and over that someday you would become powerful enough to banish the spirits and leave the forest without interference. After ten years passed, you started to give up hope. Practice alone could only get you so far. Without a well-educated trainer, you couldn’t possibly learn your craft fast enough. Not fast enough to make a difference. You would die of old age long before you mastered a banishing spell powerful enough.

Except you learned over the next several years that the ambient magic in the area granted you immortality, or close to it. You never showed any signs of aging, even to this day. You still look like a fresh-faced youth in their prime. But what good is immortality without freedom?

You shake your thoughts away as you finish mashing the ingredients, leaving a fine green paste in the stone mortar. Well… there’s nothing left to do now except proceed with the ritual. You sigh, picking up the bowl and taking it to study. You meticulously draw the sigil on the ground with the paste – a symbol you’ve studied so many times that you don’t need to consult the grimoire.

At first, you didn’t understand why the spirits would want you to stay. A living person among the dead? Why? Did they want to torture you? Play with you for all eternity? But no. At the end of the fiftieth year, they finally told you what they wanted… no, they demanded it. How could you refuse? You were at their mercy.

You begin reciting the words. Such strange words, born into a language long dead now. You wonder how many of the spirits even understand it. Enough, at least, that they could instruct you to write this one spell and teach you how to speak it aloud.

“Mahamfrey… adulkey… prosperum… avasis…”

You make a symbol with your hands with every word. The herbal mixture begins to glow on the floor. You’re right on time. Outside the window, you can see the forest darkening. The eclipse has begun. As the moon covers the sun by degrees, the glow of the sigil appears brighter and brighter. Your chest feels fit to burst. The blood rushing in your head deafens you to your own spellcasting. You’re actually going through with this. You didn’t find a way out, like you promised yourself you would so many times. A hundred years ago this fate was promised to you, and it has finally arrived. This is really happening…

The first spirit enters through the wall. A white, nearly formless wisp, swirling and constantly shifting. Occasionally a face can almost be seen within it, but it is quickly swept away as if by a breeze. It comes closer to you. You want to back away, but you must stand steadfast and continue the ritual. If you don’t… you know what they can do to you.

One by one, dozens of other spirits enter your study. They pass through the walls, the ceiling, the floor, from every thinkable direction, and then they stop in front of you. It looks as though a fog has settled in your ramshackle forest home, one spirit indistinguishable from the next. But you know that, much in the same manner as they entered the room, they will also perform the next part of the ritual one by one.

There’s only one reason that a long-departed spirit would be interested in a living mortal. A favor that only someone like you can grant. They demanded it as payment for living safely in “their” forest, and you accepted, because it would mean getting rid of them. And if they’re all gone, you’ll be able to leave, right? The spirits came here to try to pass over to the other side, but what you offer is better. A beating heart… pounding blood… healthy organs… a warm body.

A body in which to incubate new life. Or rather, give new life to the dead.

In a flash, the first spirit that entered darts toward your body. Faster than the mortal eye can see, it ducks between your legs and then shoots upward. Though your clothes remain intact, you can feel your entrance parting violently around the intruder. It might have been almost pleasurable if it were not so sudden, and so very big.

“U-uhng… ohh…” You clutch your lower abdomen, your knees almost buckling. The spirit travels up your tunnel painfully. These things may be able to pass through inanimate objects like air, but with a mortal body, and with this ritual, they can be felt like flesh. It is necessary for the spell, you think, to take them in like living things. The spirit settles in your gut. It is weightless, but you can feel it stretching you like a bubble of compressed gas. Such pressure… and this is only the first one. You look down. It’s hard to see through your tunic, but you think that perhaps there’s a small bloat in your middle. You feel full, like you’ve partaken of a banquet of simple air, but you know that this is only the beginning. There are so many… so, so many spirits that need to pass through you, their “portal” into the next life. And one by one, they come.

The second stretches you further, having seen that you are capable of carrying their kind to its satisfaction. It bulges within your canal, and you swear it’s toying with you as it twists and changes its shape. Then it slurps inside, joining the first. You feel doubly full now. A sheen of sweat breaks out on your brow as your gut pushes outward a little more. It’s noticeable now, a pudge like a beginner’s beer belly. You swallow hard and look up. The dozens of other spirits wait their turn. They’ve been waiting this long; they know how to be patient.

The third fills you, then a fourth swiftly after. You groan like a slop-swollen hog, pressing down on your skin as if to lessen the tightness. You can feel the stretch of your skin beneath the tunic, spreading your fingers wide. There’s faint movement. The spirits are shifting inside you, restless, eager to begin gestating. Now when you look down, what you see is a stomach likened to that of a woman four months pregnant. Round, bulging, tight with life. Or its supernatural equivalent…

The fifth gets ready. “P-please… wait…” you beg weakly. You just need some time to adjust to the pressure. You feel you’ll burst if they continue stuffing you at this pace. But the spirits allow nothing of the sort. The fifth approaches and dashes up into your slightly loosened entrance, squeezing through your poor body until it reaches its brethren. You clamp your eyes shut and throw your head back with a wail. So tight…

When you open your eyes again, you see the tail end of the sixth spirit disappearing past your crotch. Then you feel it burrowing into you mercilessly. “No, please, just a… sh-short rest. I can’t—” The seventh shoves its way into you, bigger than all the previous spirits. You actually scream this time. It hurts. These things all expand you like cocks, as if you’ve ever taken one. Not even in your youth did you enjoy the pleasures of the body. You focused on your studies, assuming you had plenty of time for those frivolities later in life. There are so many things you regret. Right now your lack of sexual experience is one of them, simply because if you had taken a cock or two inside you, you might be better prepared for this experience. The burn, the stretch… it sits right on the line between agony and pleasure. Blood flows to your nether region, despite your hisses of pain.

When spirit number seven completes its journey into your center, no one could deny that you look heavily pregnant. Seven, maybe even eight months. With a large baby, definitely. Your navel is stretched flat by the pressure within, and your tunic is tight across the equator of your belly. You’ve wondered before if these things actually have mass, and had decided that it wasn’t possible. They gave up their bodies long ago. Yet here you are, filled to the brim with them, and it seems as though you have no possible room left. Your aching flesh is firm when you palpate it, and tight as leather on the rack. You whimper as the ninth spirit approaches. Your legs shake. You’re utterly overwhelmed with fullness. There’s no way you can hold any more of them. Surely they plan to go in batches. You can’t accept any more of them inside you, much less the next part…

But in it goes. Your “pregnancy” goes from eight months to full term in a second. Your navel suddenly pops out, putting a tiny bulge in the fabric at the apex of your tunic. “Hahh… no more,” you pant, tears stinging your eyes. “Let me rest. I will birth all of you, but gods, let me rest…”

At first it seems that the spirits actually take your words to heart. None of them comes forward to fill your abused hole. But then something else happens. Your stomach feels warm, then hot, then burning. You cry out in alarm, holding your distended belly with both hands and staring at it in desperate search of answers. And then… it grows.

The filling was only the first part of the process. Now it’s time for part two: the growth.

Presumably in the same order that they entered you, the spirits in your depths take root, imbuing your magical body with their essence. Their souls latch onto you from the inside, suckling your life essence to transform themselves. To be birthed anew, they must have the proper form – a living one, just like a babe in its mother’s womb. But unlike a babe, the spirits know their true forms from their past lives, and they have enormous power. They don’t need nine months. Nay, they hardly need a minute.

Your belly swells. What appeared full term looks quickly overdue. The things that once acted like compressed air become more solid by the second. As the size of your overtaxed middle increases, so too does the weight within it. Your poor skin strains to contain the incredible mass as it surpasses the look of a twin-bearing mother. You can no longer stand in place, despite the threat of the looming spirits. You need support. You back against the wall, spreading your legs. As if taking it as an invitation, your thrumming swell surges outward to encroach on the extra space you’ve given it, growing upward, downward, outward on all sides. The fabric of your tunic thins and then splits at the tightest point, your engorged belly button poking its naked self out into the chilly air. Now that it’s finally given in, the cloth eagerly continues ripping in a jagged vertical line as its contents balloon outward.

You pant, moan, rub your massive belly frantically to try to give it some relief from the stretching. You’re so full, so unbelievably full. Even with decades of warning, you never imagined it would be like this. So intense. So merciless. Tight and huge and ever-growing. Too late you realize what you’ve done. You took nine of them into your unprepared body, and they are growing to the size of infants inside you. No one alive could carry nine babes without great help, or without bringing death or permanent impairment onto themselves. You’re going to keep swelling until you break. You’re going to tear open just like your tunic…

…No. Wait. It seems to have stopped. Perhaps they take turns growing as well? Panting like a runner, you look down upon your ruined body in despair. If you were to estimate… triplets? No, quadruplets… you don’t know. All you know is you’ve never seen a pregnant woman this large.

The occupants of your stomach quicken. Your belly ripples with the movements of agitated spirits, hungry for the new life that you’re about to give them. You coo at your expansive girth and rub it soothingly, internally begging them to stop shifting about in their too-tight prison. So packed is your belly that it shivers and twitches with fullness, threatening to split. It has nearly emerged in full from your tunic, mere scraps clinging to the engorged sides of the explosive sphere. Breathing is a trial. The great mass inside you puts pressure on all your other organs. What are you to do now?

A few minutes pass, and the room gradually grows darker as the moon passes over its brother. You struggle under your supplemented weight, your spread legs barely holding you up. Your belly squirms. The veins upon it throb, and the sweat of exertion drips from every inch of you, not the least of which is the bare peak of your false pregnancy. You don’t know what to do. The spirits in the room don’t move, and though the ones inside you do, it’s not in the direction you need them to. You need them out. Though you dreaded it earlier this very day, now you want nothing more than to give birth. You groan, sinking lower toward the ground until your knees hit it. You caress your gravid growth carefully, feeling as though any outside pressure will make you burst.

Suddenly you realize that the room is black as pitch. It’s the momentous time – the height of the eclipse. You feel a distinct change. Your muscles clench involuntarily, making you cry out and clutch your belly with a white-knuckled grip. There’s a sort of… pop, deep inside. Gallons upon gallons of fluid pour forth from your hole, spilling straight through your pants and spreading over the floor. You look down. Is that…?

Another contraction wracks you right on top of the first one. You breathe rapidly through the tight O of your lips like a woman in labor. A new pressure – a downward pressure – makes itself known in your tunnel. “Oh gods,” you whisper to yourself. “It’s time… I’m going to… I’m going to give birth…”

Not knowing what else to do, you push. There’s no movement from within. A third contraction grips your thin-skinned belly, making a map of dark veins pop out. Your brand new stretch marks dance as the muscles underneath the skin clench and pulse. You breathe heavily and push with the contraction. The first spirit – now a living being once more – parts you slowly from the inside. As big as it felt going in, it’s at least thrice the width coming out. It barely moves a centimeter before the contraction ends and you have to stop to pant, holding your writhing mound between your hands. The occupants are getting almost violent in their movements. It feels like they’re as desperate to get out as you are to have them out.

Two more contractions pass, and two more pushes, but the progress is slow and agonizing. Finally the babe hits your hips, but…

It’s stuck.

“No,” you whimper. You stare down at your grotesquely distended gut with a pleading look. Your hair sticks to your face with sweat, and your cheeks are surely blazoned red with exertion. “Please, no, come out, I need you to come out, I… I… ahhh! Ohhh…!” Your belly clenches powerfully, and you push with what is by now pure habit. No movement. The ghostly baby starts thrashing in your tunnel, testing the already too-stretched membrane. You wail. You spread your knees wider, trying anything to give your burden more room to escape. With each contraction you lower yourself a little more, until you sit with your arse on the cold stone floor and your back to the wall. Your legs snap open obscenely wide as you prepare to scream this unearthly baby out of you. It ekes forward on the next contraction, but not enough. If anything, it feels like it’s only getting more stuck. You keep pushing anyway. You must. If you don’t get these babes out of you, then you’ll die here with an unborn head stuck fast in your hips.

Half a dozen more contractions pass, and with a final throaty cry, you manage to pass the head through your hips. But now it’s at your exit, and you don’t think there’s any way it will get out without serious tearing. The shoulders make their way through your pelvis, and the head begins its aching crown. It forces your skin to bulge outward, drawing the flesh of your exit tight. It’s too big to push through the hole. It must stretch you further than you’ve ever been stretched. As if that wasn’t enough, the eight other spirits in your overripe belly sense that there’s a little more room now that the first is descending. The next one starts growing rapidly to catch up to the first one. Your stomach jumps up inches at a time. If you were to wager a guess, you’d say they stagger their growth, one not far behind its predecessor. The second babe hurries to catch up to the one jammed in your canal. Even as you scream and fight against your encumbered body to push the current babe out, your mound fills up and rises above you like a mountain. Higher, heavier, rounder, tighter. The stretch marks spread long and dark across the great expanse of trembling flesh. It’s too much. You have to get them out.

The top of the head slips back in the moment you stop pushing. You scream in frustration and anguish. You yearn to feel the head, to pull it out of you, but when you try you find that your belly is simply too massive. Try as you might, your hands can’t reach your groin. All you can do is push and pray.

You stare up at the remaining spirits in the room with tear-filled eyes. They’re watching you. They know that you’ve successfully gestated their brethren. And as you watch them watching you, you know that this is not be the end. As soon as you’ve given birth to this batch, then the rest will want their turn. The deal was for you to give new life to ALL of them on the day of the eclipse. Before the sun sets, you must take these dozens of creatures into you, group by group, grow them to term, and push them out just like this.

You moan, feeling the head slip back in once more when the contraction ends. More than just the head being too big, it feels like something’s in the way. It’s then that you realize another mistake: you didn’t remove your pants before labor began.

It’s going to be a long day.

Like Father, Like Son - Part 2 (Teen Wolf & Supernatural Crossover with Theo x Reader)

Based on the request and headcannon by @theoraekendeserveslove 

Word Count: 2,029

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: I had to change a couple of details in order to make this crossover work.

[Part 1]

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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Did you break your hip? (Bucky x Reader)

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Summary: Bucky is new at the Tower and he is not comfortable with others, but as the time passes he starts to like Reader

“Y/N/N!” Tony’s voice was getting louder with every step he took closer to your room.
You dragged yourself from bed opening the door, looking at Tony. “What’s the problem, can man?” He smirked at your nickname. His eyes got wider as he saw your shirt.
“So you are a fan?” You had your black iron man shirt on with your shorts.
“Well….” You stepped closer to him placing your finger on his chest. “ I was, when I was younger, not anymore ‘cause some things don’t age good as wine.” You placed a kiss on his cheek opening door wider for him. “So, where’s the fire, old man?” Tony followed your movements throwing his body on your bed.

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you know a thing I’ve had in my head for a while is like, I noticed that out of the Destiny Island Trio and the Wayfinder Trio, Terra and Riku were alike in the sense that they had issues with their darkness, which isn’t anything new. But alongside that, I also noticed that they were the oldest within their trio and that got me thinking like…

Kairi’s Grandmother’s story mentions that light survived in the hearts of children (which we now know are the keykids who survived the KEyblade War), so what if like…children are more likely to have an abundance of light within their hearts? Like, the darkness is still there, but the light is just more prominent at that stage in life.

Now as they get older, that darkness starts to make itself known, so there’s an adjustment within the heart to keep a balance (it’s alllll normal, nothing wrong with that). It’s just…not everyone has an easy time through this stage of life and that balance kinda differs from person to person (it’s like puberty, shit happens and you’re either fine or ready to throw yourself down a flight of stairs). Pair that up with negative attitudes with darkness and you’ve got yourselves a situation like Terra’s or Riku’s (or if you wanna go about it a different way, you have Master Xehanort and Eraqus and Xehanort is kinda the oldest out of the two of them).

So with that in mind, apply that to the keykids, who are likely to come in various ages (still within the range to be considered children by adults). No two keykids are the same, so when that process starts to happen, you can only imagine the sorts of issues that will pop up and of course, you’ll likely have some keykids who are especially vulnerable…

And vulnerable keykids make for easy targets, which can result in the creation of Darklings. So basically Darklings are keykids (older keykids especially) who were having issues with their darkness and had little to no guidance on how to deal with it, resulting in their untimely demises.


The Tucker-White Twins: Part 4

Fandom: The Sebastian Stan Fandom???

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader, Dayton White x Reader

Summary: After a domestic dispute, Aileen Tucker and Richard White decided to separate taking one twin with them. Lance went with Aileen and Dayton went with Richard. Both raised how their parent wanted them to be: a successful gymnast and a famous NASCAR driver.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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Showing Dayton around town was probably the most fun you’ve had in a while. He was always making you laugh and smile. It was nice. You also noticed that he was always touching you in some way. Whether it was an arm around the shoulder, holding your hand, your shoulders touching. He seemed like he was attached to you. Not that you minded. He was great company. 

At the end of the night, he dropped you at home leaving with a kiss to the cheek, “Goodnight, sweetheart. I really enjoyed myself tonight.” Dayton said smiling.

“Me too. And if you ever need a tour guide again,” you held out a slip of paper with your number on it, “call me.”

Dayton pocketed the number, “Will do. Probably sooner than you think.” With a wink, he left.

You closed the door and you felt like you were on cloud nine. Dayton definitely wasn’t like anything like Lance. He was a proper gentleman. He didn’t say anything crude to you at all. And he kissed you on the cheek! How sweet was he?!

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So…. Here it is, the sum total of the actual body, unjoined and uncleaned up. With a medium sized pumpkin for scale. The left side is what I just finished and I think I did a pretty good job freestyling some cabling considering the circumstances.

I think I’ll join these now to get a final verdict on how long it really is, and then worry about hemming later.

I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this before (s.o. probably has, considering how much the Jon x Sansa battlement-sequence has been talked about) but I suppose it would make sense for Jon to be a bit suspicious of Sansa’s “schemey” ways. After all, he knows that her political mentors of sort, were Littlefinger and Cersei. Their way of doings things - to some degree Sansa’s way of doing things - is going to clash with the honorable, upstanding, forgiving ideals he inhereted from Ned. After all he worships his father and admitting that he wasn’t always “right”, will be hard for him. He tried to live up to his name all his life and now Sansa is asking him not to do that very thing

To Jon, asking him to be smarter than Robb and their father, must sound an awful lot like asking him to be less honorable than them as well. Asking him to plot and scheme and do things to further his (their) agenda, even if they aren’t right. I think it was @jen-snow​ who said that this question was fueled by his insecurities and his fear of being rejected by Sansa, and while I think that’s very true, I also interpreted it as him asking “By listening to you? Or by listening to what littlefinger tought you? By being dishonest and calculating? By forgetting everything that father told me?

As many have said before, he hasn’t really figured out this new Sansa yet and maybe he is worried about just how much she learned from LF and Cersei. How much she is ready to follow their teachings, instead of those of their father. Of course being politically savy and acknowledging the weak points in Ned’s mentality, isn’t the same thing as being a heartless, compassionless schemer who uses people for their own advantage. Learning from them, doesn’t make Sansa “Cersei 2.0″ or “Littlefingers confidant”. Realizing that honour has it’s place and it’s limitations, doesn’t make you an evil, dishonourable person per se. Maybe Jon is just trying to come to terms with that, trying to figure out where Sansa draws the line, where he should draw the line. He isn’t just saying “It almost sounds like you admire her.”, underneath that statement lies a question “Do you think that’s a good thing? An admirable thing? To destroy your enemy with any means necessary? To find a way to murder anyone who’s ever crossed you? Has the south twisted you so, that you admire that? ” 

We all know that Sansa’s experiences in the south didn’t twist her like that. Nobody was able to beat her compassion or her honour as a stark out of her, gods know they tried. But she learned what enemies they are facing, what those are capable of and how to defeat them. She lost her naivete, not her kindness, not her (fathers) sense of justice. We know the difference, Sansa knows the difference and hopefully Jon will soon realize this as well. 

I don’t think that this little “dispute” coming right after an disagreement in which Jon enforces his side by rehashing his fathers ideals (”The punishment for treason is death.” “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.”)  is a coincidence neither. Or that Sansa tells Jon to be smarter than father in a discussion ending with Sansa admitting that she learned a great deal from Cersei. I think this is / will be at the heart of the super impressive plot changing stark family feud “starkbowl” - Jon suffering from imposter syndrome and his uncertainty wether he can trust this “new Sansa” to make honourable, just decisions.

He just needs some time to adjust to this change and to incorporate the lessons she’s learned in the south into his own world-view.  And I would bet that will happen very soon, if not in the very next episode. After all Sansa is still a Stark, she will always be a Stark. 

Silver Spoon Pt.3

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Seokjin

Genre: Angst/ Romance

A/N: I thought I had a set pairing for this series, but I can’t seem to make up my mind oops. I’m really liking how this series is going, hopefully you guys think the same. Anyways, enjoy reading :)

Part 1 / Part 2

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Don’t fall asleep (Wall of pillows PT 3)

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“Hey Y/n” he says, she looks up “Yeah” “I was checking you out earlier”. She laughs “Wow is thee Jughead Jones admitting I was right” “Well not right just less wrong than me” he replies with a smirk leaving the room.  

As Jughead leaves the room laughing at himself Y/n squeals quietly. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” Y/n whispers to herself before more students enter the class. When lunch rolls around Y/n hurriedly walks outside to where Archie had told her they were going to be seated for lunch. Just as she sits down an overly energetic Veronica comes bounding in taking a seat beside her. “Hey where did you go, you said you’d walk with me?”. Y/n smiles at the girl beside “I had important things to do” she smirks. “O…M…G!!” She squeals “What happened I leave you guys alone for ten minutes?…. did you kiss, oh my god did you make out in the hall movie style?”. Y/n laughs at the girls eagerness “Ronnie what do you take me for?” she says eyebrow raised laughing slightly. “Oh come on Y/n/n just tell me what happened before class starts” Veronica pleads, pouting. Y/n raises her hands “Fine… fine Jughead asked me on a date”. Veronica nearly falls off her chair, when she recovers she looks up at Y/n and lets out a silent scream “This… this is monumental, this is life changing, my faith in humanity was just restored” she says still with a shocked look on her face. Y/n laughs “Wow Ronnie am I that bad that you thought he wouldn’t ask me?” Veronicas face falls “No no I-” she splutters “I’m kidding Ron” she laughs causing the raven hair girl to smack her on the arm. “This is no time for jokes miss Y/n, Jughead Jones asked you on a date. I’m coming to your house after school and making you look even more beautiful”. And that the girls talked for the rest of lunch, Veronica giving Y/n a lesson on how to act on a date.

Three hour later school had finished and Y/n was home laying on her bed scrolling on her phone when she heard a familiar voice talking through her door “Miss Y/n I’m here to make Riverdale’s local sleuth want to investigate you” Veronica calls through the door in a sing songy. Y/n boosts herself off the bed to unlock the door. When she opens it she is faced with veronica standing with two large bags filled with god knows what inside. “Veronica I actually cannot believe you just said that” Y/n says rolling her eyes. “Said what?” She laughs. Veronica walks over to the bed and places the bags onto it, which upon opening reveal more than enough makeup for the whole of Riverdale and different outfits she had brought. “What’s all this Ron?, we’re going to Pop’s not to Buckingham palace” Y/n questions sitting on the tiny amount of space left on the bed. “I know but what’s the harm in dressing up” She says gesturing to herself. “Not everybody can pull off the ‘I’m going to the emmys’ everyday look” Y/n states. “I know that” She says laughing.

After an hour Y/n was stood in front of Veronica who was still fussing after her. “Ronnie its fine stop” Y/n says laughing, swatting her hands away. “I’m sorry I just feel like it’s my child is going to school for the first time” she says wiping away fake tears. Veronica stands up picking up her jacket and draping it over arm. “Well Y/n I bid you farewell” She says picking up the bags and carrying the out of Y/n bedroom. “I expect a full breakdown of what happened later tonight” She says with a serious face. “I wouldn’t dream of not telling you” Y/n says following her out of the room.

Later on that evening Y/n wanders slowly through the streets of Riverdale. As she makes her way up to Pop’s she spots him sitting in the same boot he always he is. The same crown beanie that she had grown to love. When she enters the diner a small chime is heard above her head signalling her arrival. With this Jughead lifts his head up instantly smiling as he sees her. She walks down to the booth sliding into the seat opposite him. “You want anything yet?” he asks looking up from the computer sitting in front of him. “Yeah I’ll just get some fries and a soda”. After a waitress comes over and takes their order. When it arrives the pair talk and Jughead occasionally types something on the computer. “Y/n would you read this and see if it’s okay?” Y/n expects him to turn the laptop to face her but when he doesn’t she stand up and slide in next to him. She reads the work and is amazed by Jughead’s work “Wow Jug you’re really good” she says looking up at him in awe. “That’s just the draft, I still need to make some adjustments” he says shyly. “Are you crazy? Jug this is absolutely perfect” “Thanks Y/n”.

The night had gone quicker than expected and it was already eleven o clock. Anybody who walked into pops would have taught the pair were a couple. Y/n head was sat in Jughead shoulder eyes barely staying open. “Don’t fall asleep” Jughead says as he notices Y/n eyes close for a little too long. Y/n wakes up a bit “I’m not” She yawns and moves in closer to him. “Hey Y/n I’ve got a question to ask you” Jughead asks looking down at the girl currently using him as a pillow. Y/n doesn’t respond just makes a small noise. “I was just wondering if you would like to be my girlfriend” he says nervously awaiting a response. “I would like to” she says lifting her head up from his shoulder. “So… you’re my girlfriend now” he says with his signature smirk. “Yes Jughead I’m your girlfriend” she smiles leaning up to kiss him. This kiss had gone on longer than there first. When they pull apart Y/n lays her head back on his shoulder “Can I sleep now?”. Jughead laughs “Yes you can sleep now”.

 Word count:1,000

Part 1  Part 2

{Reaction} EXO’s child coming out to them.

Hi!! 😁 Can you do like a reaction from EXO of their child coming out to them? I am not sure if you have done it before. But, Thank you!!! ☺️ 

Note: Ahh this was a sweet request. This request was very personal to me and I hope you enjoy it a lot. I know I may not have their reactions accurate, I’m not sure how homosexuality is presented in Asia either, so this is purely based off how I see them as people and how I think they would react to something like this. Anyway, please enjoy. Fighting!~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by wooyoung

Chanyeol knew something was wrong by the way his child as looking so nervous. As he watched his child nervously stood before him with shaky hands, he could feel his own begin to tremble as his mind wondered to what could possibly cause his child so much anxiety. He hated how uneasy his child looked, so vulnerable and afraid, it made Chanyeol’s heart clench in his on messed up worry and anxiety. But as his child confessed that they were attracted to the same sex, Chanyeol found himself more confused than anything else, his lips smiling as he thinks that was all they were worried about?

Chanyeol: “That is just fine, {child}. Did you really think that it was an issue? It doesn’t change a thing, and all I want is for you to be happy, okay? If you bring home a girl, then that’s fine, if you bring home a boy, that’s also fine. But don’t think you’re going to get away with me not bringing out the baby photos.” *Grinning as he opens his arms up to give his child a hug.*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by overdyosed

Since Kyungsoo doesn’t have a problem with homosexuality, or anything like that, his reaction wasn’t very eventful. He doesn’t see why his child should feel the need to come out, and it makes him somewhat annoyed that the word is this way, why can’t people love and accept? But at the same time, he is happy for his child, and will do everything to make sure they find ultimate happiness in the end.

Kyungsoo: “I don’t care if you bring home a boy or a girl, if they break your heart, tell them to sleep with one eye open.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by ohhsenshine

Baekhyun would be thrilled when his child opens up about their sexuality. Mainly because he thinks it’s a good thing his child feels confident enough to open up about this kind of thing in the first place. While he is extremely proud of his child and will be supportive all the way through, he would also tease them the same way if they were heterosexual. Basically, he would be the best father in the world and would be supportive whatever his child decided to be or wanted to be with.

Baekhyun: “Now I don’t know much about sex between two-”

{Child}: “Dad!”

Baekhyun: “BUT, if you need anything… lube, protection, anything. You just let me know, okay?”

{Child}: “You’re so embarrassing!”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by xehun

This usually sassy man would change attitudes completely when it comes to something like this. When he found out that his child was homosexual, he would soften, and he would reassure them that it is perfectly okay with him whatever kind of person that they wanted to be with even if they were a girl or a boy. While being a little bit teasing and sassy, he would make sure that his child knows his sincerity and that he will always be there for them whenever they need to talk or be supported.

Sehun: “Never don’t mind about a thing~” *Literal meme*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by wooyoung

Yixing may find the concept a little strange at the beginning. Since he isn’t used to the culture (and often tries to call EXO manly after they show strong affections for one another) he might find it a little bit confusing and may not know how to handle the news at the beginning. He wouldn’t be unsupportive, and he would never criticize his child for feeling this way, he would just need some time to adjust and understand. But when his child brings home their partner for the first time, he falls in love with the couple, and instantly decides that this development isn’t going to change a single thing.

Yixing: “I know I was unsure at the beginning, but now I understand why you love them, and I am happy that you’ve found someone that can make you feel this well. You compliment each other well, I give you my blessing to be with them, not that you needed it anyway.” *Grinning*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by zhangyixings

Chen was making dinner when his child came out to him, it wasn’t the fact that they were gay that made him drop a pile of hot plates on the floor, it was the fact that his child had been seeing someone for the past few months without him knowing that really startled him.

{child}: “I’m sorry, please don’t be upset.”

Jongdae: “I demand you tell me about them at once and call them over for dinner. I’d like to meet them immediately.”

{child}: “So you’re… not mad?”

Jongdae: “Why would I be mad? Love is love, right? Now come on, I want to meet them so I can finally play the embarrassing father role.”

{child}: “Isn’t that what Uncle Suho is for?”

Jongdae: “Let me live this moment, please!”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by oppa-smiles

Minseok’s reaction was actually pretty underwhelming. Even though his child had taken him out to coffee to reveal the news, Minseok played it off as if it wasn’t anything at all, mainly because he didn’t mind, and didn’t think that his child should be so stressed to tell him something like this. Minseok is very open and accepting, so it doesn’t upset him in the slightest when he finds out this information about his child. If anything, he is happy for them, because he knows that they will eventually find someone to love. He prefers it when his child tells him things like this instead of pretending. The last thing he wants is for his child to be with someone he doesn’t love just to make others around them happy.

{child}: “I’m gay…”

Minseok: “And I’m thirsty, can you get me a black coffee?”

{child}: “Aren’t you upset about this?”

Minseok: “No, why would I be upset? As long as you find someone who is good to you, I will be happy for you.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by e-x-o-s

When his child first told him about this, he was a little confused about it and seemed a little dismissive. He went on to do some research about it (AKA he asked Kris what he should feel about this) after talking through his worries (he was anxious he wasn’t a good enough father because he doesn’t know how he should support the child) he realised that it wasn’t all that hard, and that he was more proud of his child than ever before for being so bold and speaking his mind. When his child came home that eveing, Tao approached them and gave them a hug, explaining that he was proud of them and that he hopes they will find someone good for them.

Tao: “Remember that I need to make sure they are suitable for you before you can date them.”

{child}: *Laughing* “Of course, Dad.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by wintershower

Suho doesn’t care if his child is homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or any other sexuality. He doesn’t care if his child dates someone of the same sex or if they are foreign. As long as his child is happy, then he is too. Suho is literally the most chilled and accepting man and possibly the best man for a father role because he would be the most supportive person on the planet.

{child}: “I just need to tell you that… well, I’m gay.”

Suho: “Hi gay, I’m Dad.”

{child}: “… I hate you so much”

*All joking apart, Suho would be so proud, and would probably cry tears of happiness knowing that his child is finally showing their true identity and are a step closer to finding happiness.”


Originally posted by wetsekai

Luhan chuckled as his child revealed this new information to him. He looked over at Minseok who was sat beside him and held his hand out, a smirk playing at his lips as he asked for the money he was owed for the bet they made. The child watched in astonishment as Minseok handed the money over and Luhan explained they had made a bet on when the child would finally come clean about their true feelings. This is probably where I should also add that Luhan is chill about it, and proud of them for making this big step.

{child}: “You… knew?”

Luhan: “You think I was born yesterday? I know that ‘we’re studying’ excuse is a lie. Since when did you study?”

{child}: “… okay yeah, fair enough, you got me there.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by wooyoung

Kai smiled as his child told him about their sexuality. Even though it isn’t always socially accepted, Kai doesn’t see a problem with it at all. In the moment, he was sat with his child downstairs at 3am with cups of hot tea. He feels a tear run down in emotional happiness and chuckles as his child begins to cry as well. As the two of them sit in an utter moment of true emotion mixed with love and happiness, he reaches over and pulls his child into a hug, reassuring them that he is always going to be proud of them.

Kai: “You were and always will be the best thing that ever happened to me, {child}.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by yourtypicalasianfangirl

Since Kris has done a lot of travelling and has many friends over the world, he has seen many different perspectives and lives. So when his child tells him about their sexuality, he is less than bothered by it. Not in a bad way, but it just doesn’t matter to him if his child is gay or not, in his eyes, if his child is happy then he is too and that is all that matters.

Kris: “Angry? Why would I be angry? I think it’s good you’re closer finding your true identity. I hope that one day, you will be able to find someone who will make you very happy.”

liar liar pants on fire part 2

*˙˚○ kim jaehwan x reader

*˙˚○ roommate! & bandmate! kim jaehwan

*˙˚○ fluffy!! some parts are a bit frustrating ;))

*˙˚○ word count : 2.8k

part 1 here!

Originally posted by apple-pudding

It had been a few days since you had realised your feelings for your fellow band mate and it was tearing you apart. Not only were you unable to concentrate during practices with him but you were becoming more clumsier in general. In the span of a few days, you had stubbed your toes more than ten times, spilled your drinks whenever you weren’t eyeing your beverage and was on the risk of falling down a flight of stairs before Jaehwan pulled you back. Due to your unusual situation, your manager persuaded you to practice at your apartment instead since she didn’t want to risk your career or even your life.

Before you could reevaluate your life or more specifically your feelings for your dorky band mate, a soft knock came through your door as you sat at your desk, venting out your frustrations in the form of lyrics.

“Hey knucklehead, do you want some ramyeon? Quick answer me before the water boils,” Jaehwan placed his head in the middle of the door and the doorframe while you looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. You didn’t want to risk saying nonsensical things so you simply replied him with a nod before you returned your focus on the sheets of paper scattered on your desk - some of them torn and the others crumpled, only leaving the clean sheet of paper in front of you to be your next victim from your frustration.

“I’ll bring lunch to you since I’m scared that you’ll trip on air and ruin the new carpet,” He joked before closing the door behind him. Jaehwan sighed sympathetically once he was out of your sight. He was confused on how the usual fun yet composed best friend had turned into a complete mess. Nothing peculiar took place during the days before your accidents began to happen so it only made Jaehwan grow far more curious. 

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Richonne Flash Fic


by @dirtiebirdie17

Rating: T
Prompts used: Haircut, Chocolate Muffin

Rick entered their home through the garage and made a beeline to the kitchen, gingerly placing the grocery bags down on the counter. Trying to postpone the inevitable comments that were about to come his way, he made it a point to unload the bags as quietly as possible.

“Hi, honey,” Michonne called out from her reading chair, too engrossed in her novel to look up. She was enjoying this lazy Saturday afternoon - a departure from the normal hustle and bustle of errands and activities - thanks to her husband’s insistence that she take some much needed time for herself.

“Hey,” was his curt reply.

Hearing him shuffle back and forth with the groceries, she got up and strolled over to the kitchen to help.

“Did you get bacon and eggs for breakfast tomorr-Oh!” Michonne recoiled in surprise, having caught sight of Rick as she rounded the corner.

“Before you say anything,” Rick pleaded, holding out his hand as if attempting to calm a wild stallion, “Joe wasn’t there today. This is not what I asked for.”

Michonne squinted, hoping that her eyes just needed some adjusting after wearing her reading glasses, but much to her dismay, that didn’t seem to help.

“There was a new stylist there today…Jessie,” he sighed, the bitter taste of regret on his lips as he uttered her name. “Let’s just say she was a little too enthusiastic with the scissors.”

“A little?”

“I thought I’d surprise you with a nice trim,” he grimaced, gripping the back of his newly exposed neck for effect, “but this isn’t what I had in mind.”

Michonne sauntered over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist to pull him in close. She couldn’t help but notice how adorably hot he was when flustered, despite the criminal removal of those luscious curls of his.

Rick grinned playfully as Michonne undid the top few buttons of his plaid shirt to inspect his chest, running her fingers up and down as if counting every hair. She applied the same technique to his face before finding her way to his exposed neck, her hands devoid of the usual pleasure that awaited them there.

“Glad to see that this Jessie woman showed some restraint,” she smirked, caressing his perfectly trimmed beard for emphasis, “But if she ever touches your curls again, I’ll be doing some cutting of my own.”

“No need to worry,” he assured her, “That’s the last time that woman gets anywhere near me.”

“Damn right,” she nodded emphatically before a sly grin crept up. “But, you’re going to have to make it up to me somehow.”

“Well I did get you one of those chocolate muffins from The Red Door Bakery that you love so much.”

“Uh huh. Keep talking.”

“And the kids are out of the house for at least another couple hours,” he murmured, hooking his finger through one belt loop of her jeans to reel her in closer.

“They are, aren’t they?” she smiled.

“They are…”

Note: I’m enjoying venturing out into AU territory. Hope you enjoy!

Letting of Steam / Jace Wayland [platonic!reader]

Words: 1335

Throwing your weight into the punch, the dummy you were hitting is pushed back with a force. No matter how many times you hit the target, your anger and annoyance never seemed to settle. 

Beads of sweat were dripping down your forehead and down your back as you try to release everything you had been pent up within you for the past week. 

Ever since Jace had brought that girl to the Institute, he’d barely said three words to you. 

You weren’t jealous-you were angry. Sad. Disappointed. 

“(Y/N).” You hear Alec call for you, but your focus doesn’t waver. “(Y/N),” he sighs. You still don’t respond, you only hit the dummy harder. “Come on, you need to take a break.”

“I’m fine,” you grunt.

You could imagine him rolling his eyes, “I’ve known you practically my entire life. I think that by now, I know when you’re not okay. Now come on,” he insists. 

You lower your fighting stance and spin around so you were facing him. “What do you want?” you demand, crossing your arms tightly against your chest. 

“I want you to calm down before you hurt yourself,” he says lightly, “we can’t afford you being injured. Especially not now.”

“And why is that?” you counter, your tone sharp. 

“Don’t be like that,” he frowns. As if just remembering why he had come to find you in the first place, his face seems to light up, “Jace was looking for you.”

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Experimenting playing as orisa-only in competitive, managed to solo climb from 3100 to 3550 in a little bit over 10 games

Nobody seems to like Orisa in the “same 6 meta heroes: the game”, but she aint bad. Just needs some adjustments and friendlier teammates.

Music: “Let Me Hit It” by Sporty-O, Audiostalkers ( • )

anonymous asked:


(Language warning!!!)

What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck!!!! I’m totally not literally pacing my house right now because this was so cute and I’m working on ideas for a oneshot, and I’m excited as hell!!!!

You just made my life! This is so perfect! And you know what? When I got the notification for this all I saw was ‘IMAGINE MYLER’S FIRST PRIDE LIKE THEY GO ALONG,’ and my first thought was- Monty would just be so fascinated, he’d be holding Tyler’s hand to give him some attention, but he’d mostly just be looking around at every thing trying to take it all in.

Then I read your message and we’re both thinking the same thing about Monty being excited 😭😭 He would absolutely not give a fuck about what anyone thought about his sexuality, and he’d just be so happy to be there. Tyler would get calmer the more time went on, and Monty would be giving him constant reassurance that he’s completely safe here and he should relax and have fun.

Tyler would be the one to spot Clay, and then moments later Jeff and Tony. Jeff probably has his arm around Clay, while the boy is holding Tony’s hand, and they’re probably eating something (bc they’re growing teenage boys). Monty would just follow Tyler’s gaze, and he’d smile and call out to Jeff, knowing that having Clay there would probably calm Tyler down a little bit.

It’s while they’re all standing there talking and laughing that they discover Justin and Alex are there too. Their conversation is cut off by Alex laughing as Justin is giving him a piggy back ride, spinning them both around in circles. Clay calls out to Alex, and that’s when Justin stops and the boys finally acknowledge the group.

Alex doesn’t jump down from Justin, he just stays there as they join the group, greeting everyone. They all decide to stick together for the day, and Tyler isn’t so reluctant anymore. He tends to spend a lot of time with Alex and Clay, and their respective boyfriends all lag a little behind them, just admiring each of them for much of the day.

They’re all just so soft and happy. Clay, Alex and Tyler are all like the centre of the world to the other boys. They’re totally spoilt by their boyfriends the whole day. Tyler actually ends up having the most fun, being the newest one out he just needed some time to adjust, but by the end of the day he’s just so so happy.

When he can’t stop smiling Monty can’t help but constantly kiss him. They all decided to go get takeout for dinner, and the boys all throw fries at Monty every time he kisses Tyler.

The day ends with all of them sat out at the lookout. Justin is laying back into Alex’s chest, Tony, Clay and Jeff are somehow all tangled together, and Tyler is snuggled up in Monty’s arms. None of them have anything left to say, so they’re just totally silent, probably covered in body paint and other things from the day.

In that moment everyone is just so content, and Monty can’t help but kiss Tyler on the forehead and squeeze him tighter.

(Yes, there eventually will be a oneshot for this)

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for the band with a significant other that's really loving and sweet please

2D: After years of having partners that were always a little distant with him it’s good for him to have someone to be affectionate with. He’s very cuddley almost to the point of being clingy and he’s glad that it doesn’t bother you. It’s also pretty helpful for his anxiety especially regarding past relationships

Murdoc: He’s definitely a little surprised by it. From the outside it looks like he doesn’t like it but he just isn’t used and needs some time to adjust. Although he’ll never admit it he likes it when you’re affectionate towards him. It calms his anxieties about you wanting to be with him

Noodle: Although she can come across very stoic she has a romantic side that not a lot of people get to see. Whilst she isn’t one for PDA she has a guilty pleasure for doing cheesy couple shit and she’s relieved that you’re exactly the same. 

Russel: It’s a bit of a shock to the system when he gets a lot of affection from you since he isn’t used to being the centre of attention. He’s actually quite a loving guy and likes being able to show people he cares about them physically but he doesn’t really have a lot of outlets for that