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you know a thing I’ve had in my head for a while is like, I noticed that out of the Destiny Island Trio and the Wayfinder Trio, Terra and Riku were alike in the sense that they had issues with their darkness, which isn’t anything new. But alongside that, I also noticed that they were the oldest within their trio and that got me thinking like…

Kairi’s Grandmother’s story mentions that light survived in the hearts of children (which we now know are the keykids who survived the KEyblade War), so what if like…children are more likely to have an abundance of light within their hearts? Like, the darkness is still there, but the light is just more prominent at that stage in life.

Now as they get older, that darkness starts to make itself known, so there’s an adjustment within the heart to keep a balance (it’s alllll normal, nothing wrong with that). It’s just…not everyone has an easy time through this stage of life and that balance kinda differs from person to person (it’s like puberty, shit happens and you’re either fine or ready to throw yourself down a flight of stairs). Pair that up with negative attitudes with darkness and you’ve got yourselves a situation like Terra’s or Riku’s (or if you wanna go about it a different way, you have Master Xehanort and Eraqus and Xehanort is kinda the oldest out of the two of them).

So with that in mind, apply that to the keykids, who are likely to come in various ages (still within the range to be considered children by adults). No two keykids are the same, so when that process starts to happen, you can only imagine the sorts of issues that will pop up and of course, you’ll likely have some keykids who are especially vulnerable…

And vulnerable keykids make for easy targets, which can result in the creation of Darklings. So basically Darklings are keykids (older keykids especially) who were having issues with their darkness and had little to no guidance on how to deal with it, resulting in their untimely demises.


Bit the bullet and got up early for 4 frosty miles before the sun came up. Pace was around 7:30 as usual.

I thought about going for 6, but I decided this is enough until I’m out of the “everything hurts” phase of getting back to running again. I’ve put a lot of focus on good form. My joints and muscles just need some time to adjust.

There’s something really cool about cruising through empty streets in the dark. I never would have dreamt of it a few years ago, but you can get by with a good headlamp and some reflective gear.

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What if Sidon and his s/o are doing the deed (you know what i mean) for the first time and their s/o bleeds bc it's her first time? I'm asking bc when a woman has their first time with their partner the woman bleeds, how would sidon react to that?

Actually, fun fact- a woman’s hymen doesn’t really break the first time they have sex! Or any other sexy time really. If given enough preparation (foreplay, stretching, lubrication), there is no blood or pain, just some discomfort at the first time which just needs time for adjustment. However, if too rough or not enough preparation is put into place, then there is blood. The more you know!

Too rough the first time results in bleeding s/o (Sidon)

  • They’re doing the deed, Sidon feels like he’s doing well, and suddenly
    • He smells the blood
  • Panicking, he pulls out, asking if she’s okay, what did he do wrong, the works
  • When his s/o tells him its because they weren’t probably prepared though 
  • The GUILT
    • Hits him like a stampede
  • Sex stops that night, aftercare is more important
    • No amount of complaints will change his mind, his s/o is hurt, he must help them
    • Comforts them any way he can
  • Next time, he doesn’t even touch her until he is 10000% sure she’s properly prepared

I’m almost done with this!! Don’t think I put the project aside or anything. I just need some final adjustments before I submit it for our schools film festival. I’ll publish the full thing for everyone to see after it’s played there at the end of the term!! :> #animation #LCAD #tvpaint

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though your eyes will need some time to adjust, to the overwhelming light surrounding us

domesticity ahoy...

So, I was thinking randomly last night about how the show might decide to clue the viewers in that Emma and Killian are in fact living together now (because I really need this to be the case when S6 opens) and a few ideas popped into my head. 

I’ll call them headcanons:

1 - close up shot of Emma looking in the mirror in her bathroom securing her hair into a ponytail and as the camera pans out we see Killian standing beside her on his side of the sink applying his eyeliner (not store bought, but some old style pirate type kohl, that he manages to apply while winking - well, not really, cause he is a terrible winker)

2 - Emma’s phone ringing loudly on her nightstand and we see that it is David calling, but then we see Killian’s hand pick up the phone as he mutters, “bloody hell, mate, do you know what time it is?” before Emma’s hand sneaks out from beneath the covers to snatch the phone away.

3 - Emma walking towards the front door from the kitchen and grabbing her red jacket off of a hook and we see Killian’s jacket hanging over a hook right beside it. The camera will then pan to Killian at the sink placing their coffee mugs on the dish dryer with his hook.

4 - Emma standing in their bedroom pulling a sweater over her head and on the dresser we see some of her jewelry and maybe some perfume on one side and on the other, an antique looking dish in the shape of a seashell full of all of Killian’s rings and his brace resting beside it, camera then pans to Killian still asleep in the bed (covered, b/c, hello…ABC sucks).

5 - Emma coming home late and trudging upstairs, obviously tired and ready for bed to find Killian asleep against the pillows he has propped behind him and the book he was reading (Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - of course) still open on his lap, since we know he’s quite good at research.

Someone should stop me now, cause I could do this all night long…

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My succulent seems to be struggling and idk what's wrong! It started blushing and the leaves are very wrinkled. One leaf just shriveled and died. Help!

Hello, blushing and wrinkling are signs that it’s too much sun and not enough water ! Did you just move it out into bright sun? Succulents need some time to adjust to brighter sun so do in small stages.

If it’s always been in the same place and is suddenly changing colour and wrinkling, it lacks water..either you need to water more OR you’ve watered too much and the roots rotted so they’re no longer taking up water. Is it potted in well-draining soil? The soil it came in or commercial cactus mix might retain too much water, so its best to pot it in 50% cactus mix 50% pumice/fine gravel.

Lower leaves withering is a sign of normal growth, probably the plant is reabsorbing nutrients to grow new roots.

For now, you should move the plant out of direct sunlight, make sure the soil isn’t soggy and that the roots aren’t rotten, and if all is ok and the soil is just drying out too often, increase your watering. Hope that helps ! :)


                          Your small words all piled up and gave me so much strength … ! Your messages held power … I love you

zen | hyun ryu   |   {random mysme edit}

I just wanted to finish a Zen one today for @hybridshadowz birthday since she is on zen’s route.

Galactic (New OC, near-final.) 

So these past few days I’ve been working on a new OC design, the goal being a female OC that can act kinda as a counterpart to my “Jordan” OC. So after millions of color changes and redesigns, I finally got a (near-final) design for my OC, which I have (for now) decided to call Galactic. 

I’m pretty happy with it, just need to add some eyelashes and adjust the colors of her dress. 

Thank you for the huge amount of support on my recent posts!

Unfortunately I might not be posting original content as often as usual in the next few days/weeks.
I’m having a hard time concerning a very personal issue and it’s really really hurting me.
Nevertheless I know that I will be fine, I just need some time to adjust to the situation.

So, my boyfriend has been seeing a new girl recently. I’ve only met her once for about a minute. And I like her, but they’re both acting really strangely about me getting to know her. I’m unsure what to do because it feels really shady to just keep her away from me all the time. She comes to our house only when I’m gone.

Have you talked to your boyfriend about this? As in all things poly, communication is key. He might be worried that you two won’t get along, or she might be uncomfortable meeting you just yet, or he might not have even noticed he’s giving off these strange vibes.

Your best bet is to talk openly about your concerns, and see why he’s acting like this, and try to solve the problem from there. Remember that even if you know you’ll be cozy and friendly and welcoming, she might be new to the idea and need some time to adjust; or maybe your boyfriend just needs time to navigate these waters. 


Me testing multiply stuff.

  1. The Dovahkiin armor, which is coming along nicely if I say so myself, and I actually start to love it now since I have seen how it looks in game. Of course, there are a few more things I need to adjust on it,just some tiny bug fixes.

  2. The latest update of KS hairdos, this is just one of the plenty hairs that I love, more screenshots are coming its way. Baes did great job

  3. Improved and new Smashin Face texture. Yes, Smashin face is going to receive an new update very soon, probably it’s last and final update! As you can see here, I improved the infamous SF eye lids, to make it more nicely looking and edited the diffuse map to enhance and compliment it, so it no longer looks weird or out of place.

I also wanna announce that the Silent Hawk armor will be included in the outfitshop, with two variants, wink wink.