just neal and emma getting to just *be*


3x20 / 6x09

That scene in 3x20 was maybe the most sad scene inside of a happy one I ever seen. It was after they defeated Zelena, and Snowing, Emma, and Henry were in the room excited to be with baby Neal safe and sound. But you just can’t help it but getting sad when you watch Hook looking at them from the outside, wanting so badly to be included, to be an integral part of this family and joy.

And then you have 6x09. Not only he’s included, he’s entering aside Emma, one of the first (and sadly only, at least in that point), to meet the new baby. He’s totally in the “inner circle” this time around. 

I just love seeing Hook getting all these little closures along the way. Because in 3x20 he deserved to be included, yet he felt an outsider, and people let him feel this way (or at least didn’t care enough to include him, and actually invite him in to meet the baby). But now he’s not only there, he’s actually Belle’s best friend. 

This is too beautiful.   

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Top 5 Charming Family moments?

Thanks hun!

1. Just after the curse broke when Emma and Henry go and find Snow and David on the street, literally all the actors acting is amazing in this and so on point, plus Emma is really unsure while David and Snow just look at her with complete love she had never had before.

2. Emma’s date when she gets home and David and Snow had waited up for her as she obviously didn’t expect that. 

3. The family gathered together at the hospital when Neal was born, especially Emma and Snow sharing a look and David making sure to put his arm around Emma too. 
4.Emma calling Snow and David mom and dad for the first time whilst in the mines, she looks scared and it’s such a bittersweet moment.

5. Emma coming back from the past and saying that she’s home, it just always gets me, plus David and Snow are slightly confused cause she hadn’t told them where she went yet. So for them it was almost like she was gone for like an hour tops and suddenly came back completely different.

(Honourable mention: Charming family breakfast)

You know what I want? 

I want Emma and Killian to get stuck with Neal for an entire day.

And at the end of it, after David and Snow pick him back up, they both collapse on the couch (as much as she loves her brother, he is a bit of a tiny tyrant) and Killian’s like, “Well, that was quite the adventure.” And Emma’s reply is, “Yeah. Good practice too.”

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Idea for the Madfire haunted house thing: They're friends, and Swanfire is a thing. Emma also knows about Jefferson, and they've met. She's brought Toddler!Henry over a couple times when they visit Neal at work. Eventually she's just like, "I know it must get lonely here. wanna move in with us?" And that's how they get a ghost nanny. Henry loves him. (And maybe he's protective because teeny ghost Grace is also there. She comes with him. Idk, just a thought.)

I love it! Except, I’d like to write Emma finding out about Jefferson first, kinda suspecting that Neal is pulling her leg–and then kind of has her own experience with him. Only Henry can see Grace, though, because she’s shy and only shows herself to Henry (because cuteness).

Aaaah, I love it when one-shots become fics!!!!

This gif absolutely kills me, and I’ll tell you why. It shows the tenderness of their relationship. The way Emma closes her eyes, the tiny hint of a smile on her lips, how gentle he is, it makes my heart ache. Their relationship is just so pure, so amazing, there aren’t many words to describe something like that. Just the plain love you can see it this gif, it’s simply beautful. This is why Captain Swan is so great. I mean this guy was a pirate, a full blown villan, and here he is, softly kissing his princess on the cheek. And Emma, oh Emma. She’s never been in a relationship like this. With Neal it was different, that was certainly love, don’t get me wrong, but damn. This love is so true. And Walsh, I mean that was obviously fake, but they’d been together for some time, and she didn’t even have a fraction of the affection she has for Killian. So yeah, sometimes I watch this gif over and over again until it makes me cry.

I don’t need Swanfire.  I just want Neal back.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Swanfire, and after what happened in 5B, I’ll never be able to ship CaptainSwan.  Nothing against those who do, but it’s just my personal preference.  But I’m perfectly okay with the show staying CS if only they’ll bring Neal back.

He doesn’t need to be Emma’s romantic interest.  Neal/Baelfire has enough story of his own.  He’s Henry’s father.  He’s Rumplestiltskin’s son.  He’s a boy was sucked through a portal to Victorian England from the Enchanted Forest, got stolen away to Neverland for over a hundred years, and then came back out sometime in the 1990s.  He’s had an amazing journey that we’ve barely even begun to uncover, and I want to know more about that.

I want him to have a chance to be a dad.  I want him to finally be able to have a relationship with his own father, since they barely had a chance to patch things up before everything went pear-shaped.  I want him to live.  And you know what?  Neal will always love Emma, be it platonic or romantic love.  He’d want her to be happy.  If Hook makes her happy, he’d be okay with that.  It might not be his first choice, but he’d stand aside for Emma’s sake.

We keep having these one-arc characters come in to be the “friend that Emma never gets”.  You know what?  Neal could damn well be that friend.  He knows her, and just because they were together once doesn’t mean they aren’t both adults and co-parents who could be friends now.

This show is supposed to be about family, not about romance. I want him back for family reasons.

@fleurreads​ asked me for a fluffy CS bit that includes babies, so here we go!

Baby wails cut through the darkened room, startling Emma out of a sound sleep. “Oh, squirt,” she muttered into the pillow.

Before she had the chance to push herself up, a gentle hand slid onto her shoulder. “Let me go, love,” Killian whispered into her ear. “You sleep.”

“I can’t let you do that. He’s my brother; I should be getting up with him.”

In the end, they both ended up climbing out of bed to tend to little Neal. Her parents had gone on a little one-night camping trip (it couldn’t exactly be called a vacation since they were just camping out in the Storybrooke woods) and Emma had volunteered to watch Neal for them. She just hadn’t taken into consideration the fact that Neal was teething.

He’d been fussy all evening but Emma had hoped they’d get a little respite once he was in bed for the night. No dice. He’d woken her and Killian up seemingly every hour on the hour. It was four in the morning and they were both working on maybe forty-five minutes of broken sleep.

To put it bluntly, they were exhausted.

What followed next might as well have been a choreographed dance. Emma lifted a screaming Neal out of his crib and carried him down the stairs. Killian had gone down ahead of her and met her at the foot of the staircase with a frozen washcloth in his hand. Emma took it from him, slipped the end of the washcloth into Neal’s mouth, and waited.

The cold began working its magic almost instantly. Neal stopped crying and gnawed on the cloth instead, letting it soothe his aching gums.After heaving a relieved sigh, Emma carried her calming baby brother to the living room and plopped down on the couch.

Killian followed suit, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Emma snuggled into him and rested her head on his shoulder, her eyes almost immediately falling closed. “Remind me never to offer to babysit when the squirt is teething again,” she said through a yawn.

“Aye, love,” he chuckled. “Though I do have to admit, we make quite the team as caretakers as well.”

“Mm.” Her voice was soft. “I’ll keep that in mind.”


When Snow and Charming returned home at seven that morning, they discovered the most adorable sight. Killian and Emma were sound asleep cuddled up together on the couch, Killian’s arm wrapped around her almost protectively and her head on his shoulder. Nestled in Emma’s arms was a sleeping baby Neal. On the coffee table in front of them lay all manner of thawing washcloths and teethers, every one a testament to their restless night.

“The poor kids,” Snow whispered, swallowing a chuckle.

Charming, on the other hand, simply stared at them, his breath catching in his throat. His eyes were wide and after a moment, they started to glisten. Snow frowned at him and when she looked back at the couch, it was like she was surveying the scene with new eyes.

For it didn’t take much to imagine what her baby girl and her pirate would look like as new parents run ragged by their own teething child.

“They look like a little family,” Charming whispered in wonder.

“They certainly do,” Snow agreed. “They certainly do.”


Since Neals death everything is going down the sewer…Rumple lost its purpose to fight for his son…Henry doesn’t have a father anymore…and Emma has changed so much since CS is a thing…just ugh…


Ugh, OMG, fuck Henry in that scene.  “You’re just like Regina because you lied to me this one time about something that caused you lifelong trauma!”  

Stupid kid doesn’t know shit.  I really hated him in this little string of episodes where he’s shitting on Emma because he thinks Person is some hero, despite Emma telling him otherwise.  Like, kid, listen to your mom.  You can be upset that she didn’t tell you the truth, but don’t be an asshole about it.  Henry worked so hard to get close to her and then he pushes her away in favor of his deadbeat dad?  Makes perfect sense -_-

Pairing Spotlight: Captain Swan

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Betting my followers have been waiting a while for this one, huh? Sorry, I can be very forgetful…

How do I describe Captain Swan? It’s not just the pairing of Captain Hook with the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. It’s not just a lovely case of people who have loved and lost before finding a new love. It’s just something magically well done in all respects.

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Captain Swan is made up of Emma Swan, focus character and audience surrogate of the show, and Killian Jones, the dashing pirate who comes in during the second season. And right from the get-go things are set up perfectly. The episode “Tallahassee” contrasts Emma’s every interaction with Hook with her past, failed relationship with Neal Cassidy, the older man who knocked her up as a teen and then let her take the fall for his crime, the reason Emma has her walls. Hook just seems to get Emma and she’s clearly attracted to him…which is why she leaves him chained on top of a beanstalk, because she’s not sure she can trust him and is afraid of those feelings.

Hook stays in the antagonist role for the rest of the season, however his role was shortened due to his actor breaking his leg so we don’t know what the original plan was. He initially works for the evil Cora, but even in a sword fight with Emma he’s doing more flirting than fighting. It turns out Hook has a noble reason for his villainy: Rumpelstiltskin, the Dark One, killed the woman he loved and he wants revenge…and to die too, it’s pretty clear he’s suicidal at some points. But he decides ultimately to help the heroes out when Emma’s son Henry is kidnapped and go to a place he’s never want to return to: Neverland. Now that’s dedication!

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See, it turns out Peter Pan is a jerk. How much of a jerk? He tells Hook that Neal—who has been placed in a love triangle sort of thing with Hook and Emma—is still alive, thinking Hook won’t tell the others. Turns out our Captain believes in good form and he does. Pan also put Neal in a place where people have to tell secrets to get him out. Hook’s? He loves Emma. Emma’s? She’d been hoping Neal was dead.

…Well, that’s one way to spell out who wins the love triangle. Subtle this show is not.

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The ship also gets a time travel plot where, as a distraction, Emma seduces Killian’s past self. It is exactly as hilarious as it sounds, not in the least because present!Killian gets jealous. I’m not even kidding.

The best thing about the relationship is how well they play off each other. Hook is one of the few characters not included in the curse, so modern things often baffle him. The cell phone scenes in season 4A are all utterly awesome and downright hilarious, and it’s always good if a ship ca make me laugh. Emma, in contrast, has found someone she can really let in, someone who sees her as Emma first, not as the Savior, not as a problem, not as a fixer, just as Emma. She’s clearly just as invested in him as he is in her and it’s great.

Captain Swan is just a lovely bundle of fluff, love, and drama that really makes it a wonderful paring to ship. Doesn’t hurt that they really have a ship, too. Well, unless Hook needs to give it up to save Emma…

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Seriously these guys can be so cute it might be a heath hazard. Make sure your D’aw Meter can withstand it.

Was it me or did Emma seem perturbed that Rumple referred to what she and Neal had as ‘torrid affair’.

The look she gave Rumple was daggers. To her, it was more than a torrid affair, it was meaningful, true love but she was not happy with Rumple’s assertion.

Now, I don’t believe for a minute that Rumple thinks it was just a torrid affair. I think he said that just to get a rise out of her. Headcanon: Rumple hates the fact that his son’s love is dating his enemy. To him, Neal should be the one who is alive and with her, not Hook. Go back and watch 4x2, and see how Rumple says ‘girlfriend’ to Hook in regards to Emma. He’s not a happy camper.

An embarrassing encounter

A/N : “I swear I can explain why dozens of condoms spilled out of my bag when you bumped into me” Captain Swan drabble. 

“Oh my God, Ruby, don’t. I really don’t have time for this,” Emma whined, unwilling to hear another you-need-to-date-someone-or-at-least-sleep-with-someone-because-your-tension-is-killing-me speech. “I’m not gonna just go and have sex with someone to make you happy.”

“No, you’re gonna do it to make you happy !” Ruby retorted. “Seriously, Emma, how long has it been ? You haven’t been with anyone since Neal and that was months ago. You need to get back out there !”

“No, I don’t. God, Ruby, I can’t just go and have sex with the first guy I see ! Who does that ?!” she almost shouted, frustrated over the weeks-old argument. 

“Fine, fine ! But when you cave and aren’t prepared, don’t blame me,” Ruby pouted. “No, wait.” Standing, she ran to her room and back and shoved both of her hands in Emma’s bag. “There, now you can go,” she smiled. 

Emma rolled her eyes and exited the room they shared. Used to Ruby’s antics, the idea of checking what her roommate had smuggled into her bag never even crossed her mind.

“Hey, Ems !” David, one of her best friends, shouted from the bench he was waiting on. 

Smiling, she made her way to him, but someone bumped into her and sent her bag - and its contents - all over the floor. 

“I’m so sorry,” an accented voice apologized, its owner already crouching to pick up her things. Emma stared for a second before crouching as well. The stranger was positively the most attractive man she’d ever met. Dark hair that looked so silky she wanted to run her hands through it and eyes so blue she wanted to drown in them, he was what Ruby would call “yummy.” 

“No, it’s my fault, I wasn’t paying attention,” she replied, picking up pens and books. 

He suddenly coughed loudly, holding something in his hands and staring at it for a while, his lips twitching, before giving up and laughing. 

“I’m not judging, love, but that seems a bit excessive, don’t you think ?” he asked, laughter and mischief dancing in his eyes. 

“What are you talking about ?” She frowned, leaning in to get a glimpse of what he was holding. 

Condoms. And lots of them. 

“Oh my God,” she screeched, embarrassment flushing her cheeks. “I can explain,” she tried to justify. 

“You really don’t have to. Like I said, it’s really not my place to judge,” he told her, laughing when he picked up more and more condoms from the floor. “Although I have to admit I’m a bit curious.”

“I’m gonna kill my roommate,” she whispered, closing her eyes as if to make the entire nightmare disappear. When she opened them again, she found him staring at her, his head tilted to the side. “She’s been trying to make me go out more, but this is… new.”

“Well… call me whenever you’d like, love,” he said, winking and licking his lips in an overly provocative gesture, obviously joking over her predicament. 

Emma burst into laughter, completing forgetting her embarrassment. “Will do,” she joked back. “Thanks for the help,” she added, gesturing to the floor where her belongings had been scattered. 

“No problem,” he replied, smiling at her. 

“Hey, Killian !” David shouted as loudly as he’d called Emma. 

“Wait, you know David ?” she inquired, completely ignoring her friend. 

“I’m his new roommate,” he revealed, starting to walk in his direction. 

Emma followed a heartbeat later, easily falling into stride beside Killian. Of course the man she’d almost attacked with condoms would be her friend’s roommate. 

“If you breathe a word about what just happened, I will kill you,” she told him in an earnest voice.

“As you wish, love.” 

Little did she know that she would someday recount this story to a blue-eyed and blond-haired little boy. 

If I was to talk about everything that was terrible about this past episode of OUAT, I’d be here all night, but there’s one thing that just gets me and pisses me off to no end.

So Emma’s going to mount an Underworld rescue party (dragging along her thirteen year old child) to save her boyfriend who she’s been dating for… I dunno, a few months at best, that literally JUST TRIED TO MURDER HER PARENTS AND SON because… “It’s not fair that Killian’s sacrifice didn’t amount to anything”? And after Hook has asked her on two separate occasions this half season to let him go? I mean, I don’t normally give a damn about what Hook wants, but that’s seriously not okay. And, I’m sorry, we’re willing to do all of that for Hook, the guy that tried to kill them and has been dating Emma for a couple months and maybe kinda acted like a decent human being before he was the Dark One, yet never once anyone has ever tried to go after Graham?

Y'know, the guy who save Snow’s life, made it so that Charming could escape Regina, made Emma sheriff, was a true friend to their family, and died after being raped and controlled by Regina for well over twenty eight years? Was that fair to Graham?

How about Neal? Y'know, Henry’s father who wanted the chance to b there for his son, Emma’s first love, the man who sacrificed himself for them twice, the one guy who could actually hold Rumple and Hook accountable for bullshit, and the guy who was handed over to an evil immortal demon and spends a hundred years under whatever horrors Pan could concoct before later being killed by a witch to undo his dad’s sacrifice? Was that “fair” to Neal?

Maid Marian who got murdered and replaced and taken away from her toddler son? Was that fair to her, Emma? Ingrid? The woman who was a foster mother to you, and, though she wasn’t perfect, she sacrificed herself to undo her mistakes out of love for you and Elsa? Guess that was fair too. Daniel? Queen Eva? King Leopold? Ruth? Johanna? 

How were any of their deaths more “fair” than Hook’s? Why is Hook oh so much more special than anyone else who has died on this show? Like, I’d sympathize more if they were going to save all of their friends from the Underworld and Hook was just the last straw, but honestly going to save just Hook because it’s not “fair”?!

I’m sorry, but that’s bullshit. I need a quote from Gargoyles… “On the contrary, death is the ultimate fairness. Rich and poor, young and old, all are equal in death. You would not want to see the Jackal God play favorites.” Anubis gets it.


for spencerkate, hooked205, butterflycinderella, OUAT moms, anyone who likes the babysitter!Killy trope, and lovers of idiotic fluff everywhere.

“This was a terrible idea.”

“Four hours, Dad.  I’m pretty sure Killian can handle a toddler for that long.  And Mom has to learn to take time for herself SOMEtime.”

“The loft will be in ruins when we come back.”

“Oh don’t even start.  They’re just going to watch a little TV, and then when Henry gets home they’re all headed to the beach.”

“He’s taking Neal to the BEACH??”

Emma bit back a laugh.  "Not helping you calm down, I see.“

"Maybe I should stay, just to be safe…”

Dad.”  Emma put her arm around David’s shoulder and steered him towards the station.  "I need you back at the station.  Can’t do this by myself, can I?“  She gave him a reassuring smile.  "We’ll see them there in a little while.  Everything’s going to be fine.”

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Emma didn’t know what happened. Things were going okay. They were very okay and she was happy. It had been a month since killian and her had talked, and she was just going on with things in her life, still with Neal. But Neal had been more and more distant, seeming very on edge and he told her he was doing something big, something he didn’t want her mixed up on, didn’t want her to get hurt of. She was happy for him and just stayed buy his side, until she got sick one morning, and then the next and then the next. The doctor later confirmed her suspicions and she found out she was pregnant. Emma was so scared, she didn’t know what she was going to do and she was scared of his Neal would act, she couldn’t lose him–she’s lost everyone. But Neal suprised her and hugged her tight, telling her how happy he was and going to fence these watches he was moving for someone, make a big sell out and the two–three of them were gonna go away, move to Florida, have a happy life. For three days she lived in bliss, excited for their family–until He slipped a watch onto her wrist, told her to met him at the edge of town at 10, but he wasn’t waiting for her. A cop was. David–someone she knew, a friend even. He knew she didn’t do this but took one look at the watch on her worst and shook his head sadly before handcuffing her and bringing her to the station. She didn’t cry, not when they told her she was under arrest, not when they said Neal hadn’t been seen in 2 days, not when they locked her behind a cell and said they’d be moving her to prison in the morning. When David asked who she wanted to call, who she wanted to come she didn’t say anything, remembering killian shouting ‘don’t come crying to me when he hurts you’ she couldn’t go to the one person she needed. David though knew Emma, and knew who her friends where, making a phone call to killian. “Hey, Killian Jones. This is officer Nolan, I uh..I think you should come down to the station, there’s been a situation…” Before explain what he new, knowing this girl shouldn’t be alone right now.

//why can’t you?

That awkward moment when Neal realizes Emma marched into the Underworld to save Hook, not him.

“Emma!! What are you doing here?”

“Oh. Heeeeeeeeey. Hey Neal!. Um, well. Yeah. Hook died but I wasn’t ready to let him go so I just thought you know, I’d like come get him back?”

“Oh. Cool. That’s cool.”

“I mean, I totally would have done the same for yo–”

“Oh yeah no doubt no doubt no doubt. Were you like waiting for a good time or…?”

“Well, I mean–”

“It’s just that I’ve kinda been…down…here…for…a…bit.”

“Yeah, um. It’s just, you know, like I had a couple things that–”

“No worries, no worries, Ems, I just…you know.”

“Yeah, wellllll…”



“Well good to see you? I’ve got to…run…and all that, gotta try and find…Killian…and all that.”

“Sure, yeah. Awesome, I totally get it.”




“K bye.”

neal: *dies the first time*
emma: lol k gonna make out with the hot pirate
neal: *dies for real*
emma: yeah sorry won’t give up my magic for you gotta save the town & i was hoping you were dead anyways so 

hook: *drowns/zelena cursed his lips*
emma: KILLIAN COME BACK TO ME! gives up her magic just to save him.
hook: *dies in the AU*
hook: *probs dies in the mid season finale for real*
emma: lolol yeah no fuck that. if i have to go hell and back to get him that’s what i shall do. 

just really really really love HOW MUCH emma loves killian. you can tell she never has and never will love anyone (romantically) like she loves him. cause duh, TL and soulmates. it’s the best thing. 

it always drives me crazy in fics when killian is uber possessive and gets crazy jealous when any man just talks to emma like idk i’m sure it’s largely fantasy insertion but that’s not who he is—he gets jealous for sure but he isn’t aggressive about it? 

when she went to go talk to walsh all he did was sigh and watch her go. when he thought there might be something with emma and neal he backed off. when he thought she might have feelings for august he just kinda frowned and emma had to practically dig it out of him. 

like if anything he’s just mopey??? but he’s always respected emma’s agency, always trusted her, and for a 300 year old pirate he’s definitely the most progressive male character on the show. 

Am I the only person not overly bothered by Neal making another appearance? I mean, for Henry’s sake it’ll be nice, if they get a proper goodbye and all. Especially since Henry is currently on a mission to save his potential stepfather. It’d be kind of poetic, and just nice, for him to properly say goodbye to his biological dad along the way. And it’d be kind of nice to see Neal confront his dad, as well, about some of his recent choices.

And lest we forget, when he died, Neal just wanted Emma to be happy. They’d been through a lot and they were okay. And he and Killian were okay, too. So as it stands, realistically, if Neal has any role in the rescue-Hook arc at all, I’d expect it to be a helpful one. To prove that he meant what he said about wanting Emma to be happy and find Tallahassee with someone else.

There’s nothing to worry about. He’s not a threat. He’s not going to hurt anyone, that’s never been what he’s about. If anything, this’ll give Henry some closure, and maybe Emma too. I honestly only see good things coming from this, mostly for Henry, but maybe for Emma too, and maybe even for Killian. So, you know. I’m more than okay with that. No one can change what he did, but if he can now help Henry and Emma or make them feel better, then I’m definitely okay with having him back for a few scenes.