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@fleurreads​ asked me for a fluffy CS bit that includes babies, so here we go!

Baby wails cut through the darkened room, startling Emma out of a sound sleep. “Oh, squirt,” she muttered into the pillow.

Before she had the chance to push herself up, a gentle hand slid onto her shoulder. “Let me go, love,” Killian whispered into her ear. “You sleep.”

“I can’t let you do that. He’s my brother; I should be getting up with him.”

In the end, they both ended up climbing out of bed to tend to little Neal. Her parents had gone on a little one-night camping trip (it couldn’t exactly be called a vacation since they were just camping out in the Storybrooke woods) and Emma had volunteered to watch Neal for them. She just hadn’t taken into consideration the fact that Neal was teething.

He’d been fussy all evening but Emma had hoped they’d get a little respite once he was in bed for the night. No dice. He’d woken her and Killian up seemingly every hour on the hour. It was four in the morning and they were both working on maybe forty-five minutes of broken sleep.

To put it bluntly, they were exhausted.

What followed next might as well have been a choreographed dance. Emma lifted a screaming Neal out of his crib and carried him down the stairs. Killian had gone down ahead of her and met her at the foot of the staircase with a frozen washcloth in his hand. Emma took it from him, slipped the end of the washcloth into Neal’s mouth, and waited.

The cold began working its magic almost instantly. Neal stopped crying and gnawed on the cloth instead, letting it soothe his aching gums.After heaving a relieved sigh, Emma carried her calming baby brother to the living room and plopped down on the couch.

Killian followed suit, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Emma snuggled into him and rested her head on his shoulder, her eyes almost immediately falling closed. “Remind me never to offer to babysit when the squirt is teething again,” she said through a yawn.

“Aye, love,” he chuckled. “Though I do have to admit, we make quite the team as caretakers as well.”

“Mm.” Her voice was soft. “I’ll keep that in mind.”


When Snow and Charming returned home at seven that morning, they discovered the most adorable sight. Killian and Emma were sound asleep cuddled up together on the couch, Killian’s arm wrapped around her almost protectively and her head on his shoulder. Nestled in Emma’s arms was a sleeping baby Neal. On the coffee table in front of them lay all manner of thawing washcloths and teethers, every one a testament to their restless night.

“The poor kids,” Snow whispered, swallowing a chuckle.

Charming, on the other hand, simply stared at them, his breath catching in his throat. His eyes were wide and after a moment, they started to glisten. Snow frowned at him and when she looked back at the couch, it was like she was surveying the scene with new eyes.

For it didn’t take much to imagine what her baby girl and her pirate would look like as new parents run ragged by their own teething child.

“They look like a little family,” Charming whispered in wonder.

“They certainly do,” Snow agreed. “They certainly do.”

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Anytime anyone claims Hook is the better man (even not for Emma, just in general) than Neal ever was, I just think to myself, "Count the times both of them said thank you or apologized, even when it wasn't their fault." Then I laugh and realize Neal did both more and not to get on Emma's good side, but because it was the right thing. Neal Cassidy wasn't perfect sure, but he had manners. I can't think any other character except maybe Belle and sort of Rumple that even apologizes anymore. So sad.

This so much. When the Herocrites fuck up all they do is insist it’s for the greater good. It’s downright shitty.

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Have you seen the post about Emma saying "we were happy once" to Neal in the last ep they were in together = totes Emma wanting to get back together with Neal, forgiving him everything and giving him a second chance 'cept oh no he died? WTF? How could anyone get anything out of that exchange except for Emma acknowledging that everything hadn't always been awful between them but she still wanted to move on?

Haven’t seen it, so can you send the link?

However, they’ve always insisted that bullshti—-just as they’re convinced:

  • BagelSwan was “starting to get back on track when he was killed off” (no)
  • A&E loooovvveeee SMF’s character and that’s why they mention him so much (wouldn’t they just bring him back if they looooovvveddd him so much?)
  • Emma offhandedly remarking, “oh, yeah, I would’ve saved you,  too” = would have done ANYTHING to bring him back (no, that’s Hook)
  • Emma looked like she really loved Bagel in their scenes together, but never with Hook (an insult to JMo’s acting—especially since she actually plays her scenes the exact opposite way).
  • BagelSwan (in its total, 9 and half minutes of screen time) was “organically grown”, but CS was “rushed and forced” (over the course of 3+ seasons)

carmibelievesinlove replied to your post: I’m gonna assume (or make it my headcanon if I’m…

I definitely like the perspective that that scene should and would have been about Emma, but I would also love it if they would just stop trying to retcon Neal and erase what he did to her :/

I’m definitely not a fan of the way they’ve dealt with Neal since his death. They tried to make him into a hero posthumously and it just doesn’t work. He was a guy with good intentions who made some bad choices. And there’s a weird dissonance to watching Emma work on learning to trust and let her walls down while hearing about what a great guy Neal was, because he was a major reason why her walls were so high to begin with. I usually mostly get what they’re trying to do with the whole thing but the execution has been really, really sloppy.

It really comes down to “show, don’t tell”. Like, don’t tell me this character is a hero when you never show him being heroic. It doesn’t work.

But I think a big part of the reason is that the writers are more concerned with Emma and Henry and their plot lines and emotional states now, than with Neal and what he did three seasons ago. I mean for a lot of the audience at this point it’d come out of nowhere if Emma or anyone was like “actually remember that time Neal sent me to jail, yeah, he was kind of a jerk”. As it is I think as far as most of the audience is concerned the whole Emma/Neal thing is neatly wrapped up and Emma got closure and moved on, and Neal’s vaguely a hero and can be brought up when Henry needs motivation or whatever, and and I think that’s just far more convenient for the writers. The fandom hasn’t forgotten, of course, so I think we connect it all together and analyse it in a way that they don’t really plan for when they’re writing it.

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Hey Carrie, I keep seeing some people talking about a deleted scene with Emma talking about Neal. It kind of sounds horrible, so I don't really want to see it. Something about her getting permission from Neal to go find Hook? (Didn't he actually warn her to not go to the UW?!) Anyway, I was just curious if you've seen it and if it bothered you?

LOL No. I’m not bothered. He’s dead. This show just has me so WTF where Neal is concerned so it’s sort of like the running joke, ya know? WELP, NEAL IS MENTIONED OR IN THE SCENE, TIME TO MAKE EMMA COMPLETELY OOC.

As if Emma Swan would care if Neal wanted her to go get Hook or not. In fact, that’s what ACTUALLY happened during their scene in the car. He said EMMA NO. She said EMMA YES.

So no, not bothered. I’m laughing actually.

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I do not think people are denying who Neal is and was to Emma, yes she loved him, yes he is Henry's father etc. The only thing i can see that gets to most is the Ret-con of Neal. Because it has been compared to alive and dead lol. I know Emma, i love Emma. I just cant fanthom those ret-con. And at first that little snippet of scene did come off as Emma felt guilt, and now she has his blessing that. I find it somewhat disrespectful towards Killian and his love (even though he understands all)

You can certainly have whatever opinion works for you but I just don’t agree about your interpretation of Neal. I have kind of talked at length about why I don’t think any mentions of Neal have been a “retcon” so i won’t bring it up again (but if you’re curious then check out my posts here and here)

The scene didn’t sound to me at all like Emma was talking about Neal giving his blessing. It sounded like she was happy that he is happy and that he wants her to be happy. It has NOTHING to do with him giving her permission in my estimation.

It’s not disrespectful towards Killian and their love at all as far as I’m concerned. Emma and Killian both love Neal. I’m sure that when Emma tells (told?) Killian about her visit from Neal he would be very happy to know that Bae moved on to a better place and that he lifted that little bit of weight from Emma’s shoulder as she embarked on a mission that he also didn’t want her going on.

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Annie I'm gonna remind you of spring2015!Malin and say Swanthief


  • who is the morning person; emma. she isn’t really a morning person either, but mornings are a good time to get things done, to be productive, to think strategically, and if neal’s just going to lie there, at least one of them has to be up and about.
  • who is the better driver; emma. she likes to rib neal about the first time they met, because he claimed he was teaching her to drive, but she’s taught him far more than he knew before.
  • who is the tea person/who is the coffee person; emma needs coffee to survive. literally, to function. neal doesn’t mind a spot of tea, but somebody never gives him just five minutes to sit back and enjoy himself.
  • who has a secret stash of junk food; neal. it’s hardly a stash, more just a couple chocolate bars he keeps hidden from the caffeine fiend.
  • who likes marvel/who likes dc; neal is a full on marvel stan. emma judges him so hard. in retaliation, he makes them watch thor whenever he can. he claims one of the supporting actors looks like he could be related to her, like her dad or something. emma throws things at him.
  • who cries during movies (secretly or not-so-secretly); look, emma isn’t crying. she doesn’t cry. just something in her eye. it’s not nice to poke fun at people who wear glasses. cuddle me to make up for being mean. no she’s not just crying into neal’s shirt instead now.
  • who is the human furnace/who is the human ice cube; sometimes sharing a bed is a nightmare. sometimes it works out okay. neal swears emma could be related to the ice queen. emma nicknames neal ‘fire’ because he’s so damn hot all the time.
  • who swears more; neal. emma doesn’t need to swear, her facial expressions say it all.
  • who is the horror movie junkie/who hides behind a pillow the entire time; look, neal isn’t scared. he doesn’t get scared. just a shiver down his spine is all. he wants the cushion to be more comfortable. leave him alone.
  • who teases the other more; emma dreads the day she runs out of material with which to mock her boyfriend bUT she doesn’t think that day’s going to arrive any time soon, so they’re fine.

you’re always that malin to me