just neal and emma getting to just *be*

Emma didn’t know what happened. Things were going okay. They were very okay and she was happy. It had been a month since killian and her had talked, and she was just going on with things in her life, still with Neal. But Neal had been more and more distant, seeming very on edge and he told her he was doing something big, something he didn’t want her mixed up on, didn’t want her to get hurt of. She was happy for him and just stayed buy his side, until she got sick one morning, and then the next and then the next. The doctor later confirmed her suspicions and she found out she was pregnant. Emma was so scared, she didn’t know what she was going to do and she was scared of his Neal would act, she couldn’t lose him–she’s lost everyone. But Neal suprised her and hugged her tight, telling her how happy he was and going to fence these watches he was moving for someone, make a big sell out and the two–three of them were gonna go away, move to Florida, have a happy life. For three days she lived in bliss, excited for their family–until He slipped a watch onto her wrist, told her to met him at the edge of town at 10, but he wasn’t waiting for her. A cop was. David–someone she knew, a friend even. He knew she didn’t do this but took one look at the watch on her worst and shook his head sadly before handcuffing her and bringing her to the station. She didn’t cry, not when they told her she was under arrest, not when they said Neal hadn’t been seen in 2 days, not when they locked her behind a cell and said they’d be moving her to prison in the morning. When David asked who she wanted to call, who she wanted to come she didn’t say anything, remembering killian shouting ‘don’t come crying to me when he hurts you’ she couldn’t go to the one person she needed. David though knew Emma, and knew who her friends where, making a phone call to killian. “Hey, Killian Jones. This is officer Nolan, I uh..I think you should come down to the station, there’s been a situation…” Before explain what he new, knowing this girl shouldn’t be alone right now.

//why can’t you?

Emma: You really hate that suit don’t you?

Neal: You have no idea.

Emma: Do you wanna get out of here?

Neal: Nah, it’s a big day for Papa and Belle. I can’t ditch their wedding reception.

Emma: Alright, then why don’t you snag me a tomato soup shooter and one of those little grilled cheese sandwiches?

Neal: I get it, I look like a waiter so you’re treating me like one.

Emma: Not at all. I just think you have plenty of reasons to be cheerful. Your dad just got married to the love of his life and in another half hour he’s going to be on the dance floor. You know what that looks like! Besides, think of all the fun I get to have taking that monkey suit off you when we get home.

Neal: I think I know why Papa wears these things every day.

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Don't you think it's about time they give Emma another love interest just to make the Captain Swan a little more difficult? I kind of miss Niel because at least then there was a real obstacle. We're missing a great love story, here. I love Hook and Emma together, I just wish they had more of a struggle to really prove their love. The writers did a really awesome job doing that for Charming and Snow on the 7:15 am episode. We need one for Captain Swan!

NO WE DON’T!! hell fucking no. Every couple gets a shitty love triangle. CS had Neal. Snowing had Kathyrn. OQ had “Marian” and even RB had Will. 

And you want to talk about obstacles? Umm Emma’s trust issues and walls was a HUGE obstacle that took like 2 seasons to overcome. Like what the fuck even? They are clearly true love and Emma is only in love with HOOK. no one else. she’s never going to fall for anyone else. How can you even think of such a story line??? 

And the biggest obstacle is yet to come with her being the new Dark One. We are still at the beginning of their story. Obstacles are inevitable but Emma ever falling for anyone else at this point is impossible & terrible story telling. If you’re into shows like that then go watch the CW it’s filled with pointless shitty love triangles. CS is too perfect and great for something like that where they fall for anyone but each other. 

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Random captain swan question, what are their favorite romantic gestures that they for for each other?

Emma loves it when he cooks because she never had that growing up. And even with Neal, they ate on the cheap or stole. It’s something that she’s never had before.

Killian’s hook makes him feel less whole. But when Emma takes the brace off it’s this very beautiful, intimate thing and she massages the muscles there and kisses it and sometimes she’ll remove his rings and do the same with his hand. Whether it’s pre coffee or just a we need to go to bed and get actual sleep thing, it’s one of the most loving things she does. (And sometimes, just sometimes her touch is so intentional and gentle and loving, it makes him feel a little bit more whole)

August 28th! 👐👐👐👐

August 28th 2015 is the date Once Upon a Time season 4 will be uploaded to Netflix. I don’t know if I can wait 3 whole days!!! Was that Elsa?❄ Is she the new Evil?⛄ Does this mean Anna, Kristof, and Hans are coming too? Is Marian going to fuck up Regina’s happy ending?😠 If she gets in the way I’m going to riot. Hook and Emma are perfection!!!! And that Rumbelle wedding?! 👰Amazing. I just can’t wait. Then baby Neal!!!! Its just too cute. ❤❤❤❤

From an anon…

your just mad because emma and hook started to fall in love on top of the bean stalk so you have to try to make it look bad so you can make it look like something else because you just need to keep thinking that she loved neal even though she loved hook.

I’m assuming this is in reference to the post from earlier today about the “hug” that CSers imagine happened in Tallahassee?

I don’t have to try anything. I don’t have to try to make that “hug” look bad for two reasons: (1) it wasn’t a hug. Hook was about to stumble into some trip wire, Emma caught him, he then held on to her, made some kind of flirtatious comment while she struggled to get away, and didn’t let go until she forced her way out of his arms, which lead us to… (2) It already looks plenty bad on its own.

I don’t use the word delusional lightly, so believe how serious I’m being when I say this: if you’re looking at that scene and seeing a “hug”, I am very worried that you are genuinely delusional.

I have yet to see any evidence that they were “falling in love” on top of the beanstalk. I have yet to see any evidence that they were falling in love at any point during season two. I have seen a lot of people taking moments and episode themes completely out of context, and stuff like the above, people presenting moments in ways that they didn’t actually happen.

I also don’t need to do anything to convince myself that she loved Neal, that she loves him, that she will always love him. She says so here, here, and here, among others.

I don’t  have to do anything to make that scene on the beanstalk look bad. It’s a scene of a woman being held by a man against her consent while she struggles to get away. That’s not interpretation, that’s simply what’s happening on screen. It doesn’t need my help in look bad. And I don’t have to do anything to convince myself, or anybody, that Emma loved Neal (and that she always will), because it’s simply canon fact that she does.

This message does sound an awful lot like you’re trying to convince someone that the scene from Tallahassee doesn’t actually look as bad as it is and that Emma doesn’t love Neal. I’m just not sure if you’re trying to convince me or yourself.


WHAT THE ?!?! I can’t believe Ouat did me so dirty like that are you actually SEriOUS? Rumple is actually dead and gone NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what even is this DAmn ShOW. That’s so unfair for Regina she’s lost someone she loves AGAIN I actually really liked the situation they had in Storybrooke, Snow and Charming had to give Emma up agggaaiiinnn losing Henry too, I don’t care about Hook but NEAL MY LOVE losing his dad and they were starting to really connect I’m just so done and I wanted him Emma and Henry to just be happy as a family na just get the freak out of here.

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Do you think that Belle really got back together with Rumple"at the end of S4? Because I just saw it as a scene like Emma telling Neal she loved him when she thought he was falling down the portal to his death. And the way that Emilie has been talking about it seems like they didn't get back together either, but maybe that's all just my wishful thinking since I don't like RB.

As I keep saying, my fondest hope was that it was indeed similar to 2x21 for ST, but her “I knew what I was getting into” line (which grosses me out to no end) and subsequent declaration that she never loved Will really made me leery, especially since she then went and got everyone who had just been freed from Rumple’s AU to try to help him. (Which obviously, the uncontained Dark One would be a problem, but…. really???) If she actually has followed through on kicking Rumple to the curb, then I don’t have a problem with her being with the Charmings and apparently working with them. But since this is Belle, she probably now feels obliged to take care of him and defend him and we’ll be back to the “he has a pure heart!” business of season 2. Bleck.


In OUAT season 3x15 Rumple was resurrected from the Dark One’s vault by Neal and Belle…I have this crazy theory that after Emma was sucked by the vortex of evil she went directly to the Enchanted Forest and got locked in to the Dark One’s vault and the only way to get her out or resurrect her is if someone trade there life for her freedom. It sound crazy but it could happen somehow or she gets out some other way without any sacrifice/death. And another thing here is the dagger, why the dagger didn’t left with her and it remain in Storybrooke because I guess just a theory; that because we have the savior and the darkness/Dark One two total different persons i think that now Emma has two personas in her, DO and The savior and the vault rules is to let go of the dagger because of the two personas in her just like Rumple did with Neal he kept Neal instead of the dagger in episode 3x15. The pictures says it all I’m just a little concern about the new ouat promo picture of Emma and Rumple and it looks similar to the place where Neal resurrected Rumple. It’s just a theory nothing real , is just that now it makes a little sense…and it’s sounds cool and interesting if it happens idk but if someone else has an other theory glad to read about it. storybrookemirror we-should-buckle-some-swash captain-k-jones onceland oncerstv

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Since Snow and Charming's love is so strong and magical and and they were able to create the savior I wonder if Prince Neal has magic. I would think if Emma has magic than that would mean that Neal will have magic to. This is just something that I've always wondered. If Snowing could make one magical baby why not another.

This was something that was talked about before here, but I cannot remember how it was resolved….I know we have the Snow Queen say the baby is normal, but that could have been just her talking to get Emma riled up…I think he could magic as he gets older–he may be too young right now.

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I love Snow and Charming so much but I to have noticed some of the hate they get from other ships in this family. I have seen Snow fans hate on Charming just to bring Snow up and I have seen Charming fans hate on Snow just to bring Charming up. I have also seen Emma fans hate on Snowing and say that they are not god parents to her or Prince Neal and that Regina is a better parent than them. I have kind of gotten to a place where I really don't care what people say about them because I love them.

I’ve pretty much addressed the gist of my thoughts on this here and in other messages.

With my experience, most of the hate the Charming’s get are from other parts of the fandom, but it is possibly that it happens in the fandom as well–I don’t have a lot of experience with this other than with anon messages (some seem legit, some I question, like with the recent anon bashing Charming since their arguments were incredibly weak).

At the end of it, what is important (at least in my opinion) to hang onto is that there are fans that love the family as a whole.