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TL;DR I got a new 5 digit and she’s beautiful and I’m never letting her go.

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I can’t wait until Aqours starts rapping, with them exploring so many genres lately, it’s only a matter of time.
But I don’t know if my body is ready for Ruby spittin’ rhymes yet. Just imagine Ruby rapping, not in a cutesy style, but seriously. I don’t think I could handle that. Wouldn’t it be so amazing though if it turns out that gangster rap is Ruby’s true calling? 
Thug Lyfe! Sunshine!! make it happen. 

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not to argue that Lance is in any way NOT cuban, but last names are tricky man- I'm Hispanic and my last name is Bryan. That's such a white last name when I'm not- (ewe) I also havent seen s2 yet so I dont even know whats confirmed yet... But again, I love the representation so I'm really hoping they give him a great last name! <3

my last name sounds white too (even though it’s Spanish— as in from Spain) but like you it doesn’t make you or me any less hispanic. i’m not talking about that tho. 

the real issue here that hispanics are never treated with full respect when they are represented. they are either made into caricatures of a “hispanic person” as created by non hispanics, OR they are white washed so that they are more appealing to the general public. Using McClain is so obviously whitewashing him, it’s crazy to me that i even have push back on this. Like using a white last name for him so that people just “have a place holder” is so offensive. like there aren’t literally hundreds of hispanic last names you could use for him. 

he’s cuban. just give him a damn cuban last name. stop using McClain. it’s not even a part of this canon.  

If I can ask a favor of everyone - if you’re able, can you please tag everything to do with this inauguration nonsense happening today? I don’t care what it is you’re posting about him or them or the election as a whole, I don’t want to see it. I have my post-surgery appointment this afternoon followed by dental surgery, so I really don’t need anything else to add to my already overanxious head. 


I drew the characters for the story that I’m writing in my fiction writing class. Their names are Lo and Daisy. I might post the actual story when I’m done if anyone cares enough.

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The whole where does the oppa kink come from thing, guys like to try to get girls that they're interested to call them oppa. It's kind of akin to getting them to call them honey or sweetie or whatever. You'll see it in dramas a lot, the first one that comes to mind is boys over flowers where he spends forever trying to get her to stop calling him sunbae and call him oppa instead.

ahhhhh. The closeness thing! I guess if that’s the case, as a fan, I’d personally be pretty shy about calling any of those Bangtan boys oppa… Because the way I’m seeing it, oppa is an affectionate term, so you can reserve that for only people really close to you, right? But I mean if they prefer to be called that, I guess I have no problem with it. And they’re all older (except Kook), so it would be kind of expected of me to call them oppa anyway..? Because they call older fans noona all the time… Like is it rude if I didn’t use oppa? Or is it only rude to use no honorific at all? omg I’m talking as if I would actually have a chance meet them lmaooooo 😭😭😭😭


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