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I am seriously so happy with the newest Boom Episode. Cindy Robinson just absolutely nailed Amy as a character and I was so excited for more Amy-based episodes! She was just so cute, and the team was so sweet to her! There were both some great laughs AND some great Sonamy teases! Totally loved it!

mxrobotnik  asked:

Another character that tends to suffer a lot in fan interpretations is Dr Eggman, people seem to have a problem with getting him just right, they either horribly underestimate him and dumb him down a ton turning him in to a joke or they make him go all super mega over the top evil (like the comics), it's actually pretty damn hard to find fanfiction that gets his characterisation just right.

Nailed it.

I have a special disdain for fanworks that reduce the doctor to being some easily-offed non-entity to get him out of the way of the plot or as some lowly, pitiful victim of some vengeful Mary Sue/Gary Stu fan character whose family he murdered out of portraying his evil as fickle rather than pragmatic.

Or when he’s portrayed as some coward when if anything, Game!Dr Eggman is as stubborn as a mule and isn’t easily intimidated by anyone or anything. Hell, he even went face to face with Zavok after being mouthed by him and put him right in his place with that Conch and he’s even stated in his SONIC CHANNEL profile to never give up no matter how humiliating or devastating the defeat.

It’s true - Sonic Fanfic that portrays Dr Eggman as true to his canon self and which doesn’t denigrate or exagerrate him is really rare.

also homestar runner characters are probably the most difficult characters in the world to cosplay because basically the entire main cast’s silhouettes are just so. non-humanoid 

i’ve probably seen like, one good homestar and strong sad cosplay in my life and two good strong bads and that’s it. they’re just so hard to nail down