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People talk a lot about how Harry Potter taught them about friendship and bravery and love overcoming evil etc and of course I think that’s very important but like…

Harry Potter also taught an entire generation of kids that the news media can’t always be trusted to tell the truth, that the government can often be corrupt or incompetent, that the legal system isn’t always right, that the people in power don’t always have your best interests at heart. That bad things sometimes happen to good people, that your heroes aren’t always as perfect as you think they are, that even those with the best intentions can be wrong, that everyone can make mistakes and that often in order to make things right it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

…and I think in a way that’s every bit as important as the more positive messages.

let trans girls wear their hair short and not wear makeup and wear trousers and heavy boots
let trans boys wear their hair long and wear makeup and dresses and high heels
let trans people wear what they want
stop equating clothing with gender identity
stop trying to find reasons to invalidate trans peoples’ identities

Dominance Thoughts

I remember when they made the update and changes to dominance and at the time it felt like a good step in the right direction, but I still didn’t feel like dominance was something people would have big dom battles for.  And as time’s gone on I feel like interest in these big dom battles have dwindled.

So what if you threw in something aside from the standard dominance bonuses to sweeten the pot?  What if there were different random bonuses you could get for being in the top dominance spot?

Baby Boom
Over the course of the week, each player in the dominant flight will get a number of 4- or 5-egg nests for each nest slot they have unlocked, up to a total of 5.  So if you have a breeding project or a pair with offspring that folks are clamoring for, you could guaranteed get that 5-egg nest.

Quick Recovery
Dragons of the dominant flight will have their breeding cooldowns reduced by 25% during the week, if they are bred that week. (Or a possible variant, ALL dragons could have their cooldowns reduced by a smaller percentage amount.)

Favored by the Gods
20% increase to stats in the Coliseum during the dominance week; applies in PvP mode only if facing another player of the same flight.

Luck of the Gods
10% increased chance to get rare items (5+ stars) from the coliseum.

For the duration of the week players will enjoy increased gathering turns and bonuses.  5% increased chance to get rarer items (5+ stars) and double gathering turns (in addition to the standard amount granted by dominance).  So you could be in a position to have 36 gathering turns.

During the dominance week, players will receive triple the payout from fairgrounds games, in addition to an increased daily cap to 150,000 treasure.

Innovative Mind
Brew times in Baldwin’s Cauldron are reduced by 25% for the dominance week.  Additionally, there is a 10% chance to produce an additional reduction or a 5% chance to produce an extra item.

Dragons hatched during the dominance week have a 10% increased chance to obtain the rare gene from their parents.

And I had a bunch of other stuff to write down but I’m at work and got distracted by work and now I can’t remember it.

ANYWAY yeah.  Dom bonuses on top of the current bonuses, you randomly get one (or sometimes two?  Rarely three?) of these bonuses.  I tried to make them sufficiently nice that they’d seem like something players would want to compete for, and with a random element there’s going to always be the incentive to try for something you really want.

But Sterek could have been so much though? In so much more capable hands than the TW writers? Just imagine?

  • Like, Stiles and Derek did see each over those four months between season 2 and season 3 and that starts a friendship throughout season 3
  • We get Scott finding out they hung out between 2 and 3 and also started to look for Boyd and Erica 
  • Stiles’ friendship with Derek causing him to see that maybe Scott should freakin’ apologize for what he did to Derek in the season 2 finale and him bringing it up to Scott in 3x01 and that issue actually gets addressed and they work it out? With Stiles there or not there when they do, either would have worked.
  • Derek running after Stiles like that deleted scene Hoechlin mentioned, because of course even as friends Stiles would try to annoy Derek, but then we get to see them banter and then get serious and Stiles show his worry for Derek and him warning Derek to be careful and Derek telling Stiles he would try his hardest to stay safe.
  • Derek coming to Stiles after the events of 3x03 and telling Stiles about Cora and Erica and Stiles letting Derek lean on him - figuratively - for support. 
  • Stiles seeing something happening with Derek and Jennifer and showing subtle signs of jealousy but not too overt at this point, because slow burn, peeps, slow burn. Love seeing the build up to things, ya know? 
  • Stiles also being suspicious of Jennifer, as he has been with almost every other villain or major asshole in the series, and trying to warn Derek about her but Derek not listening and Scott wondering to Stiles if he’s just projecting some…jealousy onto this situation? And Stiles being all offended and like NO there is no jealousy pfff what r u talking about Scott, i’m being srs. And meanwhile we, the audience are all like OHHH, they’re totally gonna get Sterek together
  • We actually get that scene where Stiles asks Derek about Paige which we never got (so why did they set it up like there was going to be a scene between them???) 
  • Maybe in that scene Stiles would also mention, oh hey, I figured out a little while ago through my own deductive reasoning and because I’m a smarty pants, that something went on between you and Kate and they talk it out and ohhh that’s why Stiles says “second one you’ve dated by the way” in 3x10, so that’s how he knows. 
  • Also maybe we get that Sterek scene Hoechlin mentioned at Alpha con with Stiles taking his anger and fear out on Derek and Derek letting him?
  • Maybe we get a scene with Stiles being annoyed Derek left in 3x13, maybe griping about it to Scott and Scott being all “mhmm” with a nod and a knowing look at Stiles.
  • Derek coming back in 3B and actually having a scene with Stiles? Yeah? Like them having a convo about how Derek left and Stiles didn’t appreciate that, and maybe he notices something off with Stiles too, notices the dark circles under his eyes, the twitchiness, the fear in his eyes. 
  • We got plenty of Derek worried about Stiles in 3B, but maybe we also get a scene with Derek and the Nogitsune and it taunts Derek and teases about how fond Stiles is of Derek and hints there may be feelings but we can’t go there yettt, too soon, of course!
  • Stiles and Derek have actual scenes in season 4 and they continue to grow closer and maybe they have a few talks about how Stiles is doing post-Nogitsune and Derek tries to help Stiles with his trauma, maybe? And Derek confides in Stiles about how scared he is about becoming human. 
  • Stiles and Derek hanging around each other so much that Malia and Braeden notice something there. They can’t quite put there finger on it, but they notice something. 
  • Stiles and Malia break up in season 4 and stay broken up?? Because really their relationship makes no sense??
  • Derek and Braeden are treated as something fun and nice but nothing that serious because that is how whatever they had seemed.
  • Stiles and Derek share a look too in 4x12 before Derek leaves, because they’re pretty damn close at this point?? 
  • So we get in season 5 how much Stiles and Derek have stayed in touch a lot and we get Stiles mentioning Derek a lot. 
  • Hoechlin comes back in season 6 because they say they’re actually going to go the Sterek route and he’s on board with it
  • And in season 6 when Derek comes back and when they see each other they hug each other tight and they have smiles on their faces and they don’t let go for a long time.
  • And Derek tries to help fix Scott and Stiles’ cracked friendship, that crumbled in season 5, and they’ve been making strides toward getting their great friendship back but it’s still awkward and stilted at times but Derek helps them become besties again?
  • Stiles and Derek get all the more closer, and okay they’ve got this slow burn thing down pat, and Stiles and Derek blatantly stare at each other now and they’re barely able to look away and they get so obviously jealous of others.
  • We’re nearing the end of season 6, now, okay, and say TW is getting a season 7, mmkay? So, we get to the end of season 6, and Stiles and Derek finally have the BIG kiss scene. That scene. And they’re fighting about something and then they just meet in the middle and the kiss is crazy, wild, passionate, shocking them both and that is the scene.
  • OR they’re laughing about something as they hang out during a break from all the shit going down in Beacon Hills and they’re close to each other and they slowly lean in, the music is swelling, and their first kiss is sweet, soft, and deep, and okay guys, we got here. Sterek is finally fucking canon. 
  • And in the last season, lets say, during all the supernatural craziness, Stiles and Derek try to navigate the start of a relationship and we get make out sessions, dates at Derek’s loft, kinda like Scira in that season 4 ep but totes different because it’s Sterek. 
  • And near the end of the season they finally have sex and it’s beautiful and awesome and we’re all squealing at our televisions sets and Sterek is SO CANON and we’re all dead from Sterek overload.
  • And then the series ends before them as a couple could be screwed up and angst could happen and we all go on to write fanfic about the angst ‘cause that would be our jobs and
  • Stiles and Derek holding hands when the pack has to meet to talk supernatural shit out. They lean against each other. They tell Stiles’ dad they’re boyfriends, the Sheriff hugs them. 
  • One ep has Derek reading on Stiles’ bed while he’s at his board thinking thinky thoughts, and they banter at each other before Stiles leans over Derek, takes the book from Derek’s hands, tosses it off the bed, and kisses Derek sweetly on the mouth. 
  • And they’re just like…together and in love and it took a long time for them to get there but they got there, and their journey to getting together was done well and they still have their fights in eps but they work at it, they talk it out.
  • And at the end of the series when everything is well and good in Beacon Hills and they can all finally fucking relax, Stiles, Scott and co. graduate in the last ep
  • And there Derek is in the crowd, standing next to the Sheriff, clapping as Stiles walks across the stage and receives his diploma
  • And it all ends fucking happily
  • With Sterek together
  • And like, I’m not saying I need Sterek to be canon, ‘cause I don’t
  • But I gotta say, canon Sterek could have been amazing, ya know?
Something I don't think OUAT gets enough credit for

Is what it does SO WELL with its couples.  Yeah, they have their differences, and they fight, but unlike SO MANY OTHER SHOWS out there, one fight doesn’t mean OH WE’RE OVER LET’S HAVE SOME UNNECESSARY SEPARATION ANGST.

No. CS has a long road ahead of them. It’s not going to be easy, they both have their demons and bad shit is going to happen.  I don’t know about you, but I’m FAR more interested in seeing them deal with these things, as they come, TOGETHER.  You don’t have to play on-again, off-again with your ships to make them interesting.  If it works, in the case of Belle and Rumple, and it’s NECESSARY, then they do it, and they do it RIGHT.

But I so appreciate that on this show, if people are together, they’re built to last.  I get tired of seeing the back and forth, the nonsense drama that comes when you break a couple apart for the pure SAKE of drama.

I’m way more invested in ships like Snowing and Captain Swan. I’d rather see two equal partners, fighting the world together, than fighting EACH OTHER, any day of the week.

The whole 'Regina is Grace's mother' theory...just, no.

As much of a kick as I’d get out of Jefferson/Regina being a bit of a thing, I have a bit of an issue with the theories rolling around that Regina is Grace’s mother. 

My issue is mainly Regina and her devotion to Henry. I mean, we know that Regina loved and lost, intensely. Daniel was her true love and we saw that she really did have a lot of love to give. She was sweet and kind and she didn’t want to hurt anyone. She wanted love and happiness (even after she’d cracked, because that’s all she’s ever wanted).

I don’t believe that Regina would abandon her child. 

Point of fact, Regina is fiercely possessive. Putting aside that she loves Henry (honestly, she truly does) she’s also aggressively defensive and, dare I say it, selfish.

Don’t get me wrong - scroll down my blog and you’ll see how much I love Regina. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have these faults. She’s a wonderfully flawed character with true texture.

She loved fiercely. She loves the son she adopted - now exposed to be the Grandson of the woman who drove her to her madness -  so much so, that she’s willing to kill for him. She wouldn’t just walk away from her own flesh and blood. Even if she didn’t love Jefferson. If Grace was her’s, Regina would love her and want to keep her.

If Grace was her’s, she’d be as devoted to her as she is to Henry.

Ok see here’s the thing that I love.

Yes, we’ve had fallen!Cas before, in one form or another.

In The End, he described his mojo as just sort of draining away after the other angels left. I’d say he was still physically an angel, just with all his grace depleted. Same goes for the end of Season 5. His ‘batteries had drained’. He was still an occupied vessel, according to Pestilence, but was just powerless.

Now, his grace is gone. Like, really gone. Removed.

It actually reminded me of a line from a half-written ficlet that I really should get around to finishing:

“Before, I was out of gas. Now, it’s like the whole tank’s been removed.”

I think it’s going to be really interesting to see him fallen like this. Metatron said he had a soul, too. He’s fully human, and that’s awesome.