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If you guys were thinking of picking up Wynonna Earp the cast is great & the show needs higher ratings & these are some ways you can help us renew it:

-If you’re in America you can watch most of the episodes free of syfy (I believe all of them) & watch the new episodes Friday nights @ 10

-If you’re not in America you can watch it on Netflix & tweet about renewing it when the show is airing on Friday nights

This show puts women at the center & keeps getting better diversity wise (adding a gay man of color and a Latina women in the recent season plus two black men in authority roles) & has one of the healthiest lesbian relationships I’ve ever seen on television!!

So please if you’re interested please check out Wynonna Earp, the cast is great and the story line keeps getting better

love love love.. what kind of love do i want ?? what kind of love do i Need ?? i’m surrounded by love every day.. surrounded by fondness and affection and familiarity and connection in different ways. love love love… it’s found in easy laughter and in shared jokes and banter that i experience with my friend. it’s found in offered mango popsicles and my boss’s funny way of trying to connect with me through suggested mixed drink recipes and easy support of my sexuality. and it’s found in my mother’s consistent want to discuss current events with me and her constant encouragement for me to pursue my passions. and it’s found in the energy of a crowd at a concert and the quiet serenity of a field of wildflowers. my week’s been full of love love love and it makes me wonder how much i need that sort of romantic love and maybe it isn’t even that i Need it as much as i know how good other kinds of love feel and i want to experience this new kind too. it will come when it comes, i suppose it’s not something that can be rushed. but i kind of wish i could have it ? and but kind of i mean really ? i don’t feel empty without it but i’m just getting antsy and i just. want that sort of connection with someone. 

Can Tumblr stop recommending me klance blogs that have “anti-shaladin” in the description?

Mad Max Star Wars AU:

They’re all on Tatooine and the movie is the exact same except with speeders instead of cars 

So a while ago I said I was going to comment on each chapter of a 70+k word fic because what are life choices, right. And if you know me then you know just what ‘comment’ actually means for me and so 9 hours later I am actually done.

But ok it’s not that it’s that the writer REPLIED TO ALL OF MY COMMENTS ASDJDF;;GFG

EVEN THOUGH I SAID THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO because my comments are fucking long essays of loud screaming and incomprehensible keyboard smashings. But at least I got to tell them how awesome they are?

And now i don’t know what to do about my inbox that has 13 messages from my favorite fanfic author o(-(

OMG I GOT ACCEPTED!! The application for my subject change was approved!!