just my nails

Never wear shoes that are too small for you

Guys, I just wanted to warn you. I have been wearing too small shoes and my nail just… broke in half and it’s bleeding. I swear, it hurts so much. Fortunately, it didn’t fall off my toe, so it’s not that bad.

So please, NEVER wear shoes that are to small for you.


…ask me about my 20s Star Wars AU 

No seriously what THE FUCK is up with dans new found confidence I love this boy so much he is so pretty everyday I wake up to new beautiful Dan pictures I am actually crying I can’t believe Dan Howell himself just decided “wow I’m going to actually just RUIN everybody on this trip” he’s just so good I love him so much I would die for Dan he really sat down and painted his nails glitter wow I’m truly in love he’s just so pretty and confident god I wish that were me


the freckle in the corner of dans eye and the one on phils collarbone is actually what keeps the clouds floating but thts just me


floam! ⭐️

a big shout out to all the aro but not ace people!!

shout of to gay aros, lesbian aros, bi aros, het aros, pan aros, ply aros!

and of course a shout out to the trans aros! the cis aros! the nb aros! 

all of you are amazing and wonderful!

I love you all (platonically, of course!) 



Ayyeee.. I wasn’t really tagged but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Challenge by @butterfly-tattoo 

Rules: Take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

I’m tagging @plumb-barb, @simtasia, @simgallery@touchmypixels, @cakenoodles​, @girl-just-simming-around​, @fanaskher​, @buckleysims​, @obsimmian​, @pixelddump​, @freckled-pixels​, @lanyxie​, @narusasu-simblr​, @gohliath​, @itsniiaa-simblr 

Notes: I did a girls edition (or at least the more relevant girls that I have). Fenix looks like god either way and tbh for the sake of this I gave her a little more makeup than usual because I normally don’t have her wear lipstick. With Ani I’m very happy I did this because I didn’t realize how much I actually LOVE her with a complete bare face. She looks so different and kind of like this one girl I wanted to model her after.. so she might just wear some tiny lashes from now on and call it a day because I’m into it. And finally there’s Jaide.. she wears the most in game makeup because I spent the least amount of time on her custom skin. I wish I could get her lips the same texture as the one she wears in game.. also her eyes look so different without eyeshadow lol.

P.S. If you did this already then please disregard.. and if I didn’t tag you it’s because I already seen you do it ^_^


Just when you thought this blog couldn’t get any gayer

Behold: the gayest, most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever created

Zen, Jaehee, and MC had a girls night together the day before and now Zen's at rehearsal
  • Director: Cut! Zen, come over here.
  • Zen: I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?
  • Director: No just uh, what's that?
  • Zen: What?
  • Director: *points at zens hands* Is that, nail polish?
  • Zen: *Looks down and sees MC's nail polish practice all over, messily put on his nails* uHhhhhhhHhh...
  • Director: Can you just, could you remove for the actual performance
  • Zen: *blushing and is embarrassed* uH hUh Yep
  • *zen immediately walks away and calls MC*
  • Zen: HiMCThisIsGonnaBeQuickJustPlsRemoveTheNailPolishWhenYoureDoneThankYouBeautifulILoveYou