just my little piece

Maybe I wanted to draw some younger Keith and Lance getting to know each other, maybe I just wanted to draw Keith in a band shirt.


terrible tiny man/ dinosaur. i hate this. this probably isn’t canon but it is in my heart.

The babysitter canceled last minute so Han has to call off a mission to take care of his sick brother. His funds are running low and he could probably use some help.

Enjoy and consider commissioning 

Oi! Wake Up!

Being a revolutionary must get really tiring somedays.
…Sabo… Hack is so done with you, you need to listen to the report before Koala can send it!

Had lots of fun with this guys, and it took me way longer than I wanted but I’m kinda happy with the result, Hack doesn’t get the love he deserves and that bothers me a lot, he seems to be really close to Koala and Sabo (Koala said Hack and her had to deal with the consequences of Sabo’s selfishness) and most of the time he is out of the picture just for the sake of shipping, which is something I personally don’t like, besides Koala has TONS of things to offer as a character and I can’t believe people mostly focus on making her Sabo’s girlfriend =n=.

waifu demanded me to put close ups =v=)~

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trans morty makes me so excited tho like 

rick caving in and taking his younger granddaughter on adventures except like halfway thru one morty just pulls a fucking reverse eowyn like I AM NO LADY and rick’s just 

well shit son 

he doesn’t give a shit obvs but morty - you prefer morty now, right? - morty could’ve mentioned something earlier ‘cause now grandpa’s gotta postpone getting totally fucking wrecked to cook up some hormone blockers so you don’t pop out a pair of boobs when your puberty finally kicks in, thanks a loeuuught, morty, you, you needy piece of shit - 

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All those Remi with lollipop 🍭 are lovely and in a way quite sexy too. I'm loving them. Not to be that obsessed anon again, but I'm sure James would look even better than you with a lollipop, Remi. Sorry 💘😅


Just added these three little lovelies to my Etsy shop

**The pieces of granite are carefully selected by my dog and brought home from his walks, (not sure why he favours granite!) disinfected and sealed in with the clay. He’s a good pupper, helping with my art :D**


le chevalier du ciel/the sky-knight

aka a short and inadequate lecture about art nouveau in art history class made me wanna draw some stuff

[i’m considering making her a print after fixing her up in photoshop if anyone is interested]