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It’s official now Benny can play piano I’m going to worm that into all of the oneshots I’ve written somEHOW

Bonus starstruck Ethan:


2017-01-30, Korean Food, by Trine Watkins

When your farts smell like what you just ate >.< I had Korean food this weekend and the weekend before that. That sweet beef <3 Good shit. 

It’s also such a good price, cuz you get tea (free refills), free Korean pancakes, and free vegetable side dishes (free refills again)! 

A Hello From Dean Winchester...

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“Hey. I wanted to pop by for a sec and talk. You got a sec? All right. Good.

First of all, cut the shit. No, you know exactly what I mean. All this shit you keep going off on, talkin’ about how you’re not pretty as those other girls, or as thin as those girls: It’s horseshit, you get me?

Don’t you even start thinkin’ I’m sayin’ that to be nice. You and me both know I don’t do that. I don’t lie, I don’t bullshit, and I don’t play nice. I’m sayin’ this ‘cause you apparently don’t hear it when the rest of the world says it, so let me lay it out nice and clear for you.

You’re beautiful.

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And I mean just… fuckin’ gorgeous. You walk into a room and heads turn. Just… they turn. I can’t explain it. I see you comin’ and I stop. Always takes me a sec because I feel like you’re finally gonna realize exactly what’s goin’ on. You’re gonna realize just how gorgeous you are and run off with someone better.

Don’t go dismissing me, OK? That’s not fair. You don’t get to tell me I’m wrong here. You don’t get to do that. My opinion? My thoughts? This thing in my chest? It’s tellin’ me you’re the most amazing woman in the world. I could watch those hips sway for hours. Or your eyes. Fuck, Y/N, those eyes. You know what they do to me?

It’s cheesy, I get it, but you’re captivating. Oh, shut it. I can say it if I wanna. You’re goddamn captivating. When your hair falls by your eyes like that? Or when you laugh at one of my lame-ass jokes? I’m done. Just mail me home, I’m finished.

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It kills me when you hate on yourself the way you do sometimes. I wish you could see what I do. All those pictures you take that you delete, or the way you look at someone else and compare yourself… fuckin’ kills me every time. I wish you knew what I saw. What everyone sees. I call you princess because you are. Ain’t no other chick I’d rather spend my time with.

So put the phone away and come with me a sec. Ok, stand in front of the mirror. Yes, I’m serious. Look. Just look! Quit bein’ a smartass.

Ok, you know what I see? Beauty. Hey, don’t laugh! I’m bein’ honest, sweetheart. That’s what I see. That stomach you hate? It’s perfect. Or those hips? God, again with the hips… those thighs. I see these things and I love 'em. So I want you to look at 'em and see what I see.

Keep lookin’, I ain’t done. It’s not just the physical, you know that. You’re smart. Not every girl can keep up with Dean Winchester, right? I’ll grin at you if I wanna, I’m on a roll here.

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You’re funny, with a sense of humor that knocks me out every time. You put Cas to shame. And those brains… Sammy wishes he was half as smart as you. And you’re strong. Not just physical but emotional. You’re standing with me, right now, after everything you’ve been through, and you’re here. Not just here, but amazing. You get how that’s not a small thing?

I’ve been through hell, but so have you. And I’d say you look a hell of a lot better than me. You get up every morning and you keep going. Beautiful woman like you kickin’ ass every day? World doesn’t stand a chance.

Get back out there, gorgeous, and tell the world Dean Winchester sent you. Better yet, tell the world to watch out because if they piss you off, I wouldn’t wanna be in your way.”

Because sometimes we need Dean Winchester telling us how beautiful we are.

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Pairing: Kihyun x Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Warning(s): swearing
Word count: 1.3k


“God you’re so fucking annoying! Why can’t you just leave me the fuck alone?!” Kihyun, my boyfriend, says, his voice raising gradually.

I knew from the minute he walked through the door he had a bad day at practice. Trying to be a good girlfriend I asked him what was wrong only to be given the cold shoulder.

I kept asking him what was wrong because I knew he usually felt better after telling me what was wrong. But today was different, instead of opening up about what was wrong he ended up blowing up on me.

“I just wanted to know what was wrong. Why can’t you just tell me what’s wrong?” I ask gently, trying not to let his words affect me too much.

“You wanna know what’s wrong?! You! You and your fucking clinginess! God I come home slightly upset and you’re all in my business, just leave me the fuck alone for once” he yells before turning on his heel, heading upstairs and closing the bedroom with a loud slam.

I stand there, his words running through my head.

He thinks I’m clingy? He finds me annoying? Fine, if it’s space he wants I’ll fucking give him that.

I quickly grab my keys, purse, and phone before running out the door. I hop in my car, start the engine, and pull out of the driveway.

I start driving with no particular destination in mind. While I try to get his venomous words out of my mind, I start thinking about if he meant what he said. My thoughts distract me from driving and, without realizing it, I start veering into the on coming traffic of the other lane.

*Kihyun’s POV*

God why did I say those things? I’m a shit boyfriend, she just wanted to know what was wrong. Should I call her? No she probably needs time to herself.  Fuck, if I could take back what I said I would.

Thoughts swarm around in my head, wondering if she’s okay.

What if something happens to her? It’ll be all my fault… I don’t know how I’d be able to live if something were to happen.

I’m lost in my thoughts when my phone ringing pulls me out of it. I pick up my phone to see (Y/N)’s name on the screen.

“Hello?” I ask, sitting up from my laying position.

“Is this Kihyun?” An unfamiliar voice asks.

“Yes, this is he, who is this? Why do you have my girlfriends phone?” I ask, worry spreading throughout my body.

“I’m afraid your girlfriend’s been in an accident. I saw the crash and called an ambulance” the still unknown lady says.

My heart stops upon hearing this.

She got into an accident? Fuck it’s all my fault, if I would’ve just opened up about what was bothering me this wouldn’t be happening.

“Sir?” The lady asks, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Where are you right now?” I ask, frantically.

“Asan Medical Center-” she says but I stop paying attention to what she’s saying as I rush downstairs and put my shoes on.

“I’ll be there in 15 minutes” I say, hanging up before grabbing my keys and running out the front door.

I open the car door, quickly climbing in, before buckling up and putting the key in the ignition. I turn the key, starting the car, and pull out of the driveway.

On the way to the hospital I drive as fast as possible, while still making sure not to speed too much. My mind wanders to the fight that lead to my girlfriend being in the hospital.

If I could only take back everything I said.

After what feels like forever, while only being 15 minutes, I pull into the parking lot of the hospital. I quickly turn the car off, unbuckle, throw the door open, and hop out of the car.

I rush into the building, looking around, when a lady about 5'2" approaches me.

“Are you Kihyun?” She asks me.

“I am, where is my girlfriend?” I ask, trying to stay calm but my voice gives away how frantic I am.

“Follow me” is all the lady says before turning on her heal.

All the way to the hospital room my heart starts beating harder, thoughts whirling around in my head.

She’s gonna be okay right? If she dies, it’ll be all my fault. I’ll never get to apologize. I’ll never get to see her, her smile, her beautiful hair, her beautiful everything, ever again. I’ll never get to hear her laugh at my lame jokes, her beautiful singing voice, just her sweet voice in general if she ends up dying.

Before I know it we’re outside of her hospital room.

“Oh before I forget, here’s her phone” the lady says, handing me (Y/N)’s phone.

“Thank you, for everything. God I feel like such an asshole” I say, running my hands over my face after putting the phone in my pocket.

Instead of saying anything, the lady just pats my arm before turning and leaving.

I gently open the door to her room, stepping in, before quietly closing it behind me. I look at her unconscious, bandaged body, feeling my heart sink more and more.

This is all my fault. If I wouldn’t have snapped at her she would be fine. She wouldn’t be laying here in this hospital bed.

I sit down in the chair sitting right by her bed, gently grasping her hand as tears start flowing down my face. I look down at my lap, not being able handle looking at her in this condition.

I sit there, crying for what feels like years, when I feel myself start to slowly drift off.

*Readers POV*

I open my eyes, only to close them again when I’m blinded by bright lights. I move slightly, causing a sharp pain to run through my whole body. I feel a hand grasping mine and slowly look over to see Kihyun sitting by the hospital bed I’m laying in.

He’s here? Even after saying I’m annoying he still came when I got hurt?

I gently squeeze his hand, not expecting anything to happen, but to my surprise he starts stirring. He slowly opens his eyes but quickly sits up straight when he realizes I’m awake.

“(Y/N)? I’m so sorry for snapping at you how I did. If I would’ve just opened up you would be okay and not in this hospital bed. This is all my fault, I’m sorry for calling you clinging and being an overall asshole” he says, loud sobs escaping his lips with each word.

“Ki, it’s not your fault. I should’ve given you some space. You aren’t an asshole, everyone snaps from time to time. I also know in the heat of the moment people say things they don’t mean. None of this is your fault so stopping blaming yourself and give me a kiss already you dummy” I say, smiling gently at him.

He cups my cheeks and places his lips on mine. I wipe away the tears left on his cheeks, his lips tasting salty because of his tears.

“I love you (Y/N)” he whispers against my lips.

“I love you too Ki” I say, smiling before pecking his lips again.

-3 weeks later-

*Kihyun’s POV*

I watch (Y/N) play with the dogs in the park, smiling at how happy she looks. Thankfully her injuries weren’t anything too serious, though there are some bandages still left from the worst of her injuries.

She catches me staring at her and makes her way back over to the bench I’m sitting on.

“Whatcha thinking about?” She asks in a slightly teasing tone.

“Just about how much I love you” I say, brushing strands of hair away from her face.

She blushes, giggling softly. I grab her fave gently and press my lips lightly yet passionately to hers.

“I love you” I say, pulling away slightly to look into her eyes.

“I love you too” she whispers against my lips.

happy birthday boo♡
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You know it's true
  • Gohan: Sweetheart, have you seen my parents? I can't find them anywhere.
  • Videl: I got this. [takes deep breath]
  • [in the distance]
  • Videl: Found them.

Jeonghan’s talking about 영극(Yonggeuk) which means a play; Wonwoo’s talking about 영국(Yonggook) which means England.

oakes whines again

ya girl signed up for the crack fic challenge but ya girl has literally no ability to tell jokes or make people laugh and can barely write in the first place so why I thought I could write comedy is beyond me and ya girl is so fucking anxious and terrified of disappointing everyone that she’s saying dumb shit like ya girl and switching into third person what the fuck


All faults point to Team NaLu, a three-people group headed by Natsu Dragneel, flanked by Lucy Heartfilia and a blue kitten named Happy.

Read along for the story:

Next issue, we’ll be getting a special pictorial of Team NaLu’s punishment which will be led by the angry actor, Gray Fullbuster and an exclusive interview of Erza Scarlet. Pre-order your copies now!

Pikmin headcanon: Olimar keeps a collection of home movies stored onto the ship’s hard drive, and watches them whenever he’s feeling down. Most of them are old, because he hasn’t had enough time with his family in recent years to record anything new. As time passes on PNF 404, he starts recording videos of his second family: the Pikmin, and to some degree, Louie. Louie is camera shy and hates being recorded, but he puts up with it… so long as Olimar remains his test subject for his new (and potentially dangerous) recipes.

The Hocotate Freight ship complains about “sentimental nonsense” taking up space, but it admits Olimar’s videos aren’t as annoying to store as Louie’s hundreds of files, most of which have titles like “coolgarlicbread.jpg” or “AAAAAAA1838392.”

can we talk about how this gif is so relateable I mean

when your innocent friend turns out to be dirty af

when you don’t understand a joke but laugh anyways and your friends notice

when you see your ex on the street while you’re on a date

when your parents come back home while you’re having fun alone and you forgot to do the chores

when a big ass bug flies in your direction

when some shit is about to go down

when you suddenly realize that you said something you weren’t supposed to say

when you see your crush walking over to you

when you realize you aren’t as funny as you thought you’d be