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Big Brother (Part Two)

Summary: Big Brother is hosting an experiment where they have twelve youtubers go into the house after everybody’s left and moved on with their lives. Dan and Phil broke up and went their separate ways, and now they’re going to have to spend a whole summer together after not seeing each other for years. Cue the drama.

Genre: AU, Angst, Fluff (Drama)

A/N: I posted the first part of this fic on ao3 months ago and then I just kind of forgot about it. I want to write more to it but I’m kind of stuck with ideas but I finally wrote this part and will hopefully write more chapters!

I won’t be posting the rest of the chapters on tumblr, this will be on ao3 :)

part one

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Stuck With Me - Part 10

Catch Up Here

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Sam x Reader

Words: 1,400

A/N: We’ve reached the end my friends. Not gonna lie I’m a little sad about it. Thank you for hanging out with me these last 9 parts. I really hope you like this one. It’s a little different, it’s in Cas’ POV. Let me know what you think! (Also if you ever want to come talk to me about this series please do I kinda love it and I want to know what you think happened after this ending.)


Watching the relationship between Sam and Y/N grow was beautiful. I’ve come to learn my father has his faults, but when you watch a love like theirs it’s evident He’s the only one who could’ve created it. Y/N fit so perfectly into the Winchesters’ -and I suppose my- family so seamlessly it was as if she’d been through it all. Not that she herself is perfect. None of us are, but Y/N and Sam are perfect for each other.

In my millenia of watching the humans, I’ve come to understand that lives are made of many singular moments, most seem insignificant at the time. When woven together though, those moments, even the smallest among them make a life with unimaginable meaning. The Winchesters, perhaps more than most. After all, no other human, or any other being for that matter can claim to have saved the world several times over.

The majority of Sam and Dean’s lives has been big. Big catalyst, big monsters, big fights, even bigger losses. I believe that is why they are truly able to relish in the small, quiet moments. For too many people, those moments mean little to nothing. For the Winchesters they’re blissful.

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favorite fics: all this learning here is by you, by buchanan, nighimpossible

hockey rpf - university au, 46k

“How not to ask for an extension, 101,” Sharpy grins, reading the email conversation aloud. “Dear Dr. Sharp, you’re a motherfucking gansta and I’m sorry that you’re kind of the poor man’s Patrick Dempsey.” Sharpy takes a moment to look out at the audience with a hurt expression on his face before continuing. “If you want I can definitely hook you up with a girl who thinks you’re the real McDreamy. Also, I need an extension on my paper because I’m going hard tonight and I’m def gonna be sick ‘AF’ tomorrow. Keep on killin’ it, boi.

Love you and see you soon.

Good fuckin yard,

Tyler Seguin

Sent from my iPhone.”

The entire class roars with laughter, but Sharpy just holds out a hand, like the conductor of some bizarre orchestra, and he switches the image on the monitor to his response. The class quiets, eager for his reply.

“Dear Tyler,

The extension is yours if you get me a bottle of whatever you were drinking when you wrote this email. And although it is one of my utmost dreams to be misrecognized as one of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy, I am going to have to politely decline your offer.

Good yard,

Dr. Sharp.”

Sharpy smiles to himself like he always does when he’s embarrassing Tyler: self-satisfied and amused. “So don’t do that.”

It’s not that Tyler minds Sharpy using his email as a demonstration of what not to do: it’s effective as hell and objectively hilarious. It makes Tyler relatable to the students, and hopefully they’ll be a little less nervous to approach him for help throughout the semester. It’s just that Tyler tries not to think about that time in his life very often.

“But Professor Sharp,” one of the kids from the third row calls out. He’s got curly hair and a bad attitude: Tyler can sense that kind of thing from a mile away, mostly because that’s the kind of student he used to be.

“Introduce yourself,” Sharpy encourages with a hand wave while setting up his first lecture on the projector.

“Jack, Jack Eichel.” He says his name like he thinks he’s the next James Bond, and Tyler snorts under his breath a quiet laugh. “So like: he did get the extension.”

Sharpy grins a little to himself. “I think you’ll find, as you get to know Tyler, that he is the exception, not the rule. So don’t press your luck, Jack.”

Poster Of A Girl
Poster Of A Girl

Poster of a Girl - Metric

Metric doing “Metric” best. I have been listening to this song on loop all week, it’s always been a favourite but these days, the circumstances are ripe, and nothing feels better than laying on my floor with this on repeat, those synths just bouncing around my brain, Emily absolutely killin my soul, the drums just chuggin and pulsing along behind it all. I feel beautiful when I hear this song. Sad and beautiful

itsnobbie  asked:

you're so funny and so so so so smart and ur work ethic is such an inspiration. im not even kidding i feel like every time i see u on my dash ur talkin abt how much progress you've made in your writing and if u haven't made progress, ur talkin abt how you will later and that DRIVE is just incredible. you are KILLING nano 17 girl straight killin it!!! you're super nice and creative and uh let's face it fine as hell had to say it had to put it out there ur a stunner

Ahhhh I never feel like I’m moving forward even when it visibly looks like I’m moving forward so thank you for that Nobbie! I feel really good this NaNo so like, hopefully that drive keeps up xD and I’m mean I’m aight, i guess

Mesmerized By You (part 4)

Hi everyone! This is part four of my on going fan fiction Mesmerized By You (shout out to @where-s–izzy who came up with the title! Thank you honey!). You can read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 at those links! Let me know what you think and any ideas you would like to see in the fan fiction!

“You slept over at his house?” Tara asks as soon as I tell her why I’d not called sooner. Her voice high and I can just imagine her eyes wide. 

“Yes. But it was completely innocent; we drank a few beers, watched a few movies, and then crashed on the couch.” As I say it I realize how completely nonchalant I sound and am just as shocked. 

“Y/N you just slept with Axl fucking Rose. Like literally fell asleep with him. I don’t think many women get to say when they ‘slept’ with him they actual slept.” I think about what she’s said and wonder how many women he actually just fell asleep beside. “What happen when you woke up?” She presses for more details. 

“Well,” I say while I thinking over the mornings events. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day, griiffins!


Here we go again

I kinda wanna be more than friends

So take it easy on me

I’m afraid you’re never satisfied

“I need to tell you something,” he says, unwillingly pulling his swollen lips away from hers and earning a moan from her. His eyes are still closed, but he can sense the quizzical look she is giving him from underneath. After all, not every day your booty call interrupts a fiery make-out session for chitchat. But ever since at the coffeehouse Bellamy watched Clarke pretend to be a 19th century gentleman with a flashing grin after she realized she had a foam moustache, he has been bottling up the ache in his chest, and he is sure he will bloat and float off like Marge Dursley if he keeps it in longer. “And you’re going to freak out.”

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Partying with Les Twins - Highline Ballroom Club 2/13/2015

Partying with Les Twins - Highline Ballroom Club 2/13/2015

I always told myself that I would never be one of those girls stuck on a club line out in the cold with nothing but a mini skirt and heels on. Lo and behold that’s exactly where I found myself last night. I’m so ashamed. You can go ahead and ask Sica about the good laugh we had just the other day about those girls. And now…I’m one of those girls. One of the coldest nights of the year in New York City. It was like 1 degree. Now you know it’s serious when there’s no “s” behind degree. What’s worse is that Club Highline doesn’t have their ish together, so I was out there for like an hour. 😁😖⛄️ I was frozen. Eyes glazed over, my knees became ice packs. And my poor toes. I couldn’t feel a thing. Which ended up working out for me because it means I couldn’t feel the pain of my sick heels. I was killin it tho, if I do say so myself.

But like I said before, these guys bring out the mess in me. So I stayed out there for an hour to get in. Plus I had already bought my outrageously overpriced ticket. So ain’t no way I wasn’t gonna make it inside. Shout outs to my bff tho for coming with and holding down. Yall already know how I feel about her. She’s the one! And you’ll find out why soon.

Backtrack a little. Up until Thursday I didn’t even know where the twins were going to be. But I was on a mission to find out. Every lead was a dead end so I decided to ask my love Sica. Yall, she sent me the info asap. They would most likely be with Roy at the Highline on Friday with Young Jeezy or Saturday with Lil Wayne. I know for a fact that I’m not tryna go when Wayne is there Cus the crowd’s gonna be “50 shades of CRAY”. But at the same token I assumed that the twins would be there when Wayne is there Cus they like him so much. So I had no guarantee that they would be there tonight with Jeezy. That was up until Roy posted up a picture showing that they would be there tonight. Yall I jumped and bought those expensive ass tickets. Bff is so ride or die that she cancelled on another event, spent her money, and stood out in the cold with me all at the drop of a hat. If anything ever happens with me and Larry, she Maid of Honor for life.

Aiight boom! So we on the line waiting and then who do I see? Roy coming down the block. So I’m like aiight so the twins must be here then. I thought they were inside already but I guess they had not arrived yet. Roy out here yelling madd stuff in Spanish and I’m trying to put my education to good use and translate. And then that’s when our babies get there. Larry was wearing a white ensemble thingy and Lau had the 99 Problems flannel shirt. So they get on the VIP line that’s right next to our little general admission line. They are standing right next to us and Bff calls Larry’s name out. He turns around surprised that someone knows his name. She extends her hand and says “I’m your biggest fan”. Yall the side eye I shot her could split her soul in seven pieces. I practically smacked her hand away and stole Larry’s hand and said, “She’s a liar Cus I’m your biggest fan”. Guys Larry said something but I don’t even remember. Whenever I’m around them I feel like I could never hear them properly. I attribute it to me just being mesmerized by them. What I do remember is holding on to his hand for dear life. As he was in VIP his line was obviously moving faster. So he’s walking away and my hand is sliding out of his and the clown gives me a dramatic “don’t let go Jack” look as he proceeds to lift my hand in the air as I hold on to his fingertips. He’s so cute. The whole time Laurent is looking at him like he’s crazy.

So we finally get in the club. Thank God. I check to make sure that I still have 10 toes. Thank God I do. We get inside and it’s actually pretty empty inside. The twins are upstairs in VIP and bff and I are downstairs on the dance floor. So if we look up we can see them looking down. The music is pretty ok and my friend and I are practically the only ones dancing. I just felt like I was in a fanfiction knowing that the twins were right upstairs looking at the dance floor. I really wish I could dance dance so I could put on a little show for them. But womp for that. So bff and I just 2 stepped. Did I mention I was killin it in my little skater dress, ruby woo lipstick, and killer heels? I had a gold choker and my hair was laid in loose curls. I was serving them 1920’s fine. Yes, I was feelin myself.

So the club is starting to fill up and throughout the night a number of guys tried to talk to bff and I. That’s cool and all but I was focused on spotting the twins so I could plot on dramatically bumping into them. But there was this one guy. There’s always that one guy. He was way too persistent. Everybody else, I smiled, maybe danced a little. But this one was going in. Every time I turned around this dude was there. He’s from London and I told him I’m from New York. He all like is that why you don’t smile. I said yeah. He goes you’re rude and I said hell yes I am now get out my face. But I’m telling yall this guy kept coming back around to me and I was tight Cus all I wanted to do was get to the twins.

Bff and I tryna plot to get into VIP so we can get closer to them, but then lo and behold they come downstairs. Not just that, they come and have a cypher right behind us. So of course I whip out my phone and take some vids that I will post up soon. Larry kills it, Lau kills it as per usual. Ok so Cypher over and Larry is about to pass by me to get to the other side. Yall I promise he like touched my hip to move me a little and he grazed my ass. I interpret that as him just grabbing my ass. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Lol. So the twins go back upstairs and bff and I stay downstairs.

By now my feet are killing me so Im actually ready to go. But bff is not quite with it. But I still go to coat check to change into my flats.
Who do I see coming down the stairs? Baby boo Larry! Again, bff stops him and I don’t even know how. All I remember is me asking him for a hug. As I hug him I go,

“Larry, you never remember me”

He’s like “what?”

“I gave you your earrings and the toothpaste”

Yall he goes crazy and pulls me in tight tight to his chest. I was engulfed by him. He gives the best hugs. My breast were pressed up against him! Oh yes! So my hands all running down his back, and he got that dip that I like. So my hand is resting in the dip. And that’s the only thing that’s holding me up from the fainting spell that I was about to succumb to. He pulls back and lands a kiss on my forehead. *faints*. That’s it, I’m out. He said something again, but I’m telling you I can’t hear this guy when he speaks. And then he starts pulling away from the hug and I’m like,

“Wait where you going?” Still holding to the dip in his back.

He’s like, “I have to go to the stage real quick, I’ll be right back I promise. Go upstairs and wait for me there”

And that’s how we got into VIP. I replied with a simple ok, but in my head I was like yes daddy I’ll be upstairs waiting for you my love. Lol.

As we’re going upstairs, Laurent is making his way down I guess to go to the stage too. I say “Hi Laurent” and he goes “Hi”. I say “How are you?” He goes, “I’m fine”

He said it so dry. I know Laurent says that Larry is the mean one, but with my experience I feel so much more comfortable approaching Larry. Laurent just doesn’t seem warm to me. So I stay away. Maybe Larry is mean when he needs to be. But in general I think he’s a sweet heart while Lau is probably more closed off. Still love him tho. By the way, the twists look really good in person actually.

Also, one of the girls from VIP told me that there was nothing special upstairs. But I said yeah but I wanna see the twins. She informs me that ain’t nothing going on and that the twins spent their time chasing the bottle girls. I’m like whatever, I still wanna go upstairs. So we go and chill upstairs. And it’s really relaxed which I like. Downstairs was too crowded and the DJ kept playing trap music because Jeezy was there. So it was nothing I would listen to or dance to. So bff and I just sat pretty. So they announce the twins and they do their little hoopla. Laurent comes back upstairs first. Yall in the 15 minutes that I was there, Lau was flirting hard with at least 3 girls. But here’s the kicker, he actually lays one of the bottle girls on the couch and climbs on top of her, in between her legs. Yall im trying to take a pic and the damn flash on my phone goes off. And yall know that iPhone flash is serious. So I just throw my phone to the side so he don’t see it. I was about to get caught. So Larry comes up and finds Laurent on top of this girl and he’s like “really? Really Lau? For real?” Lau is such a freak nasty, I just hope the girl wasn’t uncomfortable.

Aiight so the lights come in and it’s time to go home. Bff and I just chill and let the crowd dissipate before we make our moves. We go out and bump into Larry again and I hug him again and tell him it was nice to see him again. He said something again. But yall know how it goes. Apparently I can’t hear when I’m around him. So we make our way downstairs and guess who comes back around? That same mess of a guy from before talking about I’m his future wife. I had to swerve him hard and tell him to back the eff up. He was just way too close. He almost ruined the night, in my way of getting to the twins.

Anyway we go outside to catch a cab and what do we see? Lau flirting yet again with another girl. He a hoe…yeah I said it, lol. He walks past us to the corner. My friend and I get in a cab and as we drive off we see the twins on the corner having discussions with a group of girls. I’m not even gonna try to guess.

But that was the end of a great night! I spent Valentine’s morning with my boys. So technically Larry is my Valentine, lol. I mean after all those hugs and kisses, it’s only natural, lol. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😊😍 I had a blast. I always wanted to club with the twins, and I’m glad I had the chance to. It was nice. Bff is ride or die for life. She the one like Neo. Again, I must apologize for the length of this, but I hope you enjoyed reliving these moments with me. The videos will be up soon. Bisous my loves. 😘

okay so full recap of my experience

after waiting on line outside for about an hour and a half (and being interviewed by a guy from kindatv) i got inside and was given a swag bag with the limited edition carmilla box of tampons, a little portable tissue pack, and some other cool stuff. then i got my free “carmilla takes nyc” t-shirt designed by @valentinemichaelsmith (which is fucking awesome by the way, and i’ll post pictures of all my stuff later) and waited on the final stretch of the line, as i slowly panicked because oh my god elise and natasha were like ten feet away from me

so i get up there and the first words i manage to get out are “i’m going to cry.” nat started laughing and elise said “it’s nice to meet you, i like your shirt!”

as they were signing my book (i thought it would be cool to have them sign my copy of the carmilla novella) i asked them if they each remembered their favorite line from the series. elise said “girl the hell up,” and nat said “ya killin me, hollis.”

then before i could lose my nerve i said “elise, please don’t kill me but can you say ‘milk’?”

elise and natasha just looked at each other for a second and elise starts going “eh…ih…ih…MILK”

and i started cracking up and got my picture taken and it was one of the best experiences of my life