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Zach Dempsey Imagine

Hey guys
I know this is my TWD blog but I watched 13 Reasons Why and that really made me want to write about it.
But I just want to see how my imagine goes before I think further.
So whoever wants to read it, can read it and the rest of you can just ignore this pist. Hopefully I will be back with TWD soon, writers block on TWD stuff sucks :/

Anyway, enjoy the Zach imagine ;) :) https://thirteenreasonswhyimagines.tumblr.com/ Here is my 13 Reasons Why blog :)

Liberty High.
Home of the Tigers and therefore home of my boyfriend’s team.

Zachary Dempsey and I have been a couple for few month now and even after Hannah’s death and her tapes, nothing could tear us apart.
I understood, why Zach did what he did and I sure as hell wasn’t thrilled about it but it happened and he feels sorry for what he did.
Because he knows that it was part of Hannah’s suicide after all.

But she is dead and she’ll never come back and it’s horrible because no one should be treated like that:
But Zach decided to get over it and go on with his life, just more careful about his actions now.

“So, you coming to the game tonight?”, Jessica walks by my side as we enter the school and I grin a little while I make my way over to my locker.
“You bet I am. Wanna hear a secret? If he plays well tonight, Dempsey is getting a very personal reward.”, Jessica raises an eyebrow before she bursts out in laughing and walks to her locker with me.
“You’re nasty, Kate. I don’t even wanna know what you’re doing with Zach.”, she laughs and I wipe some hair out of my face.
“Yeah, because you and Justin always keep it personal, right?”, I laugh and together we walk over to the classroom where Zach is already waiting for me.

“Ugh, I’ll give you two a minute.”, Jess laughs before she enters and Zach wraps her arms around my waist to pull me closer.
“Morning beautiful.”, he smiles and I can’t help it but blush a little before he presses his lips against mine.

This is the kind of kiss that I can feel in my bones and I almost freak out because we have to got to class right now.

“Dempsey you’re making me horny.”, I laugh as he kisses my neck.
But the moment doesn’t last long because Mr. Porter lets out a cough and we enter the classroom with a huge grin on our faces.

“You guys are disgusting. Get a room or something.”, Justin laughs and I shake my head as I take my seat next to Zach.
As usual he pulls me close so that I can lean against him, while his arms are wrapped around me.

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Hot Roommate

Written for: Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 4

Prompt:  “ You’re supposed to talk me out of this ”

Relationship: Dean x Reader

Words: 1023 

Warnings: Fluff, Language, Just Dean being wonderful, AU

A/N: Week four down. This is a sequel to my week three challenge but I also feel it can be read alone. Tags are at the bottom. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: A sequel to Hot Neighbor, reveals Dean asking the reader an important question. Is the reader ready or are they moving too fast? 

Read Hot Neighbor here! 

   “And it is with my pleasure to introduce for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Jessica Winchester. You may kiss the bride!”

    You threw the handful of glitter over Sam and Jess as they kiss the church erupting in applause. You’ve never seen Jess look so happy and Sam and his big dimples is a sight to behold. But the moment is short lived for you as you focus to the other Winchester, your hero Detective Dean Winchester. He smiles at you as he approaches taking your arm following the bride and groom. You were lost in your thoughts so you’re glad he was paying attention. He’s warm pressed against you and it reminds you of the night four months ago. He’d helped you get your stuff from your cheating boyfriend’s place and then you’d fallen asleep watching Die Hard, practically inseparable ever since then.

    He leans down in your ear as the photographer starts snapping photos, “You look beautiful.”

    “You’re bias, Detective,” you giggle as the photographer orders you to face the camera and quit flirting.

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Party Girl (Part Four): So Cute

Jeff Atkins x Reader

A/N: Hey sorry I disappeared for a while but I barely had time to sleep between my two jobs. However, starting next week I should have at LEAST one day off a week so I can get some writing done without giant gaps. As usual, tell me what you think. No feedback makes me feel like I’m wasting my time lol Enjoy ☺️

Part Three 


It’s been a while since you met Jessica for the first time and the two of you have been all but inseparable ever since. While she would never be what Kat was to you, you could feel a bond beginning to form. She told you about her crush on Alex which you encouraged. When the two actually began dating, you couldn’t be happier. 

You’d seen Hannah in passing. Having only one class together didn’t help build your friendship any. You tried talking to her in class but it didn’t help much. You noticed her spending time with Clay Jenson and Tony Padilla. You figure she’s found her own friends and you’re happy for her. 

It’s Friday and you’re currently sitting in your last class of the day counting down the minutes until you’re free. When the bell rings, you can’t make it out of the room fast enough. As you walk to your locker you’re thinking of all the assignments you need to complete over the weekend. Your little sister’s birthday is Sunday and you know your mother is going to make you put down your work to focus on her. You don’t mind really. You just have to get everything done by Sunday.

You’re so focused on scheduling out your homework that you don’t notice the person approaching you.


You jump slightly and find Jeff leaning against the locker to the left of yours.


“I was hoping you could help me with the English homework? I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“Doesn’t that Clay kid tutor you?”

He looks thrown off for a minute but eventually shrugs.

“He’s busy today.”

“It’s Friday. You have all weekend to work on it.”

“I’d rather just get it done today. With you.”

You pause and think it over for a minute. How bad could it be? You can easily help him get the assignment done while doing your own. All that matters is that you get the assignments done by Sunday.

“I guess that’d be fine. I just have to tell Zach cause he’s my ri-“

“I already did.” He interrupts.

“You just assumed I would say yes?”

“I…Well,” He shrugs slightly, “You’re a nice person. I figured you wouldn’t mind helping me out.”

“Well lucky for you, I’m feeling generous today.”

You grab the last couple of books you need and slam your locker closed.

“So the library or outside?” You question, “I’d prefer the library because I actually get distracted pretty easily.”

“Actually, I was thinking we could go to my house?”

Your heart stops for a second. His house? Jeff Atkins house.

“Uh yeah, t-that’s fine.” You nod.

“Cool. So we should probably get going if we plan to get any of this done.”

You nod again and follow him out to his car. On the way, you make eye contact with both Jessica and Sheri. Both girls send over dramatic facial expressions and winks in your direction. You ignore them both completely.

The two of you aren’t on the road for more than a minute when your phone begins to vibrate. You frown slightly at the new group chat that has formed in your messages.

Gossip Girls 💋

SherSher 🎀: I decided a group text was easier cause we’re all thinking the same thing. Y/N if you get laid I want details!!!!!

Jess 👯: YES! D E T A I L S

Kit Kat 🍫: Who is she sleeping with????!!!!!

SherSher 🎀: Jeff

Jess 👯: I’m so proud


You can’t help the blush that takes over your face as you read through the texts.

“You ok over there?” Jeff asks.  

“Fine. My friends are just idiots.” You mumble.

Y/N: I am NOT sleeping with him. He’s 1000000x out of my league

“Ha, I know the feeling.” He laughs.

You don’t say anything back and focus on your phone once again as you feel it vibrate.

SherSher 🎀: wow ok that’s a lie

Kit Kat 🍫: lolololol ok sure Y/N

Y/N: I’m not saying I’m ugly I’m cute as hell HOWEVER I know my limits

Jess 👯: and hes within those limits!!

SherSher 🎀: please girl take it for the team

Jess 👯: do it for us

Kit Kat 🍫: Do HIM for us


You silence the chat and focus your attention back on the road before you.

“You’re quiet today.”

“Oh,” you start, “compared to how chatty I am on other days?”

“Compared to how chatty you were the last time you were in my car.” He replies.

Oh yeah. You barely remembered the night he brought you home. He hadn’t mentioned it much and you hadn’t thought much about it.

“And what did I have to say?”

You’re almost scared to ask. According to Bryce, you’re much  [I] nicer when you’re drunk. You’ve said and done a few things that you might not have under normal circumstances when drinking. You don’t mind it particularly. You’d rather be a flirty drunk than a mean drunk.

“Just that you like that I’m nice, ” You let out a small sigh of relief. “and that I have a perfect face.”

You’ve never felt your face flush so red.

“Did I? Well, that was nice of me.”

“Mhm. You also said that I’m perfect at everything.” He continues.

“Well, you do have a pretty flawless reputation.” You reply.

“And that you’d like to lay your head on my chest.”

You’re unable to come up with anything to say back for a moment.

“Well, that is mortifying.” You mumble.

“No,” he laughs as he pulls up in front of the cutest house you’ve ever seen. “it was cute.”

You ignore the comment and pull yourself from the car. You follow him up the front step and into the house. Once inside you can’t help but let out a little huff.

“What?” He asks.

“Even your house is perfect.” You shake your head.

You move around the room a bit and take in the pictures scattered around. One, in particular, catches your eye. The photo is of two little boys, both around six years old, in baseball uniforms.

“Oh my god,” you pick up the frame from the table, “is that you and Monty?”

For the first time, he looks almost embarrassed.

“Yeah uh” he rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, “we did little league together. We were actually pretty close when we were little.”

“Aw! Two little bros playing baseball together. How cute.” You tap the tip of his nose with your finger.

“Sure, cute.” He rolls his eyes.

“What? It is! Both of you in your little baseball uniforms, so cute.”  

“Well, I was a pretty cute kid.”

“Hey, be nice. Monty was cute too.” You look closely at the picture again. “Actually he kind of looks the same now.”

“So you think Monty’s cute.”

The tone of his voice has changed slightly. You look back to him and find him looking at you closely.

“Well, he’s not the ugliest guy I’ve ever seen.” You shrug.

“But not the cutest you’ve ever seen either right?” He questions.

“No,” you smile, “definitely not.”

“Good.” He smiles.

A silence fills the room and you shift around awkwardly.

“We should get started on that homework.” You mumble.

“Right. Let’s go up to my room.”

You feel like your heart is about to jump out of its chest. You’re about to be in Jeff Atkins bedroom.

It’s cleaner than you’d expected. It’s not the first boy’s bedroom you’ve been in. Bryce’s was almost always a mess. He was used to people cleaning up after him so it didn’t really surprise you. Both Monty and Zach’s rooms tended to be a bit messy. Zach’s mother would kill him for leaving any room a mess. Monty just doesn’t like a mess. It “pisses him off” or whatever. Jeff’s room is nearly spotless.

“Wow, it’s like spotless in here.”

“Uh yeah, I cleaned it a little yesterday.” He mumbles.

“So it’s not normally this tidy?” You smirk.

“Not at all.” He laughs, “You can sit wherever you want.”

You throw your backpack on his bed and slip your shoes off before settling yourself so your back is against the wall.

“Ok so, Macbeth.” You start as you pull your textbook out.

“Wow right to it.”

“I have to get this shit done by Sunday.” You sigh.

“Why Sunday?”

“It’s my little sister’s birthday. My mom is having this big party for her.”

“I didn’t know you have a sister.”

“Yeah, she’s only four so she’s not very active in the party scene yet.” You reply.

“Ah, so no keg stands and drunken karaoke for her?” He laughs.

“More like Capri-Suns and full reenactments of Moana with her dolls.” You laugh back.

“Sounds adorable.”

“It was cute the first time. Not so much now.” You reply.

“I’ll have to see one day.” He says.

“Maybe but for now we need to worry about Macbeth.”

The two of you work together for the next couple of hours. You’re able to get him through the English homework easy enough and decided to just stay put and finish the rest of your homework. He worked on other work too, occasionally pausing to ask for help on certain questions. You’re both so focused that you don’t notice that his parents had arrived home.

“Jeff honey, I’m feeling kind of tired so I think we’re gonna just – oh hello.”

You jump slightly and find a woman standing in the doorway.

“Oh hey, mom,” Jeff mumbles while staring confusedly at his homework.

“The answer is B.” You tell him.


“Who’s this?” His mother asks.

“Oh sorry, I’m Y/N.” You get off the bed and move to shake her hand.

“Oh you’re Y/N” She smiles. You notice her eyes look towards Jeff for a moment before she drags her attention back to you. “Are you staying for dinner? I’m thinking of ordering some Chinese but I could always cook something if you’d prefer. I mean you’re the guest and-”

“Mom, please.” Jeff sighs.

“Actually I have to go home. I didn’t realize it was this late and my mom is pretty crazy about the whole family dinner thing.” You laugh awkwardly.

“I’ll bring you home,” Jeff says as he pulls himself off the bed.

“Well, it was so nice meeting you Y/N. Hopefully, we can all have dinner together soon. Maybe after one of Jeff’s games. I know Harrison would love to meet you and-”

“Ok mom, she has to get going.” He cuts her off.

His mother gives you a smile and you give a small wave before she leaves the doorway. You collect your books from the bed and shove them into your backpack. Within a few minutes, the two of you are on the way to your house. You’re both quiet for a few minutes.

“Your mom seems nice.” You say.

“Yeah uh sorry about her. She gets excited when she meets any of my friends.” He shrugs.

“It’s ok,” you laugh, “my mom is ten times worse. You have no idea.”

“I can’t even imagine anything worse.” He laughs.

“I assure you, I beat you on this one.”

“Maybe I’ll have to meet her for myself and find out.”

“Maybe.” You reply.

It takes a little over five minutes before he’s turning down your street.

“Thanks for the help today.” He says as he pulls in front of your house.

“No problem. You’re not as distracting as I thought you were going to be.”  

“Thanks, I guess.” He replies.

“Yeah,” you mumble awkwardly, “I’ll see you on Monday.”

“Yeah, Monday.” He nods.

“Thanks for the ride too.”

“Of course.”

You nod silently before making your way out of the car. Once again he waits until you make it into the door to begin driving away. You let out a breath of relief you hadn’t realized you’d been holding. Suddenly you remember the text messages that must be flooding your phone from your friends. Unlocking your phone, you find missed texted from both your friends and your mother. You can hear her and your father speaking in the dining room.

“Sorry mom,” You say as you walk into the room. “I was studying and you know how I like to have zero distractions.”

“Well don’t do it again. You nearly missed dinner. It’s vegetarian night.” She snaps.

“I’m sorry. I got back as soon as I could.” You reply.

“Just sit down please.” She sighs.

You take a seat and pull some food onto your plate. Your sister sends you a smile from across the table and you send a smile back. Once your parents return to their previous conversation, you feel it is safe to check your other text messages.

Gossip Girls 💋

SherSher 🎀: but seriously Y/N he’s into you just go for it

Jess 👯: what is it you said to me??? ‘grow some balls and kiss him already’ I think you should take your own advice.

Kit Kat 🍫: Are you ignoring us?

Jess 👯: that’s rude Y/N

SherSher 🎀: she’s definitely ignoring us

Kit Kat 🍫: I mean who wouldn’t when you have all that to look at

There’s a two-hour time gap before the texts begin again.

SherSher 🎀: this is a loooooong time to ignore texts Y/N

Kit Kat 🍫: That’s cause she’s busy with something else

Jess 👯: probably

Kit Kat 🍫: That’s some serious stamina

SherSher 🎀: to say the least

Kit Kat 🍫: You better have a good ass story after making us wait this long

You shake your head at the ridiculousness of the texts before typing out your reply.

Y/N: Fuck off we didn’t have sex. I helped him with his homework, met his mom and came home.

You’re thankful that there is no immediate response to the texts. Hopefully, they’ll be too busy with their families to both you for a few hours.

“So what were you studying?” Your father asks.


Almost immediately he launches into a rant about why that is his favorite Shakespeare play. The rest of the night goes by without any drama or stress. At least until your phone starts vibrating again.

Live life golden Part 5

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: strong language


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He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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anonymous asked:

Can you make me a vernon fluff scenario. Like super fluffy. I'm out of ideas but I love your blog so anything would be fine. Thank you Saranghe <3

~Yesssss anon. Like I am not even kidding, he was my bias for the longest time but then I realized that Seventeen is just one big group of bias-wreckers. I will try to make this as fluffy as I can.


So, tonight is movie night with everyone’s favorite boys, Seventeen. The idea was created by a very “dad-like” S.Coups, who just happened to know about my infatuation with a certain member of the hip hop unit, Vernon, and used this night as an opportunity to show that infatuation off to the clueless idol.  Anyways, I was on snack duty while the guys picked a movie to watch. The final verdict was Star Wars, but a certain maknae by the name of Dino was pouting because he didn’t get to watch Michael Jackson’s This is It.  I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Y/N come sit with me.”

I look around and saw Vernon said it. I looked over to Coups telepathically asking for support. He shooed me off and exited the room before I had a chance to retort. I didn’t want to appear awkward so I smiled politely and sat next to him. 

“Are you cold? It is a bit chilly inside.” He instantly put his arm around me, along with the blanket he had brought with him. 

I hear the howls and whistles coming from the floor below us. I also feel Hoshi nudge my arm a bit suggestively “Shut up.” I mouth to the group of five year olds. I got back to watching the movie. Usually I would be able to simply enjoy the movie and have a good time with my friends, but this was impossible when my friends set me up to be sitting next to my crush. Not only was I sitting next to him, but I was SHARING A BLANKET WITH HIM. Not only was I sharing a blanket with him, HIS ARM WAS HOLDING ME. Most people would think that it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but guess what? IT WAS. I was internally screaming, I kept trying to calm down,but this was really nerve wracking. Sure it was enjoyable, but it was so conflicting.

Does he like me? No???? Yes??? Maybe???

After a while I started to calm down, and was able to focus more on the movie than the person I was with.

55 minutes into the movie and the gag trio, that were pumped for staying up all night, had already fallen asleep. I was also starting to get tired.

“Are you tired?”

“Nope, just my eyes.”

He flicked my forehead and I stuck my tongue out at him. He and I were laughing until Woozi shushed us. Nerd. We looked at each other and got an idea. We both pelted him with popcorn. He shot us a glare that would stop a monster in its tracks and then turned back around. Vernon and I giggled giggled to ourselves quietly and continued to watch the movie.

15 more minutes passed and my eyes were getting heavier than I could hold. That’s when I finally fell asleep.

I was woken up by the sounds lasers and crashes. I opened my eyes and saw that a huddle of giggling boys were taking pictures of me. I was confused. I look around and take in my surroundings. I, y/n, tor the past hour or so, had been practically spooning with my best friend and crush. I blushed and threw my pillow at S. Coups, which woke Vernon up.

“Guys, what are you doing?” after looking around he realized the situation and, like you, starts to blush madly. After a couple of awkward minutes, his blushed died down, but neither of you had made a single move out of your position. It was far too comfortable. The boys just sat there and stared.

Dino finally spoke up.

“You guys are cute together, you should date”

After those words it was like a floodgate opened and the rest of the childish boys continued to take pictures and giggle.

Vernon looks at him confused and Wonwoo showed the photo of you and him cuddling. You were expecting him to push you off but, instead-

“You think it is funny, huh? Why don’t we give you something to take more pictures of. As if on command, all of the group took out their phones, even Joshua who had been trying to stay impartial like a good child of God.

Huh?” You were slightly cut off by a kiss on the cheek. Then, a kiss on the mouth to finish the job. It was amazing and with him it just felt right. You would have melted, but Vernon pulled away and said completely nonchalantly

“Make sure to send me that.”

Shawn Mendes - Mistletoe (based on the video)

Request:  Hey do you think you could make a Shawn imagine based on the mistletoe music video by Justin Bieber? X


“Tell me everything!” Shawn told me putting two cups of coffee to the table. I laughed taking the cup in my hands and feeling its warmness. He always did it. When he was back he wanted to know about everything that happened since he left, but he already knew everything, because we talked on the phone almost every day.

“What do you want to hear?” I asked smiling at him.

“I don’t know, just tell me something. I like to hear your voice,” he chuckled and I felt myself blush.

Shawn and I had been friends since forever. Our moms were friends, so we spent half of our lives together. He was one of my best friends and I was glad that our friendship didn’t vanish when he became a star. Lately I noticed that he had been acting differently with me, but in a good way. He always compliments me, and says how beautiful he thinks I am, he tries to make me laugh all the time and he takes every opportunity to touch me in any way. I wasn’t that good in dating or anything, I had never had a real relationship, my first kiss was accidental, because Mike Clayton mixed me up with one of his classmates and kissed me on the school dance, then realized I wasn’t the person he was looking for so he just left me to find the real girl. Awkward, isn’t it? Well, my lack of experience didn’t let me be 100% sure about what Shawn might had wanted from me, so I never did anything that could be flirty or anything like that. And I also didn’t believe that Shawn would want to date me out of all the girls. He had some really beautiful fans out there, there weren’t many chances that he would choose me.

He was talking about something in connection with the tour when a gorgeous, blonde girl sat down to our table. I furrowed my eyebrows at her as she cheerfully greeted Shawn with a hug.

“Hey, I hadn’t seen you in forever! Can’t believe you are back!” she jabbered not even noticing me at the table.

“Hey Jessica, what’s up?” he asked. It felt more than awkward to just sit there and listen to their conversation. I was jealous of how out-going the girl was, she had a great response to everything, I always wished to be like her.

While they were having a sweet talk I was just focusing on my coffee and I waited until the girl left, still not acknowledging my existence.

“Sorry, she is just a friend,” Shawn explained when we were alone again.

“No problem,” I gave him a fake smile hoping he wouldn’t notice it that it actually was a problem.

He didn’t question it, so I just moved on. When we finished our coffees Shawn suggested to take a walk at the advent fair. That was one of my favourite parts around Christmas. The atmosphere, the lights and the music, I just loved everything in it.

We found a photobooth and of course that we made some random, and silly photos of us. Shawn let me keep them, so I quickly put them into the book I had in my bag. We stopped at one of the booths and I tried on a silly hat.

“How do I look?” I asked giving him my best model look. He laughed taking his phone out and he took a photo of me posing in that crazy hat.

“Amazing, you should buy it,” he told me searching for another funny hat, but than that annoying blonde girl came up to us again.

“How little is the world?” he giggled taking a look at the scarfs.

“Yeah, sure,” Shawn nodded. I felt left-out again, I didn’t know if he just wanted to be nice or he didn’t notice how bad I felt around her, but he didn’t sent her away. So as they were discussing something about a stripped scarf I walked over to a shop. A beautiful dress was on the Paris doll, but seeing the price tag I knew I would never be able to wear it. I sighed taking one last look at it, and then seeing Shawn still talking with that girl I decided to just go home.

I won’t lie, it hurt that Shawn “ditched” me over that blonde girl. I was expecting a nice evening only with him, but I guess I wasn’t that important to him to only focus on me.

I changed into my pj’s early that night and sat in my window looking at the snow falling. I thought I would read some more chapters and then go to sleep. Opening the book I found out photos from earlier. I bitterly smiled and put them to my desk.

“Honey, you have a gift,” my mom told me entering my room and putting a huge box to my bed.

“A gift? From who?” I asked furrowing my eyebrows. I had no idea who could send me a gift.

“I don’t know,” she said but I could see through her, she knew who sent it. But instead of asking more questions I just opened the box. That gorgeous dress was folded in it with a card lying on it. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I took the dress out. Putting it down to my bed I started to read the card.

“You’re My Christmas wish. Meet me outside. –Love, Shawn”

I ran to my window looking out and there he was, standing on the street, waiting for me. I quickly changed to the dress, needless to say that it was perfect and I just wanted to wear it every day for the rest of my life. Especially because it was from Shawn.

When I ran down the stairs my mom just gave me a smile and a wink. Then I stepped out of the house catching Shawn’s attention.

“You look breathtaking,” he said taking a long look at me from head to toe.

“Thank you. And thank you for the dress,” I smiled at him blushing. “Where are we going?”

“To the dance,” he said winking at me.

Our town had a beautiful dance at Christmas time, but I never attended it since I didn’t have a partner. I was happy that Shawn could be the first one to take me there and secretly I wished he would be the last one. He escorted me to the middle of the dancing crowd and immediately put his arms around me. I tried to control myself and not get nervous, but it was hard, since his face was so close to mine.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I should have been focused only on you,” he said as we were slow dancing. I shrugged.

“It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not. Because you are my priority.” My heart started to beat really fast hearing his words. He glanced upwards and I followed his gaze. We were standing right under a mistletoe. “What a coincidence,” he whispered looking back at me.

“You think so?” I asked smiling. A sweet smile spread across his face before he leaned closer and finally kissed me. His lips worked perfectly against mine, I wished this moment would never end. Shawn was a really good kisser, much better than Mike Clayton, if you ask me.

When we pulled away neither of us said anything, no words were needed. I just got my best Christmas gift ever.