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I married Kaze last night, because hahahaha of course I did asdfga send help, so yeah anyway I made a thing to celebrate

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Hi! I love your blog, and I LOVE Asgore. I feel like he doesn't get enough cute asks ;-; So! Can I request some UT Asgore love-at-first-sight headcannons?? Thanks!

Ahh yes, I absolutely adore Asgore too! Thank you so much for asking about him, and please don’t hesitate to send more if you want :D And thank you so much!

— The last time Asgore had gotten feelings for someone was with Toriel, and that was a long time ago, so this rising feeling immediately makes him nervous. He tries to convince himself that these feelings will pass soon enough- he doesn’t think he deserves another chance to be happy with someone again, as much as he would like it. Whenever he does see you though, whether or not it’s coincidental, he’s immediately a flustered mess around you. Good luck trying to find a moment where he’s not stuttering and blushing like mad whenever you’re in his presence.

— He’ll work up the courage to eventually begin approaching you more, in hopes that he can at least see you a little more each day. He always feels a little happier each time he sees you, and appreciates your company immensely, even if his feelings are just crushing on you yet. 

— After it’s been a long while, he’ll start to realise his feelings have become deeper for you- and he’s almost too nervous to even think about confessing to you about it yet. Somehow, miraculously, you make the first move. More than anything however, he’s overjoyed. He might- just might- have another chance at happiness. 

Ok, I am done

I just broke my second favourite coffee mug. Someone clearly hates me.

This college is crazy, I am in constant state of stress since THE TUESDAY, my roommate’s “dog” is giving me weird looks, our coffee maker is acting up again, the 2 am class was the worst idea I have ever head. My brain can’t take the english anymore and decided to forget random words, jk they are not random, they are essential to my classess. I lost my waterproof mascara, so I canť even cry in peace anymore.

And since the revel I get even less sleep.

Why do we need to sleep? It’s uselessly spent time and you can’t run away from your dreams.

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Sorry if this was asked, but WHY do you hate Sonic?

I don’t HATE Sonic. He’s just not one of my favourite characters, and I prefer a good number of the rest of the cast over him. This is one reason why the Storybooks don’t do anything for me. Their plots are great for fans of the character, but there’s not much else to offer if you’re not that interested in him.

Anyway, the main reasons for my stance on him are:

-Most of his jokes and antics aren’t that funny. There have been many times when other fans have talked about something he said or did that was supposedly the funniest thing ever, and meanwhile I fail to see what’s so rip-roaring hilarious about it. (Granted, most of these moments are intentionally low-key, but with how fans are quick to hype these moments up as comedic masterpieces compared to the stuff Pontaff does, it’s easy to think the praise is a little overblown.)

-I have nothing against hearing the characters talk during levels and bosses, but there are many times in which Sonic does not shut up, and it gets irritating really quickly. Like in Unleashed, in which he’s constantly screaming his head off as both the Hedgehog and the Werehog. Or in Secret Rings and Black Knight, in which a lot of what he says is Captain Obvious stuff. (Not that other characters in the series aren’t guilty of that, but still.)

-A lot of his interactions with other characters can be rather boring. For instance, characters like Caliburn fail to leave an impression on me because the dynamic between him and Sonic is nothing more than your run-of-the-mill stern teacher + rebellious student dynamic, with no unique twist to it whatsoever.

-Some of his interactions with other characters also appear to downplay his own flaws or traits, which has the side effect of making him come off as a bit of a hypocrite. Like when Sonic’s calling Blaze out on her temper, when manuals have repeatedly stated that he himself can be temperamental. Or when he rolls his eyes at Robotnik teasing and showing off, when Sonic regularly does the exact same thing. (Yes, I know Sonic’s ego isn’t actually as large as the doctor’s, but showing off is still showing off.)

-I don’t feel there have been enough well-executed examples in which Sonic has been knocked down a peg, due to how they either end up being questionably handled (Lost World, Rise of Lyric), or they leave very little of an actual impact on him (Unleashed). The lack of successful examples of such - combined with other plots (the Storybooks) essentially going on about how amazing and awesome he is and how you’ll always be in the wrong if you argue with him over anything - has the unfortunate effect of making him harder to find compelling.

There are traits of Sonic that I do respect, such as his noble side and his care and concern for his friends. But as of current, there is too much stuff in the way for me to place him higher on my personal list.

He had Hazel draw a tattoo on his biceps with a marker: HOT STUFF, with a skull and crossbones. “What in the world are you thinking?” She sounded pretty flustered. “I try not to think,” Leo admitted. “It interferes with being nuts”


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