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In dedication of my favourite song in the whole wide world 

Be strong and hold my hand, time becomes for us you’ll understand. We’ll say goodbye today and I’m sorry how it ends this way. If you promise not to cry, then I’ll tell you just what I would say..

anticipation; jongyu; nc-17

i’m not sure if i’m back from hiatus or not? but if i am, this is part of a series called {Needs More}. the point being that it’s just a bunch of stuff i think fics need more of.

this needs more is nsfw so it will be under the cut :)

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i’ve gotten to the point where i think i might just ban p/harmercy from my blog because of how DISGUSTING the fandom is for it and how VEHEMENTLY they refuse to see what is wrong with the ship, and if hahaha lmao if u dont like the ship immediately ur a lesbophobe. nvm about csa survivors!!!!!!!!

number 1, no one is complaining about the age gap when they’re in their 30′s. we’re fucking saying that you shouldn’t be drawing a 12 year old and a 17 year old in romantic situations, bc lmao, despite people trying to say ‘a/ngela isn’t an adult!!!’ she is way over the age of consent for her country, and is still way more mature than fa/reeha at that point. she. is. an. adult. stop drawing her with f/areeha as a child and tagging it as fucking p/harmercy. its. disgusting.

number 2, having a/ngela wait until f/areeha is 18 before dating her is called child grooming and is abuse. fucking stop it. you can wait until after the recall to ship them. you don’t need to have them fucking date when they’re younger. and hahaha again, NVM ABOUT CSA SURVIVORS I GUESS !!!!!

number 3, white savior bs. do i even have to elaborate this more?

number 4, how fucking transphobic ya’ll are bc if someone breathes a word about trans f/areeha or trans a/ngela, u freak out and show your inner TERF. it’s disgusting and i’ve seen it way too much from this fandom.

number 5, god forbid you even breathe of shipping either of them with someone else, GOD FORBID!!!! bc haha if u do ur a lesbophobe and want all gays to die, even if ur LGBTQ+ urself!!!!!!!!


Disney Aesthetic - Mulan (1998)

The Mulan in the last aesthetic is cosplayed by buta-kun on deviantart, I was so blown away holy shit