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I am very surprise that swings left blacknut in charge and not nochang or Vasco cause they seem the most mature to me. Also, I really enjoy talking to you and reading your thoughts and I love your blog. Youre amazing.

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thank you :-)!!! <3 and i’m sure he had his own reasons, it’s his label and he runs it and i hope he comes back soon :_)

but i like how you said nochang and vasco are more mature

bc it’s so clear that these two are Not

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Just Music - 'Ripple Effect' interview Part 1

10 July 2014

Hipple: We’ll start the interview after you introduce yourselves to the members (of hiphop playa)

Swings: Okay. Cjamm you try and do this. It’ll be nice if you guys talk a lot today.
Cjamm: Hiphopplaya users, we are Just Music and I am 22 years old Cjamm, I’m a Jejudo rapper.

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Being neighbours with Luke and coming home one day to see his garage door slightly opened and a bunch of distracting noise coming from it, but you just shake your head, assuming its him and his friends just messing around again so you go inside and its not until later that the loud noises coming from outside your open window make themselves more obvious and you roll out of bed, pausing whatever tv show you were watching and peek out through the blinds to see a some type of machine - for lack of a better word - slowly creeping out of Luke’s garage and you’re absolutely blown away, that the four boys created that thing and are now trying to push it down Luke’s driveway to get it into the street, and you’re intrigued, because you couldn’t possibly figure out what the hell they’re going to do with it until you notice a set of drums sitting atop it and smile, thinking about all the late nights you spent by the window listening to Luke and his friends play music, so you call up all your friends and demand they come over right now to see everything unfold and later while you’re in the middle of a full blown street concert, Luke looks down at you with a smile on his face as he winks at you, knowing what you did to contribute to the audience and later, after the crowd’s gone home and and the boys pushed the makeshift stage back into the garage and you’re back in your house getting ready for bed, you hear little pings against your window and you look out to see Luke standing in the lawn with an acoustic guitar and when you open the window he asks you if you want to hear a private concert

“Eleka nahmen nahmen, Ah tum ah tum eleka nahmen…”

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Idk if your live in the US but isn't JM having a US tour? Will you go :o

theyre coming to the u.s. in september. but i feel like theyre only here to visit because black nut has to come anyway for the smtm concert?? im not sure. and i would love to❤ but things dont always turn out the way you want so ill have to see. hehe