just missed darren

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i'm not sure if anyone else has noticed it, but is it just me? or does darren look so old whenever he's with she who shall not be named? like he normally looks really healthy and bright but around her, his skin and everything about him looks terrible and he looks at least 35. it really, really disturbs me and i don't get how people think that is a healthy relationship. even if i didn't ship crisscolfer i'd be concerned for his health when she's around

Sadly Anon, this is what we are to believe is a man, in love, and on a date with is long term girlfriend.

I am not sure what Ricky et al think they are selling or if they simply cannot see, but this too me is not a man in love but a man who is absolutely miserable.  Wants to be anywhere but there. With anyone else.  And is completely uncomfortable as she grips his hand harder and harder.  I would say he almost looks like a man being lead to his execution as opposed to one on a date.

It has been a long time since I have seen a photo of these two where I have thought, hmmm…maybe.  But to me, this is about the worst and most heartbreaking set of photos I have seen.  

So yes, I agree with you. He looks like a different person when he is forced to parade her around and act like the happy couple they clearly are not. His eyes look dead and his smile is plastered on.  So incredibly fake.  

It is so evident when you look at the entire pic (which I refuse to post) that not only are they not in love, but I would go so far as to say, likely hate each other. 

Please give us Darren back.  Again, I know I sound like a broken record, but this strategy NOT WORKING!!!  If you want to sell Elsie tickets, have Darren do interviews and talk about Broadway, something he is clearly passionate about and please keep her face far far away.