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Monster Hunter Online Update! Thanks for the news @itsfrenzygoremagala​ !

Good news the big update in MHO had just came out with old monsters and one new monster appearing, new armor, weapons, and Adept style which is from MHX/XX! 

the prompt graveyard came with the risk of my getting too involved in detail so I only gave myself fifteen minutes for this one

I’ve never understood why people think they’re such ominous places, I’ve only ever found them to be quiet and contemplative- which is as it should be I suppose, in places designed for people to rest or remember

anyway, we all know it’s the ones who weren’t buried who tend to walk about

sorry for the fast turnabout Ebba! Your new prompt is… hot air balloon(s)!

Something I Just Don't Get

I will never, ever understand the concept of “Rumple has already suffered enough/Rumple’s had it worse than anyone else”.

Yeah, he’s been hurt, but so has everyone else on this freakin’ show. And unlike many others, nearly every negative thing that’s happened to him has been because he made the wrong choice:

He’s a “cripple” because he hobbled himself

He lost Milah because he wouldn’t leave their miserable village with her (tbh, I doubt they would’ve lasted anyway, but still).

Instead of sensibly just controlling the existing Dark One, he took the bait and became Nu SparkleDark.

He could’ve left with Bae, but chickened out (even as the Dark One, he’s still a coward and he still makes the wrong choice. Though I am still of the opinion that Bae might’ve cut Rumple a bit of slack, given that his dad DID sacrifice his eternal soul to save Bae’s life and all).

He could’ve let Milah and Hook leave, but instead he needed to prove a ridiculous point and set off Hook 300 year vengeance. Had Hook succeeded in killing him, SparkleDark’s own actions would’ve been to blame for his death.

He chucked Belle out, their separation was his fault, their imprisonment was his fault.

The only person who wronged him where his own actions didn’t directly cause it was Cora…which almost makes me think THEY should’ve been one another’s OTP, because in many ways, she was his best match. Though I shudder to think what the EF would’ve been like if they been a permanent team.

90% of Regina’s evil behavior stems from Rumple’s manipulations. Plus her subsequent alliance with her mom was because of his past efforts.

And of course, none of this even touches on the resulting misery countless  ancillary others have suffered. You have to go back to his daddy’s abandonment for a situation in which SparkleDark was blameless. And even then, much like Bagel’s, HIS childhood was eventually more positive, living with two doting old ladies who taught him an actual trade.

So while I see he’s suffered, I’m not sure what this bizarre protective thing over the old guy who largely has only himself to blame is about.


Monster Hunter Online

A bunch of new monsters for MHO have just appeared on the test server.

2 brand new ones, the “Barren Disaster Dragon” and “Thunder Beetle” don’t have official names yet.

Two new Variants; Gold Hypnocatrice and Sand Basarios.

Then 4 returning monsters; Azure Rathalos, Pink Rathian, Kushala Daora, and Akura Jebia!

A rant. I don't wanna offend anyone. Just mho :)

I just saw this one tumblr post which says “you can’t spell school without I want to stab myself” and some others that say they hate school.

I have experienced a lot of bad things in school like being bullied, getting bad grades, or having my parents scold me for not getting straight As. But never a time have I ever said I hate school. As a senior in college, I have to say school keeps me sane. I cannot imagine myself being locked up in my room not doing anything.

School (and college in particular) has let me meet SO MANY amazing people. Professors, friends I never thought I would be friends with, and crushes ;)
School has also let me know myself better. What I like and am good at, and what I’m bad at so that I could correct and better myself.

I’m an international student and my tuition at an American public university is crazy expensive. That’s why I try to enjoy every moment and do good in every class. You guys have a lot of opportunities of going to school for much lower tuition fee so pls use it and appreciate it. Try to love it so going through school everyday doesn’t stress you out too much.

I understand some people (teachers and friends) can piss you off but surround yourself with positive people. Move on. Find yourself and find friends you can click with, and talk to teachers who can help shape you into a better person.

I don’t wanna offend anybody, seriously this is just a rant and my honest opinion. :)