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Battleground Bruises

Request: Hey! I was wondering if you could a Newt x reader where she is injured really badly after a some battle and tries to hide it from the squad because doesn’t want them to worry but later on passes out in front of Newt because of the blood loss? In other words a lot of angst but fluffy and cuddly happy ending!:) 

Word Count: 3,462

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Everyone quiets when you enter Tina’s kitchen, trundling in with a giant bag.

“What’s this about a lead?”

Newt jumps to answer. “Nothing that should concern you, love.”

You drop the bag full of groceries you’d bought onto the counter and spin around, leaning back and crossing your arms. “And yet, it does.”

He shifts from foot to foot before he sighs. “There are rumors that Grindelwald was spotted in Kentucky. We aren’t sure, so there’s no need to come along.”

“I want to.”

An awkward silence stretches one minute, then two as everyone looks at everyone else. Only you and Newt maintain any sort of eye contact. You are not going to let him leave you behind.

He rubs the back of his neck, aware of your stubborn side. “Could we speak in another room?” Without waiting for an answer, he steps forward and links his fingers with yours. You follow him down the hall and into his room. He shuts the door and faces you, taking in your slight frown.

“I know you want to come along-”

You don’t let Newt finish his excuse. “Did they find signs of Grindelwald?”

He takes a deep breath. “Yes.”

“Then I’m coming.”

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“Nesta feels everything - and she burns with it.”

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Hey guys! Gonna be shutting down my store soon and, eventually, my blog. A lot of things have occurred and I think it’s best for me to take a step back to be an adult and to see where my life is heading. I just have to go about my way in life and work harder and to honestly make my way to the top 💪🏻 I need to focus on me and remove the toxic people from my life and get my mind in order. If you want to follow my Instagram to Keep Up With Huldra™, go follow CosplayHuldra there!!! Sorry for this wall of text. I’ll miss you all and your constant support and kind words. It’s been real✌🏻

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This gif hunt includes 100+ textless/small/medium gifs of Park Jinyoung (AKA JR. from Got7). I’ve done a gif hunt of him before with another 350+ gifs so combined there are 450+ gifs. None of these gifs are mine so if you see your own gifs here and want me to take them down, feel free to message me. Please like or reblog this if you run a rph blog or plan on using it for rp purposes.

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Solaris Springs texting meme, please do not steal! -Mod N

Send one of these texts {Or make your own!}  for a starter.

  • [Contact name] Send it and I’ll block you I swear to fucking god..
  • [Contact name] just got done spraying my FUCKING load.
  • [Contact name] I am the sin master.
  • [Contact name] Please answer me…
  • [Contact name] I know about everything.
  • [Contact name] It burns like holy water.
  • [Contact name] I feel like I’m being invited to a sex club…
  • [Contact name] I’ll give you money if you need it, just sayin!
  • [Contact name] Can’t have one normal conversation can you??
  • [Contact name]  I put unscented hand sanitizer in water bottles to keep my guests on their toes.
  • [Contact name] This picture makes me look like I’m a potential serial killer.
  • [Contact name] Where are you going this weekend, I don’t want to go home yet.
  • [Contact name] Stop ignoring me oh my god you’re so petty, all I did was break a pencil!
  • [Contact name] You left like a shit load of clothing at my house..
  • [Contact name] My dick hurts and I’m not sure why? I think I need to sleep.
  • [Contact name] I think I have a drug addiction? 
  • [Contact name] Tell [Name] and the boys I’ll be bringing pizza.
  • [Contact name] I know I don’t say it enough but I really do love you!
  • [Contact name] Listen I know it’s late but I’m outside and I need somewhere to stay tonight, please tell me you’re up.
  • [Contact name] Listen ok? I’ve got this couch and I don’t need it anymore, I live at [Insert address] it’s outside please come take it..
  • [Contact name] I’m pretty sure every house I’ve lived in is haunted…

As stated please do get creative and make your own, these are just like bases if you can’t think of any!

Under the cut are #119 small gifs of Logan Lerman. Since I haven't watched any of his movies, I don't exactly know which are recent and which aren't. These are all under 1MB. None of these gifs are mine and all credit goes to the right owners. If you don't want me using your gif/gifs, just message me and I'll take them down. I apologize in advance for any repeats. Please like if this has helped you and reblog if you're an RPCHA so it can help other people. Thank you!

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"You're walking along a mountainside and you see a stormtrooper hanging from a cliff. What do you do?"
  • Kanan: "Just keep walking."
  • Hera: "I tell him I'll save him if he gives me some information."
  • Ezra: "I take a picture. Make some jokes. It's funny!"
  • Zeb: "Why, I'll help him out, of course! I'm serious! I'll pull him up, help him down, whichever way...and then I'll drop him on the ground and punch him in the head, because why let the cliff have all the fun?"
  • Sabine: "I'd help him up, but only after painting stuff on his armor while he can't move. Send a message to the others."
  • Chopper: *projects hologram of a hand, then makes the fingers of the hand disappear one by one while proudly showing off his buzzsaw*