just me yappin'

  • Rick Sanchez: *is a gross, abusive 80 year old alcoholic with a unibrow, bald spot, yellow teeth, and is constantly belching and drooling and is an asshole to everyone*
  • Me: Wow what a great character. You know I just can’t get enough of this swell guy. I think I’ll dedicate my life to him. So beautiful

saw the hobbit trailer in theatres again today.

this song makes me CRY every time. do any of you guys have this problem? 

i do not understand this phenomenon =_=;;;

niwa89  asked:

You are a talented artist !

thanks! though ‘m always conflicted about people saying that, because on one hand it’s a well-meant compliment, on the other hand “talent” suggests an innate or “god-given” ability which will manifest itself regardless of factors such as upbringing and hard work and social-economical status etc. etc. 

and “talent” is a double-edged word. i used to get really angry at friends who abandon drawing because they think they’re “not talented enough”. it just. i mean. i’ve come to accept that this is the conventional way of praise, just. er. i dunno, thank you for your well-meaning compliment and sorry about the rant >_> <_< >_>;;;