just me yappin'

  • Rick Sanchez: *is a gross, abusive 80 year old alcoholic with a unibrow, bald spot, yellow teeth, and is constantly belching and drooling and is an asshole to everyone*
  • Me: Wow what a great character. You know I just can’t get enough of this swell guy. I think I’ll dedicate my life to him. So beautiful

Some replies to… well… whatever this was. LOL

@bagog said:

Sounds like you’re having a good morning

*blushes*  mmmm… maaaaybeee

@ellebeedarling said:

Lol, actually I really do love mornings like that! Sounds like a good start to your day! ;)

hehe… yeah. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that but it was worth it.

@earlgraywarden said:

Yeah I do lol, i certainly miss those moments

You’ll have them again, don’t you worry!

@juleshawke said:

Yep, even after 40 years of marriage ;p

You go! And 40 years? Congratulations!


saw the hobbit trailer in theatres again today.

this song makes me CRY every time. do any of you guys have this problem? 

i do not understand this phenomenon =_=;;;

niwa89  asked:

You are a talented artist !

thanks! though ‘m always conflicted about people saying that, because on one hand it’s a well-meant compliment, on the other hand “talent” suggests an innate or “god-given” ability which will manifest itself regardless of factors such as upbringing and hard work and social-economical status etc. etc. 

and “talent” is a double-edged word. i used to get really angry at friends who abandon drawing because they think they’re “not talented enough”. it just. i mean. i’ve come to accept that this is the conventional way of praise, just. er. i dunno, thank you for your well-meaning compliment and sorry about the rant >_> <_< >_>;;;