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Real Estate Revenge

(TL;DR at bottom)

I’ve been a real estate broker in Chicago for nearly 20 years. I started at a very small independent brokerage. It was my first week there when the broker/owner gave me a lead. He was older and wasn’t in very good health, so he passed a lot of his leads to his agents.

One of the broker’s friends passed away and the friend’s son wanted to sell the house. I call the son who tells me he’s known the broker for 30-plus years and how close their families were. He seems like a really nice guy. I go over and check out the house. I work up a gorgeous comparative market analysis. I have other brokers check my numbers (I was new and wanted to do a perfect job for my new client). I rehearse my presentation, have my stuff professionally printed, prepare for any possible questions, have responses ready for objections, and I head out.

I dazzle this guy with my presentation. He likes the $135,000 list price I recommended. He’s fine with the commission. He has no objections, but he asks me to give him 2 months to clean out the house, give his siblings a chance to go through everything and then repaint.

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mother!! can you please write a bts jimin friends to lovers au? i love your writing! idk if your finals r over but GOOD LUCK! you can do this! fighting!

my finals are close!!!! but writing for you guys is helping me relax~ 
here’s jimin friends-to-lovers ~~!! 

  • you met jimin through mutual friend taehyung who introduced you guys when you bumped into him and jimin at a local pizza place
  • and taehyung’s first introduction between you two was literally “you guys are actually alike, always worrying about other people and being ,,,,,you know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what’s it kids say these days,,,,,,soft?”
  • and you and jimin were both like heY we aren’t soft!!!!!! but the reality is you guys are both the Softest and ever since you first hung out with him and taehyung it was obvious you and jimin were alike in may aspects
  • you were both simultaneously trying to stop taehyung from doing something funny, that was also dangerous but you were both also denying the fact that you were “party poopers” as taehyung put it,,,,,
  • after that you and jimin got close,,,,,because taehyung had suggest you’d exchange numbers and it was just a casual thing 
  • and then when you’d gotten home that day,,,jimin had actually texted you first?????
  • and it said ‘if you can, text me when you’re home so i know you’re safe! nice meeting you today,,,,,,hope this isn’t weird ;___;’
  •  and you knew,,,,since then,,,,that jimin was definitely a friend worth making and keeping because??? it’s hard to find people so genuine and sweet
  • and for a while you only hung out together if taehyung was there or if there was a group of people,,,,,but one day jimin asks if you’d like to go out with him,,,,,you know alone,,,,,
  • and you’re like !!!! because this is the first time but also,,,,,like why not?? jimin is fun and you agree and jimin says you guys should meet up and just hang out in the mall
  • and when you see him waiting there he looks a little nervous, and you catch him trying to fix his hair in the reflection of one of the shop windows
  • and you’re like,,,,,hmm,,,,,but you brush it off and call out his name and poor jimin almost jumps high enough to reach the ceiling of the mall
  • but once you’re in front of him,,,,,,this big smile spreads across his face and you grin back,,,,unsure of what he’s so happy about it but seeing him shine like the sun you can’t help but reciprocate it,,,,,,one of the many good things about jimin is he spreads happiness so easily,,,,,,
  • and so he says you two should check out the indoor theme park and you’re excitedly telling him you’d lOVE that,,,,,,,,
  • and once you’re there you point out the pirate ship and jimin gulps but he can see how your eyes are flickering with excitement and he gets on with you simply because he can’t say no to you,,,,,,,
  • and halfway through you feel jimin bury his face into your sleeve and you giggle and throw your arms around him and,,,,,you don’t see it,,,,,but jimin’s face goes tomato red and when you’re off the ride you ask him if he’s sick but he’s just like nO!!!! it’s from the ride!!! im just sweaty that’s all hahah
  • and as you’re walking you can see cotton candy and you’re like oMG and jimin shyly asks if you’d want him to buy you some and you’re like would YOU?? you’re an ANGEL PARK JIMIN
  • and he just tries to hide his blush again and you guys share the big puffy swirl of pink and jimin keeps peeking at you as you take bites and in his head it’s just: they’re so cute. so damn cute. cute. cu t e. cUTE.
  • and you’re like “jimin im going to go try and win that stuffed animal for you!” and he’s like ?!?!!?? for me??? and you’re like YES i want to say thank you for this date——,,,,,,,,,
  • and jimin and you both stop and stare as the word falls out of your mouth and you’re like oH m Y GO D I DIDNT MEAN TO SAY THAT OH ITS SO AWKWARD IM SOR-
  • but jimin, who can’t hide his blush anymore, is shaking his head frantically and he’s like no it’s not awkward,,,,,,,,,i totally like the idea of this being a d-d–d-d–d–da—daTE,,,,,
  • and you’re like REALLY and he’s like yes!!!!! i,,,,originally asked you out,,,,and,,,,and wanted to ask before we got here if we,,,w,,e could call this a d–d–date,,,,,,,,,,,,but i got too,,,,s,,,,,shy,,,,,,
  • and you’re like omg you’re so freaking adorable and jimin is like ??? im not you’re adorable
  • and you take the cotton candy for his hand and lean up to kiss his cheek and jimin makes a small sound of surprise and you’re like SEE!! you are adorable
  • and jimin is like,,,,,,,speechless,,,,but also,,,,his heart is doing jumps of happiness and you giggle and take his hand and you’re like is this ok?? and he’s like YES SUPER OK
  • and you pull him over to the game stands and you’re like OK park jimin,,,,,,,,,,which stuffed animal do you want? and jimin kind of bites his lip and is like “,,,,,d,,,do you see the kissing teddy bears,,,,let’s get that one?” and you look up at him and you’re like hehe they look like us and jimin is like OH MY 
  • taehyung somewhere:,,,,yo jungkook i can sense that jimin is on a date right now
  • jungkook: heheh no way~
  • taehyung:,,,,,,,nope he’s DEFINITELY on a date and probably doing something corny,,,,,,,

I don’t know if anyone even knows what’s going on in Turkey, but we are faced with probably one of the worst possible democratical challenges in Turkey’s history. I voted, I had to go through so much stuff to be able to vote in this referendum, because I live abroad. Today, I don’t want to leave my bed, I don’t want to go outside, I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to study and to be honest, I don’t want to exist at all. Half of the country voted against the change, not that it would even mean anything will get better. It could’ve just postponed it getting worse. But with mere 1% they won the referendum. There has been so much fraud in this election, so I personally don’t even believe that we actually lost at all, but that’s besides the point for now. I don’t want to see my beautiful country, the incredible people that has to live under these circumstances to suffer anymore. And I felt like I did everything I could’ve done. But that’s never the case. So whether you’re feeling miserable because of Brexit, Trump or the Turkish Referendum or something completely different, all I ask from you is to get out of bed. I know it’s hard, believe me. But we won’t be able to help if we don’t try. So please just go out and do something nice. Go volunteer, donate if you can, help the little kids with their homeworks so they can get the education they deserve, read and learn yourselves, study hard, learn new languages and gain new perspectives, try to understand other beliefs, discuss about it, just do anything in your power to make the world a better and a more understanding place. Because it’s so easy to wallow in self pity and wish everything had gone differently. But to make a difference you have to start from somewhere, however little it may be.

Secret Santa Gift EXCHANGE!

This is my secret santa gift for @pozolegirl 

I was so excited when I got my assignment and it was for someone whose work I already knew and admired! I hope you like your gift!! 

“So you were right.”

“Was I now?”

“Yes. Ladybug agreed that buying expensive jewelry for a girl you are not dating does, in fact, send mixed signals.” Chat sighed as he dropped down through the skylight and sprawled out against the bedding.

“I told you.” Marinette grinned smugly, not even bothering to look up at him from her desk.

“I can’t believe that you two are ganging up on me!” Chat whined, burying his face into her giant cat pillow.

“I can’t believe you talk about me to Ladybug.” Marinette laughed, her attention already back to whatever project she was currently working on.

“well, she doesn’t like it if I talk too much about my civilian life and you are my only other friend as Chat Noir.”

“I know but… never mind.” She shook her head softly, muttering something under her breath.

“So what sort of present do you want me to get you for Christmas?” Chat asked peering over the loft railing. She froze, her eyebrows furrowing. He grinned in anticipation.

“You already got me a present remember? The absurdly expensive piece of jewelry?” She finally looked up at him with an eyebrow raised challengingly.

“Yeah but you hated it.” He smirked.

“I did not hate it! I just thought a 295 Euro necklace was a little much for a just friends present.”

“Yes you made your feelings on that perfectly clear last time. The point is I need to get you a present that you actually appreciate getting.”

“I do appreciate it! I am literally wearing it right now!”

“That’s just cause you feel guilty. I will get you the perfect present. Just watch.”

Marinette groaned, pulling distractedly on her pigtails.

“Chat you are being ridiculous. You don’t need to get me another present.”

“What do you want?” he asked, grinning wider.

“I want you to not get me another present.”

“Try again. What do you want?”

“I’m not telling you,” she huffed.

“Fine. I have other ways of figuring things out. Just you wait Princess, I will get you the perfect Christmas present.” He stood up, giving her a jaunty salute as he pulled himself back up through the skylight.

“Chat!” She called after him.

He waited silently on her terrace, holding back the bubble of laughter in his chest. He could hear her shuffling around in the room, waiting to see if he would poke his head back in or if he had actually gone.

“Stupid cat,” she muttered finally.

Only then did he disappear into the night.

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I want to explain something and I’ll try to make it as short as possible 

Some people say that I am fake and my positivity is forced and I know I just answered and ask about it but I do get several of those I just don’t always answer them. In someways I guess you could say I am “fake" 

The reason I am constantly positive and trying to be happy is because off the computer I have a lot of emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, abandonment and trust issues and so on. 

Growing up all through grade school, junior high, and even now I have been bullied. I’m about to graduate from high school and to this day I still get bullied every day. 

No I’m not saying this so people will take pity on me because I hate being pitied. 

The reason I use this blog is to post funny things about BTS yes but it’s something that I use for positivity because I have a hard time actually finding that in my every day life. Also I know what it’s like to feel like crap and be down a negative. And it flat out sucks. And I never want people to feel that way so if I can somehow be positive or make people even the slightest bit happier with my post then I will try my hardest to do that. 

I don’t mean for my post to sound forced with positivity. 

For me negativity is something I struggle with and I need to work on being more positive so I use this as a way to do that. I just don’t want someone to think that everything I say is fake and made up and that I don’t actually mean it. 

When I say you guys can come talk to me if you’re feeling down I mean it because it’s nice to know that someone is there for you to talk to. 


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STUDY TIPS FROM a lazy wannabe good student

I recently finished my finals (thank god) and I got a couple of tips for you guys if you want to shut yourself up somewhere and study for 6 hours (I did that; it wasn’t easy, but I did that.)

  1. Study buddy. - Grab your bae, your significant other, your bff, your acquaintance that you can stand, and study together. Bring snacks, tutor each other without being a nuisance, take walks together every hour or so to stretch your legs. Believe me, sometimes having the person in front of you studying like mad is a great motivation. Also, having someone wake you up from your “10 minutes, no, 11 minutes, wait actually 15 minutes” nap is a good thing, especially if your in a library and alarm clocks won’t do it. 
  2. Lots of pens. - If you’re like me, and you like to hand write all your notes, (24 pages of biology notes all handwritten your girl did that) you’re more than likely to run out of ink before you’re done. I just buy a 10 pack of muji gel inks and they usually last me throughout the exam season. Also, think. Do you really need that 20 pack of staedtler triplus fineliners when you got a maths exam the next monday? do you? look me in the eyes, do you? fine if you do. just ask yourself that. if you really do, then fine. but really?
  3. Hand sanitizer. - After three hours of studying, you ask your friends, “Hey, can you pass me those chips?” and before long, your fingers are covered in processed fried potato crumbs, and they smell like garlic and dijon mustard (i.e. the scent of heaven) and you pick up your pen. Great. Now everything smells like garlic and dijon mustard, and everything is sticky and oily and gross. Hand sanitizers to the rescue. My current fave is the walk in the woods by bath and body works (its been discontinued but they sell it at a beauty store here that has a massive collection of old scents.) literally crying why do they always discontinue great things
  4. Hygiene and beauty products. - Now I’m pretty sure this is just a spoiled brat thing but honestly my skin dries out like crazy in air con rooms and I always need tissue for some reason to wipe sweat from my palms or oh i don’t know blow my nose because the air con here is forever 18 bloody degrees and if you crank it up by one degree someone will complain and just :))))) no. Also can I just say that the Kiehl’s ultra facial cream is literally a life saver my skin peels off (I’m not joking i can peel off a layer of my skin) in air con rooms if i don’t use a good moisturiser and this WORKS. 
  5. A JACKET. - Again. Air con rooms, libraries, whatever. I get cold a lot. 
  6. Loose leaf paper - I don’t know but for me I need a lot of loose leaf paper even though I have notebooks for notes for each subject. Sometimes I use it to take notes when I don’t feel like using an entire notebook for one subject (Like i finished my biology notebook and I didn’t want to waste an entire new one for finals i just used paper but in the end i ended up using 24 sheets so… theres that.) or I use it as a handy formula sheet for maths or physics or use it to explain questions to friends or when I ask them to explain stuff to me, or when I want to do maths questions that are messy and I can’t be bothered to make them look nice because I have an entire chapter left to do and the exam is in eight hours. :(((((( basically.
  7. Dress for success - Seriously. Sometimes wearing something nice really helps you perk up. It might give you a much needed confidence boost, or  make you sit straighter. When I’m at home, I just wear a bra or atleast change out of the t-shirt and sweatpants I’ve been wearing for three days crying infront of Grey’s Anatomy. When I go out, I like to wear something comfortable but still nice. I realise that jewelry actually really make me perk up a lot and I feel so much more awake and energized when doing my work. 
  8. FOOD. - I really like bringing food to study sessions! I love sharing food with my friends, and sometimes we go to the store before going to the library/wherever to study to pick up some chips and cookies. Try to get get healthier ones or make your own. I find that eating snacks that are too oily make me a little too satisfied and I don’t really feel like working. Eating something cold, like grapes or juices really help me concentrate. I love a nice protein shake too, and I usually blend two table spoons of all plant protein powder, two oranges and one apple together for a nice protein shake, which is also great for a meal substitute if you’ve had a really heavy lunch and want something light for dinner. 
  9. Pre-download slides/notes - Usually, I bring my iPad/laptop to somewhere to study, and I don’t enable wifi unless I absolutely need to. That means I won’t get distracted on tumblr/buzzfeed/youtube and I still have my notes with me. I just use my phone to google things i really don’t know and so far its worked for me. 

SO YES. good luck ily this is great 10/10 would recommend :)

Love Triumphs

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1750 Words

Summary: AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Author’s Note:  This was an anonymous request that someone requested from @imjusthereforsupernatural . I was going to write an imagine for it, but it’s taken a little longer turn. A couple more chapters to come!

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It had only taken three weeks. That was all it had taken for your heart to be taken by the tall, older yet decidedly goofy man that you happened to be working with. When your agent had called with the great news that you would be working on Supernatural, you had immediately become nervous, knowing you were not only taking on a new job, but also a new lifestyle. If the Supernatural fans liked you, and your character, you would have a family forever.

Things had started out great. The crew and cast had welcomed you with open arms. Your character had a recurring role, at least four or five episodes, hopefully more. An Angel that was friends with Castiel, helping out on a hard hunt. The main actors had been distant but kind, giving you the chance to get used to a friendly and welcoming set, so much different than the ones you had been on before. You had heard of Jared and Jensen before, how they were professional but goofy, and they certainly lived up to it. Often times you found yourself standing off to the side, laughing at their antics as they tried to make Misha or Mark mess up their lines.

It was about a week in when Jared caught up to you as you were walking back to your small, little trailer, surprising you. “Hey, Y/N!” He said breathlessly as he matched his long legged strides to your much smaller ones.

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there has been lots of drama in the acnl community lately, especially concerning hacked and non hacked towns, so i thought i’d be a nice idea to create a blog to spread some positivity! the concept is easy, just send me an ask saying something nice about another animal crossing player and it will be published! (and i’ll probably also @ the person the ask is directed to)

the acnl community should be a safe place for everyone again n we should all try to spread some positivity and just be nice to each other!

my ask box will be open from now on so feel free to leave a nice message for someone else!

My Impression Of You (Part 2)

A/N: Here it finally is, the second part to my Archie imagine! You can find the first one here: x. Thanks so much for giving me all the feedback! I am not sure if I am finished with this yet, so it would be amazing if you could tell me once more what you think about it and if you have any suggestions for it. Enjoy! xo

Plot: You are feeling weird about what happened between Archie and you as he approaches you to talk about it and makes you an offer that requests from you to prove yourself.

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

After that, you didn’t have contact to Archie for five days. Well, at least not really. He now usually waved at you in the hallway and seemed to notice you more often but you didn’t talk to each other. In your case, you had a good reason for avoiding it because you felt a little bit ashamed about everything you had thrown at his head. It had been really personal and kinda rude and you just couldn’t recall why you ever felt authorized to talk to him like that. It was astounding that he didn’t shoot you glares instead of little smiles, he would definitely had reason to do so. You had to give him credit for that.

Maybe that was why you were so surprised when he suddenly stood next to your table at lunch. You usually ate alone. You enjoyed the silence, read a book or listened to some music. But now he put his tray down, grinned at you and you suddenly didn’t feel relaxed at all anymore.

“Is it okay if I join you?”, he asked friendly. You couldn’t find any trace of antipathy or reproach in his voice that would have been a sign of a possible uncomfortable encounter, so you nodded slowly. You had totally forgotten the sandwich you just wanted to take a bite off. Instead, you were focused on the way he sunk down opposite of you, grabbed his apple and looked at you with those warm brown eyes.

“You know, I thought about what you said last Friday”, he broke to you, tossing the apple from one hand to the other.

You swallowed hard. Great. That was exactly what you had dreaded.

“Is that so? And to what conclusion have you come?”, you retorted, trying to keep your voice as carefree and calm as possible.

“That you are right.” Well, you didn’t expect that. “I really depend on others too much. And it won’t get me any closer to what I want if I don’t manage to trust in myself a little bit more.”

You watched him for a moment as he shrugged, looked down at his tray and threw a fry into his mouth instead of biting into the apple. While you never really thought much about Archie Andrews, he suddenly seemed quite extraordinary to you. Usually, nobody ever took much interest in your advice.

“Okay. And what are you planning to do about it now?”, you questioned, leaning in a little with an amused smile on your lips. He glanced up to you through his thick eyelashes and returned it cheekily.

“Well, first of all I’m gonna stop to always run for help. Then I will continue writing songs, putting a little more confidence into it. I think I’m even gonna write one about you and I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing.”

“About me?”, you laughed. “and what would that be about?”

“About this mysterious silent girl that gets me better than many of my friends, although she never did more than watch me in the hallways and simply listen. And that has a passion that is worth sharing, which she sadly never does.” He winked at you but you still had the feeling that he meant what he was saying. You felt your cheeks getting a little hot and quickly lowered your head and finally took a bite of your sandwich to hide it.

“I’m looking forward to the show.”

Why had you been scared to talk to him again? This was easy. Wonderfully easy.

“What about you?”, Archie inquired after you both ate in silence for a few minutes.

“What do you mean?”

“I am just hoping that what I said was also a little helpful and not just…offensive. I heard you spoke with Betty yesterday.”

He observed you attentively, trying to look indifferent but he totally failed. It was obvious that he hoped for a positive answer and that it was important to him. You couldn’t keep back a smirk.

“Yes, she approached me. And I kinda get the feeling that you had something to do with it”, you accused him playfully.

“No idea what you’re talking about”, Archie objected. You didn’t believe him a word.

“Well, she was nice. No surprise there. She asked me about the play and promised to come.”

“That’s good, right?”

“If she actually comes, yes. I refuse to believe that until one of you actually shows up”, you laughed.

“I’m a little bit disappointed that you’re still thinking so low of me”, he said, not without shooting you a lopsided grin, though.

You held back a sigh, opened your bottle of water and slowly took a sip. The problem was that you were not thinking low of him. Not anymore. You just didn’t want to get your hopes up. But he didn’t have to know that, it would only have heightened his ego.

“By the way: I examined your tree and it was good work. I think I can actually use it”, you changed the subject into less risky fields.

“What an honour! Does that mean that I will be allowed to work on something that’s not supposed to stand in the background next?”

“Maybe. We’ll see what I come up with.”

It seemed like he really planned to return for another session. Only days ago you would’ve been annoyed by that prospect, now you were taken by a feeling of pleasant anticipation. You were starting to understand why so many people liked him. He really was a sweetheart, despite of his flaws. And he even looked happy about your snarky comment that others would’ve found mean or inappropriate.

As the ball rang, you were a little shocked that it was already that late. You had been so focused on Archie that you didn’t even eat half of your sandwich and time flew by. Again.

“I should go. Coach will kill me if I come too late to practice”, Archie told you apologetically and got up from his bench, grabbing the tray. “But I wanted to ask you something. I know it’s not really your thing but it would be the perfect occasion to work on yourself. Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Reggie, Jughead and me will meet at the beach at the sea tomorrow evening to have a little bonfire party. It would be great if you would come.”

For a moment you were dumbfounded about the request that came out of the blue. Then you realized that you had to give an answer. Archie was looking down at you expectantly but you didn’t know what to say. This was a whole new situation for you. You didn’t receive many invitations.

“Ehm…are you sure the others are okay with that?”, you asked uncertain and a little nervous.

“Course. I promise you, it will be fun.”

“Will you bring your guitar?”


“Then I’ll think about it.”

He shot you a last quick smile before he turned around and walked away. You followed his red shock of hair for a while, then turned your head and suddenly noticed that a lot of people in the yard were shooting you glances. Wow, that was new too. What happened to your invisibility? Maybe it naturally evaporated when you hung with Archie Andrews.

You decided to go, although you felt a little uneasy about it. Not because of Archie, Betty, Jughead or Kevin, they were cool and you knew them since forever.  But you never really met Veronica Lodge, muss less talked to her and Reggie was one of the popular kids that thought their social status in school was very important. However, Archie had asked so nicely and you didn’t have the heart to disappoint him. Also, he was quite right about you being a little antisocial and maybe it was time to change that.

So you climbed into your mom’s car and drove to the beach, making up pieces of conversations in your head that would never happen in real life anyway, but it was kinda soothing. As you arrived at the parking lot, you were relieved to discover that there really were only a few cars and it hadn’t turned into a huge party. If that would’ve been the case, you definitely would’ve run.

You killed the engine, waited for a second and took a deep breath, then you slowly left your car behind and headed to the beach, trying to ignore all your stupid doubts. The beautiful view in front of you helped a bit. The sky was dipped in the different shades of orange caused by the sinking sun, making the sea underneath look like a flaming ocean. The beach was perfectly empty except for a small bonfire, trunks around it to sit upon and the people you were supposed to meet.

Archie discovered you as soon as you approached them with a shy smile on your lips. At first his eyebrows shot up and he was not quite able to hide his surprise about you really showing up, then he beamed at you and immediately came over to greet you. His surprise seemed pleasant, though, so you didn’t mind at all.

“You came!”, he exclaimed happily. You got calmer the second he stood in front of you and wondered why that was the case. When did that happen? When did you start to feel good when Archie Andrews was happy to see you?

“Of course. When you’re working so hard on yourself because I couldn’t shut up, I can at least return the effort”, you said.

“I’m glad you do”, Archie answered sincerely, his brown eyes glimmering in the dim light of the sunset. “I’ll get you something to drink. What do you want? Coke?”

You nodded, grinning to yourself because he was so eager to make you feel comfortable. Archie hurried to grab a can from the ice chest and even opened it for you, the little gentleman. Other people needed alcohol to get relaxed but caffeine worked just fine for you.

“Let’s get to the serious business of life, Archie”, you demanded, looking up at him a little bit too sternly. “Did you keep your promise and bring your guitar?”

“I did, but the song about you isn’t ready yet, I am not satisfied with some of the lyrics. I don’t think I got your sassy persona right”, he teased you with a bright grin.

“Sassy?”, you retorted. “I like to think of it as charmingly shrewd.”

“Well, if that makes you happy.”

You punched him in his shoulder, making him laugh and seemingly not feel any pain at all. He had a really nice laugh. It suited him much better than the constant brooding expression he had worn so often the last few weeks.

“Archie! Can you come over, please?! Reggie is killing the music!”, Jughead suddenly interrupted your little interchange, impatiently waving at him from the stereo that he and Reggie were obviously fighting over.

Archie sighed and rolled his eyes at you. “Typical. Can I leave you alone for a sec?”

“Of course, I’m a big girl”, you claimed more confident than you felt.

You looked after him walking over there, thinking to yourself how good he looked in those jeans before you pulled yourself together and scanned the beach for somewhere to go without making it look awkward or like you didn’t belong. Betty was occupied, she had a serious conversation with Kevin down by the water. So you just sat down on one of the trunks, nipped on your coke and stared into the dancing flames.

“Can I sit here?”, an unfamiliar voice ripped you out of your contemplations. You looked up and discovered Veronica Lodge standing next to you, her lips graced with a sweet smile and beautiful and perfectly dressed as always. You quickly reminded yourself that she was a friend of Archie’s and therefore couldn’t be that bad and definitely didn’t deserve a negative answer.


“You’re Y/N, right? The props department girl?”, she carried on, sinking down next to you and looking at you expectantly.

You couldn’t hold back a smirk. “Is that what they call me?”

“Naw, that’s just how Archie introduced you to us. I’m Veronica, by the way.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Right, the new girl syndrome. I wonder how long it will be until that one wears off.”

“In a town like Riverdale? Forever.”

She laughed softly at your words and you decided that Veronica wasn’t too bad for a rich girl. You had expected a second Cheryl Blossom but she didn’t seem to be one. Thank God.

“You know, Archiekins also told us that you are doing quite amazing things in that department. He said you’re really talented. He’s crazily excited to take us all to the play. To be honest, he’s so enthusiastic that it’s almost annoying”, she joked, probably simply to make conversation. For you, though, it was so much more than that. Nobody ever talked about your work passionately to others except for yourself. You felt a weird knot in your stomach that you couldn’t quite figure out until you realized that what she had said meant a lot to you.

“He really did?”, you mumbled. You turned your head and looked for him. He was still standing next to Jughead and Reggie, not really listening to them while they were having a heated discussion. Your eyes met and he winked at you, his lips forming that lop-sided grin once again. Almost momentarily you felt a little warmer and quickly returned to Veronica.

“Yeah, he did”, she assured you, also looking at him but with a little, contemplating frown. “I actually think he changed a bit. I don’t exactly know why, but he seems a little freer, less worried. Maybe he’s finally growing up.”

She laughed again and you chimed in, although a part of you in the back of your head wondered if she was right and if your unintentional influence could really be responsible for that. It was a good feeling.

At some point, the boys understood that they would never find a tune Jughead and Reggie both liked and Archie fetched his guitar from the car. You all sat around the fire while it was getting darker around you and he began to play. You never heard him play in such an intimate situation and it hit you hard how beautiful it was. You observed him and there was no trace of self-doubt to be found in his features. He looked like he was soaked into another world, his own little world that couldn’t be disturbed by anything or anyone. The music carried you away and you let it, just enjoying the moment and that he shared it with you. Yes, now you understood what he meant with sharing the passion.

All this made you feel genuinely sorry when you had to go. Archie brought you to your car, which you were thankful for for two reasons: because it would have been creepy to go there alone and because you didn’t really want to separate. As you arrived at your mom’s Toyota, you turned around and shot him a little smile.

“Thanks for inviting me, Archie. This was great”, you said and you really meant it.

“Yeah? You enjoyed it?”, he asked nevertheless to make sure that you weren’t just saying that to make him feel good.

“I did. You know, I think we are good team, making each other see beyond our own noses. Who would’ve guessed?”

“Yeah, who would’ve?”, he mumbled. For a moment you simply looked at each other and you felt yourself becoming a bit nervous until he stepped closer and hugged you tightly. “I’m glad I decided to do some extra credit.”

You chuckled but at the same time enjoyed how close he was. Man, he really smelled good beneath the smoke of the bonfire. And he was a good hugger. It was one that made you feel all warm and protected. Okay, it was definitely time to get away and to drive off. You didn’t tell him to be confident for himself only to suddenly wish you could be the one who made him feel confident. No, that was all messed up. And still, your heart jumped a bit as he said his goodbyes by mentioning that he’d see you tomorrow.

ZaDr Week- Day 2: Summer Date

They never called it dating. 

Honestly, Dib wasn’t sure if that was even what it was. ZIM was an alien from a genocidal war machine of an empire. Dib was inept at anything approaching human normalcy. 

Not to mention, they had history with a capital H. They had tried to kill each other at one point. More than once. 

It wasn’t exactly conductive to candle light dinners or bouquets of flowers. 

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anonymous asked:

Ok so I bought 'Harry Potter agus an Órchlach' to try and improve my Irish vocab, and me and my mam we're trying to figure out what Órchlach actually meant. We just assumed it was 'wizard' or 'orc' or something but after a lot of googling, and eventually turning to an actual physical Irish - English dictionary, it turns out it literally means 'Philosopher's Stone'?! Like?! There's a word specifically for it and idk why I find it so funny.

It’s also a really nice translation! I have it myself and it’s a lovely read. Wish they’d do more of the series.

Smirk - Luke Hemmings Smut

Pairing: Luke and Y/N

Word Count: 3.8k+

Rating: Smut-o-rama

Requested: Not in so many words

Looked at my poster of The Breakfast club and this little idea came into my mind.

I hated Luke Hemmings. I absolutely hated everything about him. I hated his cocky, arrogant demeanor, how he goofed off in class constantly, and that he always seemed to make me the object of his jokes. It wasn’t bullying exactly, seeing as I could more than stand up for myself, and often did, telling him to fuck off and shove a dildo up his ass, but his constant tirades of jokes and pranks got tiresome. But most of all, I hated how undeniably attracted I was to him.

It made absolutely no sense, for me to allow myself to develop feelings for this arrogant, cocky bastard, but it happened nonetheless. I couldn’t tell if he knew it or not, but he kept up his attitude all the same. I ignored him most of the time, trying to tell myself I was being irrational and that no contact was the best kind, but I could never let a chance get away for me to embarrass him the way he so tried to embarrass me.

Such an opportunity arrived one day when I was putting my books in my locker, getting ready to head off to my art class, a class I often found solace in. I could tell he was walking down the hall by the obnoxious amount of noise he was creating, but I wasn’t exactly expecting him to lean up against the metal lockers to talk to me.

“Hey, Y/N,” he said, sounding oddly nice. I just glanced up at him shrewdly, knowing that this could easily be something else he was trying to get a laugh out of his asshole friends. He smirked down at me, taking my lack of speech as a continuation to continue. “I think you should help me out in that Calc class,” he said, looking at his nails like it was no big deal. I let out a laugh and looked up at him.

“And why, pray tell, would I ever consider doing something like that?” I asked sarcastically. I thought he was actually doing fairly well it that class, honestly. It was just another thing that pissed me off about him, how he had so much natural talent but he wasted it away goofing off in class.

“Well, honestly, I’m having a bit of trouble focusing in that class,” he told me while eyeing me up and down, the same smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes at him, trying to ignore the way his obvious once over made my stomach tingle.

“Sounds like a problem with the student, not the subject matter then,” I told him, swiftly shutting my locker and heading down the hallway. Luke, however, caught up with me and I sighed in defeat, knowing he would pester me the entire way there. Luke and I had an obnoxious amount of classes together, making my time all the more difficult.

“C’mon, Y/N, don’t make me sound desperate,” he whined at my side, as if whining would do any good. I scoffed at him again.

“Desperate for what? You obviously don’t need my help, I don’t know why we’re even having this conversation,” I told him, entering the classroom and going over to an empty seat. He sat in the one directly adjacent to mine and began setting his materials up there.

“Come on, Y/N, I already had to make up some lame excuse to try and spend some time with you, don’t make me sound even more desperate by making me say it out loud,” he continued to whine, something I would’ve been obnoxiously annoyed at had his words not triggered my attention slightly.

“You want to spend time with me?” I asked, genuine concern in my tone. I didn’t understand why Luke would want to possibly spend any more time with me than he had to. He just rolled his eyes and nodded, which prompted my question of, “Why?” He smirked at me again.

“Well, in case you haven’t noticed, you’re kind of hot,” he blurted out. While I felt my cheeks get red, Luke’s face remained impassive, that signature smirk still gracing his features. I managed to give a strangled sort of laugh as I began brushing my paintbrush across the canvas we were working on.

“I’ll see you in hell first, Hemmings,” I retorted, ignoring his gaze and focusing on my work. I heard him give an exasperated sigh as he waved his wet paintbrush around in his hands as he talked.

“Look, Y/N, all I’m trying to say-” but whatever Luke was trying to say was drowned out by my audible gasp as a huge blob of orange flew from his brush and landed directly on the sleeve of my white jumper. I looked down at the ugly blemish, mouth agape in fury. I knew it was an honest mistake, but everything about this moment was pissing the hell out of me. I looked up, fury in my eyes to meet his wide eyes, pleading with me to not overreact. I didn’t care. I dipped my brush in the royal blue paint I was using and flicked it with my hand, splattering blue all over his stupid white band tee.

Luke looked down at the spots on his shirt, his mouth twisted in anger as he looked back at me. He quickly put his brush in the purple paint and drew a thick line down the side of my face. I could feel the paint drying on my skin, only making me more angry. Just as I was about to shove my palette on his lap, I heard an angry voice behind us.

“Hemmings, Y/L/N, what do you think you’re doing?” our art teacher screeched at us as she swooped down upon us. I gulped, knowing trouble was just around the corner. She’d made a huge deal on the first day about us not wasting paint and keeping our stations orderly and clean. I looked up at her with guilty eyes, to see her already shaking her head at us.

“Guys, this means Saturday,” she said simply, going over to her desk and beginning to write on a slip of paper. I opened my mouth in horror, knowing she was referring to the annoying Saturday detentions.

“No, please, you have to understand,” but I was cut off by her sharp shake of her head.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, but you know how I feel about this. You and Hemmings better be here bright and early tomorrow morning, ready to serve out this detention,” she said, handing me the little pink slip with my name written upon it.

And that’s how I ended up standing outside the school on a Saturday morning at nine in the morning, waiting to spend  some of my valuable time doing absolutely nothing. With douchebag Luke. And probably no one else. I groaned as I began walking up the stairs and into the school, going to the designated room for detention.

When I entered the room, I saw that it was empty except for the desks with closed bottoms and Luke, lazily sitting at one with his feet up on the table. I shot him a disgusted look, sitting at a table far away from him and attempting to stretch my legs out. Much to my dismay, the front part of the desk was prohibiting me from still my legs all the way out, blocking my entire bottom half. I hated desks like this, they made me feel trapped. I put my book bag down in the adjacent chair and pulled out a notebook, preparing to at least get some work done.

Before I could do much work, I heard my book bag plop down on the floor beside me and I saw Luke take the seat beside me, smirking down at me. I looked up at him disdainfully.

“Fancy seeing you here,” he said, trying to sound funny and ironic, but just coming off as an even bigger douchebag. I rolled my eyes at him.

“Not really, considering you’re the one who got me in this mess,” I retorted, going back to working on my homework. I was already annoyed by his presence, but I oddly didn’t want him to leave. I didn’t understand my own damn feelings.

“C’mon, you’re not really that mad at me, are you?” he asked, trying to inject pleading into his tone, but I just rolled my eyes at him.

“Not only did you ruin my white blouse, but you also managed to land me in detention, I’d say I’m pretty pissed, yeah,” I said, putting my pencil down and abandoning any effort that was happening there. He just smirked at me.

“At least this way you get to spend a little time with me,” he told me, placing a hand on my arm and squeezing it gently. I didn’t like how my stomach reacted when he touched me, filling with nerves and clenching at the lightest touch. I tried to keep a steady face.

“And why in God’s name would I want to spend any time with you?” I spat at him. I didn’t expect him to get hurt or upset, but I certainly wasn’t expecting him to laugh and continue to smirk down at me.

“Oh please, we all know you have such an undying attraction to me, Y/N,” he whispered in my ear, making me hold back a shiver. I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, so I just glared up into his face, but he continued. “Rightly so too, because you have absolutely no idea how incredibly sexy I find you, Y/N,” he told me, running a hand along my thigh, letting his fingers graze underneath my skirt. This time the shiver I let out was wholly involuntary.

“You can only imagine what I would do to that irresistible little body of yours,” he breathed in my ear, letting his lips ever so lightly graze against my jaw before going back up to continue talking. “I bet I could even make you cum right here, in those pretty little panties I know your wearing, just with my fingers. Hell, I’d probably have to use my mouth, I bet you taste so good,” he moaned in my ear.

My mouth had gone agape long ago and I could feel it going dry, just at the thought of what he could do to me. I didn’t want to give into him too easily, but I didn’t know what to say. I opened and closed my mouth foolishly, but was spared of giving a response by General Meyers, our assistant principal entering the room. He wasn’t really a general, but his no nonsense attitude and strict guidelines had earned him that name long ago.

“Hemmings, separate table,” he barked the moment he saw Luke sitting at my table. Luke withdrew his hand from my thigh, leaving me feeling a little cold at the lack of his touch, and raised his hands in surrender, walking over to another table. General Meyers glared at us.

“I’ll be in to check on you two periodically, no funny business, you hear me?” he all but shouted, and I nodded my head sheepishly, seeing Luke do the same only a smirk was still ever present on his face. General Meyers narrowed his eyes at us before exiting the room. I released a shaky breath as he did, attempting to calm down from what Luke was earlier saying to me.

“My offer still stands,” I heard Luke say as he sauntered over to my table again, sitting in his previous seat and placing his hand on my thigh again, stroking it up and down as if there had been no interruption. “I’d love to get you home, but we can still have some fun here.”

“Luke, you heard what General Meyers said, he’ll be in to check on us,” I hissed at him, hoping our conversation wouldn’t carry to wherever he was. Luke, however, just laughed again, leaning down to place open mouthed kisses along my neck.

“Angel, detention is already halfway over, the only time he’ll be coming back is to tell us we can leave,” he said in between kisses. “Let me have a little fun with you, Kitten,” he said, and I allowed my eyes to involuntarily close at his use of a pet name. I didn’t want to give into him, I really didn’t, but I couldn’t deny myself the fact that I could feel wetness pooling between my legs and my stomach clenching with want.

 I pulled my head away from his mouth sharply, peering into his face which was so close to mine. He looked back at me with hooded eyes and that God forsaken smirk. Without thinking too much more about what I was doing, I impulsively brought my face back to his, finally connecting our mouths in a heated kiss.

I could feel Luke’s surprise, knowing that he hadn’t expected me to react so quickly, but kissing me back with ease all the same. I could feel him fucking smirk into my mouth as he continued kissing me, pulling my face closer to his. When I attempted to deepen the kiss, he pulled his mouth away from mine, much to my dismay, but instead went back to its placement at my neck. I closed my eyes and allowed my hands to thread themselves in his blonde locks as he continued to lick, bite, and suck his way across the expanse of my neck.

“Plenty of time for the preamble later, princess, right now I’d really like to see what exactly I can do to you,” he murmured into my skin, and I hummed in response. I felt his hand rubbing slow circles on my inner thigh, slowly working his way up higher into my body. I thanked God I wore a skirt today, making it easier for Luke to slide his hand up toward my aching heat.

I gave a little shudder when he finally reached the warmth of my core. He smiled against the skin of my neck, resting his head on my shoulder and rubbing me slowly over my panties. I felt my cheeks heat up as I realized how embarrassingly damp my underwear already was, which of course didn’t go past Luke’s notice as he gave a small little moan.

“Angel, you’ve already soaked yourself through and I’ve barely even touched you,” he said as he moved his head down further, still rubbing me tortuously through my underwear. He kept kissing me down my clothed body until he had to move from his seat in the chair to the floor, positioned in between my knees. I saw him smirk up at me before pushing my skirt up to my waist, allowing him to have much better access to my bottom half.

Luke seemed content on torturing me as he moved his hands from my heat, making me whimper at the loss of contact. He slowly pushed my knees further apart, pulling me closer to him by the bottom of my calves, making my chair scoot forward. He leaned his head in, slowly kissing the side of my knee, moving his head oh so slowly inward, leaving a trail of kisses along my thigh. When he reached my core, he barely allowed his lips to ghost over my clothed heat, before continuing onto the other thigh. I groaned in annoyance and I could hear him laughing below me.

“Patience, Kitten, patience,” he spoke slowly into my skin, never breaking in his trail of kisses. When he reached the opposite knee, he placed one final kiss to the side of my knee before letting his hands slowly drag upwards toward my panties. Hooking his fingers around the edges, he slowly began scooting them down my legs, making me lift up on the chair, allowing him to fully remove my underwear. He looked at the pink Victoria’s Secret item in his hand, studying it, before putting it in his back pocket. I raised my eyebrows at him.

“For safe keeping,” he told me, keeping eye contact and maintaining that annoyingly endearing smirk. He allowed his eyes to travel down my body to my now bare core, and I heard him let out an audible moan.

“Babe,” he said, keeping his eyes locked on my dripping pussy, “I do believe you look good enough to eat,” he whispered, slowly dragging his fingers up to my folds and easily sliding them around, spreading my wetness. I let out a whimper at the contact, and Luke tore his eyes away from my core long enough to smirk up at me.

“Feel good, angel?” he asked, and when I nodded my head desperately, he grinned up at me, pulling me slightly closer and settling more comfortably between my legs. “Babe, you are in for it,” he told me, but I wasn’t sure if he was talking more to me or himself.

He continued running his fingers slowly up and down my folds, stopping every so often at my clit to give it a sharp little rub, making me whimper and thrust my hips upwards for more friction. He brought up his other hand, spreading me out before him and I could feel his hot breath hitting my core. I felt him lean his head in and give a hearty sniff, moaning as he did so. He then nudged his face along my folds, allowing his lip ring to nudge my clit, making me gasp at the cold feeling on my hot bud. Before I could get too impatient, I felt him bring his head closer, barely kissing my clit. I let out a rush of breath, instantly wanting more, but Luke was determined to drag this out.

Luke slowly dragged the tip of his tongue up from my entrance to my clit, allowing his fingers to softly wander around my my folds as well. I bit down on my bottom lip to prevent myself from crying out when Luke began flicking my clit lightly with his tongue, circling my entrance with one finger. He moaned into my pussy at the taste and closed his lips around my sensitive clit, continuing to flick his tongue around it, and slowly pushed one finger into my entrance.

By now, I had my head laid down on the table while Luke was completely concealed beneath it, diligently working against my shaking bottom half. I had my legs thrown over his shoulders, pulling him closer to my core by wrapping my legs around him. I was breathing heavily as he began pumping one finger in and out of me, curling it up every so often, making me whimper. His mouth was still latched onto my clit, but he was now switching back and forth between long pulls with his mouth and soft little flicks of his tongue.

Through my haze of pleasure, I heard noises from the adjacent room and my head shot up while Luke remained in his position between my legs. I listened as closely as I could and vaguely heard footsteps making their way to the door. I tried to scoot my chair back, but Luke remained in his place between my legs.

“Luke!"I hissed down at him and he stilled his movements, if only slightly. "Someone’s coming,” I told him breathlessly, expecting him to come up from underneath the table, but instead he just pulled my chair closer, keeping his mouth on me and concealing himself beneath the table.

Moments later General Meyers entered the room, and I did my best to look as normal as I could while still feeling Luke slowly trace his tongue up and down my core. Despite the fact that I attempted to kick him to stop his movements, he continued his ministrations, and I could even feel him smirking into my core. General Meyers took one look around the room, taking note of the fact that Luke wasn’t visible and settled his glare on me.

“Where’s Hemmings?” he barked, and I cleared my throat, trying to focus on his voice instead of Luke’s tongue, which was slowly dragging down toward my entrance, as he slowly pushed it in.

“He, uh…bathroom?” I managed to squeak out, and he narrowed his eyes at me, heaving a sigh. I tried not to moan out as Luke began darting his tongue in and out of me, curling it upward like he did his finger and sucking on as much as he could get in his mouth.

“Figures,” I vaguely heard General Meyers say above me as he fixated me with his gaze. I tried to look as normal as possible while Luke was slowly bringing me closer to edge. “Well, you can leave then in about five minutes,” he told me, and I nodded at him as best I could. He turned on his heel and began exiting the room. When the door finally closed completely, I let out a soft moan, reaching my hands down into Luke’s hair, and forcing him closer to me.

“Finish me off before I have to leave,” I whined desperately down at him, and I felt him hum in response into my heat, only making me moan out more as the vibrations traveled through me. 

Luke got down to work much more quickly now, moving his mouth back up to my clit and sucking harshly, not even worrying about the slurping noises which were now coming from him. He brought his hand back up to my pussy, thrusting two fingers in suddenly and curling them upwards, making me moan out loudly and bite at my lip.

“Come one, baby, give me a proper taste of you,” he growled into me, making me moan again, louder this time. I could feel myself coming closer and closer to edge as he began sucking on my clit harder than before, moaning into me, making the vibrations edge me on. After curling his fingers in me roughly once more, I let out a high pitched moan as I began to unravel. I felt myself let go, spilling over into Luke’s mouth, as he moaned once more, greedily licking up at the mess I’d made.

After I’d calmed down slightly and Luke made sure he’d gathered everything I’d spilled out, he looked up at me from between my legs, giving me a smug smirk. I gave him a half-hearted smile back as he slowly stood up, towering over me and lifting his hand to wipe his mouth. Slowly, he leaned down, leaving a lingering kiss on my lips before straightening up and heading over to his desk.

I looked at him confused as I pulled my skirt back down, not failing to notice that my panties were still poking out of his back pocket. He scribbled something down on a piece of paper, ripped it out, and gathered his things before walking past me, only slowing to drop the paper on my desk. He smirked at me before he left, letting one eye drop in a wink as he closed the door. I looked down at the paper in a daze and felt my own lips lift in a smirk as I read his untidy scrawl. There was a quick note, followed by an address.

My place, eight tonight. Can’t wait to see you there, Angel. ;-)




Even When You Hate Him, You Love Him - Part 2

(Part 1)


Pairing: Kol x Reader

Prompt: 26. You think I’m cute?, 52. You want to kiss me, I can see it

Summary: A Part 2 of Even When You Hate Him, You Love Him

Hayley had retreated to her room an hour ago, which left you all alone to drown out these constant, annoying thoughts about Kol. Pouring another glass of wine, you had loss count how many you had. But at this point you didn’t have a limit.

Taking a huge sip, it slide down your throat and left a fruity aftertaste.

By the time 2:00am rolled around, you had officially drank 1 and a half bottle of wine on top of the glasses you had with Hayley. Now you had wished you set some sort of limit, because at this stage everything around the room looked like it was spinning.

“Need any help there, love?”. Looking towards the door, Kol stood there and from what you could make out, he was grinning.

Stumbling a few steps forward, Kol caught you mid step to prevent you from falling face first on the floor. “What’s prompted you to drink your sorrows away?”. He curiously dipped his head, as he lead you to sit down onto the bed.

Hiccuping once, twice, you poked Kol’s chest. “You”.

That certainly got him intrigued, “And what is it about me that has got you so troubled, darling”.

“Everything. Hayley seems to think that I”, a hiccup escaped your lips. “That I love you, I mean I don’t know about love but-”. You stopped mid sentence and Kol’s head snapped towards your direction, invested in what you were about to say next.

Standing up as best as you could, which wasn’t well at all because Kol had to wrap his arms around you to get you to sit back down. “But, what Y/N”. He asked

“You wanna know a secret? But shush Kol can’t know”, you completely forgot that Kol was the one you were talking too, and leaned in further, “When I first meet him I just wanted to punch him in the face, but now his not that bad. In fact I think his kinda cute”. You giggled and fell backwards on the bed.

“You think I’m cute?”, Kol asked very much beaming at the new information he obtained. When he turned around you had completely drifted off to sleep. He unzipped your shoes and pulled the covers over your body, before turning off the light and exiting the room.

Waking up, you tried to pull up the covers but something heavy was preventing you from doing so. Sitting slightly up, you saw Kol looking extra cheerful at the foot of your bed.

“Good morning, love”. He happily greeted.

Rubbing your head, it was anything but a good morning. This is what you get for drinking too much. Kol still hadn’t moved from his position and he had his eyes glued on you.

“Have you come to add to my headache, or do you actually want something?”. Asking him heavily annoyed.

He walked on over and placed a hot, steamy cup of coffee on your bedside table. The aroma caught your attention and you sat upright in bed, taking tiny sips. “Why did you bring me coffee?”. Not liking the fact Kol was acting extra nice, consdiering his never done something like this before.

“When I first meet him I just wanted to punch him in the face, but now his not that bad. In fact I think his kinda cute”. Kol recalled, trying to mimic your voice while walking briskly around the room.

You nearly choked on coffee and looked at him, wide eyed and embarrassed. “Where on earth did you hear that from?”.

Kol was no leaning against a chair and the white shirt he had on, outlined every muscle from his arms all the way down to his chest. “It’s amazing the things you learn when one is drunk. I’m truly flattered that you find me cute. Although I would prefer handsome or perhaps even sexy”. He was gloating and he could see how much that irritated you.

Throwing off the covers you walked across the room and into the bathroom to get changed out of yesterdays clothes. Upon coming back out Kol was now sitting on your bed.

“And what makes you think I was even referring to you?”. Standing arms crossed a few meters away from Kol.

“Well you couldn’t be talking about Niklaus because that’d just be weird. And Elijah isn’t exactly your type, not to mention his interested in Hayley. So that only leaves me, love”.

You could only deal with one thing at a time, and this headache was starting to drive you more crazy than Kol. Closing the gap you slapped Kol’s arm to make him leave, “Get out, get out, get out”. You repeated, until his feet were no longer in your room.

Shutting the door in his face, Kol shouted. “You want to kiss me, I can see it”.

“Go get your eyes checked Kol, because I’m never going to kiss you!”. Yelling back, even though he was probably long gone by now.

You flopped back onto the bed and sighed. Never again were you getting drunk within the Mikaelson compound, that lesson had been learned the hard way.

cotton candy fingers

pairing : ron x pansy
word count : 2.1k
prompt : ferris wheel date moment
for : @hprarepairnet & @slytherdornet trope challenge

Pansy narrowed her eyes at her so-called best friend. “In what universe would I ever-”

Draco rolled his eyes and let out a noise of frustration. “Merlin, Pansy, for once can’t you just be a friend instead of a bitch?”

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” she said flatly, then took in how pitiful he looked and resigned with a sigh. “What do I get out of this?”

Draco knew that he’d won, but hid his smile just in case she changed her mind. “Satisfaction of helping a friend?” She just gave him a blank stare and blinked. “Alright, alright. I’ll let your shoppe style me for Mother’s next gala.”

She crossed her arms. “Next three, and you buy all the clothes.” Draco smiled his agreement, and she turned to scrutinize the curtains. “Why do you even need me there,” she scoffed.

“Hermione has it in her head that if our friends just spent some time together then you’d all… I don’t, get a long or something.”

Pansy laughed. “Oh, sure. Can’t you see the Weasley girl and I now, arm and arm in a secondhand shop?”

“Let’s clarify something right now. You have to actually try, you have to play nice; or else I’ll drape myself rags and rave about your ridiculously affordable prices.”

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Things I've learned about INTJ’s that go against their stereotype

As someone who has 3 close INTJ relationships in their life, I thought I would talk about the characteristics of them that go against their stereotype/what they wouldn’t tell you about.

They are surprisingly gentle. Now grant it, they are probably only so towards selected humans/people they somewhat care about/like, but still. I guarantee at least 90% of MBTI nerds such as myself don’t associate the word “gentle” with INTJ’s. Like everything about the male INTJ is gentle. The way he touches things/me, his body language (if not surrounded by people), his tone of voice and sometimes even the things he says. The two females also have the physical gentleness about them. When they’re not running into things, they can look quite graceful/put together.

They can be extremely considerate. Really though, for a type that prefers thinking over feeling and has Te in the auxiliary position in their stacking, they really do think about the people they care about’s well being more than most know. Though anybody close to an at least decently healthy INTJ has probably seen this. Part of their goal in establishing any sort of human relationship is to make sure that persons physical and emotional needs are met, but in a more different way than SJ’s do. Every time I mention I’m sick to any of the three I am close with, they immediately ask me what my symptoms are and diagnosing me on the spot and looking up any way they can make me feel better. If I am emotionally distraught, they want to know why right away so they can try to help any problems I have or cure any bad emotion I feel (they may not always be the best with the emotional stuff, but it’s their effort that really counts and cheers me up even if their actual words didn’t do the trick). They will purposefully change the way they’ll say something to be more nice/less intimidating because they know it might upset me if they say it in their natural INTJ blunt way. Of course, they don’t compromise what the original intent of their statement was, they just find a new way of saying it. Basically, they will do things for you they would never do in a normal setting if they care for you and your attention. I could add even more to this but it is getting quite long soooo moving on.

They can be some of the most loyal people in your life. This trait is more widely known I think but I figured I would still include it. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit it but I can be insecure in some of my friendships, always wondering if they truly enjoy being around me or if they’ll just randomly stop talking to me. However, any time any sort of doubt has crept into my INTJ friendships, it usually disappears as fast as it appeared. I know they would not waste their time with me if they did not enjoy my company and I know without a shadow of a doubt that they wouldn’t abandon me (unless I did something unspeakably awful). The loyalty they have is like a cool, calm wave over me and my anxiety that I have with all relationships in my life. My INTJ’s are always there for me in some way.

They are surprisingly….affectionate. There is this whole idea that INTJ’s despise physical contact. Well if it’s from someone they do not trust/like, then yes. They probably don’t like it. All three have told me they don’t do hugs. And actually, in public most won’t even hug me (they’ll tolerate it if I hug them though). However, in a more private setting, they are actually very touchy (maybe it’s the Se?). The one I have a more romantic relationship with is super cuddly. And I think for all three, physical touch is high on their list of love languages. They’re not cuddly in the F way, but they’ll just randomly be assertive and initiate some sort of physical touching whether it just be leaning on my shoulder or full on cuddling. But don’t talk about it with them. All three dislike talking about affection and emotions in general (but they will if they haveeee to, it’s actually quite cute I think). I will say I think they are less physically affectionate with family. First and foremost they are the most affectionate with lovers and second with friends. All three aren’t too “huggy” with their parents/siblings.

They’re super open minded generally. They will try most things once, however, they are usually skeptical. Most people see them being close minded, but on the contrary actually. This is more of a trait found in healthy/developed INTJ’s so don’t expect to see this in your 12 year old INTJ brother. Actually, most of the things on this list are found in more developed INTJ’s. Anyways, the ones I know will always be down to try something new if I can give them a logical reasoning for wanting to do it. And sometimes, they’ll just do it because they know it’ll make me happy. Some coaxing needs to be done sometimes, but since they want to be knowledgeable about all experiences, they’ll usually want to do/try whatever it is. They do put their foot down on some things though. This paragraph should have been prefaced with saying you can not make an INTJ do anything it does not want to do. <–important. They will leave you stone cold and alone if you try to force them into anything they say no to.

*I might make a part two to this because I have a few other ideas I can’t quite put into words at the moment. All of these are observations I’ve made and may be completely false to other INTJ’s, but I can only speak off of my experiences with them. I really hope this post is accurate and people like it but if not, I’m sorry in advance lol. This is all from the perspective of a 4w5 ENFP who has almost daily interactions with INTJ’s*


Mom: Everyone is really going off about Jaal not being bi.

Me: Yeah, I’m a little sour about it but I’m not as upset as I thought I’d be. Maybe it’s because I’m straight, I don’t know. But I did want to romance Jaal as male Ryder… I mean, they would be so adorable!

Mom: You know…. People do more things for people and quicker than usual if they are nice and ask about it instead of yelling about it. Maybe if everyone uses the hash tag on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, and be a bit nicer about it… Maybe they would make a free DLC with Jaal being bi? Just an idea to try anyway, right?

Me: That…. That actually sounds a bit better than cussing BioWare out…. It’s worth a shot, I think… Anything is worth a shot at this point…

So, now I’m going to post a bunch of nicely written requests with #MakeJaalBi

Maybe Mom is onto something? After thinking about it, I’d definitely do something if people were nicer with requests about stuff. Worth a shot, right?

Now to write out some tweets that sound nice with the hashtag… Post one every hour with ideas of cute MRyder/Jaal moments :P

{ five’s company // ch. 4 }

a/n: thank you for reading! love you all! hope you have a good week + hope you’re doing okay!

french used:

mon ange - my angel

gâteau - cake 

“en haut. maintenant.” - “upstairs. now.” 

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Home! Home! Home! Home! Home! John thought, pratically bouncing in the front seat when your loft was in sight. Alex could sense his boyfriend’s excitement, chuckled, and quickly pulled up to park. He hadn’t even turned the ignition off when John had opened the door, hopped out with his bag and rushed inside.

You laughed a little from the middle seat in the back, admiring how John always seemed to be your happy little beam of sunshine. 

“He had a long day at work.” Alex said sheepishly, turning off the car and looking back at you. “But, what about you? How was your day, love?”

You swallowed, and bit your lip. Alex’s beautiful eyes were staring into yours and you felt your chest tighten and your face heat up. You didn’t really want to do this. Not now at least.

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Would they give up their "thug life" for their s/o?

2P Italy: No. No, no, no. His thug life actually intensifies because now he’s doing all this crazy shit to make sure nobody ever hurts his s/o.

2P Germany: lol yes this guy is a fucking angel for his s/o

2P Japan: Nah. He loves his s/o, but he’s not gonna change the entire structure of his life for them until he’s sure that he’s ready (translation: he’ll drop the thug life when he marries his s/o)

2P Romano: this wimp was never much of a thug in the first place he’d maybe stop taking credit for other people’s designs (for example, he’d try to cut down on the number of times he sends out an angry tweet that says something like “OMFG VERSACI TOTALLY GOT THAT IDEA FROM ME” or “can you believe that those so-called designers at Gucci stole my patterns”

2P Prussia: lol what even is a thug

2P France: he’s too lazy to have a thug life in the first place

2P America: he’s kind of like Luciano, but less extreme. he’d stop beating people up for no real reason and instead give people hell for messing with his s/o.

2P Canada: he was never much of a thug at all but he’ll stop allowing Allen to drag him into his fights

2P England: “poppet, I was looking on Pinterest for some apple pie recipes when I came across the word ‘thug,’ can you tell me what it means?” literally this guy doesn’t even understand the fine art of being a thug

2P China: hell yes. he’d stop doing literally all drugs. he just wants to be the perfect guy for his s/o because hoLY sHiT he’d be devastated if he did something to make them leave him

2P Russia: he looks like a thug because of his angry everything but is actually a nice guy. after he started dating his s/o, he might be so internally content with his life that he’d start trying to be nicer to everyone more often.

I’m just writing a last note before going to bed, to clarify a few things.

I changed the translation a little because indeed I agree that it didn’t sound very nice in English. I still maintain my opinion on the meaning. I do not think that Kubo was trying to make deep references to philosophy, and reading replies from various people I have the feeling that, despite everyone saying “soulmates means [insert meaning]!” as if it’s something obvious, different people actually seem to have different ideas on what it means exactly…

Actually, what baffles me the most is that I disagreed on 証 being translated as “proof” but as you see I translated “soul mates” as “soul mates”, and even though I gave my interpretation of soul mates in my end note the translation is objective, so regardless of my note you are free to interpret the meaning of “soul mates” however you prefer.

Also, I really don’t understand why people seem to think that I’m trying to attack Victuuri or whatever. Do you want a picture of all the Victuuri doujinshi I own? It’s because I like Victuuri that I love how their relationship was portrayed in the series, I think it was deep enough that there’s no need to add more to make them “more canon”, that’s why I don’t really like it when some translations look like they are twisted to sound that way. Actually that looks to me like downplaying their relationship, as if what was shown in the series was not enough and so people need to find proof somewhere else.

Thank you to the ones who sent me messages, I appreciate. I will continue translating interviews as always, and also I will continue to avoid any comments about pairings as I did until today, because as I expected, even though I stated that I LIKE the pairing it still manages to be a source of misunderstandings and pointless conflicts.

P.S.: I hope at least this note can clarify things for people who just took what I wrote in my other post the wrong way. Of course I apologize if it sounded confusing to some, but the reason I wrote an end note to the translation is exactly that I didn’t want to mess with the actual translation but still wanted to give my interpretation on what the line about the rings means, since I’ve seen many different interpretations around (my interpretation is mostly based on the way the sentence is worded in Japanese).

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I want to improve my art so much, but that is hard to do when I never practice. I've heard to only draw when you feel like it, but I never feel like drawing anymore. What do you think I should do, to start getting my inspired feelings back and actually draw for fun, instead making it feel like a chore?

hm maybe trying to get more into fandoms and such? (if youre into making fanart) looking for inspirational artists usually helps for me. also im just basing this off personal experience but i usually lose motivation when i have a time limit (or if i know i need to be doing something other than drawing lol) so i guess it’s nice to allot some time for it, a day where you know you wont have to do anything and you can just relax and do what you want. you dont have to get into it right away, it helps to be patient.