just me trying to actually do something nice

reasons why life is good

  • alex “lol i dont need back up i just need my cute cop gf” danvers
  • alex’s little gay smile when she called maggie™
  • alex and maggie literally doing everything together
  • everything
  • they met an episode ago and now they call each other whenever anything happens
  • kara’s wait-did-my-sister-get-a-gf face
  • “wear something nice”
  • alex “i can’t flirt but im trying to describe how pretty you look” danvers
  • alex “so is this actually buisness or were you just asking me on a date” danvers
  • fake date fake date fake date
  • handholding
  • with intertwined fingers
  • “you’re a great cop” aka alex danvers for “i like you”
  • alex like legit asking maggie on a date 
  • like come on yall she was definitely asking her on a date
  • jealous!alex
  • alex’s oh-shit-im-gay-fuck-fuck-fuck face™
  • alex danvers and maggie sawyer are in love 
  • thank you that is all have a good night

With thanks to @justbadpuns for helping me realise my full potential as a serious artist.

Sans and Papyrus buy a looooot of milk. Having Frisk around also means they’ve ended up doubling what they usually buy.

The store bunny’s gonna kick them out in a second. But she’ll let them come back. They’re loud but they never actually break anything so they’re rather harmless.

The Nice Cream Man is probably my absolute favourite secondary character in the game. He’s so sweet it’s ridiculous. He just came to buy some ingredients! D’:

Normally I’d try and avoid having Frisk talk on camera, but there was no way for this joke to work without having them say something. Sorry about that. Hopefully it’s not too jarring.

I had to use 3 different fonts on this thing and it physically pained me. That’s bad design, kids. Don’t do that type of thing. Unless the characters you’re drawing talk in font-specific text.

I’m not a 100% satisfied with the paneling here. I wanted a closer zoom on the bros on the second beat but because Papyrus is SO FRIGGEN TALL I had to keep it rather zoomed out to fit both of them in frame. Despite this though, I’m rather happy with the over-all results here. I’m really happy with a LOT of the posing here.

I changed how I draw Papyrus by just a fraction and decided I could loosen up with his expressions a bit. I’m happy with the results

it’s 4 in the morning and I’m going to bed now.

Sorry I haven’t written. I keep trying to write, but it all ends up regressing into a bitch session. Oh well, duality gonna dual I guess.

I want to say something that will cut through all this bullshit. I want you and me to shutup about ourselves and bloom into something mysterious. 

…but sometimes you gotta let shit die and be reborn again into something new. 

Love isn’t just being dogmatically good and nice. Love can be a screaming shit fire, love can be an orgy of puppies (and I do mean actual puppies having a cartoonish human like sex orgy) Love can also be death and failure. 

I keep forgetting that this is earth 2017 and people still think they die or that anything dies. I keep forgetting that most of us have yet to discover that we are an infinite number or realities because it’s all a tremendous loop of consensual realities that fun house fuck and collapse into the totality of singularity and vice versa..

The truth is you’re already dead. You’re coming to life. And if you don’t feel like you are coming to life, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t blame anyone or yourself - that’s just another waste of time because you’re afraid - becoming alive hurts - it fucking hurts that’s the deal - when you are born it fucking hurts - you leave the womb - its hurts, but then you’re born into a larger reality -  and that’s how you go, becoming more aware of how balls deep you can get into selfishness until you are completely fucked and bloom into an orgasm of everything - so stop being a dumb little shit and let love and life in. Of course it’ll hurt, that’s half the fun.

Fall in love you fucking idiot! 

Happy Holidays!

Love, Jade

P.S. You can fall in love with anything, the more it’s everything the better, unless you’re really into hate sex - you evil little bitch! =)

Let me translate it to you, this comment said:

“Nice drawing but not enough for drawing comic, one like for trying”

At these time I was once again reminded that Ignorance is such a bliss. Yeah I might not draw well enough for doing comic but I do not just TRY I invest my soul into every piece of it. You never know how hard it is to make a comic because you never try, but once you do you will know its not something easy. Then again, nothing in life is easy until you actually get involved with it, people make it seem easy because they have experience.

I got told like this every single time I do comic, from the minute I start drawing comic again. “You’re no good” “Your style is not traditional” “Your drawing suck you cant draw comic” “Go back learn to draw before actually do it”. One time an editor actually told me that I should just make content and stop drawing. Of course I told them to kiss my ass. That’s why I make a resolve to myself that I will draw for me first before for anyone else, comic is something incredibly personal to me and if I got fans, I thanks you with all my heart. But even if I got none, I will still draw because the process is already a reward to me. 

I actually quited once. It was 8 years ago, when I was told by so many that I cant draw at all. I stopped trying, and acted like everyone else advice me to do “go get a real job”. I did. If it wasnt for last year something came up and my life was the mess you probably wont have Zoe Cam today because I was too busy making “actual money” like they said. And when I drew again, I know that this is the love of my life. Its a passion that I long for. I was foolish, I should never change it. Not for anyone. Not for anything.

I know that, but sometimes these comments still sting me like an annoying bees.

HWTR to someone flirting with you

Max: At a bar (bartender)
All you wanted was a fruity drink from the bartender, but you couldn’t even get a word out of your mouth because all the bartender was doing was flirting…with you. You ignored his countless attempts and continued trying for the drink, patiently waiting for whenever he finished a sentence to try and ask politely. Eventually, you just sat there with your chin in your hands, wanting to see how far he’d actually get before he decided to shut his mouth. “Can you get me that drink now?” you’d ask, sarcastically smiling. He’d hand it to you, leaning in and giving a nice compliment a little too closely to your ear since he couldn’t get you to hear him over the music, probably something stupid, like how nicely your hair looked while it was curled at the ends. You’d raise your eyebrows unimpressed, and within a matter of seconds, the guy’d be grabbed from his spot behind the counter and thrown to the other side of the bar by Max in a jealous rage. You’d sit there with your mouth hung open not knowing what to do. Max was obviously drunk, garbling his words and mispronouncing them. He’d stumble back a little bit with his drink in hand, “You fucking cunt! That’ll teach you to not fucking flirt with my girlfriend.” he’d say, burping right after. Max would reach for your hand, holding it out to you and waiting for you to take it. You’d embrace him instead, kissing him and telling him he didn’t have to do that. “Nah, it needed to be done. I’ve been watching that uneducated swine with you for the past fifteen minutes. No one flirts with my baby.” he’d kiss your forehead and you’d help him out the bar and into the car. You drove him to his favorite fast food place to get comfort food and went home where you took care of him.

Joji: At a party with friends (an ex boyfriend)
I feel like George would be the type to say he isn’t jealous/doesn’t get jealous but he honestly does. He’ll try to hide it the best that he possibly could because he wouldn’t want you feeling like he’s constantly on top of you, as if he’s being too overprotective or anything like that. Joji would want to keep you happy and let you have your freedom, not wanting you to feel restricted, but when someone crosses the line with you, whether it be under his watch or in general, they’re fucked. Joji would be that one chill guy that never lets shit get to him, like the ones that are oddly chill when mad or whatever it is, to the point where it actually scares you to see them that calm in a situation like that. He’d notice your old flame the second you two entered the party, Joji would make sure your ex didn’t go near you while having your fun. But once your ex made his way to you, Joji would lean back and just watch, thinking to himself, ‘Is this guy really serious?’ You would let your ex talk to you, wondering what it is he could’ve possibly wanted, but all it consisted of was him trying to chat you up. Your ex would place his hand on your waist, trying to make smooth moves on you but all you could do was laugh at his stupidity, but to Joji it looked like you were laughing at a joke. Joji’s anger would build up to an incredible boiling point, nothing and no one could calm him down, all he could see was just red. He would clench his jaw and ball up his fist, kinda like the Arthur meme, but the only difference was that Joji’s veins would show. He’d grab your ex by his neck and yank him back, making the first move by pushing him. “What the fuck?!” your ex would shout, he’d also try and swing at Joji. That would only make Joji even angrier than before. George would assault your ex with blows to the face and his torso area. You’d have to pry him off, yelling at him to stop. Unfortunately, your ex would be alright except for the nosebleed, bruises all over, and a busted lip thanks to Joji’s pinky ring. “That’s a warning to every guy here who thinks it’s alright to touch my fucking girlfriend.” would be what Joji would say as you drag him out of the party after you’d kissed him.

Ian: Out shopping (stranger)
Ian would be similar to Joji: saying he doesn’t get jealous but actually does. He’d be sarcastic whenever it happened and he’d sit and pout about it. Ian isn’t the type to stay quiet about it either. While out shopping, you’d be looking for clothes while Ian went around to roam the place since he got bored rather quickly. You scanned aisles, looking for jeans, and a random guy just walked right up to you, an employee. He looked at you up and down before eyeing the jeans and biting his lip, telling you how amazing your ass would fit in them. All you did was roll your eyes and shake your head, not knowing what to say. You ignored him as you continued to look around, this time turning away from him. You hoped for Ian to return quickly, not wanting to storm off and look like some sort of idiot looking for their mother whom they’ve lost. You sighed as the guy kept enameling you with creepy compliments. “How bout you fuck off?” you’d hear from behind the two of you. The employee would turn around, laughing and trying to belittle Ian and his ‘geeky demeanor’. Ian, being the giant that he is, would take one step forward and look down at the guy as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “You wanna repeat yourself?” Ian would ask. They employee would gulp and shake his head, frightened. “That’s what I thought. You can run along now…and if I ever catch you saying anything like that to her again, let alone even look at her the way your perverted, idiotic self did, I’m going to shove my foot so far up your ass and play puppet with your fucking intestines with my toes. Are we clear?” Ian would say as he gripped the guys shirt, letting him go right after the employee nodded uncontrollably. Ian would wrap his arm around you waist and kiss your lips softly, giving you a warm smile and an apology for leaving you alone.

anonymous asked:

I want to improve my art so much, but that is hard to do when I never practice. I've heard to only draw when you feel like it, but I never feel like drawing anymore. What do you think I should do, to start getting my inspired feelings back and actually draw for fun, instead making it feel like a chore?

hm maybe trying to get more into fandoms and such? (if youre into making fanart) looking for inspirational artists usually helps for me. also im just basing this off personal experience but i usually lose motivation when i have a time limit (or if i know i need to be doing something other than drawing lol) so i guess it’s nice to allot some time for it, a day where you know you wont have to do anything and you can just relax and do what you want. you dont have to get into it right away, it helps to be patient.

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This just occurred to me, but it seems like being grabbed is something Lapis would normally have a bad reaction to, considering her history. But she is unbothered by Peridot clinging bodily to her arm, and even in their little slapfight she looked simply irritated and not distressed/uncomfortable. To me it just seems indicative of how safe she feels around Peridot, even when they're fighting. (And some people thought Peridot was going to try and force her to fuse. As though she'd ever!)

Oooh, nice catch!!  I hadn’t actually thought about that, but you’re totally right :D

That’s quite cute, actually.  I do most definitely think that they trust each other completely now and are 100% happy/comfortable in each other’s company.

*starts quietly chanting “fuse! fuse! fuse!”*

Speaking of fusions - oh look, Peridot didn’t try and force Lapis to fuse with her.  What a shock!!  lol some people, I swear to god :p

iamlivingmusic replied to your post “arukou-arukou replied to your post “trilobitey replied to your…”

I loved three things, it’s a concept that I took and applied to my weekly uni readings when I went back last year (at 25) - three important/useful things from the reading, and one that made me angry (I’m doing social policy, it makes me sadgry but that’s why I do it)

Aw, nice! I’m glad it has real world applications :)

I actually took the concept from something Mum used to say – she said, if you’re going shopping you can remember you need up to three things. If you need to buy more than three things, you have to make a list. So whenever I’m like, what are the takeaways from [thing I just learned] I always try never to have more than three, because three is what I can easily remember. 

anonymous asked:

Is it okay if I vent something really deep ? I just wanted to say that, I don't get why the people around me get disappointed at me. I alway say nice thing, do nice thing, I even use my free time to make things for them yet I never get them to be happy. Every thing I try to do is a mistake. No matter how much I try to make things right, I just seem to make things worse. I actually can't handle it anymore.. I want to quit.. can I have a hug ? I'm actually falling apart... - vent anon

Man, I think we’ve all been there at least once, and it sucks every time. This may sound awful, but I think ya should just give up tryin to help them. Go and be helpful to people who’ll actually appreciate it instead of beatin a dead horse. You can do amazing things, I promise. Ya just need to find the crowd that’ll acknowledge what you’re doin. Good luck, my friend.

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Where did you learn about smoking herbs? It's something I just learned about and would love to do research on (:

A friend of mine told me about it! A friend of hers makes his own tobacco blends and let her try a tobacco blend with sage and lavender. So we did some more research and found you can do just straight herbal blends (which is perfect for me since the only tobacco I actually enjoy is shisha). I’ve tried a few blends so far and it’s very nice. My favorite site is smokableherbs.com. It doesn’t have all of the herbs you can smoke, but covers a ton and has all of the medicinal effects, legality, and dosages and risks. Just googling “herbal smoking” gives you tons of resources and such ^-^

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People say you're nice but you blocked me on my roleplay blog and all I did was send you my ideas :/ sooo

(If this is who I am assuming it is, you not only tried to force me to smut with you, even after I declined, but you also refused to accept that I am very busy and cannot spend every moment roleplaying.)

Whenever I play one of those abstract competitive .io games (Agar, Slither, Splix, etc.) I always feel the urge to do something nice with it, like be a pacifist, or only kill people with racist names, or team up with others. To me, that feels more fun than just trying to kill anyone I see.

Whenever I play one of these games I just end up thinking about the way players communicate with each other when they can’t actually speak.

Wow, After Earth was a clusterfuck. Not really a surprise as it’s M. Night Shouldnotbemakingmovies, but still I love Will Smith. It could have been good if the plot wasn’t so muddled up with the Ursa alien and that whole fear bs. Also I think I must have missed something to do with the breathing discs and why the Earth still has very large animals but little oxygen ????

It was nice that it was father & son acting together, but it’s a crap movie that could have been good. It could have still been about a father & son crash landing on an abandoned Earth. Trying to survive, being chased by an actual bear. hell give me all the megafauna that have mutated/evolved in the absence of humans.

That Earth is just a fairy tale, as are the animals that humans didn’t bring with them to the worlds they now live on. Not all marks of human history are gone, but there is very little left on the surface.

A beautiful and incredibly dangerous landscape our heroes must cross to send out a distress beacon. Or maybe instead of father and son it’s mother and daughter, Sophie Okonedo and Zoe Kravitz kicking ass, yes/yes?

To the anon that shared their experience to me on my ask box, I’m glad you recovered.

But please note that you’re not the only person in this world and that everybody’s different. Everybody doesn’t handle things the same way you do. I can’t just magically get up and get better. Deep wounds take time to heal. You had time. I don’t. I have responsibilities and I’m sure you have to. But I don’t think your problems don’t equal mine. I might actually have a different system than yours.

It’s not easy to conk me out of something. I need time. A lot of time. But I don’t.

I know you’re trying to help and it’s real nice of you to.

My problems are bound to more than finishing what I started. I actually feel a lot like Flowey now, if you get me. You try, but it leads to nothing.

This is more than tasks. This is more than “Oh, just pick up one project, finish it and you’re fine.” Even I can’t really pinpoint what’s wrong with me aside from the fact that I have symptoms of depression.

I do hope you understand. Thanks for trying, though. I’m sorry if you feel like hat you haven’t done enough. But please do know I really do appreciate the fact that you’d share your story to me. That’s real brave.

I’m trying real hard, okay? To figure out what’s wrong and where did I go wrong. Hope I’m not bugging you guys too much. Thanks for reading <3

anonymous asked:

k look I'm like that while I was reading ur answer I was like Is this me xD But look pal I understand you completely. It's gonna get better, and your life choices were not mistakes. I'm sure of that. They are the puzzle pieces that make up who you are now. And ya know, You can't change the past. There's no point in regretting. You will never be able to change what you did. Try to look at what you can do in the future. Try to change the future. To... make something nice out of those "mistakes" ^^

Heh, I am somehow relateable ;w; 

I’m not really trying to change the past, I’m really just moving on, I moved on. Now that mistake really showed me a lot and actually helped me. I’m able to move on, but its more like now. Currently, the future ain’t looking great for me and sometimes I even question if I care about my own life and debate with myself cus I just can’t seem to focus on the important and put my focus on literally nothing. Instead of doing homework and try to get my grades up, I just sit down, bored, saying I don’t have anything to do QwQ.

what-would-steve-rogers-do  asked:

For the ask thingy:) 129 139 149

129: What would you want written on your tombstone?

Something that vaguely implies I may be a vampire, just to fuck with people.

139: What nicknames do you have/have had?

My actual name is Susan, but I’m also called Susie (by everyone), Su (by my mom and stepdad), Susiephone (by some of my friends), Smoo (by some of my other friends), and Snookums (by my dad, specifically because he knows it bothers me).

149: Favorite thing about your personality:

I TRY to be nice. Which is more than a lot of other people can say.

ask me! i’ll answer honestly

theholmesalone  asked:

🍡 - share your favorite recipe with your followers // 🌈 - Where do you want to travel to? // 🐅 - what’s your favorite thing about your muse? // 🌹 - are you doing alright?

Munday! Send me some stuff!

Favourite recipe:

Well, I actually don’t really cook! Um… I mean, I don’t even have a stove given I am currently living in a residence hall on a university campus, though that might change next year. Although, I have been dying to try soaking some bacon in jalapeno juice to get it nice and spicy and then maybe use it to make some like bacon wrapped tater tots or something like that, I don’t know. Maybe bacon wrapped buffalo bites… Ohhh…

Trying new things is always fun. I’m killer at pancakes, though. Just call me a breakfast connoisseur.


Where do you want to travel to?

Oh, everywhere! I wanna see the world. India, the Pyramids, a whale, and that race with all the bicycles in France. (if you can name the song that lyric is from, you deserve respect) Most especially, though, I would like to go to England and France. Um, I love English culture– sometimes moreso than American culture– and I speak fluent French and have a lot of French ancestry, love the culture and food there as well, um… I’d like to go to Tokyo, maybe? Rome. Italy. Uhh.. Closer to home, New York and LA. Las Vegas. Everywhere, man, everywhere. You haven’t seen enough of the world until you’ve seen all of it.


What’s your favourite thing about your muse?

Uhh, everything? I don’t know. I like that he reminds me of myself in some aspects. He’s got killer style and, although he can be really… Um, I guess for lack of a better term, dense when it comes to other people’s emotions, he’s really a very colourful, emotional, outspoken guy. Kind of the type of person I strive to be. He’s terrific. A decent man, um, very charming, very polite… He just needs to loosen up a bit and quit drinking an’ smoking.


Are you doing all right?

Oh, jeez. The honest answer would be not really. But, uh, but I’m still breathing, so hopefully everything will work out soon. I’m counting on it. Panic! at the Disco concert coming up, so… Trying to stay positive by keeping that in mind.

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Blackhawks Hat Trick Movie 

(it’d be cool if you credited this blog if you use this for your gifs and stuff, thanks)

ETA: youtube took the movie down due copyright infringement, obviously, so if you want a download link, message me off anon and i’ll send it to you (won’t reply anon messages with the link though, sorry)

i hate it so much when amazing people are trying to befriend me but i’m too confused, anxious, tired and awkward to actually give them some of the affection back