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“I’ll tell you I love you as many times as it takes to mend your heart. For every bruise you’ve suffered, I’ll repeat it again. And I’ll do this until all of your insecurities wash away, or lose out to happiness.“ 

The Intern

a/n: Heya fam! I knowww I’m supposed to be on a break and yes I am seeing your requests (and I’ve even started a few of them) but I was thinking last night and well … I kinda came up with this. Let me know if it’s something you’d like to see continued maybe in the future?? Okay SERIOUSLY THIS TIME, adios muchachos.

*** This is unedited?? Like just about everything else i post these days? sorry.

“Y/n? I’m Tom, nice to meet you.” A voice called from behind me. I turned around see the familiar golden locks of Tom, the production manager of Shawn Mendes’ world your, and- for the next three months- my boss. Tom had hired me to assist him with the visuals on Shawn’s tour. I was only and intern, the pay was shit, but still… I was going on our with Shawn Mendes.

I smiled a took hold of his extended hand, shaking it slightly. “It’s nice to meet you.” I said nervously. “Very nice to meet you.”

He smiled and led me towards the arena where the Show that night would be held. “You came just in time. I was just about to set everything up for tonight’s visuals but maybe you’d like to do it? Give me a feel of what your skill level is.”

“I’d love to!” I exclaimed.

“I like the enthusiasm.” He said with a chuckle as we stepped through the door.

The inside of the arena was not at all what I was expecting. Everyone was rushing somewhere, yelling orders to someone else. I was immediately put into a state of alertness, ready to spring into the action.

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Honestly I’m always so surprised at just how much they make Keith’s character revolve around Shiro..

Like his feelings for Shiro are such a huge part of his character so far.

I’d say it’s almost even kinda odd…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen something similar in this type of show? (like between two guys atleast haha)

Like I always feel like they gonna sweep it all to the side at some point in favor of something else, but they don’t. They just keep putting emphasis on just how much Keith loves him.

Not sure how to word what I mean..

Like even for Allura, when she had to say goodbye to her dad, it didn’t take like a whole episode focusing on her struggle… And even Pidge’s feelings for her family get kinda pushed to the side..

Seriously, the amount of screentime Keith’s feelings for Shiro get is incredible.

And you know it’s not gonna be just that episode, it’s gonna be like an entire season again probably (cuz we didn’t even had the background flashbacks)

me, talking on the phone: y’know, i always joke around wondering what might happen if klance was actually gonna be canon, and laugh it off because there’s no way, but just- hold on, here, listen to this- just- listen!! lance is so sincere and the first one to comfort keith, and he does it so well, especially if they’re “rivals”, y’know? i really think klance is gonna be canon. this is the perfect set up for it, and i can feel it. what do you think?

911 operator on the other line: ma’am,

me, at any time throughout the day: Erik though. Erik. Boi oh boi do I love Erik. My Boy™ Architect™, Composer™, Magician™, Genius™ my absolute son. He could’ve ruled the world, My Boy. He deserves happiness. Gotta love my boy Erik.

also me: Erik u hideous dumbass wtf r u doin get ur nasty crusty self away from The Beautiful Soprano Angel™ stop killing people u psychopath it’s ur fault ur gonna die alone


Magnus and Alec | Shadowhunters Season 2 | Comic-Con Trailer 

@kyluxtrashcompactor said: I love you got heckled for your first order wear.  It’s like, the fandom arrived at Disney.


I’m going to give y’all a list of everything this hat got me- here we go!

- like 500 children stared at me with either fear or awe 

- random dude on the bus said he liked it, thanks random dude!

- cast member working outside Star Tours asked me where I bought it, I told him I made it, he seemed impressed

- cast member working inside Star Tours saluted me (I touched two fingers to my forehead back bc luke did that in return of the jedi and it seemed fitting (??))

- cast member working with the BB8 meet and greet told me I belonged in a trash compactor

- BB8 beep-yelled at me

- Star Tours cast members recognized me when I went back for Fastpass, we talked a bit more about Star Wars, etc

- stormtroopers that walk around the park stopped and saluted me, then said ‘that’s nice, that’s real nice.’

- cast member called out ‘hello, general!’ as I walked by (honestly a fav)

- met a girl wearing an Imperial command cap!  felt like a real connection between generations of star wars villains :’)

- chewbacca was taken aback at the sight of my hat, I BS’d a story of how I just got back from spying on the First Order for the Resistance (he bought it)

- kylo looked at me like :/ until I asked about hux to which he became >:/

- why kylo….why did you not tell me where general hux was…….

in conclusion: first order hat + disney’s hollywood studios = profit 

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plot twist: spiderman, black widow, batman, and other animal themed heroes are actually miraculous holders

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i was planning to draw this out actually but im a little caught up to finish it so here is a peter parker (from the movie that i remember as a kid) but this is such a good idea lolol

my mom runs a dog insta for her dog and has a whole bunch of middle aged dog instagram friends and they leave all these sweet facebook-like mom comments on all my instagram posts. when one of her friends found out i was a lesbian she sent a homemade rainbow scarf and a rainbow snood for my dog to support me they’re so sweet and im emotional rn

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in the least creepy way possible can you show us ur bedroom? idk i feel like cos you're an interesting and creative and music oriented kinda person so it'll be cool looking? like one of those tumblr bedrooms

before anyone asks: i didn’t buy those bedsheets myself, my mum did it because she knew they looked like dans and wanted to have a lol