@ any theater/costume people who follow me please help. In my drama class we have to do a lip sync project with costumes and set and everything. I’m doing Javert’s Suicide. Costumes are supposed to not be like anything in other productions of the song. I do not know what to do. Help.

  • <p><b>Life:</b> You can drive<p/><b>Me:</b> Watches Gravity Falls<p/><b>Life:</b> You have a job.<p/><b>Me:</b> Watches Danny Phantom<p/><b>Life:</b> You're applying to college soon.<p/><b>Me:</b> Watches Star vs the forces of evil<p/><b>Life:</b> YOU HAVE RESPONSI-<p/><b>Me:</b> I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE GARDEN WALL!<p/></p>
I wish we could go back to that night. Where you held my hand. Where you spun me around in circles and danced with me under the stars. Where you pulled me close and cuddled with me like it was just us in the world. I want to go back just one more time. To feel your love one more time. To remember one more time how it felt to be in your arms. To remember you looking at me like I was your world.
—  I could wish for it a million times but I can’t go back to in time.
I either have way too much energy or not nearly enough. I like my coffee hot and milky and I probably add way too much sugar. I have T shirts with holes in them that I still wear. My jeans are probably too tight for your parents and my hoodies are definitely over sized. I still eat candy like a 7 year old addict & my hair is always a mess. My nails will always be black and I will never leave the house without a backpack. I wear beanies in the summer and my button down shirts are never actually buttoned down… I wear my hats backwards and I always forget my glasses. I’m never reasonable. You’ll probably always be right but I’ll still fight you on everything, & I hate making decisions. I hate ordering my food, & making eye contact with people I don’t know. I suck at making friends and I spend to much of my time drowning the rest of the world out with music you don’t like. I either eat my feelings or starve for 3 days. I take a lot of baths & I will always need my alone time. I have a thing for being dominated & I’m almost positive you are the only good decision I’ve ever made. I’m sorry for my past and I’ve got no idea what I’m doing with my future.
& for the time being… I’m okay with all of those things.
—  @ill-be-deathh

Is it still a date if Sasuke takes his break and they both happen to have a coffee with a side of conversation in the coffee shop(?) Sasuke’s embarrased of his hat hair but Sakura is taking in her first glimpse of a Sasuke without a hat. Still a cutie

Some school stuff hit me hard today so I felt like doodling some Coffee AU would ease some stress. Also, I went to Starbucks yesterday and remembered that the black long sleeved shirts was a thing. Does anyone else think that black long sleeved shirted baristas are hotter than the sun? 

  • Me on the first day of work/class/internship:Clean, brushed hair, makeup, nice clothes and shoes, clean coffee mug, prepared
  • Me on day 37:haven't showered in 3 days, messy greasy hair, jeans, sneakers, a shirt full of holes, and a mismatched 7 year old jacket which I've also all worn for 3 days, coffee mug reused 10 times and covered in stains, cannot find pencil, paper, or anything else and doesn't know what is going on
Daryl SHOULD be alright.

Ok,so this is my little analisis for this chapter,everyone is doing it and i want to do it too because i have a lot of feelings i need to share.

Ok,so here we have Daryl,super pale and looking like he’s about to die.He must have lost a lot of blood,and he looks very weak right now.

And here we have our friend Negan beating the shit out of someone.


♦It’s quite obvious that the person that was beaten to death didn’t have their hair in front of their eyes. Daryl wouldn’t have moved his hair just to have a better view of one of his friends getting killed.

♦Negan wanted to show everyone that even the strongest could fall. He wouldn’t have killed a person that is looking like shit and about to die.He wouldn’t have killed one of “the weaks”. He wanted to make everyone know what he could do. It wouldn’t make any sense if he killed someone weak,because they would probably die either way.

♦Negan says “Taking it like a champ” because the person that he’s beating to death is standing up to it. Not giving up so easily. Everyone else,even Rick,would have given up already,but this person is not giving up,not yet. They didn’t had any hair on their faces,so that makes me think that he might be killing someone that doesn’t have long hair: Glenn or Abraham. Maybe Eugene. I think it’s Abraham. Eugene would have given up. Glenn would have given up. Abraham was the only one who decided to stand up to Negan. And even if it isn’t Abraham, it could be Glenn.

Daryl needs to go to hilltop so Jesus can take care of him

Idk,just my two cents. I think Daryl is alright.