just marry eachother already

I need a McDanno fic, where Grace is just about to turn 14, it is a week before her birthday and Danny asks her what she wants. (At this point McDanno is still not canon and grace is completely fed up with both her dads shenanigans) So she tells Danny she has to think about it. Later on Steve asks her what she wants and she gives him the same reply she gave Danny, which is she has to think about it. 

So she writes them both a little note and puts them in envelopes and gives it to them and tells them “this is what I want”. She stands in front of them watching them both open the envelopes  at the same time and watching both their faces turn a whole new shade of pink.

They both stammer and studder through what they are trying to respond with. They both look at eachother wondering what the other’s note could have possibly said and they switch notes and blush even more.

Grace stands there very proud and finally says, “You asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and that is what I want.”

Danno, I want you to finally admit your feelings for Uncle Steve. I know you love him.

Uncle Steve, I want you to admit that you love Danno. That’s all I have ever wanted.”

Grace smiles and laughs, “It’s been 6 years! The entire world already thinks you are married! Why can’t you just admit it to eachother? I already think of Uncle Steve as my Dad, Danno.” Grace leaves to let them finally finally hash it out and admit their feelings.

And on Grace’s birthday they come out as a couple and Grace remarks this is the best birthday ever.