just marry each other already ok

ok but think about the first time Viktor and Yuuri say “my husband” when referring to each other??? im crying in the club

With Yuuri it’s like. they aren’t even married yet. he’s just already starting to think of Viktor as his husband it’s adorable

  • reporter: So, what’s a typical day with you and Viktor like?
  • Yuuri, neatly tucked under Viktor’s arm, his hand in Viktor’s back pocket: Oh, well my husband and I usually––
  • Viktor: [dying on camera]

and Viktor? Viktor loves the term “fiancé” he says it whenever he can. which means that the first interview he does after he and Yuuri get married is full of him loudly, purposefully correcting himself

  • reporter: Do you have any comments on the other skaters here today?
  • Viktor, bouncing with excitement: oh? other skaters? like?? Yuuri?? Yuuri, my fiancé–– oh, excuse me! My husband. My husband, Japan’s Ace, Yuuri? Yes, well his free skate was wonderful, I love my fiancé–– oops!! I meant my husband

and of course

  • reporter: Skater Yuuri Katsuki––
  • Viktor and Yuuri, simultaneously: It’s Katsuki-Nikiforov.
You meet at a wedding | (headcanon)


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- ok, let’s say that Chris Evan is getting married (I’m already crying) and you are bride’s sister/cousin;

- I have the feeling that Chris and his wife-to-be have already decided you and Tom have to become a couple;

- Because a) you are both single and ready to mingle and b) CHRIS IS JUST LOOKING FOR AN EXCUSE TO BE RELATED TO TOM;

- I bet Tom already spotted you in the crowd during the ceremony and he planned to go talk to you after;

- Little did he know that you are sitting next to each other at lunch;

- “Tom, this is the lovely Y/N. Y/N, this is the awesome Tom. You can thank me later” and with that Chris disappeared.

- You look at each other and blush like crazy because Chris has the talent of making people uncomfortable;

- But Tom finds a way to start a conversation and you spend the meal talking to each other;

- Tom can’t help looking at your smile every time he says something funny;

- He would tell you all the lame jokes that he knows just to make you laugh and he mentally high five himself every time you chuckle;


- You nuzzle his neck because his perfume is just soooo good;

- Chris looks at you and smiles, complimenting himself for his Cupid skills;

- At some random point Tom asks you to go for a walk at the beach nearby and you two steal a bottle of wine;

- In that moment Tom understands you are the woman of his life;

- You guys get sooo tipsy;

- “Let’s go into the water” you propose;

- At the end you opt for walking on the shore because the water is cold;

- Tom holds you hand and you put your head on his shoulders;

- Talking about your future goals in life;

- Tom holds your cheeks and looks into your eyes with a drunk smile and “I really want to marry you”;

- You chuckle “You have to ask me out before”;

- “Or we can directly skip all these ceremonies and get married”;

- When you grab the bouquet he understand that THIS CAN’T BE A COINCIDENCE BUT YOU ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER;

- The day later you receive a message from Tom and he really asks you out;

- Chris gave him your number because now you guys are his new fav OTP;

- I love weddings :)

Amber  - As A Roommate

A/N: idk why I’m doing this but I woke up with this idea and just… roll with me on this ok? I just think rooming with Amber would be so much fun

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  • First of all, expect this girl to definitely get on her knees and ask you to be her roommate *loads of cringing* and then jumping up and down constantly when you say “Ofcourse you dumb llama” because how how can you say no to this cutie patootie???
  • So then begins all the possible planning of how you divide the space
  • I think amber would be the kind to just let you do whatever you wanted as long as you were comfortable, but not taking up her space in the process you know
  • Can I put a huge poster of some random kpop group in the living room?”
  • “Yeah sure why not?”
  • “Can we have gigantic pompous portraits of ourselves framed for the drawing room walls?”
  • This girl is just super excited and happy that she gets a whole new person to explore and live with and she’s just happy it’s you ok trust me on this one
  • You’ll probably meet up in a cafe to decide when to go house hunting and who brings what and she gets so serious so quick it surprises you. She even insists on coming with you when you look for the house, even if she has schedules all day
  • So you guys get some snacks and ice-cream and just roam the streets of some really peaceful neighborhoods looking for a home

Originally posted by amberliuw

  • I feel like Amber might not show it but she really wants a home not just a house. She looks forward to filling it up with good memories. A place for her dogs to feel comfortable and a place where her friends can crash whenever. A place for the two of you to chill and feel safe
  • So when you find the place, it’s going to be a small fist bump and that’s it. You just know. This is the place.
  • Oh god moving day is going to be SO MUCH LAUGHING. you can’t get even one box unpacked because everyone is here to help and all you guys go out for barbecue and just laugh and laugh
  • But that night when you get back, its just the two of you on a single mattress in a huge empty room and you fall asleep so quick because you’ll have a lot more nights to stay up and talk
  • and boy do you talk
  • everything from childhood favourite games to high school friends to first boyfriends and the craziest things you have done - you just talk talk and talk
  • and rest assured, there will be all-girls-sleepovers with SO MANY PEOPLE
  • you come home and amber calls you up. She’s in her car and one of her friends has had a bad day so she was wondering if she could stay over (so cute she actually thought you’d be pissed) so you tell her only on one condition.
  • You buy the icecream and we CANNOT watch Marvel movies anymore ok Amber I’ve had it. I’ve just had it”
  • And it’s amazing that little laugh filled with relief in her voice over the phone. You don’t understand how she could have ever thought you’d be against it. Pabo

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  • Huge nights of cooking together
  • but the next few nights, you just order takeout. You’ve done enough ok
  • Though you love each other, loads, sometimes you just can’t be around each other. It’s normal for roommates to just get into everything together. Eventually your friends all become one and you end up hanging out inside, outside, everywhere. It’s too much. So some nights you go out with your friends and some nights when she’s away on her tour, you get time to just be you on your own
  • but when she goes on tour, you miss her loads and you can’t imagine ever having to live alone. How did you even do it for so long
  • You end up calling your friends ‘Amber’ because you’re so used to yelling at her
  • please protect the expensive cutlery
  • You get be in her vlogs randomly and suddenly people ship you guys together and amber tries to make a whole video of the two of you seriously accepting your marriage to each other. Yes You are married. So what
  • and so people start asking who amber would like to go on we got married with and she always looks at them like she’s offended and says “excuse me, I’m already married. To y/n”
  • But really, the fandom loves you and they follow you religiously and you become the amber messiah always putting up awkward selfies and sleeping and eating pictures of amber with captions like “ok fam you can calm down now i fed her” “she’s sleeping ok pls let me live”
  • If you’re both tomboyish and just non-girly, there are going to be so many mornings when you refuse to wake up and spend a whole day in your no-bra glory. This is the life ok
  • Heels and Bras were made by men and should be abolished bye

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  • You’re going to be seriously good friends with everyone she knows. It’s not because she wants to set you up or anything like it she just thinks you’re awesome and they’re awesome and if two awesome people meet - it’ll be so much more awesome
  • So you’re always on a random chat group with Mark or Jackson or Ailee or Eric or Henry or Min and it’s just TOO MANY PEOPLE OK TOO MANY PEOPLE
  • but then you realise suddenly that somewhere down the line they became your friends too. Their concerns start to bother you and sometimes when you feel down, they come over to spend time with you and just you, even if amber isn’t here
  • CYCLE COORDINATION OK (you know what i mean)

Originally posted by bruins-and-kittens

  • and beware of work-mode amber because I don’t think you’ll hear a peep out of this girl when she’s on a working trope. She’ll spend all day in her studio, possibly over work herself and come home to crash or just text you to say she’s crashing at the studio itself
  • you demand selfies and texts so that you know she’s actually alive
  • her parents and sister texting you to get updates about amber because this idiot forgets to call them sometimes
  • and it surprises you because they always end the call by saying ”You should come home sometime” and it just warms your ice cold heart
  • random late night stupid conversations
  • What if we are the aliens and we are going to take over another peaceful civilization????”
  • “Do you think Jackson ever looks at himself and says he’ll date himself 10000%” “YES.”
  • She lowkey tries to set you up with one of her friends but you can’t even think of that because if you do decide to date any of them it’ll get all awkward and you don’t want to risk your friendship with amber or their friendship with amber or just the possible relationship
  • and she just hugs you out of nowhere “Babe. You really think anything can change us?”
  • (so you end up dating one of the legends that she is friends with and you live happily ever after kbye live yo life treat yoself)

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  • Crying amber just breaks your heart and you want to personally hurt everyone who even thinks of hurting your poor llama. I know I will. COME FIGHT ME
  • but when she sees you cry for the first time, she sort of sinks down in front of you and just hugs you until you calm down and doesn’t question you until you’re ready to speak for yourself.
  • I just think Amber is such a sweet, mature and kind hearted girl with so much love and happiness for the world. Living with her is going to be so smooth sailing because she’s quite accepting of situations and people I mean you don’t even have to pay me or anything just let me live with her and take care of her pls im always concerned about her.
  • *Sigh* protect this llama.

Wouldn’t this be awesome? I really wanna room with her once. Even if it’s for fun

Let me tell you in a few words why i'm ok with the proposal

1. Sheldon simply had the ring already. It was with him all the time. He left Caltech and went straight to the airport. Dude was probably just waiting for the right moment.

2. Look at him while he’s holding that ring. Look at his face. There’s no doubt or dispair or insecurity there. Just certainty and calmness and love. His decision to cross the country to ask Amy to marry him wasn’t an act of despair, was an act of love.

There will be some drama. They will talk about it. They love each other. It will be fine.

Last Name

Alright, I really don’t think this is what you guys wanted but it sparked this idea so I thought I’d tag you in it anyway and I may come back to this prompt later and do another version if that’s ok :)  I’m sorry if it was claimed or something and I posted this anyway.

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You smile at Jax as you walk into church, all of the men sitting around the table turn to look at you quickly.
“This is (Y/N).  She used to help run jobs for the Outwoods in SoCal.  You know the boys from the pictures they showed you.”  Jax says.  You nod and sit at a seat against the wall, crossing your legs covered in black jeans with holes ripped throughout.
“I thought we were out of that shit.”  Tig rubs his hands over his head, messing up the already messy curls.
“She’s going to do a little recon for us with the 9ers.  Just to make sure we’re all on the same page.”  Chibs says.  His eyes are still roaming over you, you can practically feel them on your lowcut shirt.  You notice another set of eyes on you as you glance over to see the dark eyes of Happy watching you as well.

You sit while twirling the handcuffs previously on you around your finger.  The men that kidnapped you are passed out, one of them had nasty bruise on their neck that you kind of felt bad about but not enough to apologize.  The door bust open and your head tilts to the left, looking at the three men, Jax, Happy, and Chibs with their guns raised.
“Boys.  Little late on that.”
“I didn’t think they were going to kidnap you.”  Jax tucks his gun into the back of his pants, “you do all of this?”
“Yep.  Here’s their handcuffs.  I already have a set at home.”  You wink at Chibs as you hold the handcuffs to his chest.
“You got out of those and took out three guys.”  Happy says.  
“Yeah.  Not too hard when you have the element of surprise.  I didn’t think you’d appreciate if I shot them so they’re all just knocked out.”
“Marry me.”  Chibs says.
“You already got a damn wife.”  Happy grunts.  Your eyes narrow at the two and you look over to see Jax with an amused grin.
“I’ll meet you guys back at the clubhouse, ok?”  You raise your eyebrows at Jax and he nods while Chibs and Happy glare at each other.

Chibs and Happy square off against each other in the ring while Tig signals the start of the fight.  You sit on the patio table and sip from a beer when a pretty blonde sits next to you.
“I’m Lyla.  You’re Jax’s friend right?”  She holds out her hand and you slip yours into hers, returning her smile.
“They seem a little more determined than usual.  You know if there’s any stakes?”  Lyla leans back against her arms and you look her over.
“My hand in marriage.  I guess.  Where’s your hand at?”  You raise an eyebrow and smile at her laugh.
“I’m actually married to Opie.  That one over there?  He’s my teddy bear.”  Lyla points at Opie.
“That’s a damn shame.”  You wink at her and she snorts.
“You going to tell them you play for the other team?”  Lyla nods towards the ring, Happy throwing a punch at Chibs’ face.  
“Watch this.”  You whistle loudly, catching the boys’ attention.  They turn to look at you and everyone gets quiet.  “What’s my last name?”
They both look at each other and Jax burst out laughing along with Lyla and Opie.
“It’ll be Telford.”
“Shut the hell up man.”  Happy growls and swings again.  Chibs follows quickly with a right hook to Happy’s face.
“Once they figure that out, I’ll let them know.”  You say.
Lyla nods her head, “fair enough.”

The Unexpected Proposal

There’s a fluff day for skammonth first day of fanfic week so of course I had to write a yousana one shot. Hope you enjoy!! (Ao3)


The sun was bright outside, light peeking through the curtains of the living room. It drew patterns on the floor and Sana was resting on the couch, browsing through a playlist she was making for Yousef. He was sitting in front of the couch at her hips level allowing her from time to time to run her fingers through his hair and play with his curls. He was playing with the sunlight, making games of shadows with his hands. The only sound in the room was him humming softly some music. The rest of the house was silent as Sana’s father was taking a nap and no one else was there.

There was this connection between them, this connection that made it so easy to talk and voice their concerns to the other, to laugh and be silly and funny. It also made it easy to be silent. To simply be content of the fact that they were in the presence of each other.  It felt as though theywere completely alone, in their own house, at ease.

Sana used to stay quiet because she didn’t want to reveal too much of herself, because she didn’t always think she was interesting, because she was an observer. But with Yousef she stays quiet because even the silence is filled with words.

When he rests his head on her leg, when he touches her hand lightly, when he fidgets with the hem of her favorite cover on the couch, when he hums a love song, when he turns to smile at her or simply looks at her, when he stands up to get a glass of water and brings back two glasses, when he sits down and takes her hand to kiss it softly, when he makes himself at home in her home, she knows what it means. These are just some of the way he tells her “I love you”. All these little things are filled with love and care and affection and she has to put her phone down on her chest because she’s overwhelmed by the thought. She reaches for his hair and entangles one of her finger in his curl. He chuckles and the sound makes her smile.

“It’s almost long enough for me to braid it, you know?

- Is this your way of telling me to get a haircut? he laughs

- I like it a bit long but a slight trim definitely wouldn’t hurt.

- Yes ma’am!” He replies with a mock salute

She swats his head gently and he laughs. How is it that she loves his laugh more and more everyday? That she loves his smile, and his curls, and his eyes and his whole face more and mor everyday? How is it that she loves every bit of him ? How is it that everytime she feels as though she knows every part of him, he manages to show her a new one? He’s like a treasure box that keeps on revealing wonderful secrets and little gems and even the thing that she finds annoying, she loves. And the thought that he feels the same way on his side is the best treasure of them all.

“I sound like a romance novel full of clichés where the inner monologue of the heroine is solely made of thoughts about how her boyfriend is The One” she thinks “Well, mine is for sure.”

She smiles to herself and she moves her hand to caress the top of his neck then says, as if it was the most natural thing in the world because, to her, it is:

-“I want to be your wife.”

There’s a few second of silence as Yousef stops humming and freezes. She is also struck by what she just said because even if she has been thinking about it for a long time , since the beginning really, she didn’t expect it to come out like that. But she’s not backing down. She’s never been so sure of anything in her life.

As he’s still not answering, she speaks again:

-“I want to marry you. What do you think?”

He turns his head to look at her and if she wasn’t seriously waiting for him to answer, she would laugh at the dumbstruck look on his face.

-“Yousef…That’s your queue to reply.”

-“I…Sana…Everything’s ruined now!”

-“Wait, what?”

She knew he might object to the fact that they would get married really young but she never really had a doubt that he would say yes and now he’s saying that she’s ruined everything! She sits up, shaking, as he stands up.

-“ What are you talking about Yousef? I want to take this relationship to the next level. Why is this such a problem?”

-“What?! Oh no no no, Sana, it’s not like that. Nothing’s ruined between us!”

-“ You literally just said and I quote “Everything’s ruined now”!!”

-“ But it wasn’t about us! It was about the proposal!”

-“ What are you on about? Were you expecting balloons and cakes and confettis?!”

-“ No! But …”

-“ But what Yousef? You better tell me right now or I’m going to get really angry!”

-“ It’s nothing to be angry about, I just reacted like an idiot because that means I have to cancel all my plans.”

-“ Once again, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

He comes to take her hands and sits at her feet, facing her with a smile that could light up a whole city.

-“ I said that because I was planning on proposing to you next week and I had a whole thing planned with a restaurant and surprises but well…There’s no need for that anymore! I freaked out when you said it because I never expected it from you and my brain literally froze for a second and then I…

-“ You were going to ask me? You were going to propose?”

Sana’s smile is now a wide as his because this is a sign, a sign of how strongly they are made for each other. And even if she knew he might be thinking about it, to think that he had already made up his mind and planned something was overwhelming and she leaps into his arms to hug him. 

Due to his position on the floor and the unexpected weight of his girlfriend launching herself at him, Yousef falls on his back as he puts his arms around her. Sana laughs and his laugh joins hers soon after. He holds her close for a few seconds before making her roll next to him. They lay there on the carpet, looking at each other. He raises his hand and she slides her fingers between his, her heart pounding in her chest so strongly that he can probably feel it at the tips of her fingers. By the way his own chest raises and fall, she can tell he’s as excited as she is.

-“ I’ ve been thinking about it for a while now. I can’t believe you beat me to it! You had to win this as well, our basket ball games weren’t enough for you?”

-“ That’s how you know I’m truly the best!”

He sticks his tongue out to her and Sana literally stops breathing for a few seconds. It’s the first time she’s ever seen him do that and apparently he can get cuter than she already thought he was? She shakes her head to find her thread of thoughts again.

-“How long?”

-“ What?”

-“ How long have you been thinking about it?”

-“ Oh, it first crossed my mind when we started hanging out and it just became a kind of certitude I had, that I wanted you to be my wife.”

-“ Awww.”

-“ How many time do I have to tell you not to “awww” me?”

-“ I’ll stop when you’ll stop saying cute things and blushing”

-“ I’m not blushing”

-“ Yes you are! Well, were”

-“ Ok ok, I blushed! What about you?”

 -“ You mean, how long have I been thinking about it?”

 -“ Yes.”

-“ Same as you I think. Like I didn’t think about it right away when I first met you but I asked myself the question quite early on and, before our first date, I remember asking my mom why I couldn’t marry you if you weren’t a Muslim.”

-“ Oh wow, really? Already making plans with the family, were you?”

-“Haha yes. She was like “Sana, you’re 17. You don’t really know what love is or what marriage requires”.”

-“ And do you? Now?”

-“ Well, I just asked you to marry me didn’t I?”

-”Yes, yes you did, he replies with the biggest smile.”

- “So, we’re doing this then.”

- “We are”

- “Ok good”, she says before putting their joined hands on her stomach

- “Good”

He sits up suddenly and exclaims:

- “Fuck, we’re getting married!!! For real!”

She laughs and replies:

- “Yeah, I’d prefer a real wedding if possible.”

- “No, but you know what I mean! This is happening, we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together, we’re going to grow old together and I’m just, I’m freaking out!”

When he sees her frown he quickly reassures her:

- “ Don’t worry it’s a good kind of freaking out!”

- “Oh, ok”

- “How are you not freaking out yourself?!”

- “You know me, I don’t really do “freaking out”.”

She sits up to look him in the eyes and adds:

“- But right now, I feel like I could burst out of joy, I really do and I think that it’s absolutely wonderful that we’re doing this.”

- “I think so too.”

- “Good thing we’re getting married to each other then.”

He kisses her forehead

- “More like amazing wonderful thing”

- “I already said wonderful like five seconds ago.”

- “Shhh I’m trying to be romantic here!”

- “You planned a proposal with a restaurant, you’re already excelling at the whole romantic thing.”

- “Oh! I have to cancel that now.”

- “Cancel? I don’t think so, young man. I want my restaurant and my surprises!”

- “Oh I see! You only care about material things like that!”

Instead of replying, she tickles him and he falls back on the floor. When she stops, he sigh of relief and says:

- “Sana?”

- “Yes?”

- “This was the best proposal ever.”

She lies down next to him

- “This was the best answer to a proposal ever. Well, without the part where you made me worried of course.”

Before Yousef has the time to reply, he is interrupted by a voice coming from the door.

“- What are you two doing lying on the floor?”

Sana and Yousef sit up as quickly as they can to find that Sana’s father is standing at the door. They look at each other before looking back at him right when Sana’s mother and Elias open the door of the apartment, coming back from their walk in town. They join them in the living room and give them both a quizzing look.

-“Well, since everyone’s here, we have an announcement to make.”

Ok, I know Honey and Trois have some rival/whatever thing going on and most people think they hate each others guts but LOOK AT THIS



can you appreciate that Wheel of Time dispelled a love triangle not once, but twice. and then there’s the way they did it

the first books were like “yeah, Rand and Egwene are totally in love and gonna happen” without ever really showing why that was or anything to suggest they were romantically interested in each other other than the fact that they felt obligated to be. like it was a flat, boring romance and you were preparing to role your eyes that this was happening again. worse, Elayne showed up and started making it clear she like Rand. Min too.

but then Egwene and Rand were both like “wait, why are we even into each other,” realized that they had no attraction to each other than friends, and they both decided to stop playing with this forced romance and step away as just friends.

then there was still Min and Elayne. and Aviendha showed up and had sex with Rand in an igloo. only thing worse than a love triangle is a love square right? man, when they all meet up again, its gonna be nothing but poorly written cat fights over who loves Rand more.

wait did Aviendha and Elayne just get married?

when they are all finally together again, Aviendha and Elayne are too in love with each other to even consider fighting over Rand. Min and Elayne already adore each other. they’re all basically like “oh, we all like each other? oh, well ok then” and there is -7 drama in the situation, except the aneurysm Grandma Nynaeve is having other watching the four of them get married to each other.

wheel of time is a fourteen book series with over 11,000 pages and 4,000,000 words and it has no time for pointless love triangles


I think it was an anon who sent in a prompt to @omeliafics asking for a fic that revealed what happened between Owen and Amelia when he eventually found out she slept with Mark Sloan - I tried to make this light and funny as we all know tonight’s episode is going to be intense to say the least! Enjoy!

“Ok so what’s you number?” he asked snuggling up to her in bed, practically acting as her blanket.
“Owen you have my number, unless I’ve been texting or should I say sexting someone else?” she responded, turning over so she was no longer his little spoon. They were face to face, 
“No, no, I mean the number of people… you… you know…” he mumbled, falling over his words as her spoke.
“Kissed? Operated on? Punched? Yelled at? Had sex with? Loved? There are quite a few options, you know?!” she giggled, while quietly tracing abstract patters up and down his arm with her fingertips,
“Haha, very funny! Slept with?” he retorted sarcastically;
“Umm well… to be honest… I’ve never really kept count… I know that sounds bad but first there were my Hurricane Amelia years, and then college, Med School, Residency, L.A. …” obviously embarrassed by the question, which wasn’t very Amelia, she rolled onto her back so she was now facing the ceiling and not him; while a light blush slowly crept over her cheeks.
“Ok ball point – just throw me a number!” he pressed further, pushing himself up onto his elbows so he was still on his side but was at an angle which enabled him to look over her a little more. 

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anonymous asked:

This challenge may be easy or it may be hard, but if you choose to accept then post it in the tag. Challenge: Who is your Ultimate OTP ? The top dog ? The one ship that tops all others ? The ship that you would happily go down with ? Thanks for accepting. Much ♥

that sound hard indeed but if you close your eyes and search your kokoro only one holy ship will emerge

and thus my ultimate otp that i will go down to the end of universe with isss


why? bc of them acting married 

Originally posted by shippingdelights

and them acting married

and them being so married 

and them acting badass-married 

like badass




ok leave the married thing, they r my ultimate otp bc many reasons but mainly bc i truly wholeheartedly love them as individuals and their sadness tears my heart and you see how they are the light and sunshine for each other (for clear vision see this post ) and if you ask why i love them even more than yonak its bc they r faaar from being an end game they like have 10% chance happening and this make everything about them more special and trigger more feels and just.. GET MARRIED ALREADY 

btw: my ultimate fav character is gintoki and my ultimate fav show is gintama


#just fuck me up #look at the way they’re looking at each other with those dopey eyes #and deep breaths #her awestruck look when he says thank you #HIS AWESTRUCK LOOK WHEN SHE SAYS HIS NAME #HER HAND OVER HIS HEART #LOOK AT HOW HE KEEPS IT THERE #AND KEEPS CARESSING HER FINGERS #i can’t #i just can’t ok #KISS ALREADY #GET MARRIED ALREADY #MAKE BABIES ALREADY

niall and zayn love complimenting each other ? like they just like telling one another how beautiful they are ?

and then exchange i love you’s ? like it’s totally casual ?

and more compliments ?

admiring niall’s teeth ? because why not ?

and like sharing kisses because what is better than sharing a little love?

and like there is that touching again ?

and like that wasn’t enough so zayn had to hold niall ? like what kind of Princes realness is this? get them married already !!!

ok lets not forget how NIALL CARED FOR ZAYNIE how niall learned about zaynie and REMEMBERED. 

does he still wish him eid ? :-)

and please look at the love niall had, his eyes are SHINING looking at zayn


Gintama anime ep 309/manga chaps 527 - 528

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

I loved this episode! I loved these chapters! I loved them all to bits and pieces! Finally! The Shinsengumi team up with the Jouishishi (seriously too, not just for laughs)! And finally, Zura gets to participate in a dramatic arc!   I honestly don’t think that’s happened since the Benizakura arc. Or, at least that’s what it feels like. Sure, he’s popped up here and there in the funny arcs, but he was pretty much put on stand-by for the serious arcs like the Yoshiwara arc, the Kabukichou Four Devas arc, Baragaki arc, Courtesan of a Nation arc (though you did address his absence), the Grim Reaper arc, and of course the recent Shogun Assassination arc. Now I know you might argue that he really wasn’t necessary in any of those arcs, except perhaps for the last one, but I was still a little sad that he was left out of the meatier storylines. I felt that poor Zura was being neglected.

Therefore, I am so grateful that not only is he finally a part of an important arc, but he is actually playing a vital role in it! What makes his machinations so awesome is that all of them is in honor of his dear departed friend, ShigeShige. That’s one of a qualities I love most in Zura: how he is able to completely change his views based on his friendships. He became decidedly less anti-Amanto after he met Elizabeth, arguably a little less anti-Shisengumi after meeting Kondou (just a little), and now after meeting Shi-chan, he is actually putting aside his terrorist ways to protect the Shinsengumi in order to fulfill the promise he made to his shogun buddy. Of course he’s technically still fighting against the Bakufu, but ironically, now it’s for the memory of its past ruler.  Despite being prone to occasional bouts of silliness, he has always seemed to be the most calm, logical and mature member of the Joui 4. I think he’s the only who actually followed in his teacher’s footsteps. (Even though it was set up as a joke, I loved that he even modeled the Jouishishi recruitment process after an academic exam, creating a classroom setting for future rebel inductees.)  While his way of the samurai has never wavered, I love that at the same time, he is willing to adjust his means and motives as necessary.  

Other than the triumphant return of Zura, what I also love about this episode is how protective everybody is of one another.  Of course my favorite instance is when Gintoki took Hijikata’s punch to the face, knowing he intended that for NobuNobu (wow, thanks to you, I almost forgot what a dick he is). Gintoki knew that if Hijikata had actually made contact with NobuNobu’s person, the Shinsengumi would be done for. It would definitely be seppuku for everyone (by the way, I love that the focus shifted to Gin-chan when NobuNobu talked about having Hijikata execute his own boss. Excellent allusion to what Gintoki went through with Shouyou). I could feel the tension emanating from Hijikata, who was really fighting every bone in his body to not spring into action at the end. Of course he knew that if he did anything stupid, he would be wasting Gintoki’s act of kindness, but it was obvious that it was taking all of his willpower to not act upon his instincts. I like that even Isaburo reminded him to not be foolish; in retrospect, that was actually pretty nice of him.

A close runner-up to that GinHiji moment is the exchange between Okita and Kagura. I loved Kagura’s speech to him, which was truly touching. I have never thought them to be more perfect for each other than in that moment. I wanted them to get married right away.  Ok, maybe I’m being a little silly, but her pep talk was just so sweet, especially since it was something Okita dearly needed at that point. And then to end their scene with the Jouishishi gang showing up with the rest of the Shinsengumi team was just the best cherry on the top of an already awesome sundae.  I love that Team Bandai Namco even added more lines to Elizabeth and Shimaru’s written dialogue to make them even funnier.

Much like your two chapters that were being brought to life, this episode was just perfection from beginning to end. My God, we even got a sweet KonTae moment, courtesy of Tae-chan for once!  I know there are many, many more awesome moments in store for us in the near future so please don’t be surprised if you hear me repeat the words “perfect and perfection” again and again during the coverage of this arc by the anime. Your chapters utterly deserve it.

Yours truly,

A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams


Favorite GinHiji moment (because I mentioned it):

(lol, so weird that it’s the mirror image of the manga)

And I am including this one cuz I’m a cheater:

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Is there something new about haruka and takanes relationship? mb something new or only this harushin? ;_;


Ughhh… I kinda didn’t wanna publish this due to many reasons (such as the LQ  translation), but well… it’s true that I haven’t seen anything about Haruka and Takane on my dash and on every other spoiler sites I’ve come across so…  I’m so sorry and here you are.

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can u give me reasons to ship homin? i want to ship them real bad and ur recommended. pretty pls.

oh boy. OH BOY you have probably stumbled into something way more than you imagined but here I go.

First of all what you gotta know is this is homin in a nutshell but slightly (much) more gay

but first of all we’re gonna go on a little journey I like to title ‘why did I do this to myself & why are they doing this to each other’.

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Help! I just finished everything about anything concerning Mystic Messenger, and now there is a 707 shaped hole in my existence. Do you have any other gaming suggestions to put a bandaid on this recent horror of completion? I skimmed as much as I could on here to make sure I haven't asked something someone else had, but my sadness became too much of a burden. Thank you for your help!

Ohh, good question, anon. Hmm. Well, I can suggest to you some of my favourite games that I think have somewhat similar elements to MysMe, though if you’re looking specifically for otome game suggestions, I’m afraid I haven’t played very many of those, actually :P

  • Rune Factory series (especially Rune Factory 4, the most recent entry)
    • Harvest Moon-esque game, only you also get to go monster-fighting alongside raising crops. You can play as either a boy or a girl and there are 5 love interests to choose from depending on which gender you choose. The romance aspect is suuuuper cute – you can ask your SO out on dates and hold their hand and stuff, plus there are little scripted events that often involve several other characters and are really wonderful for making the town feel alive
  • Mass Effect series
    • I mean, this is definitely not a visual novel-type game, but the romance part is very well done. The story is mind-blowing and the gameplay itself is superb. The dialogue system is my favourite in any game, ever. The characters are extremely well-developed and wonderful to get to know. Plus Garrus is the best banter buddy of all time. Except when he’s calibrating the Normandy.
  • Zero Escape series
    • Doesn’t have any romance, but has spectacular, tight-knit writing, great characters, and a plot that will definitely keep you on your toes. It’s a visual novel game that also has escape-the-room segments. Highly recommended.
  • Hakuoki
    • I realize there are a crap-ton of spin-offs, but I’ve only played the original. It’s often considered the king of otome games (or at least the most well-known). It’s a pretty traditional visual novel, but it’s well-written and well voice-acted, and as a bonus it’s set in 1800s Japan so you get some cool history knowledge while you’re at it.
  • Persona 3 and Persona 4
    • Personally I’d recommend P3P or P3FES and P4G as the best way to experience P3 and P4. P3P has the added bonus of being able to play as a female character and romance some of the guys.
    • Really, really cool take on JRPGs with a load of character development and an awesome plot. Don’t be confused by the titles–you definitely don’t have to play any of the previous entries (they’re not connected aside from the occasional tongue-in-cheek reference much like how Cheritz mentions Nameless and Dandelion in MM)
  • Ace Attorney series
    • No romance, just awesome characters, really compelling story, and fun gameplay, too :D Visual novel-type game with some investigation portions and courtroom sections
  • Aloners
    • Free downloadable PC game that’ll probably take you only a few hours to complete, but it’s absolutely fantastic and a really interesting take on an otome game.
  • Fire Emblem Series (especially Awakening and Fates)
    • Really cool strategy RPG where you also get to match up all the characters (basically you’re like the ultimate matchmaker lol). It’s honestly addicting collecting all the support conversations as the members of your army get to know each other. The story for both games is really well done and well-presented. Also everyone deserves to marry Chrom at least once.

Hope this gives you a few ideas, anon! You can also check out Cheritz’s other games, Nameless and Dandelion, on Steam if you haven’t already. They are also quite good. Have fun!

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omg au where dave and karkat become integalactic pen pals at a young age, dave because of a school outreach project and karkat to learn human speak because he wants to live on earth someday, and they become best friends and then during dave's senior year karkat arrives at his high school as an exchange troll and they go to college together and fall in love and all of that beautiful fluffy shit


karkat who has plans to have the striders as his host fam so dave who has his license by then drives to the airport w a big ol sign w some lame alien joke on it like welcome 2 earth take me 2 ur leader or smtn and a bad drawing of karkat on it and o my gosh them meeting face 2 face for the first time like daves coolguy facade is out the window and he fkn scoops karkat up in this big hug like DUDE UR SO TINY and karkat aint even mad bc DAVE ITS RLLY U 

o no the strider apartment is v small and the couch is dangerous so karkat would naturally stay in daves room right,, mb they got a makeshift recooperacoon w sopor in prep for karkat and its like alongside daves bed so they can lay beside each other and just talk about stupid shit and o no

dave laying @ the very edge of his mattress and karkat looking up @ him from his lower sopor trough and the moonlight thru the window catching in karkats eyes and dave is starting to rethink everything bc karkat ur 2 pretty wtf the fuck

karkat who is entirely enamored with daves pale skin and white hair and his freckles and how delicate his everything is and hes so protective of it all bc dave u could get hurt so easily i will be ur strong bf (brofriend) and keep u safe for forever

omg bullies going 2 pick on one of them and karkat TEARS INTO THEM verbally and its so fkn great o my gosh

highschool ends and karkat is told he can go home now and he hides the letter for a few weeks until they call the strider residence like yes hello pls return our troll and karkat who just blurts what if i want to stay? bc he and dave are already doing research on colleges; dave forgot karkat has to go back and karkat was forcing himself not to think about it

so ofc he has to go thru immigration shit but since the world is warming up 2 trolls hes allowed to stay and o man him and dave finding a college that will accept trolls, even tho dave is smart enough to go somewhere way more prestigious, and they bunk 2gether and are just super cutesy and then it starts getting romantic ahhhh

them as kiddies having gotten like one of those best friend necklaces thats in two parts and dave sent half 2 karkat and tHEY BOTH STILL HAVE THEM when they go to college and they hang them up 2gether when they find out the other still has his and its so cute ok theyre so fkn cute and everyone on campus thinks theyre already together when they move in

they banter like a married couple bc they know each other so freaking well and its just,,, bless u anon im so into this rn i love this au so fkn much h el p