just married couple

  • Gillian Anderson, 2016: “I wouldn’t have guessed that somebody would be paying us old folks to be portraying these characters to our deathbeds. But if that’s what the fans want and they’re not put off by our walking sticks, then fantastic. Everybody wins.”
  • David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, 2017: *show up to upfronts for The X-Files Season 11 in an arm-sling and crutches, respectively*
the signs as ppl i saw at the airport at 4 am
  • Aries: the pilot that had a bottle of pepsi and a bottle of coke in his hands and looked at both for a long while before buying them both, mixing them into the same cup, and downing the whole cup in one swing.
  • Taurus: the old guy who accidentally threw his phone in the trash and got his two year old granddaughter to dig it out of the trash
  • Gemini: the guy across the waiting area from me that bought a whole bag of black licorice and poured it in his mouth
  • Cancer: the lady that has spider earrings in February
  • Leo: the obvious just-married couple that started making out aggressively in starbucks
  • Virgo: the guy trimming his nose hairs in the bathroom
  • Libra: the guy whose flight got delayed by and hour and he just kinda. collapsed into a chair and he looked like he was about to sob.
  • Scorpio: the very nice lady that asked me how old i was and how highschool was and offered me a cookie from her purse. it was stale and had a bite taken out of it.
  • Sagittarius: this 5 year old girl that was wearing five jackets while her parents wore shorts
  • Capricorn: that guy in gate 69 who would dab every time someone said "69" over the intercom
  • Aquarius: this girl talking on the phone to her husband and trying to explain how to make a perfect eyeliner wing
  • Pisces: the guy who obviously lost his luggage and was wearing a too-small powderpuff girl shirt and bags under his eyes.

“I wouldn’t want my favourite Vulcan to get cold on my watch!”

Some soft Spirk on a foreign planet! Dedicated to the wonderful @plaidshirtjimkirk , whom I greatly admire, especially because she took it upon herself to protect the beauty of healthy relationships against the terrible clutches of unhealthy media!

You rule! Keep being awesome!