just makes me cringe

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Hey J. Bologna. I've read down there on your blog that you don't like dresses without shoulders because of men shoulders (Something I have to live with too) but how do you do to not feel insecure about the arms? I don't have a lot of hair in my arms but just seeing them make me cringe if I'm wearing a dress at the time. You think it's better to shave, to wax or to go directly to laser (I don't really like that last one becasue it means no hair on man mode)

Dearest W. Byebitch, I actually don’t shave my arms out of laziness, but if you go between wanting arm hair and not wanting arm hair then I’d recommend shaving. Honestly I’ve been hitting the gym because I’m gaga over the idea of kickass women– so my arms are getting a little more masculine. As a non-binary I think the best thing to do is embrace what makes you unique. The song “Ballad of a Ladyman” by Sleater Kinney makes me feel like a rockstar, personally. There’s not much you can do to your arms other than shaving them, so I’d recommend doing your best to love them. They’ve always been there for you– your arms. They’ve always been there pick you up when you’re down– literally.

My real life friend's don't understand me.
  • RL Friend:So who else do you ship on Glee?
  • Me:I don't understand the question.
  • RL Friend:Well, you said Faberry, who else?
  • Me:Brittana, but it's not as hardcore as Faberry.
  • RL Friend:Okay, who else?
  • Me:No one...pretty much just Faberry.
  • RL Friend:Do you ship Puck and Quinn?
  • Me:...No.
  • RL Friend:Why not?
  • Me:Because Rachel is suppose to be with Quinn and viceversa.
  • RL Friend:Yeah but don't some of your friends on tumblr do that mult-ship thing?
  • Me:Yeah. But I don't multi-ship.
  • RL Friend:Why not?
  • Me:*sighs* Because Quinn is suppose to be with Rachel. Rachel is suppose to be with Quinn.
  • RL Friend:Okay, but what if you had to choose them to be with someone else?
  • Me:Go away.

Okay so I noticed 

and holy shit, 2.1k is a fuckton of kudos??? More than I personally feel this fic deserves (everyone is critical of their old writing… I mean I wrote this expecting NO ONE to read it and it was unbeta’d… more of an experiment than anything else), but I’m so appreciative of every single one of them, you have no idea how much every reader means to me. So like, thank you so much to everyone who read and enjoyed the fic, because I wrote it when I was a smol bby who didn’t know anyone in the fandom and hadn’t written anything yet, but the amount of support I got for this one fic was so encouraging and really helped me develop my skills and build confidence about sharing my writing with people. Anyways thank you I adore you all for supporting me <3 <3 


You new fans need to learn your history right lol. Sure H!P and MM have a lot of history and sure it’s all in Japanese, but, you know. That’s what the HPWikia and old H!O threads are for. It just makes me cringe seeing new fans flailing about their oh-so-novel ideas that H!P has tried before and failed at. This desire for a foreign member for example. No one seems to remember how furiously JunLin were flamed when they were added, or how badly Coconuts Musume bombed.

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Well tbh Jared Leto is a talented guy, I have no issue with his acting but the guy is a petty asshole milking all the worth of that "oh look at me playing a PG-13 Joker has turned me into a dark and dangerous psychopath this vicious role has left me no choice but to repeatedly harass my co-stars and make everyone's life a living hell" cliché and fairly speaking that's just disgusting. I was rooting for Harley though but that "oh sorry the voices in my head haha" thing is just awful

It does make me cringe though like that part in the trailer where he says “I can’t wait to show you my toys” and he’s literally.. doing the exact same voice Heath Ledger did in The Dark Knight like.. this isn’t Jared Leto as the Joker it’s Jared Leto as Heath Ledger as the Joker like can someone pls just set Natalia Kills on his ass

incredibly unpopular opinion that I might actually get killed for

I ????? dOn’t LiKE ????? the Shawn/Maya ????? ReLatIONshiP?????

My problem with AGT is that these are supposed to be million dollar acts and a generic but good dance team just isn’t worth a million dollars. so it makes me sort of cringe because the judges act so wowed and literally you could probably find a local high school dance team better than some of these people. 

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Would Alex and Warren be cool with being with a chick who doesn't like the daddy kink? (It just makes me cringe b/c I think of my actual father and just no that is the absolute last thing I wanna think about when I'm bumping uglies)

of course! they’d only do what makes you comfortable! 

As much as I love music, I do not like attending the school choir’s performances. If the song choice is good, the arrangement is poor, and vice versa.

And that just makes me cringe. But this year, the school is 25 yrs old. So they decided to put on an extravaganza.

And force all the teachers to attend.

And yes, there were songs/bits/pieces where I cringed to the max. Luckily not all, some were very good.

But you know what the coolest thing was? To see my kids. There was not a single kid, from grade 9 upwards, who I have not taught at one stage or another. To see my precious cherubs bloom like that…honest to Om, I cried.

And I remembered why I am teaching, again.

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Jocelyn knows that Jace is not her son because of his looks. She doesn't get to see him first hand but I believe Luke describes him to her and the big difference is their hair and eyes. The real jonathan has black eyes.

Right!! yes yes, I just really want the incest thing to stop because it makes me cringe and I know they aren’t brothers but still, when I was reading the books I remember a scene where they still desired each other? and they still didn’t know they weren’t siblings