just make out on center ice

The player on center ice

A Check Please Soulmate AU

Yes, another one. This is a one-shot.

Warnings: time-travel. Don’t try to make sense of it, it’s just fluff.

Sometimes, your soulmate came back in time to give you a pep-talk. Not that you remembered who they were and what they said, but the feelings remained. 

This story is set during Bitty’s first year. 

Eric was about to quit hockey. He would quit hockey, then quit Samwell altogether, and go back to Georgia his tail between his legs and prove right every single person that said he wasn’t strong enough for such a manly sport.

Jack had chewed him out again- in front of everyone.

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Because of what’s happening with immigration, they want to remain anonymous,” said the executive director of a suburban Maryland community center that works extensively with the undocumented population. She asked that her name and organization be withheld out of concerns that ICE might target it. “They just make do on menial amounts of food. They’re okay with rice and beans. I have parents who won’t even apply for free or reduced-price lunch, because it puts them on the radar.
Things that Surprised Me about Hockey

As promised, here is my post of things that surprised me when I went from zero to sixty in terms of hockey knowledge.

  1. Holy shit how does anybody ever score, ever? I used to wonder why hockey games are typically low-scoring. I do not wonder anymore. There’s no other major sport where the goal is so well-defended. In football and basketball (and baseball, if you think of it like that), there are defending players, but the goal itself is undefended. In soccer, there is a goalie, but the goal is way bigger than them. In hockey, the goal is a tiny 4 x 6 net defended by a large man wearing enormous pads who basically takes up all the space and spends his life practicing intercepting pucks. The current NHL average goalie save percentage is 91.4%. The current NHL leader is sitting on a 95% save percentage. If you score on him, you’re probably more lucky than good. Also, teams looooooove their goalies. That’s their boy. He’s the only one who’s out there the whole game (unless he gets hurt) and he’s the last line of defense. Immediately after the game is over, the whole team files by the goalie to give him a little pat or helmet bump. If the other team messes with the goalie, prepare for WRATH.
  2. There is no such thing as “sitting on the bench” like there is in other sports. Oh, there are guys on the bench, but they ain’t staying there. Cause you see, hockey players swap out all the freaking time. It’s insane. If you’re used to other sports, and you’re not paying attention to the players’ numbers, it’s easy to miss the fact that the guys on the ice change constantly. Hockey is so strenuous that you can’t do it for full-on game speed for more than a couple of minutes at a time, a little more for defensemen. And they don’t stop play to make substitutions! They just sort of fling themselves over the boards and switch out while the puck is in play. I have not yet stopped being impressed by this. A team typically has four sets of forwards (they go out in “lines” of three, a center and two wingers) and three sets of defenseman pairs. Usually the only guy out there the whole time is the goalie. Most of the time, all 12 of the forwards are going to get comparable amounts of ice time, especially in teams that have lots of deep bench strength. If the game is a blowout, the winning coach may choose to rest his top two lines (usually his best players) and give the lower-tier guys more ice time.
  3. There are eight million awards in hockey. There are like dozens of variations on “The [Somebody’s Name] Trophy” or “The [Somebody’s Name] Award.” They’re all for specific stuff. There’s one for the top-scoring player, one for the goalies, one for the playoff MVP, one for the best overall player voted by the players…it’s kind of intimidating. They have an awards show and everything. Like the Oscars.
  4. Hockey rosters are not big. I was used to teams of 60-70 dudes in football. Hockey teams typically have 23ish guys on the roster, but by rules can only “dress” 20 guys per game (as in, get them in gear and ready to play). That’s four lines of forwards, three D-man pairs and two goalies. That’s not a lot of dudes.
  5. Fifty percent of the players in the NHL are Canadian. I mean, I knew there were a lot of Canadians but I didn’t know it was THAT many. Only one-quarter are American. The other quarter are mostly Russian, Swedish, Finnish and Czech players.
  6. There are more hockey teams than I thought there were. Currently 30, although it’s soon to be 31 with the new Las Vegas expansion team. Seven of those teams are in Canada.
  7. The NHL All-Star Game is not just a game, it’s a whole days-long extravaganza. The players don’t just play a game. They also engage in the Skills Competition, which is like a fancy pro-athlete game show and it’s amazing. The two team captains select players to compete in stuff like Fastest Skater, Hardest Shot (that’s hardest as in force, not hardest as in most difficult), shootout, and accuracy. There’s also an anything-goes breakaway competition that’s purely judged on fan votes, so the players can do whatever they want - wear costumes, do fancy trick puck shots. There’s lot of stuff from the skills competition on YouTube, it’s fun.
  8. Hockey is grueling. There are 82 games in the regular season. That’s a lot considering how physically demanding the game is and how much of a pounding these guys give each other (checking is harsh, even without a fight breaking out). Sometimes they have to play two days in a row. I don’t even know, man.
  9. All these players know each other. I mean, I know that’s true in many pro sports, but it just seems more true in hockey. The hockey world is small, and everybody played together either in the junior leagues, the minors, the Olympics or Worlds, or on various teams.
  10. Being a captain actually means something. When you start learning about hockey teams and players, within 0.5 seconds you’ll start knowing who the team captains and alternates are. The captain is the only player who’s empowered to discuss rulings on the ice with the officials. A good captain is equal parts leader, cheerleader, counselor, and on-ice coach.
  11. Hockey is invisible. There are not a lot of players in hockey who break out into fame just in the general sports world, and even fewer who get name-recognition in general pop culture. Wayne Gretzky is probably the last one, Mario Lemieux, perhaps, and Sidney Crosby definitely has it in the sports world but even he’s not general pop-culture famous (except in Pittsburgh and Canada). That’s…kinda fun, in a way. Like being part of a little secret club who know who Alexander Ovechkin is.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now. Shoot me a message if you have Hockey Questions. I get intense when I pick up a new interest.

a Study in Red

Find this chapter here on Ao3.
Unbeknownst to Tim, Jason falls unexpectedly hard for a college kid that lives off brie.
The slow-build Stolen Kisses prompt wherein Jason needs a tutor and Tim miraculously finds the time to pencil him in. 
Author’s note: You know, my entry for the Feb JayTimWeek that turned into 25K+ words (and still going??). 
The biggest hug to @tanekore​ who is the most patient and supportive being on this planet, who did an art for this and has been holding onto it for an eternity. I still have a few chapters left to write, but in terms of posting…it was time.

Chapter 1:

“What’s the what?” Tim asked, propping his phone between his shoulder and chin. The class was packed and he struggled squeezing behind other students to get to an empty seat.

“If I’m on a building that’s thirty feet tall and the width of the street below is twenty feet wide–”

“What?” Tim interrupted again, just before bumping into a girl by accident. The hall was pure chaos, and Tim barely had a chance to offer her an apologetic smile before scrambling to claim an empty chair a few feet away. “Where are you?” he asked against the cool screen of his smartphone. “I mean – thirty feet tall? In Gotham?”

“Tim, ix-nay on the erd-nay – it’s a simple question. If the building is thirty feet tall–”

“Uh,” Tim interrupted, rifling through his pack in an effort to find his pencil bag. “I hate to break it to you, but no building in Gotham is thirty feet tall,” he countered, his voice nearly lost to the dull roar of the lecture hall – the place was a boisterous haze of mid-semester dread. “It’s an architectural thing. Each floor does have, like, a ten foot standard but you’ve got to calculate the interstitial space, and—”

“Tim,” Jason said, half-serious. “Timbo-yo-himbo. Timbo-Slice . You’re making this way too complicated.”

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For Forever - Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 1751
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: fluffy, falling out of trees
Summary: Inspired by the song For Forever from the musical Dear Evan Hansen, you and Peter take a trip to a hidden gem- an open field filled with trees, that not many people visit. Talking about anything and everything, having a picnic, and climbing a tree makes for two friends having a perfect day.
Authors Note:  I’m obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen…so this had to happen. I also think this song is more lovey than the “love” song between the boy and girl…SO I USED THIS ONE. I love love love this musical so much and ughhhhh it’s just so good. AND I WROTE SOMETHING NOT ANGST FOR ONCE THATS ALSO PRETTY LONG IM EXCITED

Peter / Full Masterlist


You took a bite of your ice cream as you drove both you and Peter down the winding road. “How much further?”

“Not too much further. We should be there soon,” You told your best friend and thought about the picnic basket and necessities in the trunk. Soon enough, you pulled into a dirt parking space and got out of the car to grab the basket and extra things. Not many people visited this hidden gem.

The hidden gem was an open field, which just so happened to be framed with trees. It allowed for the outer parts to have shade, but the center to have open space to allow the sun to come in and watch the clouds pass by, waiting for the sun to go hide away and let the moon and stars come out. Which was perfect for the end-of-May weather, making for a great day.

It was near an apple orchard, which was by an ice cream stop, but not many people actually visited this field. You and Peter grabbed the basket filled with goodies and the blankets in the back of the car. “Race you there!” Peter shouted and took off running.

“Not fair!” You yelled back, grabbing the last of the things and shutting the back of your car, locking it before taking off. “That was so mean, Peter!”

You ran with your hands full to find Peter laying on the ground in the middle of the open field. You laughed a bit and walked up to him, sitting beside the boy with his eyes closed. “Hey!” You yelled, making Peter jump.

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i’m just thinking about taako and angus making ice cream and mags is just…eagerly waiting to try some, waiting for it to churn and begging them to use some magic to make it freeze faster (which for obvs reasons taako is adamantly against) and finally after hours of waiting taako scoops him a bowl and like before taako can even scoop angus one mags has already scarfed it down and waiting for more and angus gets a kick out of it so taako lets it slide..but he does it again so taako flings a scoop at his face and anyway this is how they find out that magnus is allergic to milk as he breaks out in a rash immediately 

Stalker Alert!

Request: “Hi!! Can i request a scenario where it’s late at night and y/n is stalked by a dude and phonecall shownu for help(?) He shows up scaring her but then she clings to him cause she’s scared to death. You can decide the finale :) Happened to me the other night and shtted my pants lmao ;__;”

Ship: Shownu x [y/n]

Word Count: 982

i deeply apologize if this scenario is really dry ;^; i really am sorry tho ;-; but i hope that you’ll like it? huhu i also apologize for any misspelled words and wrong grammar. credits to the owner for this gif


Originally posted by porkbunwonho

There were barely any life-forms roaming around the street as it was already past 10. You just got out from the study center and was making your way towards your apartment. The small light illuminated by your phone caught your attention, bringing your phone up to your face, only to see a text from your boyfriend, Shownu.

  • appa nu (10:07 pm): Babe, where are you?

Quickly tapping your fingers away, you replied a ‘I’m on my way home now… I’m still at the deokbokki shop’ and transferred your gaze back towards the road right ahead of you. Scanning your surroundings, you couldn’t help but have a eerie feeling creeping on your back.

Your heart was starting to beat really fast and you could feel the pit of your stomach churn. Cold sweat ran down through your back and temples, making you swallow a huge amount of saliva. The sound of footsteps echoed through the empty streets. 

This was the last thing that you’ve wanted to have at the end of the day and that was having someone follow you and probably kill you or something. Fastening up your pace, you turned to the right and started to fumble on your phone, trying to unlock it without dropping it on the concrete ground.

Oh God, help me…. I’m being stalked oh gosh… I’m still young… I don’t want to dieeee!!!! you mentally screamed, trying to fight back the tears when you heard the footsteps once more. Unlocking your phone with your thumbprint, you immediately dialed Shownu’s number.

The number that you have dialed is currently not available, please try again later. Beeeeeeeep

Feeling that the footsteps behind you were starting to catch up, you didn’t think twice but to run as fast as you can. Turning at the nearest intersection, you brisked walk and dialed Shownu’s number once more, crossing your fingers.


Babe, where are you? I need you right now….” your voice trailed off as you tried to calm your beating heart down. You could feel your throat parched from running. Looking at your back, you heaved a sigh and continued to walk towards your apartment.

(Why? What’s wrong?)

I’ve been followed by some stalker and I don’t know what to do… I just keep on turning and running and turning–”

(Babe, calm down. I’ll be there, alright? Just give me– Beeeeeeeep)

You could feel your world crashing down when you saw that your battery just died. Stopping for a moment, you looked through your bag to search for your power bank but then froze by the second you heard those footsteps once more. Zipping your bag up, you continued to walk, fastening your pace.

The thought that it might be a rapist or some freak scared the heck out of you. There were barely any life-form around and you wouldn’t want your name to be plastered on every single news station with a ‘Lady was raped and killed at ****** street. The suspect has been…’ as a headline. 

Coming to a halt, you felt the chills running down your spine when the footsteps vanished. You had only two options, beat the pulp out of that creep or ran for your freaking life. And being the person that you are, you wouldn’t want to back out without any fight. Positioning your self into a fighting position, you stayed quiet and listened to the footsteps.

When the footsteps was already near you, it vanished once more. Beads of sweat trickled down your temples, your heart beat raced and your stomach churned once more. Your lips quivered and tears were already welling up in your eyes. Taking a step back, you felt your back meet something hard to which literally made you freeze.


Without any hesitations, you screamed your lungs out and cried your eyes out. “Hey, calm down. It’s just me, babe.” The sound of Shownu’s voice made you calm down. He grabbed both of your shoulders and made you face him, making you throw your arms around his neck and bawl your eyes out.

“I was freaking scared, Hyunwoo!” you cried out. Shownu hugged you back and gave you a light pat on the back. “There’s no need to cry now. Hey, look at me.” He slowly loosen your grip around him and cupped your cheeks, looking straight into your eyes.

“Hey, you’re safe now… and I have to confess something…” He whispered while wiping your tears with his thumb. “What?” you asked and sniffled at the same time. “I was the one who’s been following you this whole time… hehe, sorry.” Shownu flashed you a sheepish smile. 

Hearing his confession, your arms lifelessly dropped at your side. Your eyebrows furrowed and you stared at him in disbelief. “Why didn’t you make any sound?! Arghh… I got scared for nothing?!” Shownu just chuckled in response as he continued to watch you whine.

“It’s not my fault when you walked so fast! I was about to call you but then you decided to run!”

“No! You should’ve called out my name so that I would be this freaking scared right now!” you retorted and continued to whine. Showing no signs of stopping, Shownu sighed and offered, “How ‘bout I buy you some ramen or fish cake or ice cream to make it up to you?”

Just hearing the words related to food made your ears perk up and you immediately stopped and looked at Shownu with a cheeky grin. “How many?” you asked. “As many as you want.” Pumping your fist in the air you couldn’t help but do a small victory dance. “Asa! Well then, let’s go!”

Letting out a soft chuckle, Shownu just let you drag him towards who-knows-where you’d take him. 

Hey, [y/n].”

“Yes, babe?”

“Next time, you should wait for me outside of the study center or maybe if you want to experience this again–”

“I’ll wait!”

A Fuss

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from New and Growing Concerns

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

Let me know what you think.

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deformed-globule  asked:

Congrats on your follower milestone! More actor!geno/hockey player!sid, if inspiration strikes?

“so,” says sidney fucking crosby, oh my god, geno’s actually meeting sidney fucking crosby, “have you, um, ever actually skated before?”

geno can’t help poking out his tongue as he stands around the locker room. “am russian,” he says. “all russians skate.”

“oh,” sid says quickly, “sorry, i didn’t want to assume —”

“is fine,” geno replies equally quickly. “just joke, promise.” he adjusts the hem of the jersey the pens pr lady gave him, with the custom 71 on the back, and looks up.

sidney looks back, the tops of his cheeks pinking up. he’s adorable. geno’s in so much trouble.

“well,” sid says, nodding towards the door, “i guess i’ll show you the ice then.”

“great,” geno says, unable to hide his excitement. it earns him a smile from sid, wide and crooked, and as soon as geno sees it he wants to make it happen again.

out on the ice, sid is in his element. it’s like he forgets they’ve been followed by a small army of photographers and video people, accompanied by jen and the pens pr lady. instead he just takes to the ice, skating wide, lazy loops as geno gets his legs under him. “come on,” he shouts as geno heads for center ice, “i thought you said you knew how to skate!”

“do know!” geno shouts back, pumping his legs to catch up with sid, close to the boards. once he’s close enough, he bumps sid with a shoulder, grinning when sid glares back. “see? i’m good, yes?”

“you’re okay,” sid says as he honest to god giggles. it’s more than a little devastating. “could be better.”

“prove you wrong,” geno promises, narrowing his eyes, and then he’s cursing as sid speeds off toward the other end of the rink.

half an hour later, the pr people have all the material they could want, and geno’s stripping off his skates when he looks up to find sid looking down at him, hair sticking up and shifting from foot to foot.

“listen,” sid says quickly, “even though it was a pr thing, i, um — i really liked skating with you today.”

“i like it too,” geno says, earning himself another of sid’s crooked smiles.

“great,” sid says, and then, “i just — if you have time, you can get in touch with me through amy, or um, i could give you my number —”

“yes,” geno says far too fast, but it doesn’t matter because sid’s smile is definitely getting bigger, “yes, would like that.”

“i — great,” sid says, still beaming, and oh. if he wasn’t fucked before, geno’s definitely fucked now.

Mercy Pt 7 || Kol M.

Song: Miracle - Borgeous, BRKLYN, Lenachka, Liquid Monkeys

I pulled up into the school parking lot just after Damon and Stefan, Elena standing in front of Damon’s car, arms crossed and foot tapping impatiently.

“You told her!” Elena shouted, pointing at me as I get out of my car.

“Yeah we did Elena, and she also told us that you’re after Katherine.” Stefan said, taking my side, obviously not knowing the damage I’ve caused with Elena and Damon.

Elena scoffed, “She’s almost as bad as Katherine and you’re taking her side?”

Stefan said nothing, I walked up behind him. “Well since you’re so kin to her, why don’t you two team up to look for Bonnie and Damon and I will be a team.”

Stefan nodded, not fighting with Elena, and headed inside the school. I sent a glare at her and went after Stefan, I looked over my shoulder at Damon to see a helpless look on his face, but turned away. I was done with chasing after Damon and this was the start of it. I couldn’t save him from his girlfriend every time he needed it because he didn’t want to do it.

“Hey, are you okay?” I asked Stefan in the hallway, knowing what it felt like.

“No, I’m not actually.” He responded, turning the corner and into the cafeteria.

“Look, I know I’m not on everybody’s good graces nor is everybody on mine, but I know what it’s like.” I said, stopping outside the storage room in the cafeteria. “Watching the person you love fall for someone else is the worst.”

“You love Damon,” Stefan said, turning around to face me, I looked down at my feet in embarrassment.

“Loved. I loved Damon, then I realized we were never going to happen, and I fell for my best friend, who ended up dead.” I said, looking up, meeting Stefan’s eyes, holding back the tears.

Before Stefan could get another word in, something fell over in the kitchen.

We slowly crept into the kitchen and found nothing. We heard the noise again, but from the freezer, Stefan cautiously approaches it, and slowly pulled opened the door.

“It’s ice.”

I let out a chuckle with a hit of nervousness in it. “We were scared of ice, wow.”

Stefan shook his head, a small smirk on his lips. “It doesn’t make any sense though. This is the center of the triangle. If she’s gonna do the spell, she has to do it here. This is where they should be.” Stefan said, seriousness taking over his features.

“Actually, I think we’re in the right spot,” My eyes followed the melted ice that flowed to the drain in front of the freezers. “Just wrong elevation.”

“I’ll call Elena, see if she knows the way down to the basement.” Stefan said, walking away with his phone in hand, leaving me alone in the basement.

I heard noise coming from the cafeteria, I looked back at Stefan to ask if he heard it too, but he wasn’t there. I grabbed a knife for protection, and slowly walk to the door that lead to the cafeteria.

Peeking into the room, I find nothing, I turn around to find Caroline right behind me. I let out a gasp, dropping the knife.

“Shit Caroline, you scared me.” I said, holding my hand over my heart.

A smile broke out on her face, “That was the point!”

I gave her a questioning look, and as I’m opening my mouth to speak, she’s kicking me through the doors and into the cafeteria, falling on my ass.

“What the hell, Caroline?” I get up as she let’s out a cruel laugh.

“I’m not Caroline,” She said, realization hit me like a brick. This is Silas.

I turned to run, but my body is picked up, and thrown into a table. The force that my body was thrown at, broke the table.

Everything hurt, I laid there, and I was screaming at myself to get up, but I was in too much pain.

“I hate to kill you,” Silas spoke, steak in hand as he he came up to me. “You’re a great kisser.”

I growled, anger spiking my veins as the image of Silas posing as Kol came to mind.

“I can’t say the same for you,” I kicked the steak out of his hand, then again in his gut. I quickly jumped up, a new found strength in me, as I bring his head down onto my knee. I threw him into the furthest wall and go after the fallen steak. Steak in hand, I walk over to Silas, “You were actually my worse, it was probably the thousands of centuries of no practice that did it.”

He grabbed my wrist as the steak is inches from his heart, he let out a low chuckle. “You’re right, I am out of practice, but that doesn’t mean a little weak vampire like you is going to kill me, not even a hybrid like Klaus could kill me.”

Fear ran through my body, freezing it as he overpowered me. He switched places with my body so he towered over me yet again, taking advantage of my vulnerability.

“You know, I don’t think I’m going kill you just yet, I think you’ll make an excellent toy.” With that, he broke my neck.

My world went dark.

My body was wet and cold, enclosed inside some type of box. My body suffocating and weak.

Silas put me in here.

I weakly bang my hand against the door, it was sealed shut, and something was in front of it.

“Help!” I screamed as loud as possible, wasting more oxygen.

I slowly get up from the icu water that surrounded me, I screamed for help again, bagging on the door.

Then I hear metal scratching against title, I start banging on the door again, using the last bit of oxygen in the freezer, I screamed out again.

The door opened, my body, ice, and water fall out. I looked up at my savour.

“Run,” Mary Porter said, grabbing my arm, and pulling me up. “Run.” Her ghost shouted.

I back away from her, shock limiting my movements, and she yelled at me again. I turned around and ran.

Not knowing my way around the school, I just run, putting as much distance from Mary and myself.

I found the girls dressing room, I go in there hoping there’s clothes I could change into. I dig three boxes, looking for anything.

I could hear my heart beat in my ears, blood pumping from adrenalineand fear.

I find a cheer suit my size along with a pair of sneakers, and quickly change.

Mary’s voice screamed in my head, the word run, echoing through it, loud and clear, filled with fear.

Once the dry clothes are on, I’m running again, Mary’s voice getting louder at what I guess the wrong turn. I wanted to curl up in a ball and hold my ear, trying in vain to block out her loud screaming, but I pushed through.

I turned down a hallway, and her screams ceased, but instead of a way out, I found Damon, wounded.

“What happened?” I sped over to him, he had several splinters in his stomach, which he was trying to get out.

“Elena happened,” I helped him pull out the last of the splinters. “Why are you in a cheerleading uniform?”

“Silas happened,” I responded, pulling him up after the last splinter. “Speaking of Silas, I think he’s with Stefan.”

He grabbed my arm and starter pulling me as he sped.

“What the hell, Damon?” I asked, ripping my arm from his hand.

“Stefan went to the boiler room to get down to the basement, we need to hurry.” He grabbed my arm again and sped off. We stopped in front of the boiler room, Damon ripped the door off its hinges, I followed him as he searched for the way to the basement. He found a door leading under ground and pulled if open. “Let’s go.”

I nodded my head, jumping down, I land on my feet, darkness surrounded me. Damon landed behind, pulling out a flashlight, he turned it on, casting shadows all around.

“We need to hurry,” he rudely shoved past me.

“Damon,” I screeched. “What the fuck?”

“I should be saying that to you, my brothers, girlfriends, and her friends life wouldn’t be on the line, if you hadn’t let Silas defeat you.” He hissed, walking further into the tunnel.

I go after him, “I can’t help that Silas is immortal and I’m a vampire, just like you.”

“Well here’s your time to help,” he turned around, fury in his eyes. “Save them and I’ll consider trusting you again.”

“Why do I need to earn your trust?”

He sped up to me, pinning me into a wall. “Because you sided with Katherine, even after everything she’s done to us.”

“I sided with Katherine because Elena and Jeremy killed Kol for the cure.”

“You’re a snake just like Katherine,” he grabbed my neck and threw me into the opposite wall. “I’ll never love you like I did her though.”

His words were a stab in the heart.

“How many bloody times do I have to hit you with a bat until you realize not to speak bad about Y/N?” Kol’s voice echoed throughout the tunnel as a baseball bat connected with Damon’s head, knocking him out. I look up to see if it’s really him, that I wasn’t imagining his voice, and he stood behind Damon’s fallen body, a smile on his face.

“Is it really you?” I asked, tears in my eyes as he stepped over Damon’s body, bat dangling from his fingers.

“Yes darling,” I get up and jumped into his arms, he wrapped his arms around my waist, bat still in his hand.

Realization hit me like a ton of bricks and I pulled away from “Kol”.

“How do I know it’s really you and not Silas?”

“Would Silas know about the prank we played on my siblings in the 15th century, pretending you were killed, and then acted as a ghost?”

“It really is you,” I wrapped my arms around his neck and bury my head into his chest, taking in his scent that I missed so much.

“Hello love,” he whispered in my ear, placing a small kiss on my neck.

Sing: Infinity - One Direction

It was 6am, we sat together on top of Steven’s Quarry, sitting on the ledge, waiting for the sun to raise. Kol and I left them behind in the basement, coming here, and enjoying every second we had left together, waiting for our goodbye.

Everything was still, quiet. The air was fresh, still smelling like nighttime, dew laying on the grass. The first rays of sunlight peaking on top of the canopy of trees, the sky slowly turning from a range of purples, oranges, and blues. Mine and Kol’s time together ticking down in this beauty.

“Leave Mystic Falls, Y/N.” Kol said, breaking the silence. “Leave once I’m gone, start a new life. Don’t spend it alone waiting to die to see me again, live your life Y/N, you don’t need me in it despite what you think.”


“I mean it, leave today once I’m gone, find love.”

“But Kol I’m in with love you, not Damon, you!”

He cupped my face with both his hands, looking in my eyes, both of our tearfilled. “I know you are and I am too, that’s why I’m telling you this, because I love you and I want you to have a life.”

I close my eyes, tears fell down my cheeks. “I can leave Mystic Falls, but you? I want a life with you Kol.”

“And I want one with you too, but that can’t happen sweetheart. Find a new love, a new life. I will always be with you, it my not be the way that we want it, but I will be by your side like I have been since I died. Even though you can’t see me, in there Y/N. Do this for yourself and if not for yourself, for me, move on. I’m not asking you to move on right away, but live your life, don’t worry about Silas, no one in this god forsaken town.”

We’re looking into each other’s eyes now, noses and foreheads touching, neither of us wanting to leave the other. “I love you, Y/N L/N.”

He locked his lips with mine, the sun fully raising as he did, the world bursting with life as we kissed. It felt as if the flowers around us bloomed, animals came out of hiding, I could feel the magic of the sun rays on my arms as I wrapped them around Kol’s neck. Everything came to life as we kissed, I knew it did even though I couldn’t see it.

Then his lips were gone and my arms were falling down to my lap.

I slowly open my eyes, like I imagined the world being as we kissed, it was, but without Kol. Instead flower petals were floating down from the trees and mist from the water fall was in the air. Even though I couldn’t see him, I felt Kol right besides me, and I knew he was telling the truth; he would always be with me.

I close my eyes, knowing he can hear me, and say the words I didn’t get to say back.

“I love you too, Kol Mikaelson.”

The End.



Mercy Masterlist | Masterlist | Prompt List

Prompt: “Are you asking me to marry you?”

“Are you asking me to marry you?”

Since there was no more information given for this, I decided to make it for Oikawa, meeting a teasing/eccentric person with a prank streak a mile wide. That, and I really wanted to write a rom-com scenario. It’s not that much romance (if at all, really), but I had fun writing it which is what matters.

Oikawa had to admit, you sure as hell made good chocolates.

It is customary for him to receive chocolates during Valentine’s Day from his admirers. Although the cards would have beautifully laced ‘obligatory chocolates’ imprinted in ink or written in icing along the center of the heart-shaped chocolate, he knew that aside from a few, they weren’t just obligatory.

Yours catches his eye a tad more than the others, though, because he can’t understand it. It’s weird, to say the least—who makes alien-shaped chocolates with the writing ‘you’re out of this world!’ and their name on the inside of their card?

Iwaizumi usually could care less, but he finds it funny to watch Oikawa’s confused (and remarkably bemused) stare at the chocolate piece in his hand.  They stand outside Oikawa’s classroom after school to head to volleyball practice, and Iwaizumi glances at the chocolate and back at Oikawa and asks, “Who found out about your lame alien obsession?”

“Iwa-chan,” Oikawa says, a knowing smirk on his face, “Was it you, Matsukawa, or Hanamaki.”

“None of us would ever think of sending you chocolates, ever. That’d feed your ego too much.” Iwaizumi glares back. “Besides, it has a name on it, right?”

“True…” Oikawa says, thoroughly stumped at the mystery of the chocolate aliens, “(l/n)(f/n)…  She’s in our class, right?”

“I don’t keep track of your fangirls.”

Names and faces flash through Oikawa’s head as he tries to remember who you are. He frowns, looking upwards as if the answer is written on the ceiling, but the answer remains behind him as he hears his name being called down the hall.

He turns, putting on his usual charming smile. “Oh, (l/n)-san! I was just having the chocolates you sent right now, actually—er, Iwaizumi and I, I mean.” He makes sure to include Iwaizumi, because if he makes you think that the chocolates are exclusively for him, you’ll get the wrong idea for sure. “They’re really good!”

Iwaizumi rolls his eyes at Oikawa’s weak attempt at indirect rejection.

You smile. “Oh, really? That’s great… so you like them, then?”

“Yeah, for sure!” Oikawa gives a reassuring ‘OK’ hand gesture and smiles back. “Anyways, Iwa-chan and I have to—”

“W-Would you… be willing to have them every day, then?” You ask, twiddling your fingers and averting  your gaze.

“Ehh? (l/n)-san, are you asking me to marry you?” He says cheerfully, with a flirtatious and teasing smile and wink to match. He avoids the question completely, which is what he wanted and what he’s accustomed to, but—


Your voice goes flat in seriousness as you stop fidgeting and look at Oikawa almost robotically. Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s eyes both widen. There’s no way—you can’t be serious—

Oikawa pauses for a moment, and his smile falters. He takes a slow side glance in your direction to try and tell if you’re joking. Your voice sounded comically serious, but there was no way—you two were high schoolers. He knew his fans could be insane, but he never actually expected this. Normally, people would blush and squeal and stutter something like, “Wh-What? No! I mean… maybe… in a while…” but he was joking. He had never heard anyone so bluntly accept what was clearly a joke.

You look back at him, meeting his flabbergasted stare, purse-lipped smile and furrowed eyebrows with your own deadpan for a few seconds. The blush on his face went from ear to ear, and he seemed to be thinking of some way to let you down nicely. He didn’t look disgusted, per se, but he definitely did not look as composed as he did when he turned down everyday confessions.

“Congratulations,” Iwaizumi says beside him. He gives a sardonic puff of air just short of a laugh, since he knows that Oikawa’s superficiality finally got him into a tight situation with a crazed fan. A stalker that found out he liked aliens, and now a marriage proposal? This was too good.

Oikawa gives a jejune chuckle, vowing to curse Iwaizumi later in his head, and looks back at you. “Um, as much as I… er… appreciate it, I—”

You can’t take it anymore, and burst out in laughter. Both Iwaizumi and Oikawa are thrown for a loop again, and between laughs, you manage to tell them, “you should… holy crap… the looks on your faces…”

Iwaizumi’s the first to shake out of the stupor, laughing along with you at Oikawa, and he says, “You totally fell for that.”

Oikawa’s face was more than red at this point, having been thoroughly duped, and glares at Iwaizumi. “Oh, shut it, Iwa-chan! You did, too!” He directs his anger towards you. “Who are you, anyways? Aren’t you just pretending it’s a joke ‘cause you knew I was going to reject you, or something?”

“No? I’m sorry, Oikawa-san. My friends told me that when you rejected them, you looked so composed and I bet that I could get it so that you wouldn’t be… but this… this is great.” You laugh. “Don’t worry. Don’t get me wrong, you’re cute and all, it’s just—a little too fake for me.”

Oikawa glares at you, but Iwaizumi seems to have taken a liking. “Then what about the aliens?”

You raise an eyebrow. “Aliens? What about them? Those are a little random, I guess. I just like aliens.”

“Yeah,” Iwaizumi smirks, “so does he.”

“Oh, really?” You ask, genuinely surprised. “What a coincidence.”

“Yeah, what a coincidence.” Oikawa repeats sarcastically, giving the same kind of condescending stare he’d give Kageyama or Ushijima, “Anyway, Iwa-chan. Practice.”

Iwaizumi grins at you one last time before the two start heading off, but you call Oikawa out one last time.

“Still, Oikawa-san, marriage might not be all that bad.”

He can’t tell how serious or joking you are, so he simply glares and turns away as Iwaizumi chuckles and teases him down the hall.


“Coach, that person’s been watching us for a while now. I thought the policy was to kick fans out of the gym because of what happened last time?” Oikawa says, smiling leisurely at his coach, but he can’t help the short glare he sends at you in the stands.

“No, Oikawa, (l/n)-san is the new manager.” The coach replies, not averting his eyes away from his clipboard.

“Oh, hell no.”

How to Squeeze every drop out of your day

- Wake up early! Rise and shine baby and have your coffee or tea and get the day started. I like getting up early just to have some time to myself. Also on days where I wake up early I feel like I get a lot more accomplished.

-Turn off notifications for instagram because that can seriously be such a suck back into your phone. I am guilty of checking every time I get a like and just refreshing and refreshing. Turn off whatever other notifications you think suck you back into your phone too. It helps a ton.

-When you wake up make a note of three things you definitely want to accomplish that day. It can be stressful to plot out every little thing you have to do, so focus on the big things. 

-Eat lots of yummy organic treats and fruits and veggies and other things that make your body happy. Super processed foods taste good at the time but personally drain my energy, so if I have a craving for something junky I go for ice cream or dark chocolate.

-Do stuff that you love! That’s just as important as your bigger tasks. Take time to paint, sing, run, watch netflix, cook, yodel, whatever floats your little boat.

-Nurture your soul everyday! Take time to center yourself and appreciate life and all of its beauty. Some people benefit from meditaion, others benefit from prayer, or just listing a few things that you are thankful for and love about yourself.

-Do not stay inside all day, unless it is blizzarding or tornadoing or earthquaking. If you have some homework go outside and do it, or take a walk somewhere that you could’ve driven. 

-Embrace messy hair with messy buns, messy ponies, or messy braids. Those three hours you spend straightening and blow drying it could be spent frolicking in fields. 

Be productive & stay messy


Em & India

anonymous asked:

If you are taking prompts, maybe robbie stays out to long in the snow, and starts suffering from hypothermia.

(I am always taking prompts!! <3)

Robbie opened the hatch to his lair, almost blinded by the stark white scene in front of him. How the elf convinced him to spend a day in this torrent of ice, he didn’t know. Nevertheless, he hauled himself out and made his way toward the center of the town.

 He could hear the children laughing and playing already, and he easily located the elf, dressed head to toe in bright blue. It didn’t take very long until Sportacus noticed him. His darker wardrobe of purple stood out like a sore thumb surrounded by the white snow. 

“Hi Robbie!” Sportacus called, vaulting over a couple walls to get to him. Robbie snickered. He couldn’t just wait 30 seconds for him to make his own way over? On any other day, this would have irritated him. But today, everything was surprisingly still, and for once he didn’t mind Sportacus’ busy movements. Not that he was going to let him know that.

When the elf finally stood before him, Robbie’s tough front was difficult to keep. Despite the white, cloudy sky with the sun nowhere in sight, Sportacus’ skin still remained as sun-kissed and healthy looking as ever. His cheeks and the tips of his ears were dusted with bright pink, and his eyes twinkled with a particularly bright blue. “I’m so glad you decided to come outside!” 

Robbie had forgotten that he was supposed to be unhappy about coming outside. “Well, my lair was so stuffy, I figured I might as well…” He trailed off, distracted by his boyfriend’s big smile. “Come on, we’re building a snowman!” Sportacus grabbed the inside of Robbie’s elbow, unable to reach his hand that was in his pocket. In slight shock, Robbie followed, not resisting. The kids were as enthusiastic to see him as they usually were. 

With Robbie’s help, they were able to build “The tallest snowman ever,” according to Ziggy. The kids credited the snowman’s massive size to Robbie’s own towering height. Now it was time for the finishing touches. Robbie and Sportacus were sent out to gather pebbles for the smile, while the kids went to find sticks for the arms and a carrot for the nose. 

Robbie could feel the cold on his cheeks, and guessed that they were bright red in contrast to his pale skin. He tip of his nose was cold as well, but he wasn’t about to leave this snowman uncompleted just to warm up. He gathered a large assortment of small pebbles from under the trees and on the ground next to the walls, his gloves soaked through and his fingers cold. He counted them up. “How many did you find?” Sportacus asked. “Fifteen,” Robbie aid proudly. “How many did you find?” “..One,” Sportacus admitted, opening his hand to reveal a single pebble with a tiny smile. Robbie snickered, then recoiled, worried he had hurt the elf’s feelings. Sportacus simply looked up with a grin. “Well it’s a good thing we have an expert,” he laughed, plopping his little stone into Robbie’s hands. Robbie laughed, and headed back to the snowman.

He arranged the little rocks just so, managing to make what he believed was a rather nice looking face for the snowman. The kids came back with two small branches, and Trixie did the honors of viciously stabbing them into the sides of the snowman. Sportacus lifted up Ziggy to put the carrot in place, and Robbie put his wet gloves on the snowman’s arms. Stingy contributed a single button to put on the snowman’s torso, claiming it was to make sure he looked classy. Robbie looked at the snowman, endeared by the result. When Sportacus wasn’t looking, he carefully snapped off a couple stray twigs from the arms, and poked them under the nose, adjusting them to look like Sportacus’ mustache. When the kids burst out laughing, the elf turned around, confused at first, but looking immediately at Robbie, but couldn’t help a smile. “I think he looks pretty good!” Robbie said, crossing his arms, wearing a proud smirk on his face. “Quite handsome, I’d say,” Sportacus added, wiggling his mustache. The kids giggled. 

While the kids were gathered at the Mayor’s house for hot chocolate, Robbie and Sportacus were in the middle of a heated snowball fight. Robbie had taken a tightly packed snowball right to the face and back of the head, which ran down his coat and caused him to squeal so loud that Sportacus couldn’t contain his laughter. Robbie ran from his tree shield straight at Sportacus, tackling him when he least expected it. Gathering snow in both of his bare hands, and pushed it to either side of Sportacus’ neck. Sportacus yelled and squirmed, attempting to crawl out from under Robbie, who was laughing maniacally. “I surrender! I surrender!!” The elf yipped. “Hah-hah! Then you must leave town forever, Sportashiver!” Robbie declared, sitting up slightly. Suddenly his entire world flipped upside down, and the back of his neck was cold. “Never!” The hero announced. Robbie realized the elf had managed to flip them over, and was now pinning him down. He realized that he was only able to pin the elf down because he was allowing him to. He shivered a little as the elf triumphantly grinned at him. More snow crept down his collar as he was now the one trying to squirm away. He began scheming by instinct, tuning out the hero’s speech of victory. “…I am the hero of LazyTown!” Sportacus tilted his chin up smugly. The second he did, Robbie kicked his legs out, flipping himself over and army crawling away from the elf, gripping the snow with his bare hands, which had become so cold that they felt hot. 

Just as he was about the get up and proclaim that he had turned the tables, he heard the elf’s accented, smug voice. “Where do you think you’re going?!” He was dragged backward by his ankles, and suddenly the elf was lying on top of his back. With his back and now his stomach fully drenched in melted snow, a shiver wracked his body before the elf piled himself on top of him. The elf felt extremely warm, though his already decreased body temperature was causing Robbie to wheeze a little bit. He accredited it to how out of shape he was, as well as the elf’s weight. “Get off me, Sporta… Sport… you’re heavy, get off!” Robbie demanded. Sportacus laughed, kissing his cheek before rolling off and helping the villain to his feet. Robbie shoved him playfully, though he barely budged. A strong shiver wracked his body, causing his teeth to chatter. Sportacus immediately noticed. “Robbie, are you cold?” Robbie scoffed. “No, I’m just dying from the heat,” he replied. Sportacus began to take off his scarf, but Robbie stopped him. “No, I’m fine. My body’s just not used to being outside in the cold… or outside at all.” Sportacus nodded, but Robbie could tell he wasn’t convinced. Robbie’s cheeks, nose, ears, and hands were bright red, and Sportacus would be shocked if he could even feel them. His eyelids looked heavy, and his cheeked was freezing cold when he kissed it, more so than was normal. He wasn’t even wearing a hat or a scarf, and was covered in melted snow and ice.

Robbie turned to sit on a bench,  using his bare hand to clear snow off of it before sitting down so roughly, it was more accurate to say he fell down. Sportacus went to sit next to him, but stood back up immediately when he felt how cold it was. Robbie mumbled something, sounding irritated. “What?” “I said, what, you don’t want to sit by me?” “No, Robbie, that bench is freezing. Stand up,” Sportacus said, brows furrowed. Robbie sat still, ignoring him. He was about to comment about how childish he was acting, when he realized Robbie hadn’t even heard him in the first place. “Robbie,” Sportacus said. Once again he got no response. “Robbie!” he said urgently. “Huh?” “Stand up,” he repeated. “Okay.” Robbie didn’t do anything, as if Sportacus hadn’t told him to move. “Robbie?” “Yeah?” “Robbie, stand up.” “Alright.” Once again, Robbie didn’t move, like nothing had happened. “Robbie, please, stand up,” Sportacus pleaded, gently taking Robbie by his upper arm and pulling him to stand.  Robbie didn’t lean on him, but had his eyes closed. Sportacus grabbed his opposite hand, checking his pulse. Robbie skin was cold to the touch, and he couldn’t feel his pulse. He reached up beneath Robbie’s jaw, just barely feeling it. “Robbie, let’s go inside.” “Huh?” Robbie looked him in the eyes for the first time in the last ten minutes. “You’re freezing. You need to get inside before you-”

 Robbies eyes rolled in the back of his head and he fell hard in the opposite direction. Sportacus cursed himself for not catching him, picking him off of the cold ground and carrying him. He panicked, breaking into a full sprint toward his airship.

When Robbie woke up, his body was violently shivering and his teeth were chattering so hard he feared they might crack. He clawed his fingers to grip anything he could, but it hurt to bend them, and his eyes were assaulted with light. A familiar voice hushed him, and his body was wrapped tightly in something warm. With his eyes rendered useless, his nose picked up the familiar scent of Sportacus, and something herbal and slightly bitter. 

“Are you awake? Can you hear me?” The sound of his voice made him relax a little, though his body still shivered intensely. He nodded. He heard Sportacus let out a huge sigh of relief, and felt his body being hugged tighter. Every inch of his skin was touching something soft, and the hug felt cushioned, so he guessed he was wrapped in blanket. 

“Try moving a little bit, or opening your eyes.” He moved the muscles in his feet and moved his fingers, peering through his eyelashes. It was rather dim, and he assumed his was in the airship. He moved his legs a little and felt nothing but his own skin. He was suddenly a lot more alert. “A-Am I-?” “Yeah,” Sportacus whispered. “Your clothes were soaking wet.” If Robbie’s cheeks weren’t already red, they were now. Sportacus could already tell he was embarrassed. “It was strictly for medical reasons,” he said, hardly above a whisper. He kissed Robbie’s cheek, adding more quietly, “Besides, it’s not like I haven’t seen you like that before.” Robbie would’ve rolled his eyes if he could’ve.

“I’m keeping you up here for awhile after you recover. Your lair is underground, and you don’t have heat down there, do you?” Even though it was put in question form, it was obvious he already knew the answer. “Just stay up here so I can keep an eye on you, okay? You really scared me.” “I’m sorry,” Robbie said, his voice barely above a rasp. Sportacus pulled him closer, and Robbie was able to figure out he was laying on his bed, while Sportacus was sitting on it, with him halfway in his lap. “Don’t be sorry. You didn’t know. I didn’t know. But now we do. Next time, when I offer you my scarf, take it, okay?”

We know it can be hard to make friends sometimes.

So here are some tips on making some:

  • Join clubs or teams- This way you can meet lots on new people who already share the same interests as you.
  • Wear your interests- Wear something that shows your interests such as a band shirt or a button on your bag. Things like this may spike a conversation
  • Get your friends to introduce you- Meet one or two good people and then get to know their friends. If you hang out with a bunch of people, you shouldn’t have to have met them all individually.
  • Be kind- If you act kind, more people will want to be friends with you. It will also lift the moods of everyone around you 
  • Get involved in community activities- Volunteer at your community centers and charities. This way you help others and meet lots of cool people! 
  • Invite a neighbor or work colleague out- Lots of other people feel just as uncomfortable about reaching out and making new friends as you do. Be the one to break the ice. Your neighbor or colleague will thank you later.
  • Attend art gallery openings, book readings, lectures, music recitals- or other community events where you can meet people with similar interests. Check with your library or local paper for events near you.

Hope these tips can help you make some more friends. xoxo

-Hermit Sam

The 2Ps and camping

2P!America: he actually goes camping with Matt often. his favorite things to do are shred dirt trails on a quad or motorcross bike & drive through rough mountain paths on a side-by-side

2P!China: he’s not much of an outdoor person but he can enjoy camping, especially if it’s in an RV and with friends, or at least people he wants to be friends with (like Allen.) The most he’d look forward to are bonfires & s’mores

2P!England: he wouldn’t be too excited about a camping trip for 2 reasons – he’s high maintenance and bc he’s not good at barbecuing (he can cook, just not camping food). He’d go along mainly to keep watch over everyone (like a mother would) and always remember to bring the small essentials everyone else would’ve forgotten, such as napkins & toothpaste

2P!France: he’d probably decline to go on a camping trip but if forced to come, he’d be pretty bored but tolerable of it all; he wouldn’t complain much and often check out the sporty girls roaming around the campground because damn

2P!Russia: he’s an outdoor person. he and Matt are probably the only ones who’d participate in extreme sports such as rock climbing & kayaking

2P!Italy: he’d be bored out of his mind, especially if there were no phone reception or Internet connection. he’d complain sometimes and mostly just kick back

2P!Germany: he’d have a blast grilling hotdogs and playing music from the RV’s speakers; he’d somehow find a way to make the outdoor dinner + bonfire feel like a fun soirée. if anyone was bored, he’d offer to go to the campground’s rec center with them to play pool or get ice cream

2P!Japan: he’d probably spend most of his time sitting beside the campfire with a blanket and a good book tbh

2P!Canada: he’d be the only one who actually knows how to camp, like setting up the tents or hooking up the RVs. he’d be the one with all the experience and life skills, like knowing how to tow a trailer and what to do if a bear attacked

2P!Romano: he’d be the one with like 20 suitcases and a bunch of unnecessary items (hair straightener, iPad, lint roller, nail file, cologne, etc)

2P!Austria: he’d have fun going on nature walks and experiencing the “aesthetics” of woods, forests, lakes, and pollution-free starry skies. his other favorite thing would be roasting marshmallows over the campfire thinking they looked like souls burning in hell

2P!Prussia: much like Roland, he’d enjoy the beauty of nature and probably want to go see historic landmarks or beautiful/ romantic tourist places like waterfalls and old cabins. also he’d probably climb a redwood or two

Imagine: Taking your son to daycare for the first time

You packed Dylan’s lunch and his favorite toys in his superman backpack, his giggles echoed throughout the house and finally he emerged into the living room dressed and ready to leave “Mama look daddy did my hair!” He yelled pointing towards his hair which was spike up into a partial quiff “Wow!” You smiled crouching down to him, he was a mini Justin already, he dressed like Justin and even insisted on wearing the same cologne as Justin.

“Hey baby.” A gentle smack came to your butt, rolling your eyes you put Dylan’s backpack on his shoulders “When he gets sent home because he goes around smacking girls butts it’s going to be your fault Justin Drew.” You scolded finishing off your coffee, he chuckled pressing a kiss to your lips “We better get going, I have a meeting at ten.” He smirked trailing his hands down to your butt where he gave both cheeks a firm squeeze.

“Let’s go get in the car buddy!” Justin cheered grabbing Dylan’s small hand in his large one, acting like he didn’t just squeeze your butt. You grabbed your purse before heading out the door, Justin already buckled Dylan in and was waiting for you by the passenger door “Opening the door for me isn’t going to get you anywhere Bieber.” You smirked playfully patting his chest, the two of you climbed in the car and started for the daycare center.

“Mommy how long will I be there before you pick me up?” Dylan asked, you turned to face him and smiled “Daddy will come and get you at three, mommy has to work until five so I’ll see you when I get home.” He pouted sticking his bottom lip out, another thing he inherited from Justin “But I want mommy to pick me up!” He fussed making you sigh, he was always a mama’s boy growing up, he loved you and Justin equally but always seemed to cling to you more “How about if daddy takes you to the park after daycare!” Justin glanced over at you with a smile “Ya buddy we can go to the park then maybe we can even get some ice cream!”

Dylan agreed on the matter just as you pulled into the daycare center, this would be the first time he would be away from the two of you all day “Look at all the toys and other kid Dyl!” You smiled taking his hand, he shied behind you as you neared the front desk “Hi we are dropping off our son, Dylan Bieber.” The receptionist smiled and nodded “He’s all set, I will take him back to hand up his things.” She smiled stepping from behind the desk “Be good buddy okay, daddy will be here at three.” Justin smiled pressing a kiss to his cheek “Mama will see you late okay? Be a big boy for me.”  His little arms wrapped around your neck before he pressed a kiss to your lips “I love you mommy, love you daddy.” And with that he took the women’s hand and followed her.

“I can’t believe he’s three, he’s not my little guy anymore.” Justin sighed grabbing your hand as the two of you walked to the car

“You just watch, he will be smacking butts before you know it.”

Master List



(Side note: See if you can recognize the importance of the date at the end of the story!) 

He heard the strumming of fingers against a wooden desk. It was probably dark in his room, cold, lonely. He wondered if there were reds that danced around in the shadows and mixed with the cool blues of night. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe his imagination ran too wild sometimes.

“Tell me your dreams.”

Dreams? Did he even have any anymore? All of them seemed to have come true already. He was loved by millions of people for just being himself. He was never granted that sort of affection when he was younger. It was so overwhelmingly wonderful to have what life had given him thus far.

Dreams? To give back, to repay the world for allowing him such a privilege. A dream? To give back to him, the boy in another country.

“Evan?” He chuckled, “I didn’t think you’d be silent for that long, man.”

“I’m still here,” Evan cleared his throat. He stared blankly at the screen in front of him. A painted sunset and a man in a hockey mask with his back to him. They were going to parachute off the mountain, but the rest of the group grew tired quicker than they did. Now the two characters stood there as night fell and the pixels that were once brilliant pinks and oranges deepened to a navy. The stars were becoming more visible.

“Oh, oh, good. Y’know, if you’re ever tired just tell me.”

Evan smiled, “Jonathan, what are your dreams?”

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Imagine #47- Brendan Gallagher *Requested*

“Valentine’s Day”

Tomorrow was Valentine’s Day, but your boyfriend Brendan had a game, which you totally understood was out of his control, but you were still sad. “I’m sorry (Y/N)” he says to you what must be the millionth time, “Bren! It’s fine, seriously, 1. it’s not your fault and 2. it’s just Valentine’s Day, everday with you is like Valentine’s Day” he smiles, “You’re the best (Y/N) I love you so much” “I love you too Brendan”.

The next day he headed out early to go the Bell Centre, it was a 3:00 game. You woke up and headed downstairs to make yourself some breakfast when you looked on the counter and saw what must’ve been like 3 dozen roses, you picked up the card, “Happy Valentine’s Day (Y/N) I love you forever and a day- Brendan” you smile and admire the flowers. You sent him a text thanking him for the flowers, after you ate breakfast you headed upstairs to get showered and ready to leave. You saw a card on the counter from Brendan with balloons and smile, he was still thinking about you on Valentine’s Day even when he couldn’t be there. You got dressed and headed out for the arena happy.  You got there and sat in the section with the WAGs everybody talking about their Valentine’s Day morning, to you though yours sounded the best. The game went will and the Habs won, Brendan even had a goal and two assists. It seemed like the icing on the cake to a pretty great day you thought to yourself as you headed down to wait for him.

Brendan usually took awhile to come out, but today felt like an exceptionally long time. It had seemed like literally everyone had left, you saw Nathan leaving and called him over, “Hey do you know where Brendan is?” he smiles, “Yeah he should be out soon don’t worry, have a nice night (Y/N)” he says smiling and walking away, “Yeah you too Nate” you say moderately confused, he was acting weird. About 5 minutes later Brendan came out smiling, “Took you long enough!” you say hugging him, “Yeah sorry about that” he says, “I uh I left something back here come with me then we can head out okay?” he says seemingly hiding something. You shrug and follow him, you noticed though he was leading you out to the ice, “Brendan what could you possibly have left out here” you say and he just keeps walking laughing. When you get out to where the players come out you see a table set up at center ice, “Brendan? What-” you say overwhelmed by how cute it all was, “Happy Valentine’s Day babe” he says taking your hand and helping you walk out to the table.

You see Chucky making his way out with food, and you crack up laughing, “He paid me to do this this is not voluntary” Chucky says placing the food down, “Mhm sure” you say still laughing. Chucky disappears and it’s just you and Brendan out in the big, empty arena. “I loved the flowers, and the card, and the balloon you didn’t have to do this too” you say smiling at him, “I know, I don’t have to do anything (Y/N) but I love you and I want to” you lean across the table and kiss him. You spend the next hour or so eating and drinking the wine Chucky brought out just talking and enjoying each other. Brendan dropped his fork and stood up to get it, except before you knew it he was down on one knee pulling out a box. “(Y/N) I love you, a lot, and well will you marry me?” he says smiling opening the box, “yes Brendan yes yes yes” you say tears rolling down your face, he slides the ring onto your finger and you both stand up and share a long kiss.

From the bench you start to hear Chucky cheer and you both laugh over at him, “It’s about time!!” he yells over smiling. You and Brendan head out of the Bell Centre hand in hand and you were beaming, you couldn’t stop looking down at your left hand ring finger. It was a pretty unexpectedly perfect Valentine’s Day with your perfect guy.