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I’ve been quite busy this year what with getting through my college course & studying for my final exam (which is finally over, thank goodness!), but all of that is finally coming to an end so I’m very grateful for that. I’m also very grateful for all of my wonderful followers that I’m amazed I even have due to my blog being a pastel, Kamisama Hajimemashita mess.  (´;ω;`) I love you all & thank you so much for sticking with me & being so nice! ;A;

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What FC Barcelona really thinks during the game
  • Neymar:Where is Messi ???
  • Messi:Hmm, I might break another record today
  • Bartra:I spend so much time on this bench, I might name my kid after it: Benchy Bartra?
  • Masche:Can I already start fighting someone?
  • Pique:Did I give Shak a kiss before I left?
  • Alba:Is this game already over, I wanna post a photo of my new girlfriend on instagram
  • Alves:If no one is gonna score I will just make it happen myself
  • Xavi:The condition of this grass is pretty good
  • Rafinha:People say my skills aint that good but they cant say shit about facial expressions

also like the whole thing about “supermodels” in Mad Max: Fury Road is

yes? there are supermodels? most if not all the Wives were in fact played by models?

to which we/George Miller are like, so what?

as if them being supermodels makes them… less valid?? as actresses? as women? as people? makes this film less good of a movie?

thing is, them being supermodels actually SERVES THE NARRATIVE. It works on every level of context. Immortan Joe’s most prized harem consists of the most slender, tall, long-legged, voluptuous, beautiful women in his kingdom - Victoria’s Secret models whom that society (and ours) has on one hand elevated to be the pinnacle of the standards of female beauty, but on the other hand reduced to being primarily objects of male lust and little else. That people would see the Wives in the trailer and immediately dismiss them as just impossibly beautiful window dressing in a male-centered movie (lookin atchu Anna Kendrick) proves a point. That Mad Max: Fury Road is a completely absurd yet totally believable extension of what’s true now.

That the Wives were portrayed as frail, scared, determined, distraught, capable, self-possessed and surprisingly full of personality, and not sexualized at all despite the sexual nature of their dress and their function was just, like, overwhelming to me. (yeah, low standards, I know) So what if they’re supermodels. They have every right to freedom and survival and respect as any other non-female or non-model or human being. 

And then the Vuvalini appeared and that scene where you first meet them I was so anxious, like, oh no, there’s gonna be one semi-accidental nipslip here, to service the male audience members, it’s gonna happen, and then it doesn’t and the scene is instead really just full of beauty and grace?? dark hair and muslin billowing artfully in a strong desert wind and an even stronger woman running through it - and then I was crying for the next 10 minutes

hell I’m crying RIGHT NOW just thinking about it and I’m going to stop writing about this tl;dr the MRAs were right this is distinctly a feminist movie and George Miller is a feminist and they can all pack up their dicks and move to Australia like they keep threatening to do and that metal-as-fuck country will finish them all off for us

Dance Floor

“Dance Floor”

Truth be told I am scared to death
Of marriage and proposals but not because
I lack charisma to take away her breath
But my inability to handle applause

From hundred of people in the church pews
But my excuse is even worse than that
I am probably one of the many who
Can not dance and that is a fact

This is something I always worried about
And the reason why I wanted to elope
But I knew if I told her she’d shout
And say I was being a silly dope

I could never admit this to my bride to be
So I did what any good boyfriend would do
I took dance lessons so she could see
And surprise her as I make my dancing debut

I swear I gave the instructor a hard time
In trying to correct my two left feet
I just couldn’t sync my movements with the rhymes
And there was no way I could possibly cheat

There was no way at all; this was the real deal
As true to reality as one could get
I was determined to at least conceal
My nerves from pouring buckets of sweat

I tried so long to avoid the date
And push our wedding day back longer
But one thing I can not avoid is fate
I needed to conquer my fears and grow stronger

While my girlfriend went to school at night
She had no idea how out of touch
I was but still wanted to make things right
All because I love her so much

So finally on our long-awaited wedding moment
While the hundreds of eyes watched our every move
We danced under stars and their components
And my bride tripped and fell just to prove
That I didn’t need lessons to impress
Or beat myself up over silly things
In fact she even ripped her dress
And dirtied up her diamond ring

At first the crowd gasped in a daze
And even I was taken abruptly aback
This is one wedding we’ll remember for days
And a greater lesson to not escape the cracks


“It feels like we’re a one-hit wonder over here now,” says Justin after the show. “But that’s OK.” Justin’s ambition for The Vaccines could probably be best described as grandiose tempered with a dose of realism. Earlier he told me, matter-of-factly, “The Vaccines are not The Rolling Stones. We’re not going to be popular for 50 years – that’s just not going to happen. That doesn’t scare me; I just want to make sure that we all put everything we can into it while we can, because I do still believe that the better you are, the bigger you become. Not just by fucking trying harder, but by being open to everything, open to each other, open when you’re making music.”

Some cynics have noted that ‘Dream Lover’ bears some tonal resemblance to Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ thanks to its prowling riff and lascivious feel, a comparison that the band brush off as “lazy”. Says Justin: “Honest answer, we definitely had a conversation at one point where we said, ‘Do you think anyone’s going to make this lazy comparison, because this is a four/five-note riff over this slow-burning groove and we’re both British rock bands. Both producers said no and we never spoke about it again.” But Justin does freely admit to coveting the success enjoyed by Alex Turner and co. “I look at a band like Arctic Monkeys and think, ‘I want to be as big as them’, but I also look at Muse and Coldplay and Mumford & Sons and U2 and The Rolling Stones and fucking Imagine Dragons and think, ‘I want to be as big as them, too,’” he says.

It’s big talk that ‘English Graffiti’ might deliver on. Even if it doesn’t, there’s a mental stumbling block that’s been pulled away for this cautious young band, a straightjacket that’s been removed. The Vaccines may have used the title ‘Come Of Age’ too early


fukurodani week
day one: bokuto + “favorite”

Bokuto picks up a volleyball at age six, and the world changes.

Suddenly he’s skidding across the kitchen floor not to save his mother’s dish, but because it makes good practice in case he decides to become a li-be-ro (he’s just learned the word and loves the way it rolls off his tongue). He tosses his little brothers’ birthday balloon to the sky and catches it on his wrists, absolutely convinced that he’s on his way to becoming the world’s greatest receiver. He switches on those volleyball matches on TV not to giggle over their silly form, but because he daydreams about how it might feel to fly one day.

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list top 10 favourite characters (one per series/fandom) and tag 10 people. tagged by jenjeahaly

*grumbles about one per series*

  1. Josh Lyman, The West Wing (did you expect anything else. DID YOU.) 
  2. Jeremy Goodwin, Sports Night
  3. Sloan Sabbith, the Newsroom
  4. Danny Tripp, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
  5. Violet Baudelaire, A Series of Unfortunate Events
  6. Hazel Grace Lancaster, The Fault in Our Stars (this is because I’m having some feelings about things that make me think of this book right now)
  7. Crowley, Good Omens
  8. Terry Jeffords, Brooklyn 99
  9. Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (FIGHT ME)
  10. Dan Stark, The Good Guys (stole this one from jenjeahaly but I just really love Dan Stark okay) 

I didn’t put anyone from Leverage on here because I didn’t think to until I was done. Oh well. Just consider this the Sorkin Shows Edition. 

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I am a Gamma Phi Beta at Texas A&M and this is our recruitment video for 2015! After seeing all the negative publicity of Greek Life this past year, we knew that it was more crucial than ever to really demonstrate why we chose to be Greek in the first place and all the good it can do for us and for our community. 

In our video we decided to focus on the personality of our chapter and how there is more to our girls than just the letters they wear. One of the things that makes our school so great is the traditions and pride that we have, and that carries through to Greek Life. We love our school and all the opportunities it gives us. 

Being in Greek life doesn’t limit your options for involvement on campus or in your community. Instead, it provides a support system that will encourage you to push yourself and to really strive to make a change in the world. Being in a sorority or fraternity isn’t something that holds you back from succeeding academically or within your community. In fact, most Greek organizations encourage you to be as involved on campus as possible.  

For us, it is not all about the socials, drinking and shenanigans. Instead it is about finding a place to call home for four years and family that will stay with you for a lifetime. 🌸 🌙 🌸 

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first time i tried on my corset for a show i was doing and i felt rly hot!!!! (i had photos of me in it but i thought it would be more suitable for just a face one) but even though im not smiling i felt really good about myself when taking it!!!! okay ily



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Do you have any really good comforting brotherly fanfic recs? I know this is outta the blue but I am having a really hard time right now, like unbelievably, and I am just craving a whole lot of something that has a lot of love and caring in it and you're one of my favorite spn blogs.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time, but here is one of my favorite comforting brother fics to help make you feel better!

Bleeding Out

I currently don’t have a system of tagging fics, so it’ll take me a bit to find some more for you, but I’ll try and post them when I can! If my followers have some recs as well, please share! 

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5 Wincest, please?

OMG I meant 45 , sorry.

No, problem, darlin’ <3  So I just wanted to make an apology before you read this.  This is my first time actually writing Wincest and I just…I don’t think it’s good…at all.  But I’ve rewritten it twice now, so if I horribly disappointed you I’m terribly sorry.  I do hope you like it though, it was nice getting my first Wincest fic under my belt :)

Oh also none of this is accurate about Pithius.  He is not one of the Great Earls, etc, etc. but I had to go with something.

45. pretending to hate each other au + Wincest

The squealing of tires quickly came to a halt and the slamming of a car door followed.  Loud footsteps from too-worn boots slammed against the wooden floor, garnering everyone’s attention.  Dean Winchester was not happy.  Anyone could tell by looking at the tick of his jaw, the set of his shoulders, and the dark glint in his eyes.  What was most concerning to the hunters inside Harvelle’s Roadhouse, however, was the lack of the Sam with him.  Everyone in the hunting world – monsters and hunters alike – knew that Sam and Dean Winchester were inseparable.  Seeing one without the other set everyone on edge and made the hairs on the backs of their necks stand up.  

“Dean,” Ellen greeted as she continued to clean the beer glass in her hands.  “Where’s Sam?”  

“I don’t want to talk about Sam right now. Or ever again, for that matter,” Dean muttered as he draped his worn jacket over the bar stool.  “Just get me a beer, would ya’?”

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youkoartemis asked:

How about a FAHC AU where Ryan's a murderous flower shop owner. And he's not part of the crew yet? He just does his own thing, and turns his victims into mulch for his plants, many of which are sold in his shop (he tends to kill those who mistreat the plants they buy from him & reclaim the poor plant). And then Geoff (or someone) figures it out and approaches him to join them? Or maybe he starts dating/being friends with one of them and they learn how good he is at murder? Something like that.

(had to do quite a bit of research for this, actually! Didn’t know meat could be used for fertilizer.)

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“So what was it like working with Firth? “He’s just an absolute dreamboat – he’s lovely and he was really good to me,” says Taron. “He went the extra mile to make sure I was happy and he treated me like an equal, which is ridiculous because he’s an Oscar-winning actor and I’d never made a film before…We had a lot of time to get to know each other and I really hope that chemistry shows on-screen.”

“I can’t believe I’m about to tell you this,” he smirks. “I remember landing this massive jump I do at one point and my trousers basically exploded open as soon as I landed on the floor, in a scene filled with about three-hundred extras. I had to run out of the room covering my dignity. I’m supposed to seem all cool when I’m definitely not.”

am i the only one that’s not too excited about caitlyn jenner’s debut…like she debuted on vanity fair in clothing that costs more than my annual tuition. she’s making tons of money, receiving tons of immediate support from family, friends & millions of strangers etc. representation is rly important but its just sad i think that she’s receiving such an overwhelming amount of support when black transwomen and other twoc aren’t given anything near it for the most part. like she will probably never face anything close to the violence and harassment and danger that black trans women deal with on the regular, so yah she’s def brave but idk what all the hype is about

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So thinking about it, imagine Purple M!Hawke and Anders adopting a young mage boy while helping the mages as their son. The kid looks so down, but Anders and Hawke make so many puns, and dad jokes that the kid really starts to smile after a while. Of course the kid eventually develops a good sense of humor. And the other mages who they help, end up actually smiling sometimes too.

i think about this a lot actually because my hawke has always wanted kids and he’s great with kids but could never really have one considering the type of hectic life he leads but god just imagine hawke teaching that small mage child how to use magic and teaching him how to properly throw a fireball while anders watches on with a smile and just imagine them openly practicing magic because the circles have been freed from chantry hold and they can practice openly in mage communities jUST IMAGINE.

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Why do you think a major character in Gravity Falls is going to die?

Alex keeps hinting that it’s someone who is going to make the audience cry, and in a way, we’re just going to have to get over it because death is a natural part of life (re: “ No one lives forever, kids. Grow up. Get some chest hair, babies.” from this podcast, sometime after the 13 minute mark).

If it was just a (few) minor character(s) that end up being killed off, why all the hype? Will you cry if Toby Determined kicks the bucket? How about that farmer guy from SotBE? Probably not. The death(s) will have to be meaningful. I mean sure, Toby’s good for a few kicks, but it’s nothing to write home about.

In that case, because Alex is promising the hype, we’re looking at major characters for maximum emotional impact (both to viewers and to characters).

In my mind, I’ve broken it down into “tiers”; the higher the tier, the more likely they’ll be killed off:

Tier I: McGucket, Stan
Tier II: Soos, the Author
Tier III: Dipper, Mabel
Tier IV: Wendy, Gideon
Tier V: other named characters (re: Manly Dan)

However, like I was saying last night, Wendy might move up on the tiers. If the relationship between Dipper and Stan (and consequently, Mabel) is going to be viciously torn apart, then why not kill off one of Dipper’s friends? I feel like he’d forgive Stan once the situation is explained because Dipper is a smart kid. BUT. If Stan’s actions indirectly led to the death of the one person he’s been crushing on then… holy shit. Can you forgive someone after that?

I don’t know. Everyone is preparing for one of the guys to take one for the team, but I’m looking at Wendy for maximum emotional impact. It’s a horrifying and morbid thought, isn’t it? But that’s what makes a character’s death meaningful. It’s the one you least expect.

For Wendy’s sake though, we better hope I’m wrong on this.

‘Good answer. You might make a decent witch one day,’ she said. ‘But I don’t teach people to be witches. I teach people about witches. Witches learn in a special school. I just show them the way, if they’re any good. All witches have special interests, and I like children.’


‘Because they’re much easier to fit in the oven,’ said Miss Tick.

—  proof that all witches are autistic, from The Wee Free Men by Sir Terry Pratchett.

speranceblog asked:

Thanks for considering it! I was thinking of 'relatively' softcore BDSM. Mainly Raven being tied up by Beast Boy and getting teased mercilessly because he wants her to be honest about her desires for once (she acts like the whole bondage thing is only for his benefit and she's indulging him). Long story short, he succeeds and a good time is had by all. It's just hard to find that kind of bondagey fluff and I know you're one of the few that can possibly pull it off. Thanks for hearing my request

I tried to make this fluffy… really, I did. NSFW. Happy Birthday, Friend.


“Tell me what you want.”

Raven shuddered, her fingers tightening around the straps that kept her arms tied to the bedpost above her head. She tugged at the knots a little, her voice catching in her throat as she watched him move around her, almost as if he was slowly and carefully inspecting her current state. She had seen fire in his eyes before, but seeing him like this was enough to drive her halfway to insanity. He was standing fully naked in front of her, his body completely taught and ready, but he hadn’t made a single move towards her yet. Just the thought that he was hanging this above her made her tremble.

Chewing on her lower lip, she lifted her eyes to him, fingers tightening again. “I want whatever you want.”

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