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okay so im sure we all saw this post but after this episode im kind of thinking about something else now

we know by now that stan is the ‘mabel’ twin, in many regards, right? (obviously it’s not as cut and dry as that, but for simplicity’s sake, let’s just say.) mabel and stan are the ones all jazzed up for ducktective.

who shot ducktective? his twin brother.

ford told dipper not to let even MABEL know about the stuff in the basement.

what if mabel finds out anyway? how will dipper be able to face ford if ford knows he let slip, or something happened that someone else finds out about it?

how far do you think dipper is willing to go to stay in ford’s good graces?

is he willing to shoot his own twin? make her forget?

I love it when One Direction are on Good Morning America, because GMA hashtags everything with #1DonGMA. Which to me looks like “1 Dongma” like it’s a dogma about dongs and that just makes me laugh and laugh.

slytherin moody and hufflepuff tonks is very important i like to think that it was well-known by all the aurors that moody, a certified legend, never took on apprentices until one day a bright, tenacious witch showed up for training with a pink mohawk and kind smile and made some smart-ass remark while shaking his hand and moody was just like 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 and then they went on to become the department’s most renowned partnership

What the writers must be like
  • Writer:Better split up one of the only lesbian couples on tv ever and draw it out forever.
  • Other Writer:Gay youth? Better not show them in the same frame for over 5 weeks.
  • Other writer:Hell, keep em out until after the midseason finale!
  • Yet Another Writer:Let's bring back horrible relationships!
  • First Writer:Why not just fuck up everything good about the show?!
  • Other Writer:Make absolutely sure to draw out plots that aren't all that important and carry very little relevance to the plot.
  • Yet Another Writer:Fuck it all!

This is a post I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and so I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

It’s okay to be normal.

Let me backtrack and ‘splain.

So when I was a kid, and then a “tween” (what an awful word that is!), and then a teenager, I–and every other reasonably intelligent, moderately socially aware kid–was told that we were going to Change the World. We were going to Make a Difference. Good lord, when I was twelve I was part of a team “sport” called Future Problem Solvers. We were the Class of Two Thousand One, The New Millennium, and we were The Future.

(I think it is notable, frankly, that the Boomers who told us this–because it was mostly, at my age, Baby Boomer parents and teachers–were pushing us to Make a Difference, and then a few years later were calling us lazy entitled fuckwits. I think they had this bizarre notion that somehow we would clean up the mess they’d made, and then were angry that we didn’t. [Gen X was too small and too cynical a cohort to quite put those expectations on, I think; Millennials were populous and fresh-faced enough to be the would-be saviors and then the disappointments.] I remember a friend’s mother saying, dreamily, of the 1960s, “we were so much more idealistic than you, we were going to change the world.” My friend–Gen X, not Millennial, but same diff–said, “Well, you did, and this is what you got,” which did not endear her. But, I think, it is true.)

But anyway, I digress.

We were going to change the world. We had it laid upon us, that we were going to change the world. If we were even remotely smart or halfway talented, we were going to fix things. We were going to make a difference.

I know so many people of my age, and a little older, and a lot younger, who feel overwhelmed, crushed, flattened by this expectation. As if they were somehow capable, at age twenty-seven and with six figures of student loan debt, of fixing the world economy. As if they were somehow capable, at age twenty-five and working their tails off at a job that pays peanuts, of reinventing the American political system. As if they were somehow capable, at age thirty and scraping by, of fixing everything.

Of Changing the World.

I remember, back in 2009, the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, seeing Boomer-era people bitching and moaning that Kids These Days don’t care about the space program. And I wanted to pull all my hair out and shriek, because it is not Kids These Days that have anything to do with the space program–genuine Kids These Days can’t vote at all, but even if you count over-18s, it’s Adults These Days, Boomers and etc., who have the biggest impact on the budget, and the defunding of the space program. 

But when you’re responsible for Changing the World, then you’re the one who’s responsible if it isn’t, you know, changed.

So here, now, this is me saying: that was an unreasonable expectation. We had it laid on us that we could–nay, should–be superheroes, but without superpowers. We were told that we should fix everything, Change the World, by people who actually did have the authority and money and power. 

I come from a poor background. My grandmother was an agricultural laborer. My mother worked at Arby’s. My dad worked a rural newspaper delivery route. They pinched and scrimped for my education and it was, nevertheless, understood that I could only go to a fancy college if I could get a merit scholarship. (Which I did.) I got a degree, and then I got a job, and my job wasn’t in Changing the World. But it was something I could use to make a living. I’ve done well for myself, but you know, sometimes, I still have that twinge of guilt, that I ought to be Fixing Everything.

But that’s complete bullshit. 

I say to you, my cohort and younger: vote. Volunteer. The point of this is not to say that you should be a selfish asshole. You should do what you can. (Lord help us, please vote in the next presidential election; the next president is going to get to pick some Supreme Court justices, and that matters.)

But if someone tries to convince you that your duty is to Change the World, ask yourself: why didn’t they do it? Why are they putting it on you? Why do they get to have comfortable lives, and then expect that you shouldn’t?

It’s okay to be comfortable. It’s okay to be normal. There is no reason why the people who fucked up the world should expect you to sacrifice your own life to fix it.

It’s okay.

Becoming a Grammar Jedi
What happens to an avowed descriptivist when he's asked to join the select group that sets standards for American English usage?

An interesting article from Robert Lane Greene at Schwa Fire about how the American Heritage Dictionary’s usage notes are constructed. Excerpt: 

In a highly-competitive dictionary market, AHD sought to distinguish itself (and righting perceived language wrongs) by assembling a group of worthies who would vote each year on controversial usages. The votes are tallied and are used to inform small usage notes next to the words in question. What the reader of AHD gets is uniquely nuanced; instead of licensing or banning a usage—say “He hopes to grow the company,” which gives some people (including me) hives—readers are told that 73% of the usage panel disapprove. It’s a good way to avoid making black-or-white pronouncements about the language, because some writers prefer—and some assignments call for—a conservative style, others for a more contemporary one. AHD’s usage notes show how far along an acceptance curve a given usage has moved. […]

There was just one problem. Philosophically, I am mostly a “descriptivist” in the famous language wars. That means I’m convinced that “rules” about the language must be based in actual usage, something that shifts over time. Syntactic structures change, and grammarians deal with it; words’ meanings change, and lexicographers deal with that. Given those beliefs, it suddenly felt like a contradiction to join a panel the entire existence of which was organized around telling people what to do with their language. Up until now, I had thought of myself as an advocate of a bottom-up approach to standards for the language, of conventions for aspiring writers to learn. Now I was going to side with the more-enlightened-than-thou crowd of teachers, parents, and pundits who drill inflexible rules into their charges, no matter what the youngsters’ own feel for the language tells them.

But what if—a small knot formed in my throat—I wasn’t sure about the rules myself?

(Read the rest.)

SoCal Dragon Age Bunny Group

Because lelianasherald is a bad influence and I want bunny ears, we’re making a Dragon Age Bunny group based off of feralkiwi-designs ‘s concepts: 

She has pretty much every character from the series designed so there’s a ton to choose from. There’s way more than just the ones pictured here, so go check out the links to see them all:

Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4 | Set 5

I’m thinking this would be a good group for WonderCon (end of March ‘16)  - it’d be fun for winding down on Sunday or partying on Friday night. That gives everyone a lot of time to work, doesn’t interfere with what everybody is probably already working on for LBCC and Comikaze, and that Sunday is Easter so it’s even cuter. 

If you’re interested, message me or reblog this with your preferred bunny. 

Already Claimed Bunnies:

  • Merrill
  • Fenris
  • Cassandra
  • Cullen 
  • Solas
  • Morrigan
  • Flemeth
  • Zevran
  • Iron Bull
  • Inquisitor 
  • Mage Hawke
  • Isabela
  • Josie
  • Cole
  • Anders
  • Varric
  • Leliana
  • Warden Mage

All other bunnies are still up for grabs and I’ll be updating the list as they’re claimed.

I thought it was good that they encouraged us to be physically active in school but I feel like PE teachers were way too hard on everyone. Once a week we had a whole PE period just for running and my teacher told me that it didn’t matter if I had chronic bronchitis (I was sick like, every few months, I even had walking pneumonia once), I still would be graded on how many laps I could run in one hour, which wasn’t many. If we walked, we got yelled at and would get points taken off our grade. I even failed a semester of aerobics in highschool because I had a nasty ovarian cyst, even though I had doctor’s notes and everything. :T What was up with PE class, man.

ok friends

so I have been watching family feud a lot the past few weeks and like WHAT IF THEY HAD MEMBERS OF BROADWAY SHOWS COMPETING AGAINST EACH OTHER???!?!?!?!?! and while contemplating this, I pictured the Finding Neverland and GGLAM cast going against each other (now of course you can only pick 5 members of each cast to represent the show but anyways). this is how I saw it

Finding Neverland:

Matthew Morrison: tries to make jokes by saying funny answers

Laura Michelle Kelly: is just happy to be there and cheers for everyone after they answer…even if they’re on the other team

Kelsey Grammer: knows all the answers, but is lowkey about them

Carolee Carmello: the over competitive one who flirts with the host

Teal Wicks: says answers that don’t make sense and makes weird noises while trying to figure out these answers


Bryce Pinkham: is just kind of there, but plays fairly well and is a good sport

Jefferson Mays: also knows all the answers and gives an adorable smile after every time he gets one right (which is always)

Lauren Worsham: aggressively yells all her answers

Lisa O’Hare: doesn’t know shit, occasionally uses British slang in her answers that only LMK laughs at

Catherine Walker: starts off fairly quiet, but eventually gets more and more competitive and wins the game for the GGLAM fam

you don’t have to pressure yourself to make good work. sometimes just existing and producing as it happens is enough. you don’t have to think about it too much. no one is expecting too much. be still

yougottalettheeren asked:

Maybe for starters you can just have the SEVENTEEN fans that follow the blog to send a handful of letters to the guys all on one specific day? It could be a good start that way the babes have a good pile of vibes to fall back on during rough days.

Cool idea, that’s actually really cute. The only problem I would think is not everyone can send postage mail :\ I would want to make an activity that a majority Seventeen fans can participate in.

-Admin Danny

anonymous asked:

Hey hey I fucked myself over by reading something on here late at night pls tell me I'm safe or something I'm sorry I'm such a wuss



Almost every single one of these stories is complete fiction. 

A small number of these stories are based on real events, but even they have no power to harm you. 

You’re fine. And there’s nothing wrong with getting scared, and it doesn’t make you a wuss. Just remember that you’re not in danger. :)))

And I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier! I hope you weren’t too freaked out to get a good night’s sleep!

So school’s starting back up. And I know I was insistent on going back because I was bored, but I honestly forgot that meant going to sit in a building with nothing to do, surrounded by people I only tolerate. Didn’t think this excitement through. I’m just glad we get to get back there to cheering and football games. At least that’ll give us something to do, right? And I guess it’s good I get to see the people I actually enjoy…. the ones I can talk to at least. So, I mean, I’m hype but not hype… if that makes any sense.

Hey! This is just a another follow forever b/c I just really wanted to show my appreciation for all of y’all. All of y’all are cool af and I apologize for not talking to some of you guys (I’m very shy and a hoe so that’s why) But anyways, I hope y’all have a nice day and thank y’all for blessing my dash with y’all’s good ass posts! Love y’all! :-)

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ALRIGHT Y’ALL ship weeks is happening right now at this very moment, but I haven’t had time to write yet so instead here are some Rachel/Matt headcanons to hold you over and I will write for you this weekend I swear

  • Matt is a total sucker for Rachel in a dress, so much so that Joe has to go on the missions that require the more form-fitting ones because, well, Matthew Morgan is really good at his job but “Keep your eyes on the bomber, please, Matthew.”  “Okay, but Rachel.  Your hips are the real bomb here.”
  • Matthew Morgan is the little spoon.
  • Rachel could run her fingers through Matt’s hair all day.
  • She frequently does exactly that – while they’re snuggled up on the couch, while they’re on their way to bed, while he’s making dinner or while they’re reading to Cam or just pretty much any time.
  • Matt can’t cook particularly well either, but at least he doesn’t set off the smoke detector every time he touches a stove like, seriously? Again, Rachel?
  • The two of them have a massive prank war.  They have since they first met.
  • It was Rachel who figured out that Matt was a Pavement Artist.
  • Matt totally has that I’m the father, I’m the husband, I’m the protector thing ingrained in him, but then Rachel laughs and flips their latest target over her shoulder without even looking and Matt kind of just wants to kiss her until they’re both breathless
  • Matt and Rachel argue all the goddamn time – mostly on missions because “That’s not how you’re supposed to do it, Matthew.”  “Okay, but this way works better.” “Do you know how much training I have?”  “But we did it this way on the farm and it worked every time.  Did you wake up at the asscrack of dawn everyday to – ?”  “Yes I did, as a matter of fact.  And then I would go to class and learn the appropriate procedures for this exact situation.”
  • Rachel calls Matt by his full name because she wants to experience all of him, all the time.
  • Rachel seriously did not like Matt when she first met him.
  • Which was fine, because Rachel wasn’t Matt’s favorite person either.
  • But then they got assigned a mission together
  • and then another one
  • and then Abby got involved
  • and honestly the rest is history.
  • Matt was usually the designated driver, but there was that one time when Rachel volunteered and Matt decided to “make up for lost drinks.”  It had been a particularly long week in China, and Matt always hates himself when he can’t get to the kids in time, so Rachel lets him drink what he wants and then holds him as he cries himself to sleep later that same night.
  • Rachel knows Matt’s limits better than Matt knows Matt’s limits.
  • Matt’s still trying to figure out what Rachel’s limits are – because damn it, if theres any one person who’s limitless, it’s got to be her – but he’ll sure as hell be there for her when he knows she’s reached them.
  • Matthew Andrew Morgan is in complete awe of Rachel Cameron. Always.

anonymous asked:

you'd never hurt or kill an innocent person... would you?

“Were they so innocent? Did I make a mistake? I killed them. Every last one. As they screamed for help. There wasn’t joy. Or even rage. Just hurt. Why’d he let this happen to me? What did I do? I thought he cared. Was I bad? Was I a bad soldier?  I did what I was told. I kept my promise. I was good, honest! Please. Tell me I’m good. I di- I didn’t mean for it to go down like this. I didn’t mean to lose everything. I didn’t want-

Why? Why does this hurt so much? Why can’t anyone remember me. Am I gone?”

Yes, I am doing my back to school shopping at Torrid. I can’t wait to walk in on the first day of class with blue hair and a chiffon shirt with skulls on it. It’s going to be fabulous.