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Favorite TV Episodes 2/? - Avatar: The Last Airbender 2x09 “Bitter Work”

“You’ve always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back! Come on, strike me! You’ve never held back before!”

Holy cow, I can’t believe that I made it to 100 + after just a couple weeks! I originally wanted to make a blog for Zuko or Katara, but as I watched the series, I began to get attached to this tribal meme. I think out of all the muses I’ve played, Sokka is by far the most fun to write. It’s so much fun writing shitty jokes and clever plans at the same time, and I couldn’t practiced that without this genius idiot. 

Now, before I get to my special mentions, I just want to say that you’re all great. If we’re mutuals, it means that I love your portrayal and I want to interact with you, but I’m too much of a shy baby to approach you. And if we’re not, then you’re still cool. You’re all my precious Hawkies. 

Bias list is under the cut.

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