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Science never looked cooler.

By Erica Gonzales for Harper’s Bazaar

In a turn of events no one saw coming but we absolutely won’t argue, Bill Nye and Buzz Aldrin just made their runway debut. The two unlikely models made an appearance at the Nick Graham Fall 2017 show at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. 

Though unexpected newbies in the world of fashion, Nye, 61, and Aldrin, 87, were a perfect fit for the presentation, since the theme was “Life on Mars: Fall-Winter 2035.” With motifs of space and the future, why wouldn’t you want a Science Guy and former astronaut in your model lineup?

Nye narrated the show, which we know he does so well, but he walked the runway at the end too, with a signature bowtie and a tailored gunmetal suit. (Look at those finger guns!)

Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon (after Neil Armstrong) was the last to grace the catwalk. Afterwards, he said that walking the show “was as easy as walking on the moon,” which he did in 1969. That metallic bomber is a sleek upgrade from a bulky spacesuit, though.

He even got the “candid model backstage” look down.

After the show, both newly-inducted models had a moment with the designer, where they all did their best alien poses, obviously.

Mr. Nye and Mr. Aldrin, we better see you on the runway again next season.

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09/18/2016 • my preliminary writing classes start tomorrow, so i’ve been packing everything i’ll need earlier today. it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that i’m going off to university, but i’m buzzing with excitement about starting a new chapter in my life. i really hope that uni will be good to me and that i’ll make lots of wonderful memories in the next years. 

A week ago, I was in London performing my new song with Louis Tomlinson ‘Just Hold On’ on X-Factor in Wembley Arena. It was a life changing experience, and just in a few days after we debuted the song 41 countries around the world made this song number one on iTunes. I can’t believe what just happened, I’m still buzzing from what’s going on with this song.
—  Steve Aoki (x)

reasons why lance would take keith to disney world for their honeymoon

  •  since lance grew up in florida his family would buy season passes to disney world so it only made sense to take his new husband there to share the tradition
  • they could get those adorable groom mouse ears that say ‘just married’ on the back
  • lance is a giant fucking child and always will be 
    • keith finds his enthusiasm to get a photo with peter pan and tigger absolutely adorable
  • they could conquer all the mountains (thunder mountain railroad, splash mountain, expedition everest, and space mountain)
  • who can spin faster on the teacups (lance)
  • who can stay drier on splash mountain (keith)
  • who can score higher on buzz lightyear’s space ranger spin (lance)
  • who can score higher on toy story mania (keith, bc lance is fucking awful at simulators)
  • people with just married buttons always get congratulated by the staff and lance would eat that shit up
  • romantic walk through the aquarium at epcot
  • romantic dinner in italy at epcot
  • japanese candy for dessert from epcot
  • keith winning prizes for them at dinoland usa 
  • keith insists on building his own lightsaber
  • lowkey makeouts in the back of the preview theatre in hollywood studios
  • romantic breakfast in the castle
  • keith would find so much of it so silly but would still have just as much fun as lance god it would be so cute

“Let’s have another round, tonight!” Hercules’ voice boomed over the buzz of conversation of the twelve friends gathered together.

“The last round of the year!” Peggy shouted, before fixing up drinks for everyone.

A round of cheers and drunken murmurs of agreement sounded, as they all shuffled their way over to the kitchen.

It was moments like this, that Alexander was happy to be alive. The buzz of excitement of the coming new year just minutes away, being surrounded by people who loved him- give or take Jefferson- and maybe even the splash of alcohol that was in him, it all made him happy.

“Alexander,” John’s voice rang in his ears, bringing him back to the party. “Earth to Alexander, you there?”

Alex giggled and gave his boyfriend a peck on the lips. “Just thinking is all.”

“Well stop thinking and start drinking.” John replied, shoving a drink into his hands.

“I can see you’ve already gotten ahead of the game.” Alex teased, taking a sip of his margarita. Face scrunching up at the strong punch of alcohol, Alex let out a hoot. “Goodness, Peggy, a little strong on the alcohol, don’t you think?”

He was responded with a snort from the youngest of the Schuyler sisters. “Just because you can’t handle your alcohol, doesn’t mean it’s too strong!”

Alexander smirked, mumbling “Fuck off, Peggy.” before turning his attention back to his boyfriend.

“I’m glad that I’m here with you.” He murmured, leaning in for another kiss.

He smiled as he felt John’s lips against his as he closed the gap between the two of them.

“I am too, babe.” John murmured against his lips.

Being pulled closer into John’s chest, quickly sparked sloppy, giggly, drunken kisses in the middle of the Schuyler’s kitchen.

“Everybody come here, they’re about to start the countdown!” Eliza called out. But her calls fell on the deaf ears of Alex and John, too wrapped up in the feeling sloppy kisses, and the taste of alcohol.

“Listen you two,” The couple was suddenly interrupted as Alex was promptly shoved away from his boyfriend. “the ball’s about to drop! Stop making out and come join us!” Peggy called out to the two of them as passed them.

Faces red, hand in hand, the two men were quick to follow behind Peggy and join their friends in the family room.


Looking around at his friends, Alex smiled.


Hercules and Lafayette were already making out, and the count down had just started.


Burr and Theodosia stood side by side, stars in their eyes, before sharing several soft kisses.


Maria and Eliza were also smiling. Kisses filled with the ocasional clash of teeth, but neither of them cared.


Alex couldn’t see James, but the way Thomas was haunched over, he could tell that the two were together.


Peggy and Angelica stood side by side, drinks in hand, big smiles on their faces.


Alex turned to face John, not surprised to see that he was already looking at him.


Alex grabbed his face, and John grabbed his hips. “I love you.” He hummed, lips just a twitch apart.


“I love you, too, Alexander Hamilton.”


Alex smashed their lips together, relishing in the way John’s grip on his hips tightened, in the way their kiss deepened as milliseconds sped on by, in the way how his heart sped up and his face became hot when they pulled apart.

Happy New Year!

He watched as John’s eyes opened slowly and a smile spread across his lips, mimicking his own.

“Happy New Years, Alexander.” John pressed another kiss to his lips.

“Happy New Years, John Laurens.”

Fire and Ice (Part One)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Language, Violence

Summary: You have been recruited by Fury to help Tony with some work in the compound. At first you’re closed of from the group, especially with your secret powers. But as time goes by you feel yourself being attracted to the mysterious man called Bucky Barnes. Will you let Bucky in and show him your true self or will you push everything away you come to love?

Word Count: 1.010 

A/N: This is my first Bucky fanfic. I hope you’ll enjoy it and don’t be afraid to message me when you have questions and requests.

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You have lived in New York all your life and really liked the city life. The constant buzz of people, made you energetic and kept you going. Even after that horrible evening you stayed in the city, even if it was smarter to just leave. That was another thing you liked about the city, the people didn’t judge you.

You sighed as the cab you were in took you father away from the city you loved so much. It had been a hard decision to leave, but you couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste.

You had spend your life on studying genes and at a young age you knew how to manipulate them. You won a Nobel Prize with your research when you were only 20. Even the accident couldn’t stop you from doing the thing you loved. That’s why you couldn’t refuse Fury when he offered you a job at the compound.

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They made you bottle up your tender like some kind of
disease. The wolf cried LIMITATION and the pack chimed
said GIRL and they cried EXPERIMENT. You wanted
PRETTY and they howled IT WILL HAVE TO DO. They
cut away all your soft spots and tweaked you into a BRAVE
NEW THING. And you began repeating I AM JUST A THING
like a jagged hymn. Like a coyote cry. A siren wail. And all you
could think was: I wouldn’t even mind being swaddled in
something pink right now. Don’t flinch at the buzz, don’t let
them see you cry. Choke your sob down. LITTLE GIRL,
PEOPLE WILL WANT TO DIE FOR YOU. But is it worth it if
it’s out of fear? If you’re always tasting blood? The wolf has a
pack. You have an overcrowded head. What if promise marks
a target on your back? What if they want you to be the
MONSTER? But you still have such small fists. You still hate
raising your voice. You still touch everything like it’s marked
FRAGILE. Flashbacks of the caution tape wrapping your rib
WEAPON YOU HAVE. You are the product of shaky knees
and earthquakes. You rose like a PHOENIX when you weren’t
supposed to. They labelled you WARRIOR. They called you
BYPRODUCT. You succumbed to tests. To CHECK ITS
VITAL SIGNS. And you wanted to scream HER. SHE. GIRL.
When you ran, you never looked back. When you freeze,
when you check over your shoulder, they will call it the way
of the SURVIVOR. Outrunning your captor. LITTLE GIRL,
THEY WANTED A WEAPON. What they got was BRAVE.
What they got was blistered feet. They got a bird that wasn’t
afraid to jump. Because once a caged bird gets to stretch their
wings, they never stop flying. And when the world finally
stopped and asked YOUR NAME?
—  (EL)EVEN, angelea l.

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What's your favourite thing about where you come from?

okay so this is actually so easy to answer because i love london. it’s just such an incredible city. okay so it’s not new york, it’s not always alive in that way. but it’s rich - with culture and history, oh my god. like okay i love how you can be walking down the streets and you’ll be walking past these incredible fancy new buildings that seem to reach the sky and are made completely out of glass and then suddenly you’ll reach, idk, buckingham palace or the houses of parliament or marble arch or just some wonderful old beautiful building that is so old you can’t even imagine.

but my absolute favourite thing would have to just be that feeling. there’s no other explanation. it’s just that feeling you get when you’re walking down the streets, like there’s something vibrant and energentic buzzing in the air, like your blood is runner faster and your heart pumping more furiously, just from you being there.

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Pfft Oh hai. I finally finished a proper sona reference seeing as my TWO OTHER sonas grew into their own abominations. There she is. The Skoopgoop.

I’d assume she’s probably just composed of goo despite appearing solid. She wears a face mask in which she draws a new facial expression whenever necessary. Essentially a complete meme.

Pls don’t splat her.

One day I’ll be in a cozy bed with the woman I love. Our kids will be sound asleep in their beds, and our dog in his as well. The day will come where my wife and I will be awoken to the sound of our kids slamming that heavy front door behind them as they chase after the bus. Meanwhile, the smell of waffles fresh out the toaster that the kids had just made will creep its way up into our bedroom just in time for us to hear the pounding sound of our 7:00 alarm. I’ll rub my eyes and then look over to see my beautiful wife laying next to me trying to pretend the high pitch buzzing of the alarm isn’t ringing through her ears. She’ll try to sleep through it and give me the “turn it off” nudge..but before she can even think of going back to sleep I’ll attack her with kisses and awaken her to the start of a new, fresh day. We’ll lazily lay in bed for a little while until we absolutely have to get up. Slowly but surely we’ll pull each other from our bed and start the day together. I can’t wait to see her next to me in the morning and hold her every night when we go to bed. Sure, one of us will probably get too hot so we’ll start to drift away during the night time, but by the morning we will always find our way back.

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Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Chapter Title: 민윤기 (핸드폰 Series)

Chapters: 1 2 3 (On Going)

Tall buildings, bustling city, busy streets, grey clouds of New York fill my eyes through the glass wall separating the small, spacious, and warm cafe from the outside world. People were coming in and out. Orders were made and given. Conversation and gossip were exchanged between people. Music could be heard in the background. Everywhere you look in the cafe, it was calming and nice.

I’m seated by the large windows. An open book on the table, a hot cup of coffee in front of me, my messenger bag sitting beside me and my phone buzzing on the table, indicating that i just got a text message from my mother.

‘Don’t forget to wear your gloves and scarf! Its going to snow today! Also, go by the market today. I need eggs and some milk for dinner tonight. Stay safe and I love you. Xx Mom’

I grin and chuckle softly at my mother’s concern. I know that a lot of people say that they don’t have a good relationship with their mom but i think that you just have to try.

'Of course mom. I’ll go by the market after work. I’m on a break right now. I might get home at around-’

I looked at the time. 2:30 p.m.

'around 6. Don’t forget to take your medication at 5. Stay safe and I love you too. Xx (Y/N)’

A deep voice startles me and i look up.

“여기 앉아도 될까요?” (Can I sit here?)

It was a guy with black hair with beautiful lips and smooth, creamy white skin. He was wearing a black Rolling Stones tee under his Japanese embroidered bomber jacket and skin tight black ripped jeans with a pair of black boots and a black mask hanging off of one ear.

“Sure…” I said trailing off and stared at him as he puts his laptop and messenger bag on the table before pulling out the chair and began fixing his things.

Moments later, his order came and it was a cheese cake with a cup of coffee.

“Thank you.” He said to the waiter with a lisp in his accent. What i thought next was very weird.

'He’s so cute!’

I immediately shook my head to get rid of the thought of the good-looking stranger in front of me. I picked up my book and continued reading it for the remaining 1 hour in my break to avoid getting into a conversation with the man. Yet, half an hour later, he starts to pack up his things and he stands and bows and then says,

“여기에 앉게 해 줘서 고마워요.” (Thanks for letting me sit here.)

Then he left. I heaved a sigh in relief because i thought that i might explode from having him sit with me. Its not that he’s awkward. Its me.

Something green at the corner of the table catches my attention. I pick it up and notice that it was the man’s iPhone. I turn it on and i see a small name on the top.


Min Yoongi? Isn’t that the rapper guy from BTS? Really? Who cares! I have to get this back to him.

I gather my things and run out of the cafe to look for the mint green haired man. I look left and right and then i finally found him. He was walking to the bus stop on the right. I brisk walked and then ran to him but he seemed to be startled and started running away.

“I’m sorry but you left your phone!” I shouted to him, still running after him.

“꺼저!” (Go away!) Yoongi screamed back at me and started running at full speed.

“Please! Your phone!” I was running out of energy and started to slow down.

We reached an intersection and the stop loghts turned green. Yoongi was still running and a taxi was driving full on. I did what i thought was best and ran to him, pulled him to me and jumped away. He fell on top of me, making me lose my breath.

A moment later, he pushed me away and picked up his things and ran away. People were looking at us. I just sat there until another taxi beeped at me to get out of the way.

I felt that i was still holding onto something rectangle and i looked down. Guess what?

He left his phone again.


Welcome to a brand new episode of FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Today we’re talking about a truly unique piece of fashion. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen a sneak peak of this a few days ago. We’re talking about spun glass dresses. That’s right, dresses literally made out of glass. Admittedly, these dresses were few and far between, and were only marketed for a short amount of time. They caused a lot of buzz at the time, though, and are just so interesting, I couldn’t resist doing a post about them!

It all started at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. World Fairs at this time were unbelievable, over the top spectacles, unlike anything we have today. While we live in an age of unlimited technology and instant gratification, it is hard to imagine the wonder these people must have felt when they saw in person things come to life that they had only heard rumor of (sort of how I imagine Harry Potter World to be! What?) At a fair featuring celebrities, the first ever Ferris Wheel, a full sized chapel constructed completely out of Tiffany glass, and where the 2.5 square kilometer grounds themselves consisted of custom-made temporary neoclassical buildings, canals, and lagoons full of life size ships, how was a struggling glass designer to compete? (Side note, if you have time to do a bit of research on this fair, I highly recommend it- it’s fascinating!)

Luckily for Edward Drummond Libbey, he was quite the innovator. Libbey started his career at the New England Glass Company, known for creating decorative blown and pressed glass objects. He worked his way up in the company, ultimately taking it over in the 1880s, creating the Libbey Glass Company. Around this time, he hired Michael Joseph Owens, an engineer and inventor who specialized in glass-making machines. As the World’s Fair approached, Libbey knew it was his opportunity to take his company to the next level, but he would have to create something spectacular to make an impact.

Together with Owens, Libbey developed a method to pull glass into the thinnest strand ever created. These pieces were the same width as a single strand of silk, causing it to be the first artificially produced glass fine enough (and therefore flexible enough) to be woven into a full sheet. To add additional flexibility, only the weft (horizontal) threads were glass fibers, while the warp (vertical) were silk. The Libbey Company worked effortlessly to weave yards upon yards of glass fabric, shaping it into an elaborate evening gown.

The dress was displayed on a mannequin, and was an instant success. It had a shine unlike any other fabric at the time. The New York Times proclaimed that the dress was the future of fashion, not only for its beauty, but for the fact that it couldn’t be damaged by liquids as other fine fabrics could be. The first person to own one of these gowns was Spanish Princess Infanta Eulalia, who was gifted the gown by Libbey during her famous visit to the Chicago Fair. Though she vowed to wear it upon her return to Spain, she was never able to. The dress was too delicate, and crumbled when moved. Libbey improved his design, and shortly after, actress Georgia Cayvan became the first woman to wear a glass dress, which she donned on stage.

The spun glass, or fiberglass dress (not to by confused with modern fiberglass, which is mainly plastic) continued to be admired and talked about through the early 20th century, but it never became the prominent fashion which the papers had predicted. In the end, it was simply too impractical. On top of being incredibly delicate, drastically limiting the wearer’s movement, the dress was extremely heavy. Eventually, the idea was abandoned, and the trend all but forgotten. Still, it remains a fascinating little piece of fashion history!

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WTNV theory/headcanon dump post

So this has nothing to do with my normal blog content but I re-listened to some older episodes of Welcome to Night Vale and found a thing from History Week that made me feel ALARMED AND FILLED WITH DREAD FOR THE UPCOMING NEW EPISODE so I’m just gonna store that and some other Night Vale thoughts here so I don’t explode from storing them in my head.

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You're famous and Luke likes you

To say you had a crush on Luke would be an understatement. You thought about Luke day and night, and your band mates constantly made fun of you for it.

You and your band mates were getting ready for the red carpet walk for the AMAs when your phone buzzed signaling you had a new tweet

@Luke5sos: Good luck to @Y/N and @WalkingMentality tonight at the AMAs! Wishing you guys the best of luck #thebetterband

You hid your face in your hands to his your smile, but unfortunately, your bassist saw.

“Jesus, why won’t you just talk to him.” Alexa laughs, having gotten the band tweet.

“Me? Talk to Luke Hemmings? Have you lost your mind?” You ask with wide eyes.

“Yeah, I mean, you’d be a cute couple.” She laughs, pulling her hair into a high ponytail.

“What makes you think he’d even want to talk to me? In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re competing for the same award tonight.” I reply, putting the finishing touches on my eyeliner.

“Oh I don’t know, the fact that he mentioned you on Twitter and not the rest of us. But it was probably was just a coincidence, you’re right.” Your drummer Ryan says, walking into the room.

“Shut the fuck up Ryan.” You laugh, throwing a pillow at him.

“I mean it, Y/N. Talk to him.” Alexa says, before turning to look at me.

“Yes?” I say, as I finish fish tailing my hair.

“Nothing, you just look hot. 10/10 would bang.” Alexa says.

“11/10 would bang.” Your guitarist David says.

“You guys are gross, let’s go.” You say, adjusting your crop top.

You, Ryan, Alexa, and David made your way down the red carpet as you hear your fans screaming the words to your single, causing smiles to split your faces.

You guys take pictures for the magazines and then break off to say hi to some fans.

“Y/N! I have to show you something!” A fan says, calling you over. You smile walking over to the girl.

“Hi love, what’s up?” You ask as she holds her phone out to you, a tweet on the screen.

@Michael5sos: lmao because @Y/N looks hot and Luke won’t stop staring at her.

@Calum5sos: someone tell @Y/N to come talk to Luke because he won’t do it himself.

@Ashton5sos: @Y/N, you’re looking like a babe, and Luke won’t shut up about you.

You laugh, a blush tinting your cheeks as you see a new tweet, this time from Luke.

@Luke5sos: I hate my band 😳

You laugh, before taking some pictures with the fans and handing her phone back to her. You pull out your own phone, open Twitter, and compose a new tweet.

@Y/N: patiently waits for @Luke5sos to notice I’ve been isolated by my own band so he can come talk to me.

You press tweet, and flick your eyes up to Luke’s as you catch him staring at you. You can see Calum leaning over Luke’s shoulder to see the tweet and his eyes widen, and he grabs Luke’s wrist, dragging him over to you.

You faintly hear Luke begging Calum to stop.

“Cal, no. Stop. What am I suppose to say to her. She’s so pretty and I’m just me oh my god. What do I do?” Luke frantically says.

“Be yourself, you dumb breadstick.” Calum says before walking up to you.

“Hi Calum. Hi Luke.” You say, a blush tinting your cheeks.

“Ah, see? She already knows who you are, so you guys can skip the awkward introductions.” Calum says before leaving to go stand with the rest of the band.

“Hi Y/N.” Luke says before fiddling with his lip ring.

“Hi.” You say shyly before the paparazzi notice you two standing together.

“Y/N! Luke! Over here!” They say, all trying to get your attention.

“Shall we?” You say, gently touching Luke’s arm, causing a faint blush to tint his cheeks. Luke wraps his arm around your waist, his fingers brushing across the skin of your sides.

You and Luke take picture for the paparazzi, both of you with big smiles on your faces.

“We should probably go inside.” Luke suggests laughing.

“Yeah, probably.” You giggle, grabbing Luke’s hand and leading him over to your band.

“Alexa, David, Ryan, meet Luke. Luke, meet the rest of Walking Mentality.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you guys, we love the band.” Luke says, shaking Ryan and David’s hands, and pulling Alexa into a quick hug.

“We blast you guys before every show.” Ryan says, smiling at Luke.

“Same with us man. We love Electric Hearts.” Luke says, smiling at you. “Which reminds me, David. Michael wants you to teach him some technique so he can learn your solo for Electric Hearts. We’re thinking of playing it at a show soon.” Luke says, smiling at me as he says it.

“Amazing. Fucking amazing.” David says, smiling wide.

“Let’s go find our seats.” You suggest, not wanting to be late as you guys say your goodbyes.

“Literally I can’t stop smiling! 5 Seconds of Summer is gonna cover us at one of their concerts.” Ryan says, smiling wide.

“Luke seemed pretty interested in you, I can’t believe he actually talked to you. You talked to Luke Hemmings. Like romantically. He touched your side!” Alexa squeals causing you to laugh.

“Speak of the devil.” David says, nodding down the aisle.

Michael notices me and pushes Luke ahead of him, nodding to me.

Luke smiles widely before saying “Y/N!” and sitting down next to me.

You and Luke sit next to each other, making small talk as the award show goes on, waiting until it’s time for your band to perform. When it’s time, you and the rest of your band stand up, the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer making room for you to walk down the aisle.

“Good luck, Y/N.” Luke whispers in my ear, his hand softly grazing mine. Alexa notices, squealing, which causes me to laugh as we make our way to the dressing rooms.

We change into our stage clothes, mine consisting of my favorite, glittery crop top, black skinny jeans, and black high tops. We slip in our in-ears and make our way backstage. We wait for the stage crew to give us the go ahead as Ryan slips quietly onto his drum set. They give us the go ahead and Ryan starts the drum beat, causing the crowd to go wild.

“What’s up AMAs, how we doing tonight?!” You scream into the microphone, giggling as you’re answered with screams.

“Alright well my name is Y/N, we are Walking Mentality, and this is ‘Electric Hearts.’ Let’s go!” You say, jumping to the bass line.

You sway your hips to the song, spotting Luke in the crowd. You wink at him and smile when you see him smile down at his lap. You smile as your favorite part of the song comes up.

“I see you. You see me. C'mon baby, let’s be free. Let’s be, let’s be electric hearts.” You say, smiling wide as Luke mouths the words back at you.

You finish the song and scream “Thank you AMAs!” before making your way off stage and back to your seats.

“You guys were amazing!” You hear Michael say as you return to your seats.

You all breathlessly thank him, out of breath from the performance.

“Fucking incredible.” Luke whispers in your ear before subtly grabbing your hand, causing you to smile.

“Yeah?” You confirm, smiling when Luke nods. You’re happy when Luke doesn’t let go of your hand, instead, he rubs your knuckles with his thumb.

You and Luke sit hand in hand as you wait for your award category. When they announce the category for best single, Luke’s grip on your hand tightens as Alexa grabs your another hand.

“And the AMA for best single goes to…” The announcer says, your heart beating in your chest. “Electric Hearts, Walking Mentality!” He says, causing Luke to squeeze your hand as tears roll down your cheeks. He stands, applauding you as you hug your band mates, before hugging him.

“Congratulations.” He says into your ear, over the screams of the audience.

“Thank you.” You smile, laughing as he wipes your tears away.

You and the rest of the band make your way to the stage to accept the award.

“Wow, an AMA! Thank you guys so much! We appreciate all of your support of Electric Hearts, and I just want to say thank you to 5 Seconds of Summer for inspiring us as a band, and as people. You guys deserve this award just as much as we do.” You say, blowing a kiss in their direction.

And with that the AMAs end.

You, Alexa, David, and Ryan get invited to an after party to celebrate your win, and you graciously accept.

You make your way to the drinks table to grab some champagne for you and Alexa to celebrate your win.

“Well, if it isn’t the lady of the hour.” You hear a voice behind you say, and you smile to face Luke.

“Hey!” You smile, handing him a glass, him nodding his thanks at you.

“Congratulations Y/N. You guys deserved that award so much. I’m really proud of you guys, and so are the other boys.” Luke smiles, tapping his glass with yours.

“Thank you. It means a lot.” You say, pulling Luke into a hug.

“Okay. I came over here on a mission and I told Calum I would carry out said mission, so here goes. You’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever met Y/N, and you’re so talented. I want go get to know you better, so would you like to go out with me?” Luke says, fiddling with his lip ring.

“Yeah. I’d like that a lot.” You smile, grabbing his hand and lacing his fingers with yours.

“You owe me 20.” You hear Alexa say behind you, and you turn to see Michael digging the bill out of his pocket.

“I didn’t think he’d do it. He’s too awkward.” Michael laughs, slapping the bill into Alexa’s hand.

“I am not awkward!” Luke defends, pulling me closer to him.

“Leave him alone, Michael.” Alexa says, gently nudging him with her shoulder.

“You guys would be cute together.” You say, dragging Luke out the door, both of you laughing at Alexa and Michael’s reactions.

Not just another typical birthday party~ Big para#4~Carday, Faberry, Kurtbastian, Scabe, JamesPoter, Lyan, Lamy, Fayeron, Chadwin, Norcy,Smytheadams, Chucelle, Brittana +Eliott

Brittany felt so glad that she had just moved in New York. She never expected herself to actually want to go to college and study something really brilliant. Since she rewatched all the episodes of “Fondue For Two” she had made, she liked to think that she could do much greater things than that. And either just improve her show or have another show for herself. With cats, glitter and unicorns. Her thoughts were interrupted by her mobile buzzing on her drawer, as she was looking herself in the mirror. It was Rachel. They’d have to pick her up and she smiled with that. She got out of her room and knocked on Quinn’s door. “Are you ready, Q? We need to get Rachel, too”, she said and walked towards the living room.

Chuck jumped off the bedroom, realizing that he had overslept and ran to the bathroom to throw some water on his face. He ran to the wardrobe and changed his clothes. It had been a long time since they went to a party together. He looked around at his bedroom. His house had really changed since Cleo moved in. Like in every way. But it was their house now and it somehow seemed fair for him. 

Nate didn’t want to leave his room that day. He was afraid something big would happen, something would explode, and he would open his mouth and mention to everyone about the baby and they weren’t ready for him freaking out. He heard someone knocking on his door and Allison appeared, beautiful and smiling as always. “Are you ready, Nates?”, she giggled and he tried to smile. Nate shrugged. “I guess, so”, he looked at her and stood up. Allison didn’t want to tell Nate anything. Or Julian. Or Mya. Or anyone that she was actually pregnant. She didn’t know, though what she would do in the end. She frowned and felt so sad as Nate pulled her out of the house. “We’re getting Mya, and then Chuck and Cleo”, he said as he got into the car and smiled awkwardly. He didn’t want to hide anything to Allison. It didn’t feel right. Nate arrived in front of Mya’s house and texted her to come out.

Rachel let Kurt dress her up for the party that was coming up, before he had to leave. For some reason, Kurt thought he’d definitely sleep over at Sebastian’s and Rachel wouldn’t have someone to drive her home. She rolled her eyes for a moment and carressed her belly, feeling happy for a few seconds, and as the next seconds came she felt lonelier. She was glad Brittany and Quinn were taking her to the party and smiled with that thought.

Noelle felt very nervous that day. The party, the decorations, the karaoke, the everything that was coming. The food and drinks were ready on the table and she lied on the couch, waiting for someone to just pull her up. She had locked Dahlia in one of the rooms and felt sad for that. She was going to be very fidgety, when she’ll let her out. The thing was that she wasn’t ready to see William, again. William and Eve. She bit her lips with that thought and jumped up. She knocked on Sebastian’s door. “It’s probably Kurt”, she shouted and looked herself in the mirror, before opening the door. She had chosen one of her best dressed and smiled with that. When she saw the boy on the door, she smiled so wide, realizing that he was right for Sebastian and at the same time the wrong one. He was such a nice and polite figure. Kurt looked at Noelle and jumped to hug her. He felt so excited for the party. And at the same time, he was nervous about something that he did. He had invited his understudy to come to the party. Elliott seemed like a nice guy and Kurt didn’t want to admit to himself that he was far more talented than he was. And at the same time he felt so proud and honored that he’s working with him-actually getting things from him. He wore a pair of tight jeans, a red shirt and a vest matching his jeans and he regretted the fact that he spend more than one hour to choose these. “Do you want help with anything?”, he said with a smile at Noelle, as he pulled away. “Can you please check again if the karaoke works?”, she followed him, as he walked in the living room. She knocked on Sebastian’s door again. “The boyfriend is here, you dumbo ! Come out”, she shouted and that made Kurt laugh, kneeling down to check on the karaoke machine.

Eve spent so many hours in front of her mirror, trying to match her clothes, jewelry and how she’d do her hair. She walked out of her room a little unconcerned if William was waiting or not and texted Alissa that she was going with Amy and they can take her, too. “Are you sure you want to sing, today?”, she shouted at William, still not knowing where he was exactly.

Amy took a deep breath, sitting on the living room’s couch and bit her lips. It felt so good with someone else in the house. She liked Landon. She liked how silent he was and most of all, much more reasonable than she was. She kept looking around the house, waiting for Landon to get ready.

Marcy felt out of her own skin, lately. And sometimes, it made her more moody than before. She didn’t like to talk to others like that, when they were nice to her. And most of all, she didn’t like. Exams, Noel, the band, her parents, her friends. Everything seemed out of control for her. She dressed herself up and waited patiently for Noel to arrive.

Cameron was lying on the couch for at least five minutes, trying to cool himself down, so that Faye wouldn’t see him so pissed off. Lisa had managed to make him feel mad about not wanting to come with them. Since she had Ryan, she didn’t need him anymore to take her anywhere. And she pointed out that she didn’t need anyone else to take her anywhere. But, Ryan seemed to be the victim here in Lisa’s plan. Cameron winced disappointed

Lisa tried to keep herself calm, after her fight with Cameron. It would be the first time, they’d go to a party together with him and become a couple…publicly. As cliché as it sounded in her head, she was sure, she’d act very cool around Ryan about it.

Scott felt so excited about the party Noelle invited him to. And he didn’t hesitate to invite Gabe, as well. He dressed up and drove a little too quickly to his house. He took a deep breath, before he texted him to come out. It felt all too very quick in general, for them. And he felt more glad by the second, as he thought that he likes him back and smiled sheepishly, waiting for him.

Fic: Scoring A Goal

I saw a post mentioning a “rival teams AU” once and thought that sounded pretty fun. ~1075 words, cotton candy fluff.

Kurt’s phone buzzed, alerting him to a new text, just as a couple of his teammates rounded the corner and called out greetings.

“You ready to kick Anderson’s ass and destroy Dalton tomorrow, Hummel?” Puck yelled, fistbumping Mike in excitement.

“Please, I’d prefer something that was actually a challenge,” Kurt sneered, hoping they didn’t notice the way he carefully angled his phone screen away from them. “Our team’s been unstoppable this year and I’ve made every field goal I’ve attempted, they have no chance.”

“Damn straight!” Puck replied. “Later!”

He and Mike continued heading down the hallway, leaving Kurt to finally read his text in peace.

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I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t waiting weeks for this trip.
Every year there is a short-lived window of opportunity to embrace the beauty of the sunflower field.  If the flowers aren’t rotting away, they’re already harvested or just sad-looking - which is why I was so happy when Keiko and I made it to the Sussex County Sunflower Maze, in New Jersey.  Not only was there an entire field of perfect, fully-grown sunflowers, but they’re known for making this beautiful field into a maze!  We got lost for hours, taking in the sun and smiling with the buzzing bees.  
Such simple things are what life is about.  Every day is another day closer to the long-awaited trip to a short-lived seasonal flower.



House of Vans at SXSW: Ghostface Killah with BADBADNOTGOOD

With BADBADNOTGOOD providing the jazzy hip hop instrumentals and Ghostface Killah laying down the raps, this collab was a match made in hip hop heaven. Their new joint album Sour Soul already has the blog world buzzing and the two entities delivered the tracks just as well live for the SXSW crowd. Plus, there was this insane moment with a random fan from the crowd totally slaying Protect Ya Neck on stage. We won’t be forgetting that one for a very long time.

Photos: Ashley Osborn